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Proud Boys & Nazis Target Drag Story Time Event


On October 23, 2022, Proud Boys and neo-Nazis gathered in Eugene to attack a drag story time event that was intended for children and included a child performer. They were met by a strong community oriented counter mobilization and forced out of the area. The McKenzie River Proud Boys chapter was in attendance at the rally, and in this article we will expose several more of their members.

The McKenzie River Proud Boys

We previously wrote about the Eugene area chapter of the Proud Boys, AKA the McKenzie River chapter (or MR chapter), in July 2021. Despite being a hub for far-right organizing and a hot spot for vigilante attacks against Black Lives Matter protesters, a Proud Boy chapter did not form in the Eugene-Springfield area until early 2021. Although some Eugene area Proud Boys appeared in Proud Boy uniforms as early as January 2021, the real debut of the McKenzie River chapter came in July 2021 at an unpermitted Fourth of July parade in the small town of Creswell, Oregon. In August 2021, the chapter traveled to Portland and participated in multiple brutal assaults against antifascist protesters who showed up to counter their hate rally in the Parkrose neighborhood. The McKenzie River Proud Boys chapter is led by Jeffrey Keith Mustin, a failed business owner who we exposed in this article. Most members live in the Eugene-Springfield area, but the chapter includes members from Florence, Creswell, and Elmira. We will introduce several previously unidentified Proud Boys from the McKenzie River chapter in this article.Logo for the McKenzie River Proud BoysThe logo for the Eugene-Springfield area chapter of the Proud Boys, the McKenzie River Proud Boys.

Across the country, we have witnessed a major resurgence of hatred and violence against the queer community and especially against trans folks. After dozens of members of the Proud Boys hate group were arrested for their roles in the deadly January 6th riots at the US Capitol, Proud Boy chapters pivoted towards more local targets like school boards, city council meetings, pride celebrations, and drag story time events. Community members have come out to stand against the Proud Boys on each occasion, sending the message that their hate will not be tolerated, whether in Eugene, Newberg, Sandy, or anywhere. While many liberals believe that the Proud Boys ended with the arrest of their national leaders, events like the hate rally in Eugene serve as a reminder that the Proud Boys are still the same violent hate group that they were before 2021 and they must be opposed whenever and wherever they show.

Proud Boys target drag story time event: 10/23/22

On October 23, 2022, Proud Boys and their neo-Nazi friends gathered in Eugene to attack a drag story time event that was intended for children. In the days leading up to the event, major far-right disinformation actors (and local neo-Nazis like Len Austin Bosket) attacked the performers, their families, the venue, and the broader queer community, spreading lies and encouraging real-world violence. The main call-to-action on the far-right was primarily promoted by out-of-town fascist Audra Price, who also worked to set up rides to bring in other out-of-town fascists in order bolster the numbers at the hate rally. In the lead up to the story time event, Springfield resident Richard Dwayne Elce harassed the venue and threatened employees. A screenshot from a Facebook post by Audra Price offering rides to the anti drag hate rally in Eugene. Audra Price of COPS NW shares the flyer for the hate rally in Eugene and offers rides for other out-of-town fascists who want to join.

On the morning of October 23, people from the queer community and accomplices gathered outside Old Nick’s Pub, creating a show of support and safety for the drag story time participants. The hate rally set up shop across the street, occupying a section of the park and the sidewalk. Shortly after 9am, members of the Proud Boys arrived together in a vehicle caravan, driving past the rally before parking on Washington Street between 1st and Cheshire Avenue. Most of the vehicles had their license plates covered or completely removed. None of the Proud Boys were in colors and many concealed their weapons and gear beneath large jackets or hoodies. We assume this was done to give the impression that they were local residents who had gathered organically, not members of a violent and organized hate group. Pairs of Proud Boys roamed through the park perimeter, while some stayed behind to protect their vehicles. At around 10am, approximately nine neo-Nazis from the Rose City Nationalists arrived at once, comfortably settling in among the Proud Boys and other homophobes. Later, as the far-right began to lose numbers, the community mobilization started to push them out from in front of the venue and North on Washington Street. Proud Boys threw smoke bombs and small explosive devices, indiscriminately emptied bear spray, and fired paintballs while they retreated.Nazi in a skull mask gives a Sieg Heil to a photographer A currently unidentified (not for long! ūüėČ ) Nazi from the Rose City Nationalists gives a Sieg Heil to a journalist in Eugene on 10/23/22. Jeffrey Keith Mustin, in a blue shirt with a black vest, sprays a cloud of bear spray in the direction of a crowd. McKenzie River Proud Boy leader Jeffrey Keith Mustin sprays a crowd of antifascists with mace in Eugene, OR on 10/23/22.


Jonathan Andrew Donovan

Three pics of Jonathan Donovan. He has very short, almost bald hair, small ears, and a brown goatee. Jonathan Andrew Donovan (DOB 5/13/1989) is an incredibly violent member of the McKenzie River Proud Boys with a history of extreme domestic violence. Though originally from California, Jonathan Andrew Donovan currently lives off of 17th Street in Springfield. In 2015, he was arrested for threatening to shoot his then-girlfriend with a .40 caliber handgun and charged with unlawful use of a firearm, coercion, menacing, witness tampering, and harassment. His pre-trial release was revoked for violating the no-contact agreement with his victim by texting her 260 times in one week. He was convicted on all counts and received a 20 month sentence and was forced to turn in his firearms. In December of 2021, police responded to a dispute in the apartment complex where Jonathan Donovan lives and a neighbor informed police that he was bragging about his firearms. Police searched his apartment and found an AR, a shotgun, and a 9mm handgun, along with body armor in his possession. He was arrested and given probation for three years. Original domestic violence charges against Jon Donovan Jonathan Donovan was arrested in 2015 on four counts that all constituted domestic violence. Pretrial release is revoked for Jon Donovan Jonathan Donovan had his pre-trial release revoked after he texted his ex-girlfriend some 260 times in less than a week. Police report explaining how police found guns and armor at the residence of Jon DonovanIn December 2021, Jonathan Donovan figured it wise to brag about how he was both a felon AND man with guns! When police arrived, he told them that he was indeed a felon with guns, and gave a precise list of his arsenal.

As a member of the Proud Boys, Jonathan Andrew Donovan has participated in numerous gang assaults. In June 2021, Jonathan Donovan, along with other members of the McKenzie River chapter, attacked protesters in Oregon City who had gathered to stand against a Proud Boy event. On August 22, 2021, he joined other Proud Boys in assaulting antifascist protesters in Portland. Jonathan Donovan can be seen firing a paintball gun on protesters and unarmed medics. On October 23, 2022, Jonathan Donovan again attacked people with a paintball gun, shooting indiscriminately at the crowd that had gathered to defend Old Nick’s from a fascist attack. Proud Boys in Oregon City march towards the camera. One PB shield is visible. Jon Donovan holds a paintball gun. Jonathan Donovan prepares to shoot antifascist protesters with a paintball gun. Eugene Proud Boy Allen Swindler can be seen front and center. Photo from Daniel V Media. Stills of Jonathan Donovan in a yellow longsleeve and black vest, aiming a paintball gun at protesters in Portland. Jonathan Donovan reloads a paintball gun as Proud Boys attack antifascists in Portland, OR on 8/22/21. Jonathan Donovan is seen in the foreground shooting his paintball gun at a fleeing medic in Portland. A video posted to Twitter shows Jonathan Donovan firing paintballs at a medic during the 8/22/21 Proud Boy hate rally in Portland, OR.

Jonathan Donovan wears an oversized realtree jacket, a dark grey gator, grey camo pants, and a light grey hat with sunglasses. Jonathan Andrew Donovan, like other Proud Boys, was not in colors in Eugene on 10/23/22. Instead, he wore a dazzling display of RealTree and camo. Stills from a video show Jon Donovan hunched slightly over and firing paintballs at antifascists in EugeneJonathan Andrew Donovan attacked the crowd in Eugene on 10/23/22 with paintballs, as can be seen in this video.  Jonathan Donovan and Jeffrey Mustin stand slightly apart in a city street. Jonathan is firing a patinball gun while walking backwards. Jonathan Andrew Donovan and MR Proud Boy leader Jeffrey Mustin attacked the crowd in Eugene with paintballs and mace, respectively. Erik Neal can be seen in the Rogue brewing hoodie.

Jonathan Andrew Donovan lives in apartment #4 at 158 17th Street in Springfield, Oregon. He drives a red 2006 Dodge Ram 1500, Oregon license plate 759 LYA. The vehicle has a Proud Boy wreath sticker and blue line sticker on the passenger side. Jonathan is engaged to Angel Rose Smith (aka Angel Rose), DOB 2/18/1996. Jonathan Donovan owns a red 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 with OR plates 759LYA. It is typically found parked outside his apartment.

Joseph Matthew Lester

Four images of Joey Lester. Without a hat, he looks like a thumb with facial features or possibly a naked molerat, we couldn't decide. Joseph Matthew Lester (DOB 2/25/1974) AKA Joey Lester is a Proud Boy from the greater Portland area and a member of the PDX Proud Boys chapter. He has been a mainstay at far-right events along the I-5 corridor in Oregon. On January 6, 2021, while other members of the Proud Boys were forcing their way into the US Capitol, Joseph Matthew Lester was attacking a small group of antifascist protesters in Salem, Oregon, alongside neo-Nazi murderer Kyle Brewster. On October 23, 2022, Joey Lester traveled to Eugene with other Proud Boys from the PDX chapter including Matteo Dagradi, Travis Taylor, and Carl “Flipp” Todd. A Black and white photo of proud boys on a street corner in Sandy Oregon. Joey Lester is show in color. He is dressed in a brown jacket. Joseph Lester and other Proud Boys flash white power hand signs while protesting a pride event in Sandy, OR. Photo from the wonderful Daniel V Media. Joey Lester is seen rushing towards an antifascist. To his left is nazi murderer Kyle Brewster. Joseph Lester attacks antifascists alongside Nazi murderer Kyle Brewster in Salem, OR on 1/6/21. Photo from our besties at Rose City Antifa. After Brewster attacked the antifascists, Lester greeted him with open arms. Joey Lester and two other proud boys stand on a roof. A badly made banner says "free our political prisoners."Joseph Lester stands with Carl “Flipp” Todd and Miles Douglas Furrow on an abandoned KMart roof in Portland on 8/22/21. Miles Furrow would go on to commit a brutal assault against an unarmed man in a truck. Joseph Matthew Lester stands with other Proud Boys in Eugene OR on 10/23/22.

Joseph Matthew Lester works as a driver for Pacific Machinery & Tool Steel Company. Please contact them at *67 503-226-7656 and ask that they fire white supremacist hate group member Joseph “Joe” Lester. Joseph Matthew Lester lives in apartment 5 at 2103 SW 257th Avenue in Troutdale, Oregon. He owns a blue 2016 Kia Optima, Oregon plate 807 JPF, and a 2015 Jeep Compass, Oregon plate 548 KYN. The Jeep has a “Let’s Go Brandon” sticker on the back windshield. A blue KIA and white Jeep owned by Joey LesterJoey Lester owns the two vehicles shown above.

Jackie Stewart Vicari

Four photos of Jackie Vicari. He has a round face and bad facial hair, a goatee and mustache combo.Jackie Stewart Vicari (DOB 1/23/1975) AKA Jack Vicari is a member of the McKenzie River Proud Boys from Eugene, Oregon. Jack has a history of domestic violence, like many other members of the Proud Boys. In 2016, he was arrested for assaulting and strangling his wife in front of their children and charged with assault IV and strangulation. On October 23, 2022, Jackie “Jack” Vicari took part in the homophobic protest at Old Nick’s. He sexually harassed a journalist on video while holding his can of mace. Legal document that shows that Jack Vicari has a history of domestic violenceJackie “Jack” Stewart Vicari rallied in Eugene to “Save the Children” but has no problem strangling his wife in front of their children. Photo showing a group of Proud Boys, including Jack Vicari with his back turned, in Eugene ORJackie Vicari holds a radio as the Proud Boys are chased out of Eugene on 10/23/2022. Extremely violent Proud Boy Travis Taylor stands to his right. A cloud of yellow smoke engulfs a city block. Jack Vicari and other Proud Boys can be seen standing around in it. Jackie Vicari stands in a cloud of yellow smoke that was kindly returned to the Proud Boys who threw it at a crowd in Eugene on 10/23/2022. Neo-Nazi David Willis can be seen to his right. Wanna-be mass shooter Zachary Caster is to his left.

Jackie “Jack” Stewart Vicari lives alone in Eugene, Oregon. He is active in the speed racing community and competes at the Cottage Grove Speedway. He has distinct tattoos on his arms and knuckles. Jack Vicari stands in a Proud Boy hat with a comically large check for a raceJackie Vicari wears a Proud Boy hat at a racing event.

Richard Jim Wynn

Three photos of Richard Wynn, an old looking white dude with hardly visible eyebrows and sunken cheeks. Richard Jim Wynn (DOB 9/26/1973) AKA Ricky Wynn, Ricky Doll, is a member of the McKenzie River Proud Boys from Springfield, Oregon. He was in attendance on October 23, 2022, when Proud Boys and other neo-Nazis staged to attack Old Nick’s. Richard is married to Erin Wynn and he runs a property rental business in the Eugene area. According to public records, Richard Wynn owns three properties in Lane county: 952 M Street in Springfield, where he lives, 3750 Gem Avenue in Springfield, and 921 25th Street in Springfield, Oregon. Richard Wynn stands with other Proud Boys. He wears a black snapback style hat and dark grey clothes.Richard Jim Wynn AKA Ricky Wynn/Ricky Doll stands with other members of the Proud Boys hate group in Eugene on 10/23/2022. COPS NW member Shelby Walman is also visible.

Eric Nathan Rogers

Three images of Eric Rogers. He wears a hat and glasses in two.

Eric Nathan Rogers (DOB 10/15/1981) is a member of the McKenzie River Proud Boys and lives in Springfield, Oregon. When he is not paling around with neo-Nazis and white supremacists, he is churning out low effort lip-sync videos on TikTok– a lot of them. Eric Rogers was driving a truck with Jeffrey Mustin in the back during the unpermitted Fourth of July parade in Creswell, Oregon. On October 23, 2022, Eric participated in the homophobic protest against Old Nick’s and threatened counter-protesters. Eric Rogers flashes the OK sign out of a vehicle in Creswell OR. He has an arm tat partially visible. He wears a Proud Boys hat. Eric Nathan Rogers flashes the Proud Boys “OK” hand sign out of his pickup truck during a PB parade in Creswell, OR. Three tiktok screenshots of Eric Rogers show his upper body and tattoos. Eric Rogers, who is in his 40s, has several hundred videos on his TikTok account. He has distinct tattoos, as shown here. We do not recommend that you watch these videos. Eric Rogers stands with a large protest sign in Eugene. Eric Nathan Rogers stands next to Eugene Proud Boy Erik Neal in Eugene on 10/23/2022.

Scott Marshall Gourley

4 photos show Scott Gourley. He is a white man with curly grey and brown hair often cut short, a grey mustache that goes down the sides of his mouth, and thin grey eyebrows.

Scott Marshall Gourley (DOB 3/4/1963) is a Springfield resident and a regular at far-right events in the area. In the last year, Scott has grown closer with the McKenzie River Proud Boys, appearing at a number of Proud Boy events and meetups. On October 23, 2022, Scott Gourley took part in the anti-drag story time hate rally in Eugene, Oregon. He wore a camouflage ski mask and a plate carrier. Scott drives a Black 2000 Isuzu Trooper with the Oregon license plate 998 FYY. There is a Checkered Past MMA sticker in the back right window. Two photos showing Scott Gourley in a camo plate carrier. Scott Gourley in Salem, OR on 5/1/21 (left) and in Eugene on 10/23/22. He wears the same grey hard knuckle gloves and camo carrier at both events. photo of a black vehicle with oregon plate 998 fyy and a checkered past sticker on the back window. Photo is taken from behind the vehicle. Scott Gourley drives a Black 2000 Isuzu Trooper with the Oregon license plate 998 FYY, pictured here near the hate rally in Eugene on 10/23/22.

Vince James Burroughs

Five photos of Vince Burroughs are arranged horizantally. He is a white man with dark eyebrows and stubble.

Vince “Vincent” James Burroughs (DOB 11-15-1972) is a member of the McKenzie River Proud Boys from Fall Creek, Oregon. Vince enjoyed a few minutes of fame in 2014 when he claimed that he was seduced by an IRS agent. During the George Floyd uprising, Vince stood out as one of the more violent of the far-right antagonists in the Eugene area. Vince joined up with the Proud Boys and flew across the country to Washington DC to take part in a Proud Boy incursion on December 12, 2020, with Eugene Proud Boys Chris Tough, Austin Walker, and Avani Lange. Four people were stabbed as the gang roamed the streets, vandalizing a¬†historically Black church. Vince Burroughs was also present on October 23, 2022, when Proud Boys and other neo-Nazis threatened to attack a drag story time event in Eugene, Oregon. Vince James Burroughs’ last known address is in Fall Creek, Oregon.Vince Burroughs wears a backwards hat like the cool kids do as he tries to attack BLM supporters in EugeneVince James Burroughs joined other far-right agitators in attacking a Black Lives Matter protest on July 25, 2020. He has a distinct tattoo on the back of his neck. Vince Burroughs in Eugene. He wears a Square Deal Construction materials hat, a yellow don't tread on me gator, black sunglasses, and a hoodie with the text "world wide angler fall creek oregon" on the back around a fish.Vince Burroughs in Eugene, OR on 10/23/2022. He wears hoodie advertising where he lives. Thanks Vince! Way to make it easy for us!

Brent Michael Goodrich

Four pics of Brent goodrich, a white man with a chubby nose, a short beard, and greying facial hair. Brent Michael Goodrich (DOB 7/1/1982) is an affiliate of the McKenzie River Proud Boys from Oklahoma, now living in Springfield, Oregon. He was featured in a 2019 news story about exorcisms, in which Brent explained that he had been plagued by demons and “they‚Äôre constantly, constantly making noise.” Brent Goodrich allegedly assaulted a Black Lives Matter protester during a Black Unity event in the Thurston neighborhood on July 29, 2020. Posts from a since deleted Facebook account used by Brent include death threats and racist memes. On October 23, 2022, Brent Goodrich joined other members of the Proud Boys in harassing and attacking the drag story time event at Old Nick’s. Two FB posts from Brent Goorich. One asks if you need tags to kill Antifa, the other is a picture of his gun and a threat to shoot anyone who covers their face. Brent Goodrich posts about his desire to kill Antifa on a now deleted Facebook account. He reminds those who go out to “loot and attack people” that, should they encounter him, they could score a crappy cheap S&W pistol. Eric Rogers holds a signBrent Goodrich and other members of the McKenzie River Proud Boys like Erik Neal and Bryan Costa harass a drag story time event in Eugene on 10/23/22. Christian extremist David Scott Marston can be seen with the megaphone.

Kyle Dwight Halsey

Three Face photos of Kyle Halsey. He is a bald man with a thin beard. He has a neck tattoo on the right side of his neck.

Kyle Dwight Halsey (DOB 9/28/1985) AKA JuneBug is a member of the Proud Boys hate group from Harrisburg, Oregon. Kyle Halsey previously owned and ran Halshaw Pro Contracting LLC . In May 2021, Kyle Halsey and other members of the then-burgeoning McKenzie River Proud Boys chapter gathered in Salem, Oregon for a “pro 2A” Proud Boy rally. Kyle Halsey was present on October 23, 2022 in Eugene when the McKenzie River Proud Boys threatened the drag story time event at Old Nick’s. Kyle has a rose tattoo on his left hand and a tattoo on the right side of his neck. Three shots of Kyle Halsey in Salem on may day 2021. He wears a PNW proud boy shirt, proud boy hat, and shiny pit viper style sunglasses. Kyle Halsey in Salem for the Proud Boys 5/1/21 rally. The PNW Proud Boy shirt was used by members of the McKenzie River chapter before they received shirts with their chapter name on them. Kyle Halsey in Eugene, he wears a black hat turned backwards, a grey flannel unbuttoned and showing a black plate carrier. He carries a radio and wears a set of gloves. Kyle Halsey in Eugene, OR on 10/23/22. Proud Boys used cheap radios to communicate during the rally, and Jeffrey Mustin dropped his while running away from antifascists. Oops!

Eddie Oliver Orton

Three face pics of Eddie Orton. He has a large head with an undefined chin, small mouth, and dark hair and eyebrows.

Eddie Oliver Orton (DOB 3/17/1972) is a member of the McKenzie River Proud Boys who currently lives in Springfield, Oregon. Eddie is essentially the waterboy for the McKenzie River chapter, but we didn’t want him to feel too left out so we decided to give him a mention here. In behind the scenes footage of the Proud Boys August 22, 2021 rally in Portland (Thanks Randy Ireland, please take more videos!), Eddie Orton can be seen standing by his pickup truck and handing out bottled water to Randy Ireland. On October 23, 2022, Eddie was spotted doing “security” for vehicles belonging to members of the Proud Boys. Eddie lives at 626 52nd Street in Springfield, Oregon.

Screenshot of Eddie Orton leaning on a white pickup truck, holding a beer in his right hand, in Portland OR on august 22nd, 2021. Eddie Oliver Orton plays waterboy for Proud Boys in Portland, OR on 8/22/21. This is a still from a video taken by New York Proud Boy Randy Ireland. The full set of videos from his gopro can be accessed through this article from our good friends at Rose City Antifa. Blurry photo of Eddie Orton standing near a truck on a street in Eugene. Eddie Oliver Orton leans on another person’s pickup truck while the other Proud Boys are having a hate rally down the street.


multi-colored banner reads "Hate Trans People? Kill Yourself!"This is the only policy proposal that Eugene Antifa will endorse.

The October 23, 2022 hate rally in Eugene was dressed up as a organic collection of angry locals, when it was actually an extremely organized effort by the Proud Boys and other fascists from all reaches of Oregon to attack the LGBTQ+ community. Despite the ongoing legal troubles that the leaders of the Proud Boys are wrapped up in, in Oregon and especially in the Eugene-Springfield area the Proud Boys continue to pose a dire threat to marginalized groups and the broader community. This threat must not go unanswered, and the antifascist mobilization on October 23, 2022 is a great blueprint for confronting future fascist incursions. A diverse group of militant antifascists and community members opposed to hate were able to come together on short notice, defend the event space, resist attempts at pacification by “peace police” and eventually force the Proud Boys to flee Eugene for a second straight time.

We want to extend our love and thanks to all those who came out to defend the drag story time event and everyone who fights to make the world an unsafe space for fascists. You inspire us everyday!

If you have any tips about Proud Boys in the Eugene-Springfield area, attendees of the 10/23 hate rally, or general tips about fascist activity, send us an email at: eugeneantifa [at] protonmail [dot] com.

Email: eugeneantifa [at] protonmail [dot] com

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Violent Proud Boy Identified: Miles Douglas Furrow

On Sunday, August 22, Proud Boys and other fascists gathered in an empty K-Mart parking lot in outer Northeast Portland for a hate rally. In the weeks leading up to the event, some of the alt-right organizers attempted to rebrand it, co-opting left wing symbols and slogans, claiming it was about “love” and “unity.”¬† The rally was set for August 22 to mark the one year anniversary of the extremely violent “Say no to Marxism” rally. After local antifascist groups announced their plans to hold a counter-demonstration at Tom McCall Waterfront Park, the alt-right organizers pulled a last second location change, moving their rally away from the Waterfront and to one of the most racially diverse neighborhoods in all of Portland. The Proud Boys are an ultra nationalist street gang who have been designated as a terrorist entity in Canada and a hate group by the US based Southern Poverty Law Center. In the recent months, members of the Proud Boys and their supporters have begun to harass local school board members and educators as they push against safety measures schools are outlining to protect students and staff against the global pandemic of COVID19. We must guard against the escalation of threat the Proud Boys pose to our local communities. August 22 gives a glimpse of the violence the Proud Boys are prepared to unleash on our most vulnerable populations.

On the afternoon of August 22 in Portland, Oregon, a small group of antifascists recognized the threat posed by a large gathering of fascists in the Parkrose neighborhood and arrived to confront them. Even before the antifascists arrived, Proud Boys were harassing anti-racist activists and community members who had come to oppose them. A decommissioned ambulance that was being used in a medical capacity pulled into the parking lot to support the antifascists. The driver of the vehicle was instantly attacked by Proud Boys and other fascists, including Jeremy Wayne Roberts, and shot with paintballs from a dangerously close range. Later, the far-right crowd ransacked the vehicle, smashing windows and pushing it over. When the antifascist bloc reached the rally, Proud Boys opened fire with paintball guns and rushed towards the group with clubs. After multiple skirmishes, and a few new coats of paint on some Proud Boys, the antifascists retreated towards Parkrose High School. The Proud Boys followed, ambushing several vehicles that were sitting in the school parking lot. A pickup truck had its windows broken out and tires slashed. The man sitting in the pickup truck was viciously beaten, punched repeatedly, and bear sprayed by the Proud Boys. We now know the identity of the main attacker: Meet Miles Douglas Furrow, from Oregon City, OR.

Miles Douglas Furrow viciously beats an already badly injured man inside of a pickup truck.

Miles Douglas Furrow, born 2/15/1981, is a member of the PDX Proud Boys chapter, which is led by Daniel Tooze and Carl “Flip” Todd. Miles has longstanding connections to the Tooze family, including Daniel Tooze’s son, Daniel Tooze Jr. Although Miles told reporters that he lived “a half mile up the road” from the Parkrose rally, he actually lives in Oregon City, some twenty-odd miles away. He can be seen in videos threatening journalist Robert Evans, who was assaulted by Proud Boy Travis Taylor on August 22, 2020. Miles Furrow also attacked another vehicle, which was trying to drive away when the Proud Boys surrounded it and broke out the windows. Miles Douglas Furrow of Oregon City, unmasked in screenshots from the August 22, 2021 rally.

Miles Furrow attempts to break the window of a vehicle as it tries to leave the area.

We were able to identify Miles Furrow at other rallies that were attended by the Proud Boys. On May 1, 2021, Miles Furrow joined other Proud Boys in Salem for an unpermitted “Second Amendment” rally that shut down a local park. Later in May, Miles attended a flag wave event in Oregon City. In July, he was at another flag wave event in the Oak Grove area, wearing the Proud Boys’ staple gold and black Fred Perry. On August 21, the day before the major rally in Portland, Miles was in Sandy for a “Justice for Ashli Babbitt” themed pie eating contest hosted by the Proud Boys. Miles Douglas Furrow in Salem, OR for a Proud Boys rally on May 1, 2021.¬† Miles Furrow at the May Day rally in Salem (Left), and wearing the same hat in photos from social media (Right). Miles Furrow at the Oregon City flag wave on May 21, 2021. Note the distinctive sleeve on his left arm, worn to cover tattoos. Miles Douglas Furrow poses next to other Proud Boys after a flag wave event in Oak Grove on July 10, 2021. His tattoo is clearly visible. Miles Douglas Furrow carries a Proud Boys flag in Sandy, OR. Miles Douglas Furrow throws up the “OK” hand sign during a Proud Boys rally in Sandy, OR.¬† Miles Douglas Furrow holds a Proud Boys flag after a pie eating contest in Sandy, OR.

Proud Boys pose in front of their flag in Sandy, OR., the day before attacking Portlanders. Miles Douglas Furrow is circled, standing next to Eugene Proud Boy Jeffrey Mustin.

Miles Douglas Furrow is a member of a violent white supremacist hate group and is a danger to the community. His activities are supported by his wife, Aubrey Furrow. On Twitter, Aubrey has publicly defended the Proud Boys hate group. She is project system coordinator for Clackamas Federal Credit Union, contact them here. Aubrey Furrow supports the Proud Boys and her husband’s violence.¬† Clackamas Federal Credit Union employee Aubrey Furrow posts her support for the Proud Boys hate group on Twitter.

Miles Douglas Furrow was born on February 15, 1981. He currently lives at 19149 South End Road, Oregon City, Oregon, 97405. He drives a 2019 Ford F150 and also owns a 1995 Ford F350. The Furrow residence in Oregon City, OR. Publicly available property records show that the property located at 19149 South End Road is owned by Miles and Aubrey Furrow.

Clear photos: Tattoos: Miles Douglas Furrow has distinctive tattoos on his left arm.

A heartfelt thanks to all the brave antifascists who showed up in Portland, Oregon on August 22, 2021 to counter the neo-fascist contingency that continues to show up in our towns to spread lies and hate, who aim to physically attack and kill us, who attempt to inject fear and division in our communities. Everyday antifascists: Stick together! Stay tight!

To donate to the pickup truck owner whose vehicle was demolished by the Proud Boys and whose passenger was assaulted by Miles Furrow, contribute at CashApp: $TruckGuy666. For the status of the GoFundMe fundraiser, check here. Please forward additional vetted fundraiser links and tips to: eugeneantifa [at] protonmail [dot] com.


Email: eugeneantifa [at] protonmail [dot] com

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Inside the PNW Patriot Coalition

Eugene Antifa is releasing thousands of messages from the private communication channels of “Patriot Coalition PNW,” a burgeoning far-right network that includes members of the Proud Boys, 1776 2.0 militia, the Three Percenters, Operation Werewolf, and more. The chats provide a detailed look into the planning behind the August 22 “No to Marxism” rally in downtown Portland. They also show new evidence of collaboration between police and local far-right violence. In the coming days, antifascists will be releasing additional identities of members from the Patriot Coalition.

Contact: eugeneantifa [at] protonmail [dot] com

View the chats here:

Patriot Coalition PNW – Daily Chatter Scrapes

Patriot Coalition PNW – Code Red GO! Scrapes


The Patriot Coalition is a growing network of far-right individuals and groups in the Pacific Northwest actively organizing violence against Black Lives Matter protesters and antifascists. The group was started by Robbin Sullivan-Davis of Albany, Oregon, who set up the “Patriot Coalition of PNW” Facebook page on July 3, 2020. The group was originally named the “Patriot Coalition of Oregon,” but was changed to incorporate members from California, Washington, Colorado, and Idaho. The page evolved to include a private Facebook group, and members of the private Facebook group were encouraged to join the “off site communications group,” which was hosted on the messaging app “GroupMe.” The archived Facebook group for the Patriot Coalition of PNW had 1.6k members.

Robbin established two separate chat channels on the platform “GroupMe.” The first, “Daily Chatter,” was established as a place to communicate about events such as “Back the Blue” flag waves, Proud Boy rallies, pro-Trump gatherings, and planned counter-protests to Black Lives Matter demonstrations. This channel is where most of the planning and coordination between members occurs. Members also share their conspiracy theories about “ANTIFA” and news about Portland, Oregon (where very few of them actually live). An emergency channel was also created, called “Code Red GO!” and was reserved for immediate call outs to action. This channel was where the Patriot Coalition leaders released detailed plans for major far-right events, such as the “No to Marxism” rally in Portland on August 22, 2020, and the Labor Day rally in Salem on September 7, 2020. Other GroupMe channels are reserved for leadership and members of the intelligence team. Much of the group’s “intel gathering” consisted of recycled, obvious conspiracy theories from Facebook, dangerous, random photos of “suspicious” vehicles, mugshots, and low quality photos of community members suspected to be “ANTIFA” members.

Membership on the GroupMe platform is nearing 125 members, though less than half are active in the discussions. While most of the group’s members reside in Oregon, the geographical reach of the group’s membership stretches from southwestern Washington to Colorado and central California. The group operates in a purely hierarchical manner, with declared leaders that call the shots in the chats and on the ground. Even though Robbin Davis founded the Patriot Coalition, she was eventually removed from the group entirely and replaced by Shelley Fenner of Vancouver, Washington. While Robbin Davis and Shelley Fenner are part of the self-selected ring of leadership, their roles are more secretarial and motherly in nature: offering encouragement, scolding misplaced comments in the chats, and running the social media pages. The “leads” in charge of directing the group at actions are two men from southern Oregon: Daniel Arthur Lippke and Trent Martin Ulrey. Everyone in the group is expected to follow their commands and they direct the group and announce when and how they are allowed to act. This point in the chain of command is arguably the most important to them. No one is allowed to act without the authorization from the leads, and if they do, they do not receive support from the group as a whole.

Inside the Patriot Coalition

There are several significant factors which set the Patriot Coalition GroupMe chats apart from other far-right internal communications we have monitored. Unlike the average “shitposting” fascist chats one might stumble into on Telegram or Discord, the members of this group focus on action. Their discussions revolve almost entirely around real-world issues and events, and they have proved that they are capable of violence. When a suggestion is made, they are often quick to plan and move to action. The group is made up mainly of older and middle aged adults- most are already established financially and have a good amount of time to devote to their cause. Many are self employed, retired, or own a business. They are already well equipped with resources necessary to carry out their plans: they own property, reliable vehicles, tools, firearms, weapons, and body armor. Most are well connected throughout the region, have disposable income, and are able to purchase any additional resources an action might require. While they might not be the most educated, technologically advanced, or physically fit bunch, they have a distinct set of advantages that makes them uniquely dangerous.

Groups Involved

The Patriot Coalition includes members from a wide sample of far-right groups active in the Pacific Northwest. There are multiple members of the fascist Proud Boys street gang, organizers from Sandy Backs the Blue, the Three Percenters, the 1776 2.0 miltia, and handfuls of people that are not involved with any group. This makes the Patriot Coalition a prime recruiting ground for far-right groups. There are also a number of explicit neo-Nazis within the Patriot Coalition. In our previous article, we looked at Operation Werewolf activity in the Pacific Northwest region. Two of the fascists we profiled, Richard Bowman II and Alena Gay Mack, are active members of the Patriot Coalition. Lincoln City neo-Nazi David Willis is also a member of the Patriot Coalition.

Threats of violence

The Patriot Coalition chats are awash with threats of violence against protesters, antifascists, and journalists. There seems to be little-to-no concern among the members that their chats are infiltrated, either by police or antifascists. Often times fascist chatrooms will moderate explicit threats of violence, for fear of legal action or media blowback (this is even common practice for the most extreme accelerationist fascist groups and neo-Nazi forums). This is not the case in the Patriot Coalition chats; they are a free for all. The membership of the Patriot Coalition does not seem to care about the potential legal ramifications of their messages, perhaps understanding that they are an ally to the state.Ken Woods (AKA Dub) wants to start shooting protesters.

Christopher James Tough would love to bring sticks of dynamite to Portland, Oregon.

James Walsh III (AKA Member 161) jokes about bringing a pallet of high-caliber weapons to the August 22 rally in Portland. Instead, he brought his Steel Feather Welding vehicle.

Peter Burdett (AKA Punisher95) plans to target anyone wearing “Black Lives Matter” gear.

Erik Neal (AKA Erik) suggests boiling down poison oak to use against antifascist protesters.

An unidentified member of the Patriot Coalition using the moniker “1911” shares that he has a half pound of Carolina Reaper peppers getting delivered, and Robbin Davis (AKA Patriot Coalition of Oregon) is excited to use it against protesters.

A member of the Patriot Coalition using the pseudonym “Kahrheart” recommends following protesters home.

John Hufford believes the nation is being destroyed and suggests that the only way to stop it is to “Remove them from existence.” Ken Woods (AKA Dub) is supportive because he just wants to shoot people.

Threats manifest: “No to Marxism” rally (A22)

The Patriot Coalition chats offer a detailed view into the planning for the “No to Marxism in America” rally in Portland on August 22, 2020. The rally was hosted by Amber Gwen Cummings, a far-right figure from California with a long history of organizing with white supremacists on the West coast. A week earlier, on August 15, a small far-right protest roamed around downtown Portland, attacking counter-protesters and random passerby’s with bear spray and paintballs. While leaving downtown, Portland’s Liberation hang-around Skylor Noel Jernigan fired two shots out of his moving car. Luckily no one was hit, but the Portland Police Bureau’s laissez-faire handling of the rally sent a message to the far-right that their violence was welcome in Portland (a message that the PPB has been sending for years).

“…The police gave us the green light . I was at the justice center saturday [sic] and we handle them with 40 people.” -John Kramer, 8/17/2020.

Prior to the rally, members of the group were encouraged to purchase tactical helmets and protective gear. The group chose to wear blue shirts so they could identify one another (the group considered blue armbands, but the idea was shot down because they feared it would make them look like Nazis), and members were encouraged to cover their faces to prevent identification. On August 20, Erik Neal hosted a shield and hand-to-hand combat training event in Marcola, Oregon. Corey Wyatt’s crew (see also: Above the Rest: Roofing and White Power) built the shields that appeared on the front lines in Portland, likely inspired by previous far-right shield walls in the Eugene-Springfield area.

The step-by-step plan for the August 22 rally was created by Daniel Lippke (AKA Dan-Meford) and Trent Ulrey (AKA Trent-Medford). The group met on Chris and Shelley Fenner’s property in Vancouver, Washington, at 10am, an hour before the rally was scheduled to begin. From there, the group split into different units and drove to two separate parking structures (SmartPark on 4th and Yamhill and the 5th Avenue building) near the rally location and parked on the upper levels. One team was tasked with “security” and open carried long guns without magazines (pursuant with Portland open carry laws), while another was tasked with providing medical assistance, and another attacked antifascists. The original plan called for both a daytime and nighttime mobilization, but the leadership called off the nighttime plan due to the injuries they sustained while clashing with antifascists. About two dozen members of the chat attended the rally on August 22, but more had planned to arrive for the “evening festivities.”

For much of the rally, the far-right crowd outnumbered the anti-fascist counter-protest, and many of them were better equipped. The antifascist crowd gathered in Chapman square, while the far-right crowd amassed on the steps of the Justice Center and slowly filled into the street. The Portland Police remained out of sight for the entirety of the rally, save for briefly appearing to steal defensive gear from antifascists before the park filled up. Most of the far-right rally-goers openly carried weapons including baseball bats, axe handles, batons, pipes, bear mace, bug spray, spiked shields, knives, and paintball guns. The Patriot Coalition group arrived together shortly after 12pm and formed a shield wall in the middle of the street. After a few hours of small fights and a copious amount of paintballs and bear spray, the far-right group began to attack a Black Lives Matter support vehicle called the Snack Van.Members of the Patriot Coalition and other assorted fascists rally in Portland on August 22.

Future Violence

The Patriot Coalition chats also provide important information about future far-right violence. We learn that neo-Nazi David Willis is making paint-filled fire extinguishers for use against antifascists, and has purchased glass breaker balls as ammunition for his paintball gun. We also learn that Mark Melchi and his 1776 2.0 militia have been making homemade “flamethrower” devices that he “developed for their wall of degenerates.” Daniel Arthur Lippke (Dan-Medford) is making homemade smoke grenades, and Ramon Blackwood (AKA T. Durden) is using his connections to purchase the same crowd-control sprays used by federal law enforcement. Christopher James Tough has leveraged his TikTok fame to get gear for another far-right attack in Portland, and has received dozens of gas masks from a Texas TikTok user who goes by “Ghost Patriot.” David Willis plans to fill four fire extinguishers with paint for use against antifascists.

State Collaboration

The Patriot Coalition chats reveal new links between law enforcement and far-right activity in the Pacific Northwest. For background on collaboration between the state on the far right in Oregon, we recommend Rose City Antifa’s excellent article from 2019. Here’s what the new chats show:

    • The Patriot Coalition knew that the Portland Police would allow far-right violence on August 22: On August 15, a week before Amber Cummings’ “No to Marxism” event, the Portland Police Bureau let former Proud Boy Alan Swinney mace and shoot paintballs at a small group of counter-protesters. Patriot Coalition member John Kramer attended the event and reported back to the group that “…The police gave us the green light.” He told members to “come literally as prepared as you can,” knowing that the Portland Police would allow the far-right crowd to have weapons.
    • Federal agents in Portland “thanked” the far-right for attacking antifascists: After the August 22 “No to Marxism” rally, where far-right protesters attacked antifascists with baseball bats and seriously injured at least one person with an improvised explosive device, Dan Lippke (AKA Dan-Medford) relayed the following to the Patriot Coalition chat: “So I just got a call from a friend who has friends in uh…federal buildings in a certain northern Oregon city. The agents and police in there say good job, thank you, and they made sure antifa paid for that pain we went through today.” After the far-right crowd was chased out away from their rally point, federal officers declared the event an “unlawful assembly” and fired pepper balls at what remained of the antifascist crowd.
    • Neo-Nazi David Willis has a source within the Portland Police Bureau: Lincoln City neo-Nazi David Willis, who claims to have been involved with the white power skinhead gang “East Side White Pride,” also claims to have a source within the Portland Police Bureau’s detective division. After the August 22 “No to Marxism” event, David Willis told members of the Patriot Coalition: “i confirmed it threw a source in ppb that antifa fired 2 live rounds at patriots in a parking garage [sic].” He encourages others to contact his source as “victims” of the alleged shots. David Willis has a long history of run-ins with law enforcement. In 1998, Willis was arrested in Lincoln county for a laundry list of crimes, including a hate crime, but he was found “not guilty.”
    • Members of the Patriot Coalition have a source within federal law enforcement: On September 16, ten days before the Proud Boys plan to rally in Portland, Ramon Luis Blackwood (AKA T. Durden) revealed that he had received intelligence about federal orders: “I need a lead to call me asap. I just got Intel from a back end source. Orders that were just given out. Fed orders.” Ramon’s request to speak with a lead suggests to us that the information was pertinent to the upcoming Proud Boys rally. The Proud Boys had originally planned on holding their rally in a federal park in downtown Portland, but moved the rally unexpectedly on September 17. Ramon Blackwood’s “back end source” may be the same source that gave him access to the crowd control weapons they use to attack protesters: “I just got access to the crowd dispersal spray that the feds use. It’s 40 bucks a can. Usual 65 bucks. Anybody want any??”
    • A member of the Patriot Coalition is spying on protesters and sending the data to the FBI: Mark Melchi, a member of the Patriot Coalition and leader of the 1776 2.0 militia claimed that his group is using “cell sniffing” devices and sending the data to the FBI: “We actually use cell sniffers all the time, send Data to FBI…IMSI catchers. Don’t need to snatch phones, although it’s fun to snatch and watch their face.” It is not clear how Mark Melchi would obtain an IMSI “sniffer” device, let alone use it successfully, but the possibility is alarming.
    • A militia leader within the Patriot Coalition is “hunting” antifascists in Colorado: Mark Melchi was in Colorado in early September, working on “Antifa hunting with my 1776 2.0 Colorado team.” On September 6, Melchi announced to the chat that: “We have had a successful operation out here in Colorado. So far 6 major Antifa leaders are no longer playing fantasy ninjas here.” On September 17, police carried out SWAT raids and arrested six protest leaders in the Denver area, charged with with an outrageous list of crimes. The messages posted by Melchi seem to suggest that his 1776 2.0 group played a role in the state repression against the activists.

Wildfire response

The early part of September brought devastating wildfires to the state of Oregon. Several major cities were threatened and thousands of Oregonians were forced to evacuate. Many small, tight-knit rural towns were destroyed or damaged by fast moving wildfires. Hundreds of homes were destroyed and thousands uprooted and displaced. During this regional disaster, members of the Patriot Coalition PNW quickly mobilized to do regular patrols around wildfire hot spots. Armed, members would drive roads searching for who they believed to be “ANTIFA” setting the fires. They were certain the spreading of the wildfires was due to ominous figures dressed in black, often carrying gas cans, whom they labeled as “ANTIFA.” This conspiracy theory quickly became so concerning to public safety, that even police and sheriffs departments were forced to issue public statements discrediting the absurd claim. Members of the Patriot Coalition followed vehicles they deemed “suspicious,” posted photos of cars, license plates, and faces in the chats as “intel.” Members quickly positioned themselves within the volunteer support system of the evacuation centers located in Springfield and Salem; they approached the mutual aid centers with a territorial and competitive attitude. Attempts were made to intimidate known leftist activists within the local mutual aid networks. Tensions rose to unusual heights as the wildfires came closer to the cities along the I-5 corridor, and some members suggested shooting those they suspected as arsonists on sight. Richard Bowman II shares a post from far-right Senate candidate Paul J. Romero to back up the baseless “ANTIFA” wildfire conspiracy theory.

For days, members of the Patriot Coalition drove around rural Oregon communities “patrolling” for people they believed to be looters and arsonists.

Members of the Patriot Coalition tailed vehicles and posted photos of vehicles and license plates they deemed suspicious.

A member of the Patriot Coalition with the username “Shelb” claims that someone affiliated with law enforcement told her “ANTIFA” was setting up gas cans with shotgun shells on people’s porches.


Patriot Coalition Leadership

The Patriot Coalition is a hierarchically organized group; all group decisions are made by a small team of leaders. The leaders were decided by the founder of the group: Robbin Sullivan-Davis. Following the departure of the original founder of the group, the Patriot Coalition is now in the process of restructuring itself and launching a new Facebook group. The “central command” will select regional leaders to represent the state of Oregon divided into three parts: 1) Southern, 2) Central and Eastern, and 3) Northern and Mid. The group will have a chain of command, they will have monthly meetings and will schedule trainings. A mission statement, new vetting process, and new rules of conduct will be drafted.

Robbin Anne Sullivan-Davis

Robbin Anne Sullivan-Davis is the founder of the “Patriot Coalition of PNW” group and was the owner of the GroupMe chat until she unexpectedly relinquished ownership, transferring administrative powers to Trent Ulrey (AKA Spartan). She was permanently removed from the chat shortly thereafter. Robbin started the group on Facebook, before moving to GroupMe so members could organize in private. She set up fundraising for the group via Venmo and GoFundMe, racking up close to $500 dollars in donations. Robbin attended the August 22 “No to Marxism” rally in Portland. She currently lives in Albany, Oregon.

Trent Martin Ulrey

Trent Martin Ulrey (AKA Spartan, Trent-Medford) is one of the leaders of the Patriot Coalition and currently has ownership over the GroupMe chat. He lives in Gold Hill, Oregon (near Medford) and owns Valley Sign Solutions. Trent was the main architect behind the Patriot Coalition’s plan for the August 22 “No to Marxism” rally. In the lead up to the rally, Trent had phone conversations with a number of members of the Patriot Coalition and communicated with other far-right groups like the Proud Boys. On August 18, Trent posted a detailed plan for the “No to Marxism” rally (see: Threats Manifest: “No to Marxism” rally). During the rally, Trent was armed with a handgun, a baton, and pepper spray. After rushing the antifascist crowd, he can be seen on video deploying pepper spray.Trent Ulrey pushes his way through the far-right crowd to attack antifascists at the August 22 “No to Marxism” rally. Trent was armed with a pistol (circled, left), a large baton (in back of vest), and pepper spray (circled, right).

Trent Ulrey pepper sprays antifascists after the far-right “No to Marxism” crowd charged towards the counter rally.

Daniel Arthur Lippke

Daniel Arthur Lippke (AKA Dan Betschart, Dan-Medford) is one of the leaders of the Patriot Coalition and lives in Eagle Point, Oregon. Dan worked with Trent Ulrey to establish a detailed plan for the August 22 “No to Marxism” rally. Before the rally, Dan floated the idea of reaching out to far-right grifter Andy Ngo, to “…let him know something is up for this Saturday, and ask him to keep it quiet.” In the past, Andy Ngo has coordinated with the Proud Boys as well as the dregs of Patriot Prayer. Dan also advocated for attacking medics and press, telling others that “if they claim they’re “press” or “medic” so you can’t touch them, that’s bs.” Dan and his wife Carly teach line dancing in Southern Oregon.Daniel Arthur Lippke at the August 22 “No to Marxism” rally in Portland, Oregon.

Daniel Lippke has distinctive tattoos on his left forearm and right bicep.

Christopher James Tough

Christopher James Tough (AKA Chris Tough, Chris Himwho, Himwho) is a MAGA TikTok celebrity and one of the leaders of the Patriot Coalition. Chris has amassed a large following as “himwho” and recently launched a website for his brand. He lives in Cottage Grove, Oregon.

Christopher Tough stands with Andrew “Black Rebel” Duncomb, a former Proud Boy who marched with Nazis at the deadly “Unite the Right” rally in 2017.

Christopher James Tough has joined forces with local far-right agitators in Eugene, Oregon on a number of occasions. On July 25, Chris took part in an “All Lives Matter” counter-protest to a rally against state repression held at the federal courthouse in Eugene, Oregon. The “All Lives Matter” group bore shields with screws sticking out and sprayed protesters with wasp spray. On July 31, Chris joined other far-right protesters at the New Hope Christian College, fooled into thinking that “ANTIFA” was en route to remove a giant steel and concrete cross. On August 5, he rallied with other far-right counter protesters to attack a protest hosted by United Communists and Anarchists of Eugene, Oregon (UCA) calling to hold the Eugene Police Department accountable for the violent arrest of a 14 year old. On August 22, Chris traveled with the Patriot Coalition to the “No to Marxism” rally in downtown Portland and tried to attack antifascists with a collapsible baton.Christopher James Tough rallies with local bigots in Eugene on July 25. Chris was armed with a large wooden maskeshift club.

Christopher Tough rallies alongside neo-Nazi Corey Wyatt (white mask, camo head wrap) and local homophobe Emma Mitchem (holding phone on right) at the New Hope Christian College. 

Christopher James Tough stands with a shield and a collapsible baton at the August 22 “No to Marxism” rally in Portland, Oregon.¬†

Christopher James Tough stands with a shield and a collapsible baton at the August 22 “No to Marxism” rally in Portland, Oregon.¬†

1776 2.0 Militia

The 1776 2.0 militia is a far-right group lead locally by Mark Eric Melchi. While some right-wing militia groups posture (or pretend to be) as “anti-government,” Melchi’s militia collaborates with local and federal law enforcement. Over the last few months, the 1776 2.0 militia has been a regular, armed presence on the streets of Portland and Salem. The group is also active in other states, including Colorado.

Mark Eric Melchi

Mark Eric Melchi is the local leader of the 1776 2.0 militia and lives in Dallas, Oregon. He is a member of the Patriot Coalition and a participant in the GroupMe chat where he consistently posts violent, unhinged messages about Portland. Melchi advocates for “tactical ambushes at night” and using “Guerilla tactics” against those he deems “leaders.” He fantasizes about the possibility of a shootout with antifascists, writing prior to the August 22 “No to Marxism” rally that attendees “must be ready to defend with lethal response…We need to make it dramatic enough for them not to want to return.”

While talk of an ever-looming “civil war” is common among right-wing militias, Mark Melchi and the 1776 2.0 militia veers more into accelerationism, hoping to use far-right rallies in Portland to increase tension. Melchi is producing “flamethrowers” from fire extinguishers and plans to deploy them against antifascists and anti-racist protesters. In the Patriot Coalition chat, Melchi calls the weapons a “fire extinguisher BBQ machine”¬† that his crew “developed for their wall of degenerates.”Mark Melchi shows off a video of one of his homemade “flamethrowers” that he designed for use against protesters. He claims that members of his 1776 2.0 group used their device in the stairwell of a parking garage.

Mark Melchi is a regular armed presence at far-right rallies in Portland. On August 15, he rallied with local white nationalist Haley Adams in downtown Portland, carrying a Scorpion Evo-3 pistol and several magazines. On August 22, Melchi showed up at the “No to Marxism” rally, and he claims that members of his militia used their flamethrower device in the stairwell of a parking garage.Mark Melchi stands with a rifle at the August 22 “No to Marxism” rally in downtown Portland. (Photo by Nathan Howard)

Despite using anti-government aesthetics, Mark Melchi and his militia actively work with the state to target left-wing activists. He claims that his group uses IMSI catchers against protesters, “cell-sniffing” devices that imitate a cellphone tower to capture metadata and IMSI numbers within a radius. Local and federal law enforcement agencies have deployed the device against protesters. Melchi says that his group sends the cellphone data they obtain the the FBI. Additionally, messages from Melchi suggest that the Colorado chapter of 1776 2.0 may have worked with police to target local activists. On September 6, Melchi wrote that “We have had a successful operation out here in Colorado. So far 6 major Antifa leaders are no longer playing fantasy ninjas here.” On September 17, police carried out SWAT raids and arrested six protest leaders in the Denver area (more information here), charging them with kidnapping for allegedly participating in a protest outside a police station.

Kenneth Merill Woods

Kenneth Merill Woods (AKA Ken Woods, Dub) is a member of the Patriot Coalition living in Terrebonne, Oregon. On August 22, Ken attended the “No to Marxism” rally with Mark Melchi’s 1776 2.0 militia. In the Patriot Coalition chats, he frequently talks about his desire to murder antifascists and Black Lives Matter protesters. Ken idolizes Kyle Rittenhouse and may very well be the next right-wing mass murderer. Of the protests in Portland (insert she doesn’t even go here! meme), Ken says that¬† “[t]he only real way to end it is start shooting everyone [sic] of them.” Like most members of the Patriot Coalition, Ken Woods firmly believed that “ANTIFA” was responsible for the historic wildfires that devastated Oregon and drove around looking for people to shoot.Ken Woods open carries at the August 22 “No to Marxism” rally in Portland, Oregon. Ken rolled with Mark Melchi’s 1776 2.0 crew.¬†

John Joseph Kramer

John Joseph Kramer is a member of the Patriot Coalition and lives in Clackamas county, Oregon. On August 15, John Kramer rallied with local far-right protesters in downtown Portland. After the rally, he told others in the Patriot Coalition that the “The [Portland] police gave us the green light,” and to “Come literally as prepared as you can.” John Kramer claimed to be busy recruiting people for the “No to Marxism” rally in the days that followed. On August 22, John Kramer rolled with Mark Melchi’s 1776 2.0 militia, carrying a pistol and a canister of bear spray.

John Joseph Kramer carries a handgun on August 22 in Portland, Oregon. Kramer rolled with Mark Melchi’s 1776 2.0 crew for the “No to Marxism” rally.

Above the Rest: Roofing and White Power

Since the start of racial justice protests in the Eugene-Springfield area, we have been tracking and documenting an increase in far-right counter organizing. In August, we published an article about neo-Nazi Corey Eugene Wyatt (AKA Agnarr), a professional MMA fighter who has made inroads with far-right groups in the Pacific Northwest and has been a regular presence at counter-protests in the Eugene-Springfield area. Corey Wyatt works for “Above the Rest,” a roofing and construction company run by Casey Lee Lasley. Casey has participated in local far-right organizing himself, and employs a¬† number of neo-Nazis involved with the Patriot Coalition.

Neo-Nazi Corey Wyatt and far-right figure Marcus Edwards have worked with “Above the Rest” roofing. From left to right: Corey Wyatt, Marcus Edwards, Erik Neal, and Joe Schwinghamer.

Erik Matthew Neal

Erik Matthew Neal (AKA Erik Lean, Erik) is a member of the Patriot Coalition from Springfield, Oregon, and an employee of Above the Rest roofing & construction. Erik is an active participant in the GroupMe chat and acts as the link between the Patriot Coalition, Corey Wyatt, and the Above the Rest crew. Ahead of the August 22 rally, Erik invited members of the Patriot Coalition to train with shields and in hand-to-hand combat on a property in Marcola, Oregon.



Sarah Anne Stahl

Sarah Anne Stahl (AKA Steele Sharah, Sassyanne, Mouthy) is Erik Neal’s partner and is also a member of the Patriot Coalition. She attended the violent August 22 “No to Marxism” event in Portland with Erik Neal and the “Above the Rest” crew. Sarah repeatedly made threats against a Eugene livestreamer affiliated with Boop Troop Eugene and falsely claimed that he fired shots at far-right protesters on August 22. Sarah is a follower of the QAnon conspiracy theory.Sarah Anne Stahl, pictured at the August 22 “No to Marxism” rally in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Joseph Martin Schwinghamer

Joseph Martin Schwinghamer lives in Springfield and works for Casey Lasley’s roofing company. Like most of the crew, Joe is a felon and was incarcerated in 2016 for possession of methamphetamine and illegally possessing a firearm. He attended the August 22 “No to Marxism” rally in Portland with the “Above the Rest” crew. Joseph is easily identifiable by the large apple tattoo on his neck.Joe Schwinghamer carried a shield on August 22 in Portland, Oregon. Joe has a distinctive apple tattoo on his neck.

James Anthony Stianson

James Anthony Stianson is a white supremacist who has worked for Casey Lasley’s roofing company. He is covered in white supremacist tattoos: On his right hand, he has a Thor’s Hammer and just above that he has a Valknaut tattoo. On his chest, James has “Eastside White Pride” tattooed in cursive. East Side White Pride is also the name of a white supremacist bonehead gang that was active in Portland in the late 1980’s. In 1988, three members of East Side White Pride murdered an Ethiopian college student named Mulugeta Seraw. Lincoln city neo-Nazi and Patriot Coalition member David Willis claims to have been affiliated with East Side White Pride.James Stianson has “Eastside White Pride” tattooed across his chest.¬†

James Stianson has a Thor’s Hammer tattoo and a Valknaut (three triangles) on his right hand.

James Stianson has been at several far-right rallies in the Eugene-Springfield area. On July 10, he gathered with Corey Wyatt and other local racists at the Springfield library for an “All Lives Matter” rally. On July 29, James and other far-right agitators harassed and assaulted Black Lives Matter demonstrators in the Thurston neighborhood. He was arrested the next day for driving under the influence, a charge he is no stranger to. On August 22, James traveled to Portland with the “Above the Rest” crew for the “No to Marxism” rally. Despite being a felon, James had a holstered handgun at the rally.James Stianson and Corey Wyatt at the July 10 “All Lives Matter” rally in Springfield, Oregon.

James Stianson, his partner Brandy Bowman, and Casey Lasley counter-protesting a Black Lives Matter march through Thurston, Oregon, on July 29.

James Stianson stands behind ex-Proud Boy Alan Swinney on August 22 in Portland, Oregon. James’ “Thor’s Hammer” tattoo is visible.

James Stianson, a felon, carried a handgun (circled) on August 22 in Portland, Oregon. James wears a shirt for the far-right group “TAPS: The American Patriot Society.”

Sandy Backs the Blue

“Sandy Backs the Blue” is a pro-police, Nazi friendly group from the Sandy, Oregon area. The group hosts weekly “flag wave” events, often attended by members of the Proud Boys hate group. Dixie Lea Bailey (AKA Dixie Deweese, AmericanLove45) is one of the far-right organizers with “Sandy Back the Blue,” and is also a member of the Patriot Coalition. For more information on Dixie, please read Rose City Antifa’s article here.

Ramon Luis Blackwood

Ramon Luis Blackwood is a far-right activist from Sandy, Oregon, and a member of the Patriot Coalition. On August 12, Ramon Blackwood claimed that “40-50 people” were going to travel to Portland and “push back against Rioters,” but only 18 showed up. On August 22, Ramon returned to Portland with the Patriot Coalition for the “No to Marxism” rally, only to be chased away into a parking garage by antifascists. Ramon Blackwood owns Taylor Made Engineering LLC, a metal fabrication business.

Ramon Blackwood, pictured here with “Sandy Backs the Blue” activist Dixie Lea Bailey (AKA Dixie Deweese). Original tweet from Rose City Antifa here.

Ramon Blackwood at the August 22 “No to Marxism” rally in downtown Portland.

Jason Michael Gould

                                                                      NOT Tim Pool

Jason Michael Gould (AKA Jason, Jerad Ross) is a member of the Patriot Coalition with ties to “Sandy Backs the Blue.” Jason is a frequent attendee of the weekly “flag wave” events in the Sandy, Oregon area. He claims to have nine years of boxing experience and offered to give lessons to other members of the Patriot Coalition. Jason Gould attended the August 22 “No to Marxism” rally with the Patriot Coalition.Some of Jason Gould’s racist overlays on Facebook.

Jason Gould holds a large wooden shield on August 22 in Portland, Oregon. Jason has a distinctive tattoo on his inner left arm.

Other Individuals

Peter Osborne Burdett

Peter Osborne Burdett (AKA Punisher95) is a violent member of the Patriot Coalition from Tigard, Oregon. In the GroupMe chats, Peter recommended that people shoot marbles instead of paintballs, which can be lethal. He also called for “start going after the antifa press,” for “basically setting up shots to make us look like we are instagating [sic] them.” Like fellow Patriot Coalition member and neo-Nazi Richard Bowman II, Peter participates in Civil War reenactments. And, like fellow Patriot Coalition member and neo-Nazi James Anthony Stianson, Peter participates in driving under the influence.Peter Burdett with a shield on August 22 in Portland, Oregon.¬†

Peter Burdett with a shield and body armor on August 22 in Portland, Oregon. 

Peter has familial connections to the Portland Police Bureau. He bragged of this connection in the Patriot Coalition GroupMe, saying that: “One of my family members works at the Northeast precinct.” Peter’s second cousin, Amy Morinville, is married to Portland cop Steve Morinville, who works at the PPB North Precinct. As of 2019, Morinville was assigned to the youth services division and was being paid close to $140,000 a year.

James Howard Soderberg

James Howard Soderberg (AKA James) is a violent, bigoted member of the Patriot Coalition from Cornelius, Oregon. He first caught our attention in July, when he showed up to a far-right counter protest in Eugene armed with a shotgun and .357 revolver. He also carried a spray can with an unknown liquid. Several far-right protesters used wasp spray and brake oil spray against Black Lives Matter protesters.James Howard Soderberg appears to livestream on his phone while holding a shotgun in Eugene on July 25.

On August 29, James Howard Soderberg took part in the “Trump 2020 Cruise Rally,” hosted by Idaho resident Alex Kuzmenko (AKA Alex Kyzik). James livestreamed the event on Facebook, first from the drivers seat, then from the back of his silver F-350 truck once he crossed the bridge into downtown Portland. He was armed with pepper spray, a baseball bat wrapped in nails, and a .357 revolver. While driving, James runs a red light and nearly hits a group of anti-racist protesters, then reverses back towards them. Later, James can be seen accosting random pedestrians from the back of his pickup truck, attempting to goad them into a fight. When that doesn’t work, he goes on foot yelling homophobic slurs at passerbys and gets beaten bloody. James Howard Soderberg owns KJJ Trucking LLC.

James Howard Soderberg shows off his weapons at the “Trump 2020 Cruise Rally” to his Facebook Live audience.

James Howard Soderberg attacked a teenager (right) at the “Trump 2020 Cruise Rally,” but got beaten bloody (left).

Marshall Keith Bastiaen

Marshall Keith Bastiaen is a member of the Patriot Coalition from Eugene, Oregon. He has been active in the Eugene-Springfield far-right, rallying with local bigots on July 10 at the Springfield library, and on July 25 at the federal courthouse. On August 22, Marshall went to Portland for the “No to Marxism” rally, meeting up with other members of the Patriot Coalition. Marshall is active in the biker scene and works as a truck driver. He was recruited by the Proud Boys, but declined because of his work schedule.

Marshall Bastiaen argues with a Black Lives Matter protester in Eugene, Oregon on July 25.

Marshall Bastiaen with pepper spray and a knife at the August 22 “No to Marxism” rally in Portland, Oregon.

Call to action: All out on September 26th!

On September 26, the far-right is returning to Portland to wage violence. We support the calls by local antifascist groups to come together and #DefendPDX. No Proud Boys in the Rose City!

Jeffrey Keith Mustin and the McKenzie River Proud Boys

By Eugene Antifa and Willamette Valley Hate Watch


Over the past year, the Proud Boys, an ultra-nationalist fascist street gang, have grown to be a household name, in large part due to their well documented involvement in the January 6th riot at the US Capitol. Law enforcement finally began to take action against some prominent members of the Proud Boys, despite spending the last four years enabling Proud Boy street violence up and down the West Coast. In February, Canada added the Proud Boys to a list of “terrorist entities”. Numerous articles have come detailing the legal and financial problems plaguing high-ranking members of the Proud Boys, but little attention has been given to their continued violence and growth here in Oregon. In the last few months, Proud Boys, in conjunction with pro-police groups, have been hosting weekly flag wave events in Oregon City and other surrounding cities, drumming up support from suburban conservatives, with a promise to return to Portland. Although much of the Proud Boy violence has been centered around Salem and Portland, in the last few weeks a new chapter of the Proud Boys has emerged in the Eugene-Springfield area, called the “McKenzie River Proud Boys.”

In spite of legal blow-back for the January 6th riot, Proud Boys in Oregon have grown increasingly active and violent. The Proud Boys are gaining new members, many of whom are well-seasoned street fighters that have participated in pro-police, anti-Black protests over the last 18 months. Shirts for the Portland chapter of the Proud Boys feature a Thor’s Hammer in the design, a well known Norse symbol used by neo-Nazis and white supremacists. While dozens of Proud Boys were fighting police to gain access to the US Capitol on January 6th, in Salem, Oregon, they were attacking antifascists alongside notorious neo-Nazi murderer Kyle Brewster. The Proud Boys in Oregon are operating as a rouge white power street gang, seeking out confrontations with anybody opposed to their ultra-nationalist, anti-Black, homophobic ideology.

Members of the Proud Boys face off with antifascists alongside nazi murderer Kyle BrewsterNotorious neo-Nazi murderer Kyle Brewster (with American flag around neck) faces off against anti-fascist activists on January 6, 2021 in Salem, Oregon. Brewster also attended a major Proud Boy rally in Portland on September 26, 2020. Left: A Proud Boy wears a Thor's hammer Proud Boy shirt. Right: A Proud Boy gives a Sieg Heil in Oregon City, OR. Left: “Aaron” wears a Proud Boy shirt with “PB” integrated into a Thor’s Hammer. Image from June 18 in Oregon City, OR. Right: A Proud Boy gives a Sieg Heil on May 21 in Oregon City, OR.

Meet the McKenzie River Proud Boys

The “McKenzie River Proud Boys” are a new chapter of the street gang operating in the Eugene and Springfield area. Although there have been numerous Proud Boys from the area over the last four years, the formation of a chapter in Eugene suggests that the Proud Boys are hoping to become more active and recruit from the preexisting far-right protest scene. In the lead up to the Fourth of July, many Proud Boy chapters across the so-called United States dropped poorly painted, hardly legible banners on major highways with messages like “Free our Boys” (referring to the handful of Proud Boys facing charges from the January 6th Capitol siege). According to Facebook posts, the “McKenzie River Proud Boys” chapter was responsible for some of the banners. On the 4th of July, Jeffrey Keith Mustin and other members of the “McKenzie River Proud Boys” took part in an unpermitted parade through the streets of Creswell, OR. Cory Fredrickson, a fascist from Stayton, OR who attempted to run over protesters in Salem, posts about Proud Boy banners over I5. Saundra Rene Alma AKA “Alma Renee” claims that the banners were put up by “the MR (McKenzie River) chapter out of Eugene.” Logo for the McKenzie River Proud BoysThe logo for the “McKenzie River Proud Boys” chapter, as worn by Jeffrey Mustin in the Creswell, OR 4th of July parade.

Jeffrey Keith Mustin

Two face photos of Jeffery Keith Mustin. One is a mugshot, the other is from social media. The McKenzie River Proud Boys AKA the “MR” chapter appear to be led by Jeffrey Keith Mustin (DOB 1/6/1983) of Eugene, OR. He previously lived in Oklahoma, but moved to Oregon and currently lives just off of River Road in North Eugene. In 2015, Jeffrey Mustin was charged with two counts of Telephonic Harassment, a class B misdemeanor, for sending harassing text messages to his ex-wife. He was convicted and spent ten days in a Lane county jail. Jeffrey and his wife, Shawnna Kateri Mustin, owned a plumbing company called “Alpha Plumbing & Rooter Service LLC.,” but the company appears to be inactive. Before joining the Proud Boys, Jeffrey Mustin attacked counter-protesters at a handful of far-right rallies in Portland and Salem.Jeffrey Keith Mustin wears a shirt for his wife’s plumbing company, “Alpha Plumbing & Rooter Service” (right). Legal documents relating to Mustin's Telephonic Harassment Legal documents from Jeffrey Mustin’s 2015 arrest for telephonic harassment.

Travis Michael EricksonTwo face pictures of Travis Erickson

Travis Michael Erickson (DOB 03/11/1988) is another highly active member of the McKenzie River Proud Boys. He has attended rallies with Jeffrey Mustin in Portland and Salem. According to DPSST data, Travis Erickson worked as a security guard until 2019. On social media, Travis Erickson spreads general misinformation about COVID-19. Travis also has a secondary Facebook account under the alias “Harry Scrotes,” where he does not hide his affiliation with the Proud Boys.Two full body pictures of Travis EricksonProud Boy Travis Michael Erickson. Travis Erickson wears opaque shades, a "fuck antifa" hat, and a yellow bandana in a screenshot from his Facebook profile.Travis Erickson AKA “Harry Scrotes” flashes a white power sign in his Facebook profile picture. Travis Erickson defends the Proud Boys on his personal Facebook account. Ironically, the man wearing the “I hate the left n racism” armor in the meme literally has “white power” tattooed on his arm (John Turano AKA Based Spartan). Travis Erickson shares an article about arson and spreads the conspiracy theory that antifa was behind the massive fires of 2020Travis Erickson promotes the conspiracy theory that the major wildfires in Oregon in 2020 were started by arsonists or “antifa,” and calls for the media to be “defunded.”

Timeline of Activity

August 22, 2020: Portland Rally

On August 22, 2020, Proud Boys, members of the “Patriot Coalition,” and explicit neo-Nazis convoyed to Portland, Oregon to attack antifascists and supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement. Travis Erickson and Jeffrey Mustin both attended the rally with homemade shields and weapons. Mustin carried a green wooden shield with nails protruding from it, a pink metal baseball bat and a handgun with multiple clips of ammunition. Erickson had a large round “Captain America” themed shield and a wooden club. Far-right protesters gather outside the Justice Center in Portland oregon on August 22Fascists gather in downtown Portland on August 22. Jeffrey Mustin stands near Matthew and Jonathanpeter Klein, two brothers and members of the Proud Boys who were arrested by the FBI for their role in January 6 2021 US Capitol riot. Jeffrey Mustin carries a baseball bat, shield, and handgun on 8/22/2020Jeffrey Mustin carries a pink Easton brand metal baseball bat, wooden shield with the nails sticking out, and a handgun with multiple clips of ammunition on August 22 in Portland, OR. Travis Erickson carries a wooden shield and club on 8/22/2020Travis Erickson carries a “Captain America” themed shield, hard-knuckle gloves, and a wooden club on August 22 in Portland, OR.

Jeffrey Mustin was captured on video assaulting several people during the rally. He can be seen repeatedly striking a counter-protester with his shield as they film him.¬† As the far-right crowd attempted to advance into the park where antifascists were gathered, Jeffrey Mustin can be seen swinging his baseball bat at someone’s head. After the bloc forced the far-right crowd to flee, Travis Erickson, Jeffrey Mustin, Corey Wyatt, and others retreated into a parking garage, pursued by a small group of antifascists. Video taken from inside the parking garage shows Jeffrey Mustin and others retrieving firearms from vehicles and facing the antifascist group, ready to fire.
Jeffrey Mustin hits a counter demonstrator with a baseball batJeffrey Mustin attacks a counter-protester with his metal baseball bat on August 22 in Portland, OR.

Jeffrey Mustin pulls out a handgun on antifascist protesters in a parking garage near the Justice Center in Portland, OR. Mustin was charged with unlawfully concealing a handgun in a later arrest at a Salem far-right rally.

November 7, 2020: Salem “Stop the Steal” Rally

On November 7, 2020, the far-right gathered at the Oregon State Capitol as part of a national attempt to contest the results of the presidential election, or “Stop the Steal.” November 7 was the first in a series of rallies at the capitol that would grow increasingly more violent and destructive. Members of the Proud Boys threatened journalists and accused them of being “antifa.” Travis Taylor viciously pepper sprayed a younger woman, and members of the National Lawyers Guild were also reportedly pepper-sprayed.

Jeffrey Keith Mustin wore a bright green ski mask, grey hoodie, and carried a club during the “Stop the Steal” rally. Police arrested Mustin after he participated in a mob attack on an older man holding a sign in opposition to the anti-democracy rally. Rally-goers stole his sign and Jeffrey Mustin can be seen in videos cowardly punching the man in the face before slinking back into the crowd. The Salem Statesman Journal writes that he was arrested after State Troopers “spotted Jeffery [sic] Mustin punch a man twice in the face during a shoving match.” Mustin was charged with assault in the fourth degree and unlawful possession of a firearm for concealing a handgun without a valid concealed carry permit. He has a hearing scheduled for July 20, 2021 (Case #20CR65847). Jeffrey Mustin, Tino Pineda, and Daniel Tooze surround a man at the Stop the Steal rallyJeffrey Mustin approaches a counter-demonstrator during a “Stop the Steal” rally at the state capitol on election day. He stands near failed politician and Proud Boy leader Daniel Tooze and Justin “Tino” Pineda.

three pics of Jeffrey Mustin on 11/7 in Salem Oregon. Two show him wearing a green ski mask, the third is a mugshot from his arrest. Jeffrey Mustin was arrested in Salem for assault during the “Stop the Steal” rally on November 7. Mustin wore a green ski mask and flashed the “OK” sign alongside other Proud Boys. Jeffrey Mustin punches a counterprotester in the face on 11/7Jeffrey Mustin was captured on video punching a counter-protester in the face during a “Stop the Steal” rally in Salem, OR. He was arrested and charged with assault in the fourth degree.

legal documents stemming from Jeffrey Mustin's arrest in SalemJeffrey Mustin’s release agreement from his arrest on November 7, 2020. He was charged with assault in the fourth degree and unlawful possession of a firearm.

January 1, 2021: Salem “Mass Civil Disobedience” Rally

On January 1 2021, Jeffrey Mustin returned to Salem for an anti-lockdown rally and march that had to be broken up by police. A far-right mob moved through the streets of Salem, chasing down and assaulting anyone they thought might be an antifascist. Dozens of Proud Boys, many armed with clubs and mace, joined the crowd at the Oregon State capitol. Among them was Mustin, wearing a Proud Boy hoodie, mask, and hat. This event marked the first time Jeffrey Mustin showed up in full Proud Boy gear. Jeffrey Mustin and other fascists rally at the Oregon State Capitol on 1/1/2021Jeffrey Mustin marches with the Proud Boys for a “Mass Civil Disobedience” rally at the Oregon State Capitol on New Years day. Patriot Coalition member and Proud Boy Christopher James Tough is also present.

January 9, 2021: Eugene “Stand Against Socialism” Rally

On January 9 2021, members of the Proud Boys gathered in Eugene for a “Stand Against Socialism” rally. The rally was organized by Geena Shipman, Rob Davis, and Brandon Lee Kitcher, an Oregon National Guardsman who used the pseudonym “Brandon Magaguy” on social media. After Kitcher was exposed, the Oregon National Guard took his side, believing his story that his social media accounts had been “hacked,” but the FBI reportedly placed him under federal investigation. A sizeable contingent of Proud Boys filed in to the rally, headed by Jeffrey Keith Mustin and John Jerome Kuenzi. Travis Erickson also entered with the Proud Boys, carrying a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag and a wooden club. Proud Boys at a 1/9/2021 rally in Eugene. The Proud Boy contingent arrives to a “Stand Against Socialism” rally on January 9, 2021. They are lead by Jeffrey Mustin. Jeffrey Mustin pictured at the 1/9/2021 Stand Against Socialism rally.Jeffrey Mustin at the “Stand Against Socialism” rally in Eugene. Travis Erickson pictured at the 1/9/2021 Stand Against Socialism rally.Travis Erickson at the “Stand Against Socialism” rally in Eugene.

May 1, 2021: Proud Boy rally in Salem

On May Day, the Proud Boys, militia groups, and far-right sympathizers took over Riverfront Park in Salem, Oregon. The event was organized by Magen Marie Stevens and featured a long list of low-tier right wing speakers, including failed QAnon politician Joe Rae Perkins, and disgraced former state representative Mike Nearman. For several hours, heavily armed Proud Boys worked “security” for this unpermitted rally, turning away members of the press and threatening passersby. Proud Boys from Eugene, including Jeffrey Mustin and Travis Erickson, removed fellow racist Jake Beaird AKA Behind Enemy Lines, after he allegedly doxxed Eugene Proud Boy Bryan Costa’s girlfriend.Jeffrey Mustin confronts Jake Beaird on May DayJeffrey Mustin confronts Jake Beaird at a Proud Boy rally in Salem. The Proud Boys had beef with Beaird after he allegedly doxxed one of their girlfriends.

Travis Erickson stands near a Proud Boy shield on 5/1 in Salem. Travis Erickson stands with a wooden shield painted with the Proud Boy logo. The shields have holes cut in them for spraying bear spray.

June 18, 2021: Oregon City “Flag Wave”

On June 18, 2021, antifascists rallied in Clackamette park in Oregon City to oppose a rally hosted by the Proud Boys. In the weeks leading up to the counter-protest, Proud Boys had shown up en masse to host heavily armed “voter registration” events at the Oregon City park. These rallies included explicit white nationalists and neo-Nazis. In response, an antifascist collective called “Fascist Free 503” called for a counter-protest on June 18 in Clackamette Park. A Proud Boy gives a Sieg Heil during a PB rally in Oregon City on May 21A Nazi Proud Boy gives a Sieg Heil to a reporter during a Proud Boys “flag wave” event in Oregon City on May 21, 2021.

The antifascist group started to gather in Clackamette Park a few hours before the Proud Boys rally was set to begin. The Proud Boy contingent arrived just before 4pm, carrying heavy wooden shields with holes for bear spray, wooden clubs, baseball bats, axe handles, multiple paintball guns, firearms, and a fire extinguisher filled with an unknown liquid. The Proud Boys, about two-dozen strong, rushed the park and unloaded copious amounts of bear spray at the antifascists. Several femmes were targeted and attacked during their advance, including two members of the press. Nazi Proud Boy Gordon Cronk Jr. sucker punched one person in the back of the head, while Newberg Proud Boy Tommy Roy Campbell assaulted multiple people with a metal baton. Backpacks, phones, and other personal items were stolen from the park by the Proud Boys. Jeffrey Keith Mustin and Travis Erickson were both at the Oregon City rally. Mustin was armed with the same “Easton” brand pink baseball bat he used to assault protesters in Portland on August 22, 2020. Travis Erickson in Proud Boy gear in Oregon City on June 18, 2021Proud Boy Travis Erickson marches in Proud Boy gear in June 18 in Oregon City. He carries a wooden shield and club. Jeffery Mustin in Oregon City with his pink baseball batJeffrey Mustin wears Proud Boy gear and carries a metal baseball bat in Oregon City on June 18. The patch on his backpack is for the Washington based, fascist friendly defense company “Bullet Proof-It.”

July 4, 2021: Creswell Parade

After the Creswell Chamber of Commerce announced that they would postpone the annual 4th of July parade due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, far-right organizers from other parts of Oregon began promoting an unpermitted parade of their own. Proud Boys and other far-right organizers used the cancellation as a way to promote their brand, actively recruit new members, and further normalize fascist politics through blind American patriotism. The flyer promoted on social media described the event as “An Opportunity to Meet Many of Oregon’s Finest Patriot Groups.” Organizers included Janira Brannigan AKA Yaneeda Brannigan and Proud Boy and Patriot Coalition member Christopher James Tough AKA Chris HimWho. The Proud Boys ran “security” for the parade and displayed a large “PB” flag from the back of a pickup truck. Jeffrey Keith Mustin waved to the crowd from another truck, wearing a shirt with the logo for the Eugene chapter of the Proud Boys, the “McKenzie River Proud Boys.” After the parade, the Proud Boys hosted a private “Meet the Proud Boys” event.Proud Boys vehicles in the 4th of July paradeProud Boys take part in an unpermitted 4th of July parade in Creswell, Oregon. Jeffrey Mustin rides in the back the second truck.

Proud Boy David Alex Julian displays a PB flag in Creswell on 7/4Gresham OR Proud Boy David Alex Julian flashes the “OK” hand sign and displays a Proud Boys flag during the 4th of July parade in Creswell.

Jeffrey Mustin and David Julian wave to spectators during the unpermitted 4th of July parade in Creswell, OR. The parade featured at least three vehicles owned by Proud Boys. The black pickup truck in front is owned by Oregon City Proud Boy Daniel Tooze. Jeffrey Keith Mustin wears a McKenzie River Proud Boy shirtJeffrey Keith Mustin wears a shirt advertising the “McKenzie River Proud Boys” chapter, established 2021. A Proud Boy tattoo is visible on his upper left arm.

Other Proud Boys in the Eugene area:

Austin Matthew Michael WalkerAustin Walker and Avani Lange

Austin Walker (DOB 10/14/1994) is a Proud Boy from Eugene, Oregon who has taken part in multiple anti-Black Lives Matter actions in Eugene and Springfield. His girlfriend, Avani Lange AKA Betty Patreeit, is also active in the regional far-right scene. Austin Walker participated in the racist “All Lives Matter” rallies in Springfield during the high point of Black Lives Matter protests. On July 29, 2020, Austin Walker attacked Black Lives Matter protesters in the Thurston neighborhood of Springfield, Oregon, alongside white supremacists like Corey Wyatt and Tim Davis. By November 2020, he was rallying with the Proud Boys. In December, Austin Walker and Avani Lange traveled to Washington DC for a second “Million MAGA March.” Proud Boys vandalized historically Black churches and stabbed at least four people as they roamed through the streets looking for people to attack. Austin Walker at an "All Lives matter" rally in Springfield, OR.Austin Walker at an “All Lives Matter” rally in July 2020. Austin walker with two guns at an 11/7/20 "Stop the Steal" rally in Salem, ORAustin Walker rallies with the Proud Boys in Salem, OR for a “Stop the Steal” event.
Austin Walker, Christopher Tough, and Avani Lange in DC for a Proud Boys rally
Austin Walker, Christopher James Tough, Vincent James Burroughs (between Austin and Chris), and Avani Lange pose in Washington DC on December 12, 2020. Proud Boys would go on to attack dozens of people, stabbing at least four and vandalizing Black Churches as they roamed the streets unabated.

Trenton Leonard Wolfskill

Trenton Wolfskill

Trenton Leonard Wolfskill (DOB 1/9/1983) is a Proud Boy from Eugene, Oregon who has been a part of multiple violent far-right protests in Oregon. He participated in the August 22, 2020 far-right assault on Portland with other fascists from the Eugene area. On September 7, 2020, Trenton Wolfskill was arrested by Oregon State Police for assaulting a counter-demonstrator during a Labor Day Proud Boy rally. He returned to Salem on November 14, 2020, for a “Defeat the Steal” rally, dressed in Proud Boy colors and carrying a wooden axe handle as a weapon. He has a long history of felonies, including robbery and possession of a controlled substance.

Trenton Leonard Wolfskill and Lillian Marie CreechTrenton Leonard Wolfskill and his fiancee Lillian Marie Creech. Trenton Wolfskill with a wooden axe handle in Salem for a "defeat the steal" rally. 11/14/2020Trenton Wolfskill in Salem, OR for a “Defeat the Steal” rally. He is wearing hard-knuckle gloves and carrying an axe handle as he poses with other members of the Proud Boys.

Jacob Wade MourerJacob Wade Mourer

Jacob Wade Mourer (DOB 9/20/1978) is a member of the Proud Boys who lives in the small town of Elmira, Oregon, located just West of Eugene. He is a regular at far-right protests and shows up heavily armed. Jacob Mourer participated in the “Stop the Steal” and “Defeat the Steal” rallies in Salem, on November 7th and 14th, respectively. He also rallied with the Proud Boys in Eugene on January 9, 2021. Jacob Mourer at an anti-BLM gathering in Creswell, OR on 11/1/2020Jacob Wade Mourer, Kyle Ritter, Christopher James Tough, and Jeremy Wayne Roberts counter-protest a Black Lives Matter rally in Creswell, OR on November 1, 2020. Jake Mourer with a firearm during a "Defeat the Steal" rallyJacob Wade Mourer carries a firearm at the “Defeat the Steal” rally in Salem, Oregon. Jacob Mourer at the 1/9 "Stand Against Socialism" rallyJacob Wade Mourer with other members of the Proud Boys hate group during the “Stand Against Socialism” rally in Eugene.

Bryan Costa

Proud Boy Bryan CostaBryan Costa (DOB 9/29/1972), formerly known as Bryan Douglas Parks, is a member of the Proud Boys from Eugene, OR. Bryan was initially exposed by another person on the far-right after he allegedly confronted racist streamer Jake “Behind Enemy Lines” Beaird for “doxxing” his girlfriend. In response, a group of Proud Boys escorted Jake out of their Salem rally on May 1, 2021. Bryan Costa ran for a seat on the 4J School Board in Eugene, but only managed to net six percent of the vote. Proud Boy leader Henry “Enrique” Tarrio told reporters that one of his goals was to get the Proud Boys involved more in local political races.

August 22, 2021: A Fascist Reunion in Portland

The far-right plans to return to Portland on August 22, 2021, to terrorize residents and brutalize anyone brave enough to stand against them. The event is draped in fascist rhetoric about cleaning the streets and taking the country back. It is being promoted by COPS NW organizer Audra Price, who claims that “Leaders from various patriot groups, from all over, are coming together on Aug 22nd.” Last year, we saw neo-Nazis and Proud Boys from all across the country converge in downtown Portland and attack antifascists with improvised explosives, paintball guns, clubs, and baseball bats. Portland Police stayed back, even after a far-right protester fired a live round in the air. We are not aware of any counter-protests planned, but we will update this article if any are announced. [EDIT: The PNW Youth Liberation Front has called for a counter to the August 22, 2021 Far Right event. Their announcement reads: Calling all antifascists! Counter-Demonstration Food, Zines, and Community Defense Salmon Springs Fountain August 22nd, 1 PM Fight back! All out to defend Portland!]1: COPS NW associate John Dorrance comments that it is time to “make Portland streets clean again.” 2: Eric Oelkers, an open neo-Nazi who vandalized a Black owned restaurant in Salem, comments “Take back the Streets take back the Nation.” 3: David Willis, a hardcore neo-Nazi who claimed to have been a part of the Nazi gang “East Side White Pride” says (of A22) “the cleansing will be completed.”¬†
Audra Price advertises her August 22, 2021 “United We Win” rally planned in downtown Portland. David Willis refers to the event as a “cleansing.” Matthew Wall, an extremely violent far-right extremist from McMinnville, OR, writes that “Bullets are better than paint balls.”

Conclusion: No Safe Space for Proud Boys!

Despite the few token men of color within their membership, the Proud Boys were designed and continue to operate as an ultra nationalist, white supremacist street gang. As a group, Proud Boys target anti-racists, anti-fascists, feminists, and other proponents of diversity and equity. The prevailing narrative pushed by mainstream media is that the Proud Boys are in a state of decline, triggered by the arrests of key members in connection with the January 6 capitol riot. However, in Oregon they are more active than ever before: Near-weekly rallies events are being held in small, ultra-white conservative towns, and once-unaffiliated violent racists are now joining forces with the Proud Boys. If their organizing is unopposed, they will continue to grow. We must confront far-right organizing in our city, and make it known, loud and clear: The Proud Boys are not welcome in Eugene!

If you have any information about Proud Boys or other fascists organizing in the Eugene area, please send us an email at eugeneantifa [at] protonmail [dot] com

a beige flyer with one corner split between red and black in a right triangle. Within the corner, the three iron front arrows are facing down and to the left. Flyer Text: ‚ÄúCalling All Antifascists!‚ÄĚ On august 22nd Fascists are once again attempting to rally

Email: eugeneantifa [at] protonmail [dot] com

Meet Violent Proud Boy Garrett Martin Sipe


Garrett Martin Sipe (DOB 9/29/1985), a resident of Willamina, Oregon, is a violent member of the Proud Boys. The Proud Boys are an ultra-nationalist, neo-fascist group founded by Canadian bigot Gavin McInnes in 2016. They are recognized as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center and considered a white nationalist extremist group by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. For more information on the Proud Boys, we recommend Rose City Antifa’s excellent article from 2018. Garrett Sipe was a member of the PNW Patriot Coalition, a brief collection of far-right groups that communicated online to plan violence throughout Oregon. Garrett Sipe is tied to Portland, Oregon resident Scott Duncan, who allegedly murdered Portland anarchist and antifascist activist Sean Kealiher.

Garrett Martin Sipe works for Square Deal Construction Company, based out of Newberg, Oregon. He also runs a website that sells gear for riding snowmobiles, called North West Snow Gear. Action items can be found at the end of the article.

Timeline of Activity

August 22, 2020

On August 22, 2020, various far-right groups and hardcore neo-Nazis came together in downtown Portland, Oregon for a “No to Marxism” rally hosted by California alt-right activist Amber Gwen Cummings. The far-right came prepared for violence: many were armed with bear spray, metal batons, axe handles, paintball guns, and firearms. After months of extreme police violence against Black Lives Matter protesters, the Portland Police backed off and allowed the far-right crowd to lead a multi-hour armed assault against antifascists in broad daylight. During this rally, several firearms were brandished by alt-right figures and at least one explosive was deployed by members of their group.

A large contingent of Proud Boys were present on August 22, 2020, including Garrett Martin Sipe who wore a black shirt with the yellow laurel wreath adopted by the Proud Boys, and a “Proud Boy” hat. As the far-right crowd began to flee, Garrett Sipe participated in the gang beating of an antifascist protester, kicking them in the head while another fascist punched them repeatedly on the ground.

Garrett Sipe stands next to Springfield, OR racist Tim Edward Davis, neo-Nazi Corey Eugene Wyatt, and far-right organizer Sorbeah “Ara” Almosa during a violent August 22, 2020 rally. The yellow laurel wreath logo of the Proud Boys is visible on Sipe’s shirt.

Garrett Sipe stands with other violent fascists in PDX on August 22 2020Garrett Sipe speaks with ultra-violent Proud Boy Travis Taylor during a violent far-right rally on August 22, 2020. Patriot Coalition member Jason Michael Gould and domestic abuser Qunicy Franklin stand nearby. 

Garrett Sipe kicks an antifascist protester in the head while another far-right rallygoer punches them on the ground. Self-declared white nationalist Allen Weseley Pucket rushes in to get a piece of the violence. 

Garrett Sipe can be seen kicking an injured antifascist protester in the head during the far-right’s August 22, 2020 rally. Another man punches the protester repeatedly. Video of the gang beating can be found here.

September 7, 2020

On September 7, 2020 (Labor Day) two far-right events combined at the Oregon State capitol building in Salem, Oregon. In Oregon City, a pro-Trump “cruise rally” gathered in the Clackamas Community College parking lot before bringing traffic to a halt on Interstate 5. Many of the “cruise rally” participants joined with an “American Lives Matter” rally at the Oregon State capital. The rally at the capitol was organized by Salem, Oregon resident and state employee Janira Brannigan. During the rally, Proud Boys and other far-right goons chased down, pepper sprayed, and beat on lone antifascist protesters. Garrett Sipe was part of the Proud Boy contingent and carried a can of bear mace on his hip.

Garrett Sipe stands with other members of the Proud Boys hate group on September 7 2020, at the Oregon state capitalGarrett Sipe (shorts, with flag) stands near fellow Proud Boy John Jerome Kuenzi, violent neo-Nazi Jeremy Wayne Roberts, and others at an “American Lives Matter” rally in Salem, OR.¬†

Garrett Sipe stands in the middle of the roadway, facing antifascist protesters in Salem, OR. A can of bear mace is visible on his right hip. 

Garrett Sipe, Paul Davies, and other Proud Boys hate group members unfurl an oversized American flag on the steps of the capitol building in Salem, OR. 

Garrett Sipe brandishes a large flag pole in Salem, OR during an “American Lives Matter” rally.¬†

Garrett Sipe and Christopher Gene McCauley approach a small group of antifascist protesters in Salem, OR. Chris McCauley later bragged about hitting a Black Lives Matter supporter in the head with a metal baton.

September 26, 2020

On September 26, 2020 the Proud Boys held a hate rally on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. Proud Boy chairman Henry “Enrique” Tarrio filed a permit request with the city of Portland, claiming that the rally would have 10,000 participants and another 10,000 “spectators.” However, only a few hundred actually showed, many of whom flew from across the country to get beat up by “ANTIFA.” Although Henry Tarrio and Joe Biggs were quick to declare victory, many of their own rallygoers were unhappy with the lack of violence against antifascists. Some fascists settled for attacking local journalists, like Samson Steele, who was filmed kicking a student journalist in the head.

Garrett Martin Sipe at the Proud Boys 9/26/2020 hate rally in Portland, OR. Sipe is still coated in white paint from when he was run out of Portland by a large antifascist bloc on August 22, 2020. 

Garrett Sipe (unmasked) embraces another far-right protester at the Proud Boys 9/26/2020 hate rally.

January 1, 2021

The far-right started the new year with a “mass civil disobedience” anti-lockdown rally and march in Salem, Oregon. The event was organized by Oregon Women for Trump in opposition to Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s COVID-19 safety measures including mask mandates, and school and business restrictions. Dozens of Proud Boys took part in the rally, including Garrett Sipe, who carried bear mace and a club. After marching to Mahonia Hall (the governor’s mansion), the far-right roamed the streets looking for antifascist protesters to attack. A photographer was chased down and kicked in the head, and a photojournalist from the Oregonian was shoved to the pavement. A small group of antifascists had gathered outside of Epilogue Kitchen, a black owned restaurant that has been the target of fascist vandalism. There, the Proud Boys descended on the antifascists who were defending the local business, and attempted to shove their way past a police line which separated the two groups. In response, police deployed colorful smoke and forced the far-right crowd back to the capitol building.

Garrett Martin Sipe flashes the “OK” hand sign, which is commonly used by white supremacists like the Proud Boys.

Garrett Sipe, fellow Proud Boy Shane Purvis, and domestic abuser Barry Lloyd James Johnson stand outside Mahonia Hall on January 1, 2021.

Garrett Sipe and Proud Boy David Julian at the January 1, 2021 anti-lockdown protest in Salem, OR.

The Proud Boys arrive at the January 1,2021 anti-lockdown protest in Salem, OR. Former PNW Patriot Coalition leader Christopher James Tough (AKA Chris HimWho) leads the group with a megaphone. Garrett Sipe can be seen in the background.

Garrett Sipe carried bear mace, and later a wooden club, at the January 1, 2021 anti-lockdown protest in Salem, OR.

Patriot Coalition Chats

Garrett Sipe was a member of the PNW Patriot Coalition, a short-lived collective consisting of far-right individuals, explicit neo-Nazis, and militia groups united around enacting violence against antifascists. The group organized publicly on Facebook and privately on the chat platform GroupMe. We leaked months of messages from the private PNW Patriot Coalition chats in September 2020.

In the GroupMe chats, Garrett Sipe used the username “GSipe.” After the far-right got ran out of Portland on August 22, 2020, members of the Patriot Coalition discussed weapons and gear for the next fascist incursion to Portland. Garrett Sipe suggested using slingshots: “We [the Proud Boys] were talking about using wrist rockets on the ride home Saturday [August 22].” Though Garrett Sipe was not very active in the chats, he regularly boosted far-right events that the Proud Boys were attending. After extreme wind patterns caused devastating wildfires across Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, misinformation peddlers on the far-right pushed a completely false claim that antifascists were setting fires in rural communities. This led to far-right vigilantes patrolling small towns and setting up armed checkpoints. Members of the PNW Patriot Coalition organized patrols and reported random vehicles they believed to be responsible for lighting fires. Garrett Sipe told the chat that a vehicle “with blm all over” was driving around and starting fires, and provided a description, putting the driver in serious danger. Patriot Coalition member Erik Neal (Erik) asks where to buy a collapsible baton. Garrett Sipe (GSipe) sends him a link to purchase one.

Garrett Sipe admits that he is a member of the Proud Boys in the Patriot Coalition chats.

Garrett Sipe shares the flier for the September 26, 2020 Proud Boys hate rally in Portland, OR. The flier he shared was first posted in the COPS NW Facebook group, per the screenshot. 

Connection to Scott Duncan, Alleged Murderer of a Portland Antifascist

Anarchist Sean Kealiher AKA Armeanio was murdered just past midnight on October 12, 2019, by a group of men driving a silver SUV. These men intentionally struck Armeanio head on with the vehicle. As Armeanio struggled with the last few moments of his life, his killers fled, leaving the SUV abandoned less than a block away from the scene of the crime. After more than a year of inaction from the Portland Police Bureau and other investigative authorities, Armeanio’s mother publicly released two names of the men responsible for the murder of her son: Scott Wayne Duncan and Christopher Edward Knipe.

Scott Duncan and Christopher Knipe, alleged murderers of Sean Kealiher AKA Armeanio.

The silver SUV abandoned near the scene of the murder was registered to Christopher Knipe’s uncle, Douglas. Scott Duncan was allegedly driving the vehicle at the time of the murder. He has an extensive criminal history, including a 2018 arrest for driving under the influence of intoxicants, recklessly endangering another person, fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer, strangulation, and most recently, a 2019 charge for assault in the fourth degree.

Scott Duncan and Proud Boy Garrett Martin Sipe are longtime friends. They both grew up in the small town of Craig, Alaska and graduated from Craig High School. They remained friends after high school, and a few years after graduation they both moved to Oregon where they lived together in at least two different houses in Portland, Oregon. Additionally, Garrett Sipe and Scott Duncan are connected and interact with each other through social media, including Facebook, where Sipe frequently boosts far-right material.Proud Boy Garrett Sipe “likes” a post made by his friend Scott Duncan.Proud Boy Garrett Sipe “likes” a post made by his friend Scott Duncan, alleged murderer of Armeanio.

Proud Boy Garrett Sipe “likes” a post made by his friend Scott Duncan.

Proud Boy Garrett Sipe “likes” a post made by his friend Scott Duncan.

Garrett Sipe uses his personal Facebook account to boost far-right events, memes, and conspiracy theories. Garrett Sipe and Scott Duncan are also connected on Facebook.


Membership in the Proud Boys has seen a surge since Donald Trump called on the group to “stand by” during a publicly televised presidential debate. Hundreds from around the country have violated public health and safety recommendations during the COVID-19 global pandemic and traveled across states to Washington D.C. where they took to the streets looking to assault antifascists, Black Lives Matter supporters, and people of color. As the Proud Boys prepare to rally around Donald Trump once again this Wednesday, January 6, 2021 in D.C., antifascists everywhere prepare to stand up and push back against this hate group.

Action Items

Contact Square Deal Construction Company and demand that they fire violent hate group member Garrett Sipe!

Phone: *67 (971) 832-0191; email: office@squaredeal.construction

Forward tips or information on racist and fascist activity to: eugeneantifa [at] protonmail [dot] com

Avenge Armeanio

Tim Davis: Springfield White Supremacist & Member of The American Patriot Society (TAPS)


Tim Edward Davis (DOB 10/27/1961) grew up in Carrollton, Georgia, but moved to Oregon after time in the US Army. He currently lives on E Street in Springfield, Oregon, near Springfield High Hchool. After a number of failed business ventures, Tim declared bankruptcy in 2005. In 2009, he started a clothing company called “Close Combat Athletic Wear Inc.,” but it was dissolved in 2010. In 2014, Tim started “Rain or Shine Specialty Contractors,” a company that offers roofing and tree cutting services. The company is still active today.

Social Media Activity

Tim Edward Davis is quite active on social media, especially on Facebook, which has become a haven for far-right organizing. On Facebook, Tim goes by “Ed Davis” and “Ed Walking,” and is well connected to other regional far-right activists. He also has an account on Parler, where he goes by “deovindice1969.” The username comes from the motto of the Confederacy: Deo vindice (With God as our defender).Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Walking shares a YouTube video from the Proud Boys hate group. Tim Davis AKA Ed Davis shares a racist song from the Swedish white nationalist singer “SAGA,” which was originally performed by the Nazi hate rock band “RAHOWA (Racial Holy War).” Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Walking shares an article from a far-right misinfo website that claims a city-sponsored shelter for houseless folks is actually “Antifa HQ.” He calls for the camp to be leveled. Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Walking gets in on the antifa forest fire conspiracy theory, sharing a post from the failed QAnon political candidate Jo Rae Perkins. Tim also accuses the livestreaming collective Boop Troop Eugene LLC of being part of antifa lighting fires.

On Facebook, Tim Davis frequently shares posts pushing the South African white genocide myth. The white genocide myth is central to the contemporary American white supremacist movement, and myths of a threat to the prosperity of the “white race” have long been integral to fascist movements throughout history. In 1934, Friedrich Burgd√∂rfer published a pamphlet called “Why are the White nations dying? The Future of the White and the Colored Nations in the Light of Biological Statistics,” which would go on to influence Adolf Hitler. Burgd√∂rfer later joined the Nazi party as part of the Institute for Study of the Jewish Question. Over the last few decades the white genocide myth has inspired neo-Nazi terrorist attacks, including the mosque attack in Christchurch, New Zealand and the mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas.

Around the same time the alt-right movement was gaining traction, a new version of the white genocide myth was being spread by figures like Simon Roche, leader of the white supremacist militia the Suidlanders. In 2019, we exposed Francois Kemp as a member of the Base with connections the Suidlanders. Starting in 2017, Simon Roche began to appear in videos with US alt-right figures to push the South African white genocide myth; that white South Africans are being attacked, tortured, and murdered en masse for their farmland, with the support of the South African government. This claim has been debunked by international watchdogs, and, in fact, the murder rate of white South Africans is lower than that of other racial groups. Still, there is a network of misinformation sites dedicated to pushing dubious stories about farm murders in South Africa.

Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Davis posts false information about violence against whites in South Africa and claims that the “white man and his family” are under attack. One commenter calls for white people to rise up, which Tim Davis “likes.”¬† Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Davis shares a YouTube video that promotes the South African white genocide myth and calls for white people to commit more racist violence.

One of these sites is South Africa Today (dot net), which is run by a Thailand based father-son duo; Carel and Johan Frylinck. Tim Davis shared an article from South Africa Today in 2019 with the caption “dont [sic] dare open your eyes to reality white man.” South Africa Today mirrors articles from other fearmongering, apartheid-apologist websites like AfriForum, a massive white nationalist lobbying group. Tim Davis shared a Facebook post from the chairman of AfriForum’s Vaalharts branch, Hilgard Futcher, and called for all non-white South Africans to be starved. Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Davis shares an article promoting the South African genocide myth from the racist fearmongering site “South Africa Today.” Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Davis shares a Facebook post from AfriForum member Hilgard Futcher and calls for Black South Africans to be starved.

Other social media posts from Tim Davis contain heavy themes of extreme Islamophobia and anti-Black racism. In one rant, Tim says “[Muslims] are taking up power… preparing for the day they will rise allied with many blacks in America.” In another typo-laden post, Tim Davis calls Syrian refugees “inbred sun-human [sic] mohams,” along with an article from the now defunct Islamophobic misinformation site “Voice of Europe.” In a more recent post, Tim Davis, responding to an article about an assault on a police officer, says: “black…always black!!!…Look at the math./..do the fucking math!!! It will show you reality!” The math Tim is referring to is the racial composition of crime in the United States, which is used by white supremacists to “prove” that race (or culture) is connected to criminality.Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Davis comments on his own Islamophobic Facebook post, writing that Muslims are taking up power in the US and preparing to rise up with Black people. Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Davis calls Muslims “maggots” and speaks of burning the Qur’an in a 2018 Facebook rant.¬† Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Davis calls Muslims “inbred” and sub-human. The article shared here is from a white supremacist website that is now offline due to the work of anti-racist activists.Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Walking shares an article from a far-right, pro-cop blog and makes the racist claim that criminals are always Black people. Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Davis uses an article from a misinfo site to air out his hatred of Black people. He fantasizes about his desires to join a racist revolution. Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Walking writes that “the blacks have taken over Portland…” in response to Black Lives Matter protests against police violence. Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Davis, living in a country built off (and still reliant upon) the forced labor of Black people thinks that Black people have not contributed anything throughout history and neither have Muslims.

Many of the Facebook posts by Tim Davis include calls for a white revolution. One posts reads: “When will we rise? The black across this world will ally with the moslem [sic]… wake up white man.” In a different post, Tim angers over the “MOSLEM MAGGOTS” in the US government, telling his followers “WAKE UP!!! THEN LET US RISE TO VICTORY!!!!!” Tim Davis believes that World War III is imminent, if not already here. At the August 8 “Open Up Oregon” rally, he opens by saying “We are faced today with what I believe is the start of World War III on slowburn… a war to bring in a new world order.” He goes on to call for the removal of all politicians in Oregon and a return to “constitutional law.” After Donald Trump lost reelection, Tim Davis made multiple posts calling for politicians to be hanged, government abolished, and the construction of a new nation with Trump as leader.Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Davis calls for a white supremacist revolution and shares a Facebook group promoting the South African white genocide conspiracy theory. Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Davis calls for Oregonians to rise up against OR governor Kate Brown. One of his Facebook followers leaves an anti-Semitic comment on the post. Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Davis writes that “MOSLEM MAGGOTS” are taking power, so people need to wake up and “RISE TO VICTORY.” Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Davis goes on an Islamophobic Facebook rant, pushing the racist claim that former president Barack Obama is Muslim and that the Muslim brotherhood has taken over the US government. On August 8 2020, Tim Davis quoted part of this rant when he spoke at the August 8 TAPS rally. Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Walking calls for politicians to be hung in order to restore “OUR FALLEN REPUBLIC.”


Early Activity

Tim Edward Davis’ first appearance at a far-right rally in Oregon was August 17, 2019. He had traveled from Springfield to Portland, OR, for the Proud Boys’ “End Domestic Terrorism” rally. The rally was called for by Joe Biggs and was met with a large antifascist counter-demonstration. Ahead of the rally, Tim Davis posted to Facebook that he had spoken to the Proud Boys over the phone, whom he described as “great group and Patriots,” and was prepared to “take back our Nation.”Tim Edward Davis greets members of the Proud Boys after they were escorted across the Morrison bridge in Portland, OR on August 17, 2019. Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Davis posts to Facebook that he spoke to the Proud Boys over the phone ahead of their 8/17/2019 rally.

After the murder of George Floyd and countless other lynchings at the hands of the state, protests and insurrections have swept across the United States. In the Eugene-Springfield area, this has also spurred the growth of a loose network of far-right counter protesters, made up of individuals intent on attacking Black Lives Matter protesters. Tim Davis quickly became a recurring face at counter-protests in the Eugene-Springfield area, often on the front lines threatening Black Lives Matter supporters. The first major far-right protest, billed as an “All Lives Matter” rally, occurred on July 10th at the Springfield library. The “All Lives Matter” crowd bore shields with screws protruding from the plywood, carried clubs, bear mace, and bug killer. They listened to speeches from Oakridge, Oregon conspiracy theorist Marcus Edwards and neo-Nazi Corey Eugene Wyatt.Tim Davis rallies with other local racists at an 7/10 “All Lives Matter” rally at the Springfield library. Casey Lasley, owner of a white power roofing company, was also present at the rally. (Photo from the Register Guard)

Tim Davis traveled to Salem, OR, for a “Rise up Oregon” rally at the state capitol on July 18th. The rally mixed anti-lockdown messaging with opposition to Oregon Governor Kate Brown. Speakers included Marcus Edwards and Joshua Rudishauser, who would later create “The American Patriot Society” (TAPS).Tim Davis claps for a speaker at a 7/18 anti-mask, anti-lockdown protest in Salem, OR. (Photo from The Statesman Journal).

On July 25th, many of the same “All Lives Matter” participants returned to the streets to attack a BIPOC Black Lives Matter rally at the federal courthouse in Eugene, Oregon. One of the far-right rallygoers, Robert Welch, fired his handgun in the air, and others used shields and clubs against the Black Lives Matter crowd.Tim Davis stands beside the “All Lives Matter” shield wall on 7/25 in Eugene, OR. Patriot Coalition member James Howard Soderberg stands behind him. (Photo from NBC 16).Tim Davis follows Black Lives Matter protesters on 7/25 in Eugene, OR. (Photo from NBC 16).

On July 29, a Black Lives Matter march in the Thurston neighborhood in East Springfield, Oregon was attacked by the Springfield Police and a far-right mob, which included Tim Davis and neo-Nazi Corey Wyatt. The protest was called after social media posts circulated showing a plastic skeleton hanging from a noose from a tree in a Thurston yard. Springfield Police arrested Geena Jolee Shipman for assaulting a Black Lives Matter protester, but many other assaults were ignored. Tim Davis accosted local journalists, accusing them of belonging to antifa and threatening them. Tim Davis is held back on 7/29 at a counter-protest to a Black Lives Matter march in the Thurston neighborhood of Springfield, OR.

The American Patriot Society

The American Patriot Society (TAPS) is a far-right anti-mask group that was created in July 2020 after a series of anti-lockdown rallies in Oregon. Though mainly focused on opposition to masks and public health measures, the group has mixed aspects of QAnon and anti-communism into their organizing. Tim Edward Davis holds a leadership role within TAPS and has access to the TAPS Facebook page. TAPS effectively acted as a way to unite and organize the regular violent far-right counter-protesters from the Eugene-Springfield area.Flier for the American Patriot Society (TAPS) promoting their set of August 2019 rallies at the Oregon state capitol building in Salem, OR.

TAPS was originally created by Salem resident and business owner Joshua Michael Rudishauser, who went by Joshua Michael or Jay Michael, likely to conceal his history of domestic violence. Joshua is the owner of JM Technologies LLC which is registered as a technology consulting company. He is a frequent guest on KSLM, a local conservative radio show, appearing periodically on Stacey Ann’s “Good Morning Salem.” In one appearance, Joshua tells Stacey that “we really literally are facing a communist Marxist revolution.” On another airing, he endorses Laura Loomer’s congressional campaign in Florida (it failed, miserably). Joshua Rudishauser spoke at the November 7th “Stop the Steal” rally in Salem, Oregon, reassuring the crowd that Trump would be president in 2021.Joshua Michael Rudishauser AKA Joshua Michael, the creator of TAPS, is interviewed at anti-lockdown rallies in Salem, OR. Joshua Michael Rudishauser is a frequent guest on right wing radio in Salem, OR. In one airing, Joshua compared the getting kicked out of Costco for not having a mask to the persecution of Jews in the lead up to the Holocaust. Joshua Michael Rudishauser sees no difference between genocide and community health safety measures.

In August 2020, TAPS hosted two weekend rallies; on August 8 and August 15, at the state capitol building in Salem, Oregon. The August 8th rally featured a few hours of speakers, including QAnon politician Jo Rae Perkins, Marcus Edwards, Tim Edward Davis, and Glamour Salon owner Lindsey Graham. Tim Davis used his speech to spread fear about a “new world order,” sell lies about COVID-19, and explain how he owned the libs by not buying toilet paper. Tim Davis shares how he owned the libs by not wiping, at the 8/8 TAPS rally in Salem, OR. (Source).¬†

The second rally, held on August 15th, featured a similar slate of speakers, but coincided with a Black Lives Matter rally that was also at the capitol. It didn’t take long for TAPS members to attack the group. One altercation started when Geena Shipman pushed a deaf Black man down the stairs. Neo-Nazi Corey Wyatt front-kicked him as he tried to walk back up the stairs. A second fight started later in the rally, when Tim Davis pushed a Black Lives Matter protester. The assaults are under investigation by the Oregon State Police, and described in detail here by student journalists from Salem, Oregon (note: Tim Davis is misidentified as “Tim Smith”). TAPS ended the day by marching to a Starbucks, which they had planned to boldly enter without masks, only to find it closed.

TAPS supporters attack Black Lives Matter protesters on 8/15 at the capitol building in Salem, OR. Tim Davis stands next to neo-Nazi Corey Wyatt, self-proclaimed Proud Boy Brandon Campos (Brandon Martin Jaramillo), and Brandon Lee Keeth. (Photo from The Statesman Journal). 

Brandon Campos (Brandon Martin Jaramillo), Isabel McDaniel, and Brandon Lee Keeth stand on the capitol steps at the 8/15 TAPS rally in Salem, OR. (Photo from The Statesman Journal).

Portland Rallies

On August 22th, a broad mix of fascist groups and assorted neo-Nazis invaded downtown Portland, Oregon to attack antifascists. The rally was organized by California based alt-right activist Amber Cummings, but regional far-right activists from the PNW Patriot Coalition were also plotting violence in private chatrooms and discussing their plans to bring weapons to assault antifascists and Black Lives Matter protesters. Chat logs reveal that Tim Davis was involved with this planning through a separate far-right faction called “We the People,” which included neo-Nazi Corey “Agnarr” Wyatt.Tim Davis and other far-right protesters stand off against antifascists in downtown Portland on 8/22. We previously wrote about Patriot Coalition member and Operation Werewolf Nazi Richard Bowman II. (Photo from PNWResistance). Tim Davis at the 8/22 Portland rally, seen here next to Jeremy Roberts, Saundra Alma, and John Kramer. (Photo from PNWResistance).

Tim Davis attended the September 26th Proud Boys rally at Delta Park in Portland, Oregon. Many of the rally attendees came heavily armed in hope of conflict with antifascists, but instead settled for assaulting photographers and journalists. Despite his anti-police views, Tim Davis was photographed speaking with the Portland Police (who have aided, emboldened, and colluded the far-right at every turn) during the rally. He was also seen with Proud Boy Travis Wayne Nugent, exposed by our friends at Rose City Antifa in 2018.Tim Davis speaks to the Portland Police at the 9/26 Proud Boys rally at Delta Park. Proud Boy Travis Nugent lurks nearby.  Tim Davis chats with Proud Boy Travis Nugent at the 9/26 Proud Boys rally in Portland, OR.

Stop The Steal Rally

Following the defeat of Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election, many on the far-right have shifted energy towards contesting the election results, both by pushing baseless claims of voting fraud and hosting “Stop the Steal” rallies. On November 7th, Proud Boys, neo-Nazis, and failed Republican candidates joined forces in Salem, Oregon, for a “Stop the Steal” rally on the state capitol grounds. Fueled by alcohol mixed with fascist politics, the crowd beat and pepper-sprayed lone counter-protesters, journalists, and legal observers.Tim Davis with Geena Shipman and her boyfriend Rob Davis at the 11/7 “Stop the Steal” rally in Salem OR. Rob Davis has no relation to Tim Davis. Jeremy Roberts, Magen Stevens, and Threeper Joshua Dornon pose at the violent far-right “Stop the Steal” rally in Salem, OR.¬† After attacking lone antifascists, journalists, and legal observers, far-right protesters pose for their photo to be taken on 11/7 in Salem, OR. Domestic abuser Barry Lloyd James Johnson and his partner Sarah Johnson stand next to Geena Shipman and Magen Stevens. (Photo from Daniel V Media).

A car of Black Lives Matter protesters drove past the “Stop the Steal” rally, but it was surrounded by far-right protesters, who damaged the car as it drove away. Emily Paige Morehead (AKA “Percy,” AKA “Conservative Lady Talk“) was one of the far-right protesters that first blocked the vehicle. She is connected to Haley Adam’s “Portland’s Liberation” crew and frequently attends rallies in the Salem area. Emily’s boyfriend, Brandon Martin Jaramillo (AKA “B Emiliano Campos,” AKA “Brandon Guevara Campos,” AKA “based beaner“), punches the hood of the vehicle before it speeds away. On social media, Brandon claims to be a first degree Proud Boy.Brandon Campos (Brandon Martin Jaramillo) and Emily Morehead block a vehicle of Black Lives Matter protesters in Salem, OR on 11/7. They struck the vehicle as it sped away from the far-right mob. (From Daniel V Media). Brandon Campos (Brandon Martin Jaramilo) claims to be a first degree Proud Boy. On Facebook, Brandon praises fascist dictator Augusto Pinochet, uses anticom imagery, and uses anti-Semitic language. Emily Paige Morehead AKA Conservative Lady Talk poses with white supremacist organizer Haley Adams and Cider Riot defendant Mack Lewis.


Over the past many months, Tim Edward Davis has built connections with far-right individuals and groups throughout Oregon and has established himself as an organizer with the American Patriot Society (TAPS). He frequently participates in far-right rallies around the state which often end in violence. Social media accounts belonging to Tim Edward Davis reveal his extreme anti-Muslim vitriol, hatred of Black people, and desire to participate in a white revolution. Due to previously documented acts of assault and aggression towards anti-racist demonstrators and his active role in counter-protest organizing, we believe Tim Davis is an active danger to the community.

Community Warning

On Saturday, November 14th at 11:00 AM,¬† Proud Boys and their fascist friends plan on returning to the Oregon state capitol for a second “Stop the Steal” rally. Make no mistake: this rally is just a cover for more far-right mob violence, as we saw on November 7th.

Call To Action

On October 26, 2020, Herman Graham III was the victim of a race-based murder in Salem, Oregon. On the evening of Saturday, November 14th at 6:30 PM, community members will gather at the steps of the Marion County courthouse, located at 100 High Street NE in Salem, Oregon for a vigil in his honor. Local activists encourage people to come attend, support, and defend the vigil.


Email: eugeneantifa [at] protonmail [dot] com

Richard Bowman II and Operation Werewolf in the Pacific Northwest

Richard Oliver Bowman II

Richard Oliver Bowman II and his wife Priya Devi Bhan

Richard Oliver Bowman II is a is a member of the neo-fascist group Operation Werewolf. Over the last few months, Bowman II has made inroads with far-right activists in Oregon. Despite belonging to a fascist cult, Bowman II styles himself as a pro-Trump, pro-second amendment patriot, absorbed with faux-intellectual rhetoric about western civilization and the threat of communism. This psuedo-philosophical positioning has earned him a steady following on social media that consists of both pro-Trump boomers and extreme neo-Nazis affiliated with Operation Werewolf and other projects. Richard Oliver Bowman II lives in Wilsonville, Oregon, with his wife, Priya Devi Bhan. He works as a trucker for R&L Carriers (contact them here).

Richard Bowman II promotes Operation Werewolf material on Facebook.

Richard Bowman II engages in some casual Swastika defense. His partner Priya Bahn (AKA Priya Maharaj) comments approvingly. Although the Swastika was a part of Hindu iconography, Bowman II’s ties to neo-Nazism make this post concerning.

Richard Bowman II “likes” a comment on his Facebook post that says “Hitler was right.” The poster goes on to talk about “negroes,” “culture destroyers,” and “the jew.”

Richard Bowman II spins a totally true story about “commies” throwing fireworks at his vehicle. Thanks for the laugh, Richard. We especially appreciate the “clenched fist” addition. Nice!

Richard Bowman II thinks Jews and Muslims are destroying western culture.

Richard Bowman II alludes to the white supremacist great replacement conspiracy theory, which has appeared in the manifestos of neo-Nazi mass murderers.

Richard Bowman II is obsessed with the Confederacy and believes in a heavily-revised history of the American Civil War. He is such a big fan of the Confederacy that he got a a weird tattoo of a creepy man-wolf dressed as a Confederate soldier. Richard Bowman II also enjoys cosplaying as a Confederate soldier (this guy is really into losing), and has rallied with the neo-Confederate “Virginia Flaggers” in Richmond, Virginia.what the fuck is thisRichard Bowman II shows off his mighty muscles (doesn’t look like he’s been all that serious about “Iron and Blood”) and his creepy man-wolf dressed as a Confederate soldier.

Richard Bowman II cosplays as a Confederate soldier at a Civil war reenactment. Losing once wasn’t enough?

Richard Bowman II rallies with the Virginia Flaggers in Richmond, VA. Bowman II was in Virginia for the annual Operation Werewolf Conclave. The Flaggers have no problem with rallying with fascists.

Richard Bowman II traveled to Eugene on July 31 to defend a 51 foot cross from a rumored “ANTIFA” and “BLM” attack. The rumor originated in Patriot/Militia groups on Facebook, and even though their own Zach Caster confirmed that it was a hoax, hundreds still showed up at New Hope Christian College. The college welcomed the armed militia and even allowed snipers to set up on a campus building. The event served as a “meet and greet” for various far right activists and militia groups that have emerged as a counter to Black Lives Matter organizing in the Eugene-Springfield area. Richard Bowman II was present, along with Corey “Agnarr” Wyatt, local homophobe Emma Mitchem, Michelle Yates (a violent Patriot Prayer hang-around), Rob Cantrall, and Proud Boy Cole Scott (AKA noodle arms).Richard Bowman II armed with an assault rifle at New Hope Christian College in Eugene, Oregon. The July 31 rally started from a rumor spread through right-wing circles that “ANITFA” was coming to tear down a large cross located on the campus.

On August 22, multiple far-right rallies scheduled in downtown Portland converged near the Justice Center, only a week after Patriot Prayer incel Skylor Jernigan fired a handgun at Black Lives Matter protesters. Emboldened by the Portland Police Bureau’s laissez-faire handling of the August 15 rally, members of the neo-fascist gang the Proud Boys traveled from out of town to attack antifascists and journalists. Many were explicitly armed with weapons ranging from paintball guns, police batons, baseball bats, axe handles, spiked shields, bear mace, and handguns. The far-right crowd unloaded bear spray and smashed a Black Lives Matter support vehicle, but they were eventually chased out of the city by antifascists.

Richard Bowman II attended the August 22 rally in Portland armed with a large collapsible baton and hard knuckle gloves. He also wore a ballistic helmet and a plate carrier, and a full length wooden shield. The shield carried by Bowman II (white rectangular shield with diagonal cuts on corners) matched other far-right protesters, including that of the man who fired his pistol in the air. At some points in the rally, Bowman II can be seen instructing the shield wall, just like neo-Nazi Corey Wyatt. This leads us to believe that Richard Bowman II coordinated with other far-right rally attendees in order to commit violence against antifascists. Richard Bowman II hides behind a shield in Portland on August 22. Neo-Nazi Corey Wyatt and convicted murderer Isabel McDaniel were also present.

Richard Bowman II directs the far-right shield line with his collapsible baton in Portland. Proud Boy Travis Taylor holds a “God Bless America” shield.

Richard Bowman II, after getting dumped by “Dollar store trash can commies.” Fuck around and find out, jabroni.

Operation Werewolf

Operation Werewolf is a neo-fascist “tribe” that was started by Paul and Mathias Waggener in the early 2000’s. The philosophy of Paul Waggener and Operation Werewolf is strongly influenced by the Italian thinker Julius Evola. Evola was a traditionalist and self-described “super-fascist” who believed that the world was in a dark age (the Kali Yuga or “Wolf Age”) and only the warrior class would survive to usher in a golden age. For Evola, traditional order was being eroded by women and Jews, and equality was leading the world to ruin. Many of these themes appear in the writing of Paul Waggener, which serves as the ideological basis of Operation Werewolf: a hyper-masculine Aryan “tribe” that glorifies violence and traditionalism.

Operation Werewolf is organized into regional cells; the Washington cell is called the “Ulfhednar Division.” Many of the cells are tied to gyms, and members (operatives) are encouraged to lift weights, train together, and practice heathen rituals. Each year, members of Operation Werewolf travel to Virginia for a multi-day convergence called the Lupine Equinox Conclave.

Operation Werewolf also functions as a feeder group for the Wolves of Vinland, a closed cult that is listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. While Operation Werewolf has a low entry barrier, Wolves of Vinland is a more intense, selective organization with a much smaller, handpicked membership. In many ways, the Wolves are the life-stylists of the far-right. Paul Waggener’s former associate Jack Donovan spent years promoting both groups and has since gone on to a newer yet similar project he refers to as Waldgang. Both Waggener and Donovan sell (literally) Operation Werewolf through their physiques more so than their ideas, enticing working class white men with a rugged, strongman aesthetic.

Although Paul Waggener maintains that his Operation Werewolf is an apolitical group, many members have long histories with the white power movement. Jacob Laskey, a longtime neo-Nazi from the Eugene area who was the leader of American Front, joined Operation Werewolf along with his brother Gabriel Laskey. Jacob Laskey is recently released from prison for stabbing one of his American Front buddies, and previously did prison time for throwing rocks through the windows of the Temple Beth Israel. In 2012, an Operation Werewolf member named Maurice Thompson Michaely broke into and attempted to burn down a Black church in Virginia. Paul Waggener called for the release of Michaely, AKA Hjalti, and he remained involved with Operation Werewolf after being released from prison.

Ulfhednar Division, the Washington cell of Operation Werewolf, pictured in 2016. From left to right: Matthew Horton, Rob Ellis (Kommandant Ellis), (unknown), and Logan Lingren. The number 92 refers to the motto “Iron and Blood.”

Logan Daniel Lingren was one of the early members of the Ulfhednar Division cell of Operation Werewolf in Washington. Ulfhednar is a Old Norse word that refers to a mythological warrior that wore a wolf pelt in battle. Both of Logan’s parents worked for the CIA, and Logan worked a two-year stint for US Investigation Services (a CIA contractor) starting in 2008. Logan joined the Air Force in late 2011 as a maintenance technician and was stationed at the Fairchild Air Force Base near Spokane, WA, until late 2017. He became involved in Operation Werewolf in 2015, while working for the US Air Force. After leaving the Air Force, Logan moved to Ashburn, Virginia with his partner (Gabriela Galeano), and remains connected to many members of Operation Werewolf.Logan Lingren and Rob Ellis hold an Operation Werewolf flag at an “Ulfhednar Division” gathering in 2015.

Logan Daniel Lingren now lives in Virginia with his partner Gabriela Galeano.

Matthew James Horton is a member of Operation Werewolf living in Aberdeen, Washington. Matthew’s house in Aberdeen has acted as a gathering place for members of Operation Werewolf because of his home gym, which he calls “Damage Gym.” Matthew has been a member of Operation Werewolf since at least 2016 and has attempted to recruit more members locally. He has connections to the local biker scene in Aberdeen, WA. Matthew works as a garbage truck driver for LeMay Grays Harbor (contact them here). Matthew Horton (right) poses with Operation Werewolf member Sean Tahtinen (left). Matthew has a “Thor’s Hammer” tattoo on his left wrist and the helm of awe on his hand.

Sean Phillip Tahtinen is a member of Operation Werewolf and a violent felon. In June 2020, he was arrested in Indiana for pointing a handgun at a man during an argument. From Munice Star Press: The Muncie man told police he had been carrying the handgun for protection “with everything going on.”

Matthew Horton, Richard Bowman II, Priya Bhan, and Sean Tahtinen pose in Matt’s “Damage Gym” in Aberdeen, WA.

Matthew James Horton (center) poses with Brian Cornelius (right) and an individual wearing a three-percenter shirt.

Matthew Horton AKA Matt Damage jokes about hitting protesters with his vehicle.

Matthew Horton is a serial domestic abuser, having been convicted of domestic violence in 1997, 1998, and 2004, per public records. It is not surprising that a domestic abuser would be drawn to a fascist gang that prides itself on violence and ultra-masculinity, all while espousing a hatred of women and femininity. A number of prominent figures in the American far-right have histories of domestic violence, like serial abuser Augustus Invictus, Richard Spencer, and Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes.

Brian Anthony Cornelius lives in Aberdeen, Washington, and has recently become involved with Operation Werewolf. Brian is part of the biker scene and rides a black pre-2000 Honda Goldwing. Brian has an Algis rune tattoo on his inner right bicep. Brian Cornelius is affiliated with Operation Werewolf and lives in Aberdeen, Washington.

Sean Tahtinen, Brian Cornelius, and Matthew Horton pose for a picture in Matt’s home gym (AKA Damage gym).

Christopher Michael Mack¬†is a neo-Nazi from Olympia, Washington, with ties to Operation Werewolf and the Ulfhednar Division. Chris and his Nazi wife,¬†Alena Gay Mack, played in a shitty alt-rock band called Burial Stump, as “Chris P. Korpse” and “Ms. Mischief.” The band has landed some minor gigs in the Grays Harbor and Olympia area. In June 2020, antifascists unearthed a photo of Alena Mack giving a Sieg Heil with young children in front of a Nazi war flag. Alena Mack is a certified counselor in the state of Washington. Chris Mack may has a history of employment in landscaping and construction.Chris and Alena Mack, neo-Nazis from the Olympia, Washington area.

Chris and Alena Mack preforming as “Chris P. Korpse” and “Ms. Mischief” for their shitty band called “Burial Stump.”

Alena Mack (far left with flat cap) gives a Nazi salute with children in front of a Nazi war flag. She was fired from her position at Telecare Corp after community pressure.

Members of Operation Werewolf gather in Washington. From left to right: TOP: Josh Schuess, Richard Bowman II, and Matthew Horton (top right unknown). BOTTOM: Brian Cornelius and Christopher Mack.

Matthew Horton, Christopher Mack, and Alena Mack all express interest in traveling to Oregon to attack antifascists.


Over the last 100+ days of protest and insurrection for Black liberation, we have seen a reactionary push by the far-right to physically confront Black Lives Matter demonstrations. Driven by vigilante attacks and given cover by the right-wing outrage machine, a big tent coalition of racists ready to violently confront Black Lives Matter protesters has emerged in the Pacific Northwest. With this, we have seen renewed efforts of entryism by neo-Nazis and fascists, from Richard Bowman II to Corey Eugene Wyatt.

If you have additional information on Richard Bowman II, Corey Wyatt, right wing “counter-protesters,” or other racist or fascist activity in the Eugene-Springfield area or the Pacific Northwest, email: eugeneantifa@protonmail.com

On September 26, the far-right is returning to Portland to wage violence. We support the calls by local antifascist groups to come together and #DefendPDX. No Proud Boys in the Rose City!

All out on September 26! Click the image for more information.



Corey Wyatt: A White Supremacist Emerges From Prison to Lead Far-Right Faction


As we approach nearly 100 consecutive days of Black Lives Matter protests across the country, we are faced with a burgeoning reactionary push from the far-right. Eugene has been a national hotspot for vigilante attacks on protesters, and now we are seeing an organized effort by local militia groups and racists to intimidate and confront Black Lives Matter demonstrations. Corey Eugene Wyatt, a white supremacist who served prison time for his connection to four murders, has emerged as a central figure in local and regional far-right organizing.

Corey Eugene Jeffery Wyatt

Corey Eugene Jeffery Wyatt (AKA Corey Agnarr, Agnarr Wyatt, Agnarr the Mighty), was born on October 1, 1984, and is a white supremacist who has become deeply involved in far-right organizing in Oregon. Corey is well trained in martial arts and has enjoyed stints as a professional MMA fighter. He has a long criminal history and has spent the last 15 years in and out of prison. In 2003, shortly after turning 18, he was convicted of robbery, identity theft, and unlawful use of a weapon against another person and spent the next seven years in prison. In 2005, Corey was convicted of assaulting a public safety officer. In 2012, Corey was sent to jail for possessing a firearm as a felon. A year later, Corey went back to prison for his role in a white supremacist murder spree. In July 2020, Corey was once again arrested and charged with felony fleeing or attempt to elude police in a vehicle in Lane County. He has a court date scheduled for September.

Corey Eugene Wyatt wears a Thor’s Hammer necklace, date unknown.

During his time in the state prison system, Corey Wyatt met David “Joey” Pedersen and the two became friends. Joey Pedersen had been in the prison system since he was a teenager, when he was sentenced as an adult for robbing two coffee stands and a McDonald’s at gunpoint. After transitioning from a youth facility to an adult facility, Joey Pedersen, Alan Watkins and another prisoner named Orin Williams created a white power prison gang called the Aryan Soldiers. According to a former member, in order to join the Aryan Soldiers “Prospective recruits would have to do the minimum of a stabbing to be considered for membership.” The Aryan Soldiers were inspired by and hoped to carry on the legacy of The Order, a white supremacist terror group that carried out assassinations and armored car robberies in the 1980s. It is unclear if Corey Wyatt ever became a member of the Aryan Soldiers, but he became a close associate of Joey Pedersen while in prison.David “Joey” Pedersen and Holly Ann Grigsby carried out a white supremacist murder spree in 2011. Joey Pedersen has the letters “SWP” tattooed on his neck, for “Supreme White Power.”

Corey Wyatt was released from prison in 2010 and Joey Pedersen was released around the same time. On the 4th of July weekend in 2011, Corey Wyatt and then-wife Kimberly Scott Wyatt went camping on the Oregon coast with Joey Pedersen, his partner Holly Ann Grigsby, and another former inmate by the name of Bryce Woods. Joey and Holly told Corey and Kimberly of their plan to carry out a revolution to save the white race by murdering Jewish leaders and “Zionists.” Shortly after, Kimberly, the only non-felon of the group, purchased a 9mm handgun, which Corey Wyatt gave to Joey to carry out his “revolution.” The gun was used in three murders.

The first leg of Joey Pedersen’s “revolution” began in his hometown of Everett, Washington in September of 2011. Joey shot his father, David Jones Pedersen, with the gun provided by Corey Wyatt. Joey told police that his father had molested him as a child. Holly Grigsby murdered his step mother, Leslie Mae Pedersen, and the two stole their vehicle and drove the bodies to Corey and Kimberly Wyatt’s house in Springfield, Oregon. Corey helped hide the bloodstained vehicle with the bodies and let Joey and Holly stay with them for a night. A few days later, Joey Pedersen and Holly Grigsby continued their “revolution” by carjacking and murdering a 19 year old student named Cody Myers near Newport, Oregon. From there, the couple drove to Eureka, California, where they murdered 53 year old Reginald Alan Clark and stole his vehicle.Cody Myers, remembered here. Reginald Alan Clark, remembered here.

On October 5, 2011, Joey Pedersen and Holly Grigsby were arrested in Northern California. In jail, Holly claimed that they were traveling to Sacramento to “kill a prominent Jew.” Joey Pedersen was sentenced to two life terms in prison and Holly was sentenced to life with no chance for release. Corey Eugene Wyatt and Kimberly Scott Wyatt were arrested in 2013 for their role in the murder spree. Corey Eugene Wyatt was sentenced to 7 years, 5 months in prison. The Associated Press reported that during sentencing, Corey “offered his apologies to the victims’ families,” and “pledged to build a life as a productive citizen when he is released in the future.”

“It’s going to be a tough road, but I’m going to try the best that I can.”

In the last few months, Corey Wyatt (as Agnarr Wyatt) has used social media to network with far-right activists in the Pacific Northwest and reinvent himself as an “anti-Antifa” patriot. Corey has positioned himself within “The American Patriot Society” (TAPS), a group that has emerged out of far-right backlash to local Black Lives Matter organizing in the Eugene-Springfield area and Salem. Corey has been employed by “Above the Rest Roofing & Construction,” a company owned by Casey Lee Lasley, a known counter protester who has shown up to local rallies to intimidate Black Lives Matter activists.Corey Eugene Wyatt (Agnarr Wyatt) shares an article from the far-right site “Revolver News” that claims Black Lives Matter is an anti-white movement. Corey Eugene Wyatt says local reporters “should be hung from lamp posts” for not reporting on QAnon “Save Our Children” rallies. In reality, these rallies have received a wealth of coverage from both local and national media outlets. Corey Eugene Wyatt shares a photo from a July 31 far-right fiasco at New Hope Christian College. Corey has effectively rebranded himself as an “anti-Antifa” figure within local far-right circles, much like neo-Nazi Jake Laskey. Corey Eugene Wyatt works for “Above the Rest Roofing & Construction.” The company is owned by Casey Lee Lasley and employs several people who are active in local far-right organizing. From left to right: Corey Wyatt, Marcus Edwards, Erik Neal, and Joe Schwinghamer.

Isabel Gloria McDaniel

Isabel Gloria McDaniel (AKA Isabel Villagomez McDaniel, Isabel Villagomez), born March 29, 1984, lives in the Eugene area and is a close associate of Corey Eugene Wyatt. The two have attended several far-right rallies together in the past few months. Isabel is also affiliated with The American Patriot Society (TAPS) and local anti-Black Lives Matter organizing.Isabel McDaniel livestreamed Corey Wyatt (Agnarr Wyatt) driving through downtown Portland and complained about rioting. Corey Wyatt drives a black pre-2013 Ford Fusion. Isabel had her driver’s license suspended for life.

On December 11, 2014, Isabel McDaniel got into her Honda Civic wagon after drinking at The Keg Tavern on West 11th in Eugene. While driving through Springfield, Isabel hit two pedestrians who were crossing the street. She killed Daniel Ortiz-Reynaga, 67 years old, and sideswiped his son. Isabel continued driving for 11 blocks with Daniel Ortiz-Roynaga on the top of her car. After leaving the elderly man to die in the street, she then drove to her husband’s workplace and they cleaned and hid the vehicle. Isabel was arrested two days later on charges including criminally negligent homicide and intoxicated driving. She was released earlier this year after serving a seven year sentence in prison. After her release, Isabel lived at the Sponsors house, a halfway house near Monroe park in Eugene. In late April she moved out of the halfway house and may be working at the Northern Gold Foods facility in Junction City, Oregon.


July 10

On July 10, 2020, an “All Lives Matter Rally” was held at the Springfield, Oregon library. This rally was organized under the pretext of uniting all people of Lane County, but it was a clear response to the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests following the murder of George Floyd. This rally was the first of many in the Eugene-Springfield area, and spawned a regular, traveling crew of racist individuals eager to intimidate and assault local Black Lives Matter demonstrators. About half of the All Lives Matter (ALM) rally goers arrived prepared for a physical confrontation with anti-racist demonstrators. Large and poorly decorated heavy wooden shields with protruding screws were used to create a shield wall for the ALM crowd. Several individuals were armed with firearms, tasers, knives and bug spray. Several altercations broke out and unsurprisingly, the Springfield Police Department only arrested anti-racists. Marcus Edwards, a Black man from Oakridge, Oregon, acted as the spokesperson for the ALM protest. In the next few weeks, Marcus Edwards established himself as something of a celebrity in local far-right circles, speaking at multiple rallies in the Eugene-Springfield and Salem area.

Corey Eugene Wyatt attended the All Lives Matter rally and brought a large stick with a blue line flag and American flag. He carried a large Bowie knife on his right hip. Both Corey Wyatt and Marcus Edwards gave speeches to the All Lives Matter crowd.

Corey Eugene Wyatt carries a large flagpole at a Springfield “All Lives Matter” rally on July 10. (Original photo credit to Robert Scherle)Corey Eugene Wyatt was armed with a large Bowie knife and a wooden flagpole during the July 10 “All Lives Matter” rally. (Original photo credit to Robert Scherle) Corey Eugene Wyatt gives a speech at a rally in Springfield on July 10. (Original photo credit to Dan Morrison)

July 29

On July 29, 2020, “Black Unity,” a reformist Black Lives Matter group that has been leading protests in Eugene, held a protest titled “The Noose Is A Nuisance” in the Thurston neighborhood of East Springfield, Oregon. The protest was called after social media posts circulated showing a plastic skeleton hanging from a noose from a tree in a Thurston yard. The march was met by riot police and an armed right-wing fracas. After Springfield police declared an unlawful assembly and attacked protesters, several far-right counter protesters assaulted Black Lives Matter protesters. Police arrested Geena Jolee Shipman (AKA Geena Hager) for shoving a Black Lives Matter protester, causing them fall backwards and hit their head on the ground. Corey Eugene Wyatt showed up to the protest armed with a large Bowie knife. Isabel McDaniel, Geena Shipman (AKA Geena Hager), and Corey Eugene Wyatt approach the Black Lives Matter demonstration on July 29 in the Thurston neighborhood. Corey Wyatt is armed with a large Bowie knife, visible here on his right hip. Geena Jolee Shipman (AKA Geena Hager), Corey Eugene Wyatt, and Isabel McDaniel argue with a leader of Black Unity in Thurston on July 29. We are currently looking for information on the man labeled “sweatpants.” Geena Jolee Shipman (AKA Geena Hager) and Corey Eugene Wyatt argue with a leader of Black Unity in Thurston on July 29. We are currently looking for information on the man labeled “sweatpants” pictured to the left of Casey Lasley.Geena Shipman (AKA Geena Hager) defends a skeleton hanging from a noose, which prompted the Thurston protest.¬† Isabel McDaniel, Tim Davis, and Corey Eugene Wyatt argue with Black Lives Matter protesters in Thurston. Tim Davis accosts a livestreamer during the July 29 Thurston protest. Tim Davis was aggressive towards multiple journalists.

July 31

On July 31, 2020, right wing protesters flocked to New Hope Christian College, located in west Eugene, prepared to defend a 51 foot cross made of steel and concrete. A rumor had spread within militia Facebook groups that “ANTIFA” and “BLM” were coming to tear down the cross. There was no evidence that anyone planned to protest at New Hope Christian College, let alone tear down a cross. When right winger and security guard Zac Caster posed as an antifascist in order to contact a local organizer about protesting the cross, the local organizer was clear that no such protest or attack had been planned. That didn’t stop militia groups from whipping up a right-wing frenzy, complete with surveillance drones and rooftop snipers. The right-wing mobilization declared a victory, defeating an imaginary boogeyman. The event served as an organizing grounds for various far-right militias and neo-fascist groups like the Proud Boys. Corey Eugene Wyatt, armed with a Bowie knife and draped in a blue line flag, stood guard near the front gate of the college. Proud Boy Cole Robert Scott (AKA “Noodle Arms”) speaks with right wing protesters outside New Hope Christian College. Cole Scott (AKA “Noodle Arms”) was recently arrested in Oregon City for firing a gun outside a pub. Eric “Rut” Rutherford from Veneta, Oregon, is also visible. Corey Eugene Wyatt poses with a blue line flag outside New Hope Christian College on July 31. Corey Wyatt was convicted for assaulting a public safety officer in 2006.¬† Corey Eugene Wyatt displays a large Bowie knife at New Hope Christian College on July 31.¬† Meghan Ann (AKA “Red Cole”), Corey Eugene Wyatt, and local racist Emma Mitchem stand outside New Hope Christian College on July 31.

August 5

On August 5, far-right counter protesters assembled in downtown Eugene to attack a protest hosted by United Communists and Anarchists of Eugene, Oregon (UCA). The protest was called after Eugene police were captured on video violently arresting a 14 year old Black Lives Matter protester. About two dozen counter protesters, many of them armed, used the Elk Horn Brewery parking lot to stage before confronting the UCA march. Corey Eugene Wyatt (“thin blue line superman”), along with Isabel McDaniel, spent the night instigating fights with anti-police brutality marchers.Isabel McDaniel and Corey Wyatt heckle anti-police brutality marchers in downtown Eugene on August 5. Corey is wearing hard-knuckle gloves for assaulting protesters.

August 15

On August 15, far-right COVID19 deniers held an “Open Oregon” rally at the state capital building in Salem, Oregon. The event was put on by a recently emerged group called “The American Patriot Society,” or “TAPS.” The rally was also themed around the QAnon conspiracy theory and “Save the Children,” the latest viral QAnon concoction. Speakers included Marcus Edwards, Tim Davis, and Jo Rae Perkins, the QAnon spouting Oregon Republican candidate for US Senate. During the rally, a fight broke out between Black Lives Matter protesters and the far-right group. Corey Eugene Wyatt used this as an opportunity to assault a Black Lives Matter protester who was standing away from the fighting. Isabel McDaniel and Corey Wyatt stand on the capital steps during an August 15 “Save the Children/Open Oregon” rally. They both wear shirts from “The American Patriot Society,” or TAPS. Corey’s white power tattoo is visible on his inner left forearm and the white handle of his Bowie knife can be seen on his right hip.Corey Eugene Wyatt stands off against Black Lives Matter protesters in Salem, Oregon. He carries a large Bowie knife on his right hip.

Tim Davis speaks at the “Save the Children/Open Oregon” rally in Salem, Oregon on August 15. “New world order” often refers to a far-right conspiracy theory with anti-Semitic origins. Corey Eugene Wyatt assaults a Black Lives Matter protester that was standing away from the fighting on August 15. Picture borrowed from our friends at Willamette Valley Hate Watch.

After the “Save the Children/Open Oregon” rally at the capital building in Salem, Oregon wrapped up, Corey Eugene Wyatt joined forces with American Wolf to harass Black Lives Matter protesters in Portland, Oregon. American Wolf is a far-right group from Olympia, Washington that was started by Peter Diaz. The group has showed up armed to protests in Olympia to protect property, but has ultimately been unsuccessful. On August 15, the group arrived at a nightly Black Lives Matter protest in Portland with an American Wolf decal-ed limousine. They were quickly confronted and pushed out by protesters, who followed them back to their vehicle. Corey Wyatt was dressed in black bloc attire, with a black bandana and a Bowie knife on his right hip. He was accompanied by Marcus Edwards and Isabel McDaniel and he left in the American Wolf limousine.Marcus Edwards, Corey Wyatt, and Isabel McDaniel traveled to Portland with American Wolf to harass a Black Lives Matter protest on the evening of August 15. A Black Lives Matter protester remarks about Corey Wyatt’s Bowie knife on August 15 in Portland.Corey Wyatt tells Black Lives Matter protesters that they should unite and “hang these politicians.” Corey Wyatt is a firm believer in the QAnon conspiracy theory, which posits that democrats and celebrities are secretly Satanic pedophiles running sex trafficking rings. Corey Wyatt gets in to the American Wolf limousine after being pushed out by protesters in Portland. The limo has Washington license plates (BRM 8992) and a large American Wolf decal on the side.

August 16

On August 16, Corey Eugene Wyatt and Isabel McDaniel traveled to Cottage Grove for a pro-police flag wave event. The event was hosted by a local militia member and was advertised on Facebook. Only about thirty people gathered on a street corner in Cottage Grove with American flags, blue line flags, and Trump flags. There was no organized counter protest. Corey Wyatt and Isabel McDaniel gather on a Cottage Grove street corner on August 16 for a pro-police flag wave.¬† Corey Wyatt poses at a pro-police flag wave event in Cottage Grove with “Wolfskill Trent.” Isabel McDaniel is visible in the background with the mini American flag.

August 22

On August 22, multiple far-right events were held in downtown Portland near the Justice Center, the largest of which was a “No to Marxism in America” hosted by an alt-right activist from California, Amber Cummings. Our friends at Rose City Antifa prepared an article examining the key organizers ahead of the rally. By noon, a large crowd of far-right protesters had gathered in front of the Justice Center. The majority of the crowd was outfitted with some degree of body armor, and many bore shields. The weapons among the far-right crowd ranged from tasers and batons to metal baseball bats and axe handles. Spare for some sore attempts at chanting “USA!” the far-right crowd was drowned out by drums and chanting by the much smaller antifascist counter demonstration.

Corey Eugene Wyatt arrived at the rally wearing a tactical helmet, an airsoft facemask, plate carrier, tinted goggles, and hard-knuckle gloves. Corey was equipped with multiple weapons: a flashlight taser, several batons, bear spray, a two-foot length of metal, and a large Bowie knife on his right hip. At multiple points in the rally, Corey carried a tall wooden shield. Throughout the rally, Corey acted as a general of sorts, directing the movement of the far-right shield line. At one point in the rally, Corey can be seen walking along the shield line saying “hold wall” and “don’t engage.” Later, as members of the far-right crowd attack the Snack Van (a protester support vehicle that was parked across from the Justice Center), breaking out the windows and slashing the tires, Corey motions at the far-right crowd with his metal pipe and orders them to “hold [the] line.” After the antifascist mobilization started to gain ground and push up on the far-right group, Corey physically adjusted the positions of people in the shield line.Corey Eugene Wyatt was armed with a long metal baton (left), a flashlight taser (center), bear spray (center), and a long Bowie knife (right) on August 22. Corey Eugene Wyatt walks between the far-right crowd and the antifascist crowd, crackling his taser. Corey carried a blue line shield for part of the Portland rally on August 22. Corey Wyatt stands next to Isabel McDaniel in Portland on August 22. Isabel carries a QAnon themed “Save Our Children” shield and wears the same helmet and airsoft mask as Corey.Isabel McDaniel holds a QAnon themed “Save Our Children” shield in Portland on August 22. Corey Wyatt’s blue line shield can be seen to the left.

Corey Eugene Wyatt was part of the far-right contingent that charged into the antifascist counter protest in Chapman Square and gang-beat several antifascist protesters on the ground. During the scrum, Corey can be seen on video assaulting someone with his metal baton. Shortly after this Corey attempts to hit an antifascist with his baton, but misses and hits a Proud Boy. Corey also tries to kick someone in the head, but the kick does not connect. Corey Eugene Wyatt grabs journalist Robert Evans during a far-right rally in Portland on August 22. Robert Evans suffered a broken finger after a far-right rally goer smashed his hand with a collapsible baton. Corey Eugene Wyatt, a professional fighter, attempts to kick an antifascist protester in the head during a far-right rally in Portland on August 22.

Despite being outnumbered for much of the afternoon, the antifascist counter protest eventually chased the far-right protesters out of downtown Portland. Corey Wyatt, Isabel McDaniel and a handful of others retreated into a parking garage where they had parked their cars, as antifascists followed. Video from inside the parking garage shows the fascists getting long guns out of their cars, while others draw handguns. Corey Eugene Wyatt was part of a group of far-right agitators that retreated into a parking garage during a rally in Portland on August 22. One of the chuds yells to get guns out (video here, captured by “_whatriot”), and several men pull out handguns and rifles.


Corey Eugene Wyatt is a major threat in the Eugene-Springfield area. In 2011, Corey assisted a white supremacist murder spree. Now, he has embedded himself with some of the most violent far-right individuals in the Pacific Northwest. Just like American Front organizer Jake Laskey, Corey has quickly evolved from a hardcore white supremacist to prominent “anti-antifa” figure. Given his training in martial arts, ease of access to weapons, white supremacist ties, and documented criminal history, we must consider him a serious danger to the community.

Eugene Antifa supports abolitionist movements and works for a world without police and prisons. The prison system has long been a recruiting ground for hardcore white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups. White supremacist prison gangs pose an active threat to our communities and especially to other imprisoned persons. We cannot hope to end white supremacist prison gangs without first dismantling the prison industrial complex.

Personal Details

Corey Eugene Jeffery Wyatt
Current Age: 35
Birthdate: 10/01/1984
Height: 6’3″
Weight: < 185 lbs
Residence History: Creswell, Eugene, Corvallis, Springfield, Coos Bay, Philomath
Place of Employment: Above The Rest Roofing & Construction
Affiliations: The American Patriot Society (TAPS)
Identifiable tattoos: White Power Celtic cross on left forearm
Vehicle: black pre-2013 Ford Fusion



Isabel Gloria Villagomez McDaniel
Current Age: 36
Birthdate: 3/29/1984
Residence History: Eugene, Veneta, Springfield, Ontario; Idaho
Place of Employment: Northern Gold Foods, Junction City, Oregon
Identifiable tattoos: microbladed eyebrows, feather in an infinity loop on her calf






Email: eugeneantifa [at] protonmail [dot] com

Jamie Stram and Logan Barden, local white supremacists

Community Bulletin: Logan Barden Goes Full Nazi

This is a community bulletin exposing Logan Barden, his partner Jamie Stram, and his brother Levi Garrett Barden. We have included an update on their associate Kevin Ross.

For the audio version of this article, listen here.


Jamie Stram and Logan Barden, local white supremacists

Logan Gregory Barden (Born March 8th, 1993) lives with his partner Jamie Michelle Stram AKA Jamie Michelle (Born July 9th, 1992) in Eugene, Oregon. Logan Barden has been a neo-Nazi for several years, but his online activity has picked up and grown more extreme in the last six months. In 2018, Logan was already sharing the holocaust denial flick “Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story NEVER Told.” He also shared material from the neo-Nazi group Operation Werewolf, a feeder group for the Wolves of Vinland.

Logan shares a holocaust denial movie in 2018Logan Barden shares “THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD” to his Facebook. The video was made by a Hitler apologist named Dennis Wise.

Logan Barden shares content from Operation Werewolf, a feeder group for the Wolves of Vinland.

Logan knows the lingo, too. In 2019, Logan talks about the “Kali Yuga,” a “dark age” envisioned by Italian “super-fascist” thinker Julius Evola. The works of Evola have strongly influenced modern neo-Nazis formations, from an enhanced focus on the occult to advocating total societal collapse. Fascist publishing houses like Arktos Media and Counter-Currents have helped circulate books by Evola.

Logan Barden mentions the Kali Yuga on FacebookLogan Barden mentions the “Kali Yuga” on Facebook, a term from the writings of Italian fascist Julius Evola.

Logan Barden is also big on Norse and Pagan symbology. In this image, Logan wears a Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer) necklace, which has been widely appropriated by white supremacists.

Logan Barden wears a Thor's Hammer necklace in a picture with Jamie StramLogan Barden wears a “Thor’s Hammer” necklace, a neo-Pagan symbol frequently used by white supremacists. Jamie Stram also pictured.

Logan is on Instagram as thegaelicwolf (formerly gaelicgainz). While celebrities posted black squares for #Blacklivesmatter in a show of performative solidarity, Logan posted a white square for the defeated white supremacist state of Rhodesia. Rhodesia (much like the confederacy) is often memorialized to this day by white supremacists and neo-Nazis like mass murderer Dylann Roof.

Logan Barden dreams of RhodesiaLogan Barden posts on Instagram about the defeated state of Rhodesia (modern day Zimbabwe). He also mentions White South African farmers, which is a reference to the “white genocide” myth.

Logan stole the idea for this post from his partner, Jamie Michelle Stram, on Twitter. Jamie is on Twitter as “PnwTradMom,” @/pnwtrad. Logan is on Twitter as “GaelicGainz,” @/NationalistPnw. Both accounts were created in April 2020.

Jamie Stram posted a white square on Twitter in repsonse to people posting Black squaresJamie Stram AKA “PnwTradMom” posted a white square on Twitter when other users were posting black squares in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. Logan AKA “GaelicGainz” stole the idea and posted it on his Instagram account.

On Twitter, Jamie pushes racist tropes and white supremacist myths like the great replacement theory. She talks about her (failed) attempts to “redpill” her family members (turn them fascist).

Jamie Stram on TwitterJamie Stram AKA “PnwTradMom” is a hardcore racist on Twitter. She admits to trying (and failing) to “redpill” her family members.

Of course, Jamie doesn’t believe in COVID-19 and she promoted the May 2nd “Reopen Oregon” rally in Salem. The event was attended by the Three Percenters and Proud Boys.

Jamie Stram is a Covid denierJamie Stram AKA “PnwTradMom” shares the “Plandemic” conspiracy movie, which makes a number of debunked claims about the COVID-19 virus.

Meanwhile, Logan Barden uses his Twitter account to harass other Twitter users with anti-Semitic and racist slurs. In one reply, he calls George Floyd a “dead beat dad.” In another, he claims that a “day of reckoning” will come for the Black people.

Logan Barden harasses a Twitter user with anti-Semitic languageLogan Barden harasses a Twitter user (username redacted) in the replies of a Ted Cruz tweet. He says “I believe I spot a nose,” which is Nazi-speak for claiming someone is Jewish based on racial stereotypes.

Logan's comments on the murder of George FloydLogan Barden AKA “GaelicGainz” shares his views on George Floyd’s murder. He calls George Floyd a “dead beat dad.”

Logan Barden makes racist comments on TwitterLogan Barden AKA “GaelicGainz” replies to a video showing a racist white man getting his ass kicked for using slurs, by using slurs. He also talks about a “day of reckoning,” echoing Turner Diaries’ race war fantasies.

In response to the murder of George Floyd and countless other lynchings at the hands of the state, protests and insurrections began across the United States. In Eugene, protests have continued for more than a month straight. Logan Barden has threatened to attack #Blacklivesmatter protesters with his vehicle. There have been a number of vigilante attacks against protests here in Eugene, especially vehicular attacks.

Logan Barden wants to attack protestersLogan Barden calls Black Lives Matter protesters “anti-white scum” and encourages people to run down protesters. The comments were posted to a livestream shared by Jamie Stram AKA “Jamie Michelle.”

In another post, Logan threatens to (sic) “police our streets for these commie scum.” Longtime Eugene Nazi Kevin Ross responds, saying “The boys and I are ready.”

Kevin Ross and Logan Barden want to police the streetsLogan Barden wants to “police our streets,” and Nazi Kevin Ross (pictured outside the Laskey’s Wolfclan armory) says “the boys and I are ready.” In case it isn’t clear, Kevin Ross’ boys are other Nazis.

Kevin Ross is associated with American Front and the Laskey brothers. He is a hardcore white supremacist and a Nazi. Kevin seems to have settled in Drain, Oregon. He’s got some *super secret* new spot in town that he thinks we don’t know about, but we totally do, Kevin.

Kevin Ross at the Top of the Bowl NightclubKevin Ross showing off his new spot, the “Top of the Bowl” strip club in Drain, Oregon. It is owned and run by Rik Marin and Jamie Hennricks. The strip club has attracted criticism from locals. Kevin Ross and his Nazi buddies will likely be hanging out in Drain, Oregon. Kevin Ross wants to do blackfaceNazi Kevin Ross “starts a conversation” around the ethics of Blackface. Cannot make this shit up.

In case you need a refresher on Kevin Ross AKA “Cum Jar Kevin” and the American Front, check out this article we co-wrote with the Pacific Northwest Antifascist Workers Collective.

Kevin Ross lives in Drain, OR.Kevin Ross has relocated to Drain, Oregon. Here’s Kevin wearing a Swastika necklace in a recent photo, and a “Commie Killer” shirt sold by Grunt Style LLC, the official outfitter of chuds everywhere.

Kevin Ross appears to be chummy with Logan’s brother, Levi Garrett Barden (Born December 14, 1987) AKA Garrett Barden. Garrett is also a Nazi (what a surprise!), and is a big fan of neo-Pagan symbols like the Norse Valknut and Thor’s Hammer.

Levi Barden wears neo-pagan symbolsLevi Garrett Barden wears a Thor’s Hammer necklace and a Valknut ring. Both symbols are commonly appropriated by white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

Kevin Ross tags the Barden bros in an anti-communist postNazi Kevin Ross tags Logan Barden and his brother, Levi Barden AKA “Garrett Barden” in a Facebook post.

Levi"likes" a "White Lives Matter" post by Nazi Kevin RossLevi Barden AKA “Garrett Barden” likes a picture posted by Nazi Kevin Ross with a “White Lives Matter” overlay.

Levi has an extensive criminal history that dates back several years. Most recently, in 2017, Levi Barden was arrested and convicted of a DUI, reckless driving, and recklessly endangering another person. He was incarcerated and was sentenced to two years of probation. We believe that Levi lives and works in Eugene, possibly in landscaping.

Levi Barden's tattoosLevi Garrett Barden may live in the Eugene area. He has worked for landscaping companies in the past.


Additional Information

Logan Gregory Barden 

DOB: March 8, 1993

RESIDENCE: Lives with his partner Jamie Stram at 2680 Tomahawk Place, Eugene, Oregon, 97401

PHOTOS:Logan Barden


Jamie Michelle Stram

DOB: July 9, 1992

RESIDENCE: 2680 Tomahawk Place, Eugene, Oregon, 97401

PHOTOS:Jamie Stram


Levi Garrett Barden

DOB: December 14, 1987

PHOTOS: Levi Barden


Kevin A. Ross

DOB: September 1, 1982

Location: Drain, Oregon (Formerly resided with his mother and brother at 2221 East Irwin Way, Eugene, Oregon 97402)



If you have any information about Logan Barden, Jamie Stram, Levi Barden, Kevin Ross, or other racist or fascist activity in your area, contact us at eugeneantifa(at)protonmail(dot)com