William Rehm IV: Oregon Member of “The Base” Exposed!

William Franklin Rehm IV, or as he is more commonly known among neo-Nazi circles, “TheEcologist” AKA “Werwolf,” is a former member of the Base and co-founder of the Green Brigade. Will is from Beaverton, Oregon and has spent the bulk of the last year communicating closely with Atomwaffen Division and Base members. In previously unpublished, internal communications acquired from anonymous antifascist activists, we learn a great deal about Rehm, his associates, and the organizing dynamics of the most notorious, accelerationist, neo-Nazi groups in the United States.

William Franklin Rehm IV was born on October 17, 1999, and grew up in the wealthy hills of Beaverton, Oregon. In 2014, William started school at Beaverton High School. At this age, William was more invested in his battle rap career and skateboarding than obscure Nazi occultists. In late 2015, two of William’s close friends, Austin Mendler and Timothy Harris, were arrested for robbing a Plaid Pantry and assaulting an employee with a fish bat. Following the arrests, William transferred to Edison High School in Portland, Oregon. Edison High School is a private school that works with teenagers who have learning disabilities. After graduating in 2018, William continued school at Portland Community College (PCC). By this time, William’s eco-fascist politics had fully manifested and he was networking with other neo-Nazi accelerationists online, using the pseudonyms “Werwolf” and “TheEcologist.” William Rehm IV was a member of the Base and has close relationships with neo-Nazis from the Atomwaffen Division.William Franklin Rehm IV is an eco-fascist from Beaverton, Oregon. He was a member of the Base and a leader in an eco-fascist group called the “Green Brigade.” 

William Franklin Rehm IV poses with a copy of the Unabomber’s manifesto (ISAIF) for a “Green Brigade” propaganda piece. His face is covered with a Tokenkopf and the Algis Rune, symbols frequently used by neo-Nazi groups.

William Rehm IV graduated from Edison High School in Portland, Oregon in 2018. William was also a student at Beaverton High School in Beaverton, Oregon.

William Rehm IV on vacation with his family in Europe.

William Rehm IV on vacation with his family. William is 5’11”.

Before professing his neo-Nazi beliefs, William posted rap songs on Soundcloud. William’s Soundcloud account has been deleted, but we can say with certainty that “#bars” is a misleading description.

William Rehm IV used to practice skateboarding before practicing fascism.

The Base

William organized with a number of accelerationist neo-Nazi formations before forming one of his own. William networked with Nazis in the Misanthropic Division, an international neo-Nazi regiment with close ties to the Ukrainian Azov Battalion. Misanthropic Division is mainly based in Europe, though individuals linked to the group have been identified in the United States. William was also a member of another international accelerationist Nazi group called the Base. Coming in to 2020, William was the only known Base member in the state of Oregon. In December 2019, stickers advertising the Base were found and removed in Northeast Portland, Oregon. William disassociated himself from the Base on January 18th, 2020, a few days after six members were arrested in separate terror plots; three planned to carry out a mass shooting at a Richmond, Virginia gun rally, and another three were involved in a plot to murder a Georgia couple who they believed to be members of an Atlanta antifascist group. January got worse for the Base when The Guardian published a bombshell article exposing the leader of the Base, “Norman Spear,” as Russian resident Rinaldo Nazzaro. Many Nazis thought that Nazzaro may have been a federal agent, but William defended him, writing (of Nazzaro) “I used to speak with him often. I trust him.”

William Rehm IV ordered a shirt of the European neo-Nazi group “Misanthropic Division” and claimed to have worn the shirt to the gym. 


William Rehm IV AKA “Werwolf” writes that he used to talk to the leader of the Base, Rinaldo “Roman” Nazzaro. William was a member of the Base and has defended Rinaldo Nazzaro after he was identified by the Guardian.

Screenshots from the Wire chat for the Base show the aftermath of the January 2020 Base arrests. William Rehm IV AKA “Werwolf” asks Rinaldo Nazzaro AKA “Roman Wolf” how to proceed. Clearly, William did not have “tight OpSec.”

William Rehm IV AKA “Werwolf” communicated frequently with Luke Austin Lane AKA “TMB,” who was implicated in the Georgia murder conspiracy.

A screenshot from within the Base’s private Wire chat was released by the Guardian in January 2020. The messages outlined in red are from William Rehm IV AKA “TheEcologist” AKA “Werwolf.” William Rehm tells the leader of the Base, Rinaldo “Roman” Nazzaro (Name in pixilated blue), that he is “glad to be apart of it.”

William Rehm IV AKA “Werwolf” tells other members of the Base that he will be taking his Nazism elsewhere. William left the Base on January 18th, 2020.


William Rehm IV AKA “Werwolf” tells members of the Fascist Forge chat that he recently left the Base. Chat member “John” aka “Dima” was also a part of the neo-Nazi paramilitary group the Base.

The Green Brigade

The Green Brigade is an eco-fascist group that launched in the early days of November 2019 and silently ceased in March 2020. William Rehm IV helped create the group with a Swedish member of the Base and held a leadership role. Most of the group’s propaganda material and recruitment posters were designed by William and he is featured in at least two promotional photos. Most of the material is poorly designed and some has been directly stolen from leftist groups like the Earth Liberation Front. The Green Brigade Telegram channel was created on November 6, 2019, and officially disbanded on March 18, 2020. The Green Brigade promised to continue to take a “proactive approach off the radar.”

William Rehm IV poses with a copy of “Industrial Society and Its Future,” (ISAIF) the manuscript of “the Unabomber,” Ted Kaczynski. The Green Brigade logo is visible in the top left corner.


William Rehm IV wears a skull mask in this propaganda photo for the Green Brigade.

The Green Brigade group did not grow much during it’s four month lifespan, but had members in the U.S. states of Arkansas and New Hampshire, and in England and Sweden. The group had a substantial Telegram presence and received an early boost by being associated with an arson attack on a mink farm in Sölvesborg, Sweden. The fire was set on October 30th, 2019 and the attack was first claimed by “The Swedish Animal Rights Militia.” In November, a video from inside the burning farm was uploaded to iFunny by William Rehm IV, using the alias “TheEcologist.” William also shared content promoting the neo-Nazi accelerationist cell “the Base” and began early recruiting efforts for the Green Brigade on iFunny. His account reached more than 700 subscribers on the app before it was finally deleted. It is likely that his reach would have continued to grow if his account was not mentioned in an article by VICE in November 2019. The Laissez-faire moderation of iFunny makes it easily susceptible to far-right networking and recruiting. William Rehm IV used the meme-sharing app iFunny to share a video from the burning mink farm in Sweden (outlined in red). He also shared recruiting material from the paramilitary neo-Nazi group the Base. William managed to make nearly 800 posts on iFunny before the moderators of the app took action against his account. An archive of the account can be accessed here.

William Rehm IV posts a death threat targeting a journalist for VICE on the Green Brigade Telegram channel.

William Rehm IV AKA “TheEcologist” admits to making the propaganda for the Green Brigade, some of which includes photos of himself. 

The Green Brigade received little in the way of media attention, but statements in one article particularly got under William’s skin. The article in question, published by VICE, connected the arson attack in Sweden to the Base and described the Green Brigade as “an eco-fascist cell within The Base.” On the Telegram channel for the Green Brigade, William went into length defending his group’s autonomy and insisting that Norman Spear AKA Rinaldo Nazzaro was not a federal plant. The rant ended with a call for attacks against the system: “I will train with firearms, explosives, knives, Ryder trucks, and anything else I have to to destroy this KIKE SYSTEM THAT IS GENOCIDING MY People.” Training with “Ryder trucks” is a reference to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.In a lengthy Telegram rant, William Rehm IV’s Green Brigade denies connections to the Base. However, multiple Nazis affiliated with the Green Brigade were also members of the Base.


William Rehm IV AKA “Werwolf” tells members of the Fascist Forge General Wire chat that his Green Brigade (GB) was not affiliated with the Base, as suggested in the VICE article.


William Rehm IV’s Green Brigade calls for “PURE UNADULTERATED ARYAN VIOLENCE” at the end of a rant about the Base.

Telegram Activity

In addition to the Green Brigade, William Rehm IV helped run three eco-fascist channels on Telegram. Eco-fascism is a growing ideological subset of the fascist movement. Eco-fascism combines concerns of ecological collapse with Malthusian tropes, neo-Nazi occultism, and the rejection of civilization. Eco-fascists draw on fascist thinkers like Savitri Devi, James Mason, and Pentti Linkola, and borrow ideas from anarcho-primitivist figures on the left. The Christchurch gunman identified with eco-fascism, and eco-fascist themes appeared in the manifesto of the gunman who killed 22 people in El Paso. “Eco-Fascist Central” is the largest channel that William helped administer, with over 2,300 members. The channel is a one stop shop for Ted Kaczynski memes, Swastika emblazoned nature photos, and calls for mass murder. The channel is still active despite William’s departure. William was an admin on at least two more neo-Nazi Telegram channels; one called “Esoteric Ecology” with some 700+ members, and one called “MISANTHROPIK MAYHEM” with 300+ members. “MISANTHROPIK MAYHEM” is William’s more extreme channel, which features propaganda from Feuerkrieg Division, Sonnekrieg Division, Atomwaffen Division, and the Base. Other posts encourage the murder of minorities and law enforcement. William Rehm IV is admin on at least three eco-fascist Telegram channels.

Some of the posts from William Rehm IV’s Telegram channel “MISANTHROPIK MAYHEM.” Posts advertise for Atomwaffen Division, the Base, and various other accelerationist groups. 

William also moderated a heavily infiltrated chat for his Telegram channel “Esoteric Ecology.” The chat featured members of numerous neo-Nazi groups including the Feuerkrieg Division and the Base. Dillon Hopper, founder of the neo-Nazi group Vanguard America, was a part of the “Esoteric Ecology” Telegram chat. Hopper is being sued for his role in the deadly 2017 “Unite the Right” protest, where James Alex Fields drove his car into a crowd of anti-racists, killing Heather Heyer. Zephyr Garrison, a teenage member of the Base and founder of “Natural Order” was also active in William’s chat. Messages posted in the chat offer some insight into William Rehm IV’s personal life, financial struggles, and desire to “go feral.”William Rehm IV kicked Dillon Hopper, leader of the Nazi group “Vanguard America,” from the Telegram chat for his channel “Esoteric Ecology.” Vanguard America broke a part after the 2017 Charlottesville rally, when James Alex Fields Jr. rammed his vehicle into a crowd of anti-racists. James Alex Fields Jr. was pictured marching with Vanguard America during the rally. Following the attack, Vanguard America was rebranded to “Patriot Front” by Thomas Rousseau.


William Rehm IV suggests terror bombings as a way to “subvert the current kike system.”


William Rehm IV AKA “TheEcologist” tells members of the “Esoteric Ecology” Telegram chat that he wishes to go feral.


William tells other members of his Telegram chat that he is unemployed and struggling financially.


William Rehm IV shares his financial struggles with members of his Telegram chat in early February. He received assistance from his fashy pals, as seen in this Venmo transaction.


After William left Telegram, members of his deserted chat room speculated about his whereabouts and status. Some worry that he may be locked up, others think that he may have gone fully primitive. 

On February 23rd, William announced via “Esoteric Ecology” that he would be “leaving Telegram for an indefinite amount of time.” Posts on both “Esoteric Ecology” and on “MISANTHROPIK MAYHEM” end by February 26th, suggesting that William took a final leave of absence from Telegram. William also shared that he was facing financial issues and was receiving assistance from other neo-Nazis.  However, we believe that William Rehm IV is still actively organizing with neo-Nazis and should be considered dangerous.

Fascist Forge Chat

Although William Rehm IV left the Base in mid-January 2020, he continued to organize with many Base members and several high-profile members of the Atomwaffen Division in a Wire chat called “Fascist Forge General Chat.” The Wire chat was created by “Mathias” AKA “Mikrotheos,” a California Base member and the founder and administrator of “Fascist Forge” website. Fascist Forge was brought online in early 2018, and acted as a busy Nazi recruitment forum, aiding the growth of accelerationist neo-Nazi cell groups. The site is currently inactive. The Fascist Forge General Wire chat has roughly 40 members, including many current and former members of the Base. A number of high-profile Atomwaffen Division members were also in the chat, like Kaleb James Cole, John Cameron Denton, and Wade Mendisabal. About one in four of the participants in the Wire chat can be considered lone wolves.

William Rehm IV AKA “Werwolf” was a part of the Fascist Forge Wire chat created by a California Base member “Mathias,” pictured here wearing a skull mask. Cameron Shea AKA “Krokodil” believes that Mathias vets strictly.

We learn many things about William Rehm’s personal life and plans from the Fascist Forge Wire chat. William has a three year old child, likely living in Iowa, that he has never seen nor has contact with. He claims to have been disqualified from the National Guard for mental health reasons. Two of his close friends from high school are rapists and were sentenced to jail time in 2015 for repeated convenience store robberies and attacking a store clerk. We learn that William was focused on compiling all the essays on the neo-Nazi website Siege Culture/Kultur into a PDF, with plans to publish them as a hardbound book. Perhaps most notably, we learn that William Rehm IV sought to purchase a long gun in February 2020. His application for this purchase was initially flagged and delayed, which caused him to consider taking his “bug out bag” and running. Delays are not uncommon in the background check process and it is very likely that William was able to obtain the gun. His father already owns 12 firearms, so we must consider William to be armed and dangerous.William Rehm IV tells other members of the Fascist Forge Wire chat about the child he abandoned.

William Rehm IV was friends with Timothy Harris and Austin Mendler when they were arrested for robbing a Plaid Pantry in Beaverton, Oregon, in 2015. William also recalls that they committed a rape. William Rehm IV confesses his preoccupation with incest sexual fantasies and “step-mom porn.”

When William Rehm IV attempted to buy a gun in February 2020, his transaction was marked as “delayed.” Since William is under the age of 21, he is only eligible to purchase a long gun in the state of Oregon.

William Rehm IV has the same full name as his father, William Rehm III, who goes by “Bill.” Name mix-ups can slow the background check process.

William Rehm IV, fearing that he has been flagged by a federal agency, asks if he should go on the run. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the United States, William Rehm IV discussed multiple plans and living arrangement scenarios with Washington state Atomwaffen Division member Cameron Brandon Shea. Shea, AKA “Krokodil,” had been employed as an Emergency Medical Technician and was living in a motel following a divorce from his wife before he was arrested for taking part in an Atomwaffen Division operation targeting journalists. William Rehm considered inviting Shea down to stay with him one weekend while his parents were away from their home on SW Gleneden Drive in Beaverton, Oregon.

Cameron Brandon Shea AKA “Krokodil” was divorced shortly before his arrest.

William Rehm IV AKA “Werwolf” jokes about inviting Cameron Shea to live with him. William was last known to be living at his parents’ house in Beaverton, Oregon.

William Rehm discussed, in detail, plans to relocate to a neo-Nazi compound somewhere along the border of Michigan and Wisconsin. This compound is the making of a 19 year-old Base member who uses the aliases “Druhtinaz” and “AK.” According to “Druhtinaz,” the neo-Nazi compound, in its early planning, is in the “upper peninsula of Michigan” and he describes it as being a “white ethnostate minus one indian reserve of 3k . . . on the border with Wisconsin.” The location has one “rickety ass bridge connecting it to the lower peninsula” and is along the “largest body of freshwater reserves in the world.” He plans on purchasing land and houses at the start of the summer and intends to recruit more residents. William Rehm IV hoped to sell an inherited comic book collection for thousands of dollars to pay for his move. U.S. federal law enforcement has reportedly been made aware of this compound when “Druhtinaz” divulged information to a federal agent within the Base while he was advertising the project.

“Druhtinaz” AKA “AK” shares the timeline for his neo-Nazi compound. William Rehm IV AKA “Werwolf” plans to join him on the compound by selling his inheritance. 

“Druhtinaz” plans to purchase houses in the upper peninsula of Michigan and fortify them. He already has chosen William Rehm IV for the project.


William Franklin Rehm IV gave many clues to community members indicating he is a neo-Nazi. In the winter of 2019, he took a U.S. Government class at Portland Community College (likely Rock Creek campus) and wrote a “think piece” for his instructor that outlined his appreciation for National Socialism. William cites from ‘super-fascist’ Julius Evola and ends with a quote from Oswald Mosley: “Fascism is the greatest crusade that has ever been undertaken.” Should this declaration not prompt further questioning from his instructor? William engaged in other blatant acts signalling his fascist ideology; wearing Misanthropic Division apparel to the gym and greeting his physical therapist with a sieg heil. Did William’s parents, who should know him best, not take notice of his neo-Nazi tshirts and established, pro-fascist library? The warning signs of William’s radicalization stretched across multiple facets of his daily life. William’s case, similar to countless others, fits into a broader pattern of isolation and youth radicalization that must be addressed if we are to make any progress preventing the growth of fascism and additional mass murders. It is essential that we consider the obligation of the community and familial contacts as we examine the threats William Rehm IV, and others just like him, pose to society.

William has spent the bulk of the last year communicating closely and organizing with high-profile members of the Atomwaffen Division and the Base in private chats. Many of the members he chatted with have been arrested for planning or engaging in terrorist acts. In addition, William promoted eco-fascism and called for eco-fascist themed violence through various Telegram channels and chats. William Franklin Rehm IV should be considered armed and has access to at least a dozen firearms. We believe he is an active danger to the community.

Call to Action!

We encourage readers to contact Portland Community College and ask that they take action against William Franklin Rehm IV. You can contact the dean of students by email: vivian.miranda(at)pcc(dot)edu

Here is some information to consider:

  • William Franklin Rehm IV is an active neo-Nazi (a self proclaimed eco-fascist) and has claimed involvement with a number of accelerationist neo-Nazi groups like the Base which have been linked to terror plots in the United States.
  • William Franklin Rehm IV directly violated the “Code of Student Conduct,” Sections K and H. William recorded a video of a student in his class and sent the video to a encrypted neo-Nazi chat, where he banters with Kaleb Cole and Cameron Shea about it, and wrote (referring to the student visible in the video) “Fucking bugman playing video games on his pc while I’m over here reading iom.” William Franklin Rehm IV violates the code of student conduct by recording and uploading a video recorded in his PCC class on Thursday, February 20, 2020. This video is shared in the Fascist Forge General Wire chat and viewed by Kaleb Cole, Cameron Shea, and other neo-Nazis.


Name: William Franklin Rehm IV

Birthdate: 10/17/1999

Last known address: 15445 SW Gleneden Drive,  Beaverton, Oregon 97007

School: Portland Community College

If you have information about William Franklin Rehm IV or other neo-Nazi activity in your area, please contact us by email at: EugeneAntifa(at)protonmail(dot)com

Throughout this article, we employ the terms “terrorism” and “terrorist.” We would like to note that “terrorism” is defined by the state, and the language of terrorism has long been used to repress anarchists and others who actively question and threaten to upset capitalism and the settler-colonial State.

We reject the trend by fascists to fetishize environmentalism; their claims of ecological awareness are shallow and we encourage their expulsion from all organizing spaces. We stand by the actions of the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), anarchist eco-militants worldwide, and the land struggles of all indigenous people.

Email: eugeneantifa [at] protonmail [dot] com

Zephyr Garrison: The Teen Behind East Coast Efforts to Rebrand the Base and FKD

Zephyr Garrison is a 17 year-old New Hampshire resident and an active neo-Nazi. He is currently a student at Inter-Lakes High School in Meredith, New Hampshire and he lives with his father, Paul, in a spacious lakeside house. Zephyr is part Hungarian and lived in Budapest for several years while his father acted as managing director for Coca-Cola in Hungary. Zephyr is a member of the neo-Nazi accelerationist group the Base and was a member of the adjacent group the Feuerkrieg Divison (FKD). Zephyr is attempting to keep Feuerkrieg Division alive in the Northeast United States; he has piloted a new group which is now called “Natural Order” that is largely made up of FKD and Base members. Zephyr Garrison is known as “Det.Som.Engang.Var” on social media and in neo-Nazi communications.

Zephyr Garrison dressed for prom at Inter-Lakes High School.

Zephyr Garrison wears a distinctive jean jacket while giving a Sieg Heil during a banner drop.

Zephyr Garrison wears a Mjolnir or Hammer of Thor necklace in a YouTube video. The Mjolnir is often appropriated by neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

Zephyr Garrison dressed for prom (left) and dressed for neo-Nazism (right).

The Base

Zephyr Garrison is a member of the Base, a neo-Nazi terror group founded in 2018 by Rinaldo Nazzaro AKA Norman Spear with the aim of creating paramilitary cells to violently form regional white ethnostates. In the middle of January 2020, a federal crackdown on the group led to the arrest of seven members, bringing the total number of arrests to eight. Three Base members were arrested in Maryland for planning an attack at a gun rights rally in Richmond; another three were arrested in Georgia for plotting to murder a couple they thought to be members of an antifascist group. A Wisconsin Base member was arrested for the vandalism of a synagogue in the January roundup and a New Jersey member was arrested two months prior for conspiring to vandalize synagogues.

Despite the wave of arrests, Zephyr Garrison became a full-fledged member of the Base in late January 2020. Rinaldo Nazzaro AKA “Roman” praised Zephyr for “still wanting to join after all that stuff went down,” referencing the arrests that occurred mere days before he joined. Zephyr joined the Base after the Feuerkrieg Divison (FKD) started to collapse in January 2020 with the capture of “Commander,” an Estonian teenager and the co-founder of the group. “Commander” was just 13 years old when visited by police in Estonia.

Zephyr Garrison AKA “Det.Som.Engang.Var” joins the Base’s chats in mid January 2020. Rinaldo Nazzaro AKA “Roman” praises him for joining days after the FBI cracked down on members of the Base.

Zephyr and other members of the Base hope for violence during the January 20, 2020 gun rally in Richmond, VA. 

Zephyr concealed his neo-Nazi activities behind the moniker “det som engang var” (often “det.som.engang.var” or “det.som.engang.var.2”). The name comes from an album by Norwegian black metal figure and neo-Nazi arsonist Louis Cachet AKA Varg Vikernes. Vikernes served prison time for several church arsons and a murder and plotted to bomb an anarcho-punk house located in Oslo, Norway. In 2013, Vikernes was arrested by French anti-terrorist police for planning a “major terrorist attack.” Holden Matthews, who torched three Louisiana churches in 2019, was a follower of Vikernes and attempted to copy his wave of church arsons.

Zephyr Garrison AKA “det.som.engang.var.2” shares accelerationist propaganda calling for synagogue arsons in the FKD Riot chat. 

As noted in our previous report on FKD, the group has many connections to the neo-Nazi terror group the Base. Two members of the Northeastern US cell, “ryanrrrr” and “Prometheus_88,” were also members of the Base. Zephyr flaunted his own involvement with the Base, telling other members of FKD that he has “indirect contact with several Base members” and hoped to hold a “pan organizational” meetup. FKD members expressed concern about meeting and working with members of other groups, which was forbidden by former FKD leader “Commander.” We have no indication that such a meetup ever occurred. However, we do know that Zephyr met with members of the Base on at least one occasion. On February 10th 2020, Zephyr announced that he would be attending a Trump rally with members of the Base in Manchester, New Hampshire, “to counter protest the commies.”

Zephyr AKA “det.som.engang.var.2” planned to attend Donald Trump’s Feb. 10th rally in Manchester, New Hampshire with other members of the Base.

Zephyr brags about his neo-Nazi connections in the FKD Riot chat. “IY” likely refers to “Iron Youth,” a smaller neo-Nazi accelerationist group that he claimed to be a member of at the time. Zephyr also writes in favor of a “hate camp,” the paramilitary training sessions members of the Base engaged in.

Feuerkrieg Division

Zephyr was active in the now defunct neo-Nazi accelerationist group Feuerkrieg Division (FKD), an international neo-Nazi formation similar to the Base and Atomwaffen Division, that has been linked to bombings and mass shooting plots. Zephyr was active until the arrest of Tyler Ashley Parker-Dipeppe AKA Azazel in February 2020. Tyler was one of the leaders of FKD at the time of his arrest as well as being a member of the Atomwaffen Division (AWD). We published an article detailing the membership and activity of FKD, and chat logs from the group have recently been made public by the independent media group Unicorn Riot. Within FKD chats, Zephyr advocated for in-person actions, meetups, and “concrete plans.” He organized several meetups for FKD members in the Northeast United States cell: On December 28th 2019, Zephyr set a meetup in a park in downtown Boston. Two other FKD members attended, “siegheil_88” AKA “Lugar” and “ryanrrrr,” only to be stopped and detained by plainclothes police. The trio pasted a whopping two posters after being released, which were provided by Zephyr and did not promote FKD. Zephyr also unsuccessfully organized a meetup at a park in New York. In addition to organizing meetups, Zephyr carried out a flyering with group-specific propaganda, a standard introduction and often a requirement for new recruits to FKD. Photos of his handiwork were uploaded to the group’s official Telegram channel on November 30th, showing that he had pasted several posters containing Swastikas and promoting FKD around downtown Concord, New Hampshire.

Zephyr Garrison AKA “det.som.engang.var.2” connects with other members of the Northeast US FKD cell on Riot and sets a meeting time and place. 

Commander calls Zephyr’s Boston meetup “a disappointment and a disaster” after the group was stopped by police. Dylan Daube AKA “a_lost_rhodesian” asks questions about the meetup.

Zephyr runs the “leagueofnationalists” Instagram account and uploaded pictures of the two posters FKD members managed to paste after the Boston meeting. This post is careful not to mention FKD by name.

Zephyr Garrison flyered downtown Concord, New Hampshire in November 2019 (Photo from antifascist researcher Subcomandante X).

League of Nationalists

Despite Commander’s general restrictions on cross-group involvement, we know that most neo-Nazis in FKD were also members of similar accelerationist groups like the Base and Atomwaffen. A part from FKD and the Base, Zephyr claimed membership in Iron Youth and Invictus Youth, two Siege inspired neo-Nazi groups with less notoriety than FKD. Iron Youth was created in August 2018 by a California teenager (later arrested) and followed the basic Siege-group formula of producing Nazi posters and videos showing members firing weapons. Zephyr also ran a white nationalist group of his own called “League of Nationalists” (LON) and admitted to “commanding” LON and running the Instagram page. The group appears to be international, boasting of active members in Romania and Italy, though most of the activity is limited to the Northeastern US. The group organizes on the gaming chat platform Discord, and hopes to attract new recruits through Instagram, which is filled with Siege themed propaganda and aesthetics.

Zephyr tells other members of FKD that he is the leader of League of Nationalists and also is a member of Iron Youth and Invictus Youth. Commander actively discouraged his members from joining other groups. 

Zephyr attempts to recruit members of his Telegram group “The Organization” for Iron Youth, another accelerationist group with similar tactics and aims. “The Organization” and Iron Youth would eventually morph into one.

Zephyr runs the Instagram page for “League of Nationalists” and shares photos of from flyerings.

In late September 2019, Zephyr and other members of his “League of Nationalists” put up posters advertising their group under the cover of night. Then, on Halloween night 2019, Zephyr put up posters with the slogan “It’s okay to be white” on a college campus near his home in Meredith, New Hampshire. On the same night and some 2500 miles away in Spokane, Washington, fellow FKD member “Nick” AKA “Berserker” posted flyers of the same slogan around his city. On November 9th 2019, Zephyr and a friend affiliated with Invictus Youth hung a poorly painted banner with the “It’s okay to be white” slogan from a highway overpass in New Hampshire. In a video of the action posted to Instagram, Zephyr can be seen fixing the banner to the overpass before posing in front of it and giving a “Sieg Heil.” Then, on November 16 2019, Zephyr Garrison traveled to Newark, New Jersey, and vandalized the Clinton Memorial AME Zion Church, the first Black church in Newark, with anti-Semitic stickers. Zephyr and another person also burned books and a printed picture of the Star of David. In a Telegram message, Zephyr recollected his New Jersey vandalism, when he “put a bunch of stickers all over a synagogue in NJ way back when.” We assume that he is referring to the Clinton Memorial church vandalism which he incorrectly calls a “synagogue.” In late December 2019, Zephyr and regional members from LON put racist and anti-Semitic propaganda up around a New Hampshire town.

Zephyr Garrison poses with one of the “League of Nationalists” posters in September 2019 and his online Nazi pals show their approval. 

On Halloween night, Zephyr taped “It’s okay to be white” posters at a college near his home in Meredith, New Hampshire. 

Zephyr poses in front of his crudely-made “It’s okay to be white” banner, wearing a Siege styled skull mask. Image brightness has been increased.

Zephyr Garrison wears a distinctive jean jacket while giving a Sieg Heil in front of his banner. 

Zephyr Garrison vandalized the Clinton Memorial AME Zion Church in Newark, New Jersey.

In Telegram chats for “The Organization,” Zephyr admits to vandalizing a “synagogue” in New Jersey.

After the arrest of Tyler Ashley “Azazel” Parker-Dipeppe, the Feuerkrieg Division seemed destined to fall completely fall a part. The group was reeling from the arrests of several key members, including the assumed arrest of former leader “Commander.” Tyler Ashley “Azazel” Parker-Dipeppe’s subsequent arrest, and the revelation that the group was heavily infiltrated by antifascists and law enforcement, seemed to be the final straw for many of the hanger-ons. Although FKD finally disbanded, some of the cells are still alive. One of the most organized cells of FKD was located in the Northeast US and many members of the cell migrated to a new group created by Zephyr Garrison that was organized on the messaging app Telegram. This new group, laughably named “The Organization,” had close to 20 members and many from FKD and the Base. Zephyr connected with other members of “The Organization” as “det.som.engang.var” or “det” and discussed plans for in-person meetups, hikes, and banner drops.

Zephyr Garrison AKA “det.som.engang.var” tells Grzegorz AKA Adam Hayes that he is attempting to fund a trip back home to Hungary. Zephyr is from Budapest, Hungary and lived there in his childhood. 

Zephyr Garrison AKA “det.som.engang.var” was a member of FKD before the group disbanded. After the arrest of Azazel (“Az”) Zephyr formed “The Organization” with other FKD members from the Northeast US. 

Zephyr Garrison AKA “det.som.engang.var” and his boys in “The Organization” were big fans of our report on the Feuerkrieg Division. You can read it here.

Zephyr Garrison AKA “det.som.engang.var” encourages members of “The Organization” to invite other Nazis in their area, calling the chat “a Wignat [white nationalist] Phone Book.”

Zephyr and other members of “The Organization” harass a college student.

Coronavirus and Guns

In the Telegram chat for “The Organization,” Zephyr hatched a plan to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to further induce pandemonium. He pushed for members to remove toilet paper and hand soap from public bathrooms to “scare the shit out of consumers,” with the aim of spreading fear and disillusion. Zephyr sees a bigger opportunity with the COVID-19 pandemic, hoping to take over the small forested town of Sandwich, New Hampshire and turn it into a white nationalist haven. He discusses seizing the rental houses in the town and gathering other neo-Nazis so “that gov authority will have a hard time coming back to a small rural town full of Wignats.” Many far-right groups and individuals, especially accelerationist neo-Nazis, have openly discussed using the pandemic to accelerate their political goals. A Missouri Nazi named Timothy Wilson died after FBI agents attempted to arrest him. He intended to detonate a vehicle bomb outside a hospital, but agents supplied him with fake explosives. Wilson was affiliated with the National Socialist Movement (NSM) and was in communication with fellow would-be-mass-murderer Jarret William Smith, who was a member of FKD.

Zephyr Garrison AKA “det.som.engang.var” spins a tale for other members of “The Organization” that the brother of his girlfriend spilled insider info on the government’s plan to assert martial law during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Zephyr Garrison encourages his Nazi buds to steal soap and toilet paper in order to stir up panic. 

Zephyr Garrison hopes to take over the town of Sandwich, New Hampshire, and seize empty vacation homes. 

Zephyr Garrison AKA “det.som.engang.var” is trying to build a neo-Nazi community in the small town of Sandwich, New Hampshire.

Zephyr Garrison used his contacts within “The Organization” for the purpose of acquiring a gun. He tells other members of the Telegram chat that he has been unable to get a gun and only has a crossbow and several knives. Zephyr even offers to pay anyone willing to buy him a gun; it is not clear if any members have taken him up on this offer. In one photo uploaded to the Telegram chat, Zephyr showed the progress of his homemade shotgun project.

Zephyr Garrison tells other members of “The Organization” of his inability to obtain a gun, likely because he is under 18.

Zephyr offers members of “The Organization” money in exchange for a straw gun purchase. The straw purchase of firearms in illegal in the United States.

Zephyr shows members of “The Organization” his progress on a homemade shotgun.  

Natural Order

Zephyr organized a meetup with members of “The Organization” on March 22, 2020 in the town of Sandwich, New Hampshire (the town Zephyr hopes to seize). The meetup was meant to consist of hand-to-hand combat and knife exercises but after a handful of last-minute cancellations, no meeting ever materialized. Two days after the meeting was to be held, Zephyr announced that “The Organization” was rebranding to “Natural Order.” With this change, Zephyr and other core members of “The Organization” sought to build an “actual political organization,” and not just any, but “THE political organization of the East Coast.” Members of “The Organization” were automatically accepted as members of “Natural Order,” ideological restrictions were removed, and the geographical scope of the group was expanded to include all East coast states down to Florida.

Zephyr announces the launch of “Natural Order ” (1).

Zephyr announces the launch of “Natural Order ” (2).

In announcing the launch of “Natural Order,” Zephyr was careful to distance the group from previous failed projects like the Feuerkrieg Division. He assured his Nazi compatriots that “Natural Order will NOT be a generic (blank) waffen division.” However, as we have shown, “Natural Order” is the direct spawn of Feuerkrieg Division, just one corny rename removed. Zephyr Garrison is attempting to continue the mission of FKD and the Base by building an armed, regional body of neo-Nazis willing to execute violent, direct action against their undesired elements of society.

In April of 2020, Zephyr Garrison publicly announced “Natural Order” would be joining forces with “Iron Youth” as part of an effort to unify neo-Nazi accelerationist groups and lone wolves across the United States into a coordinated front. “Natural Order” would act as the regional organization for the East coast and Iron Youth would be responsible for the rest of the United States. With remnant members of the Base and Feuerkrieg Division, Zephyr Garrison is attempting to establish a new vanguardist front. We expect his efforts to be stunted following the upcoming series of articles profiling his new group’s members.


Email: eugeneantifa [at] protonmail [dot] com

Feuerkrieg Division Exposed: International Neo-Nazi Terrorist Network

After a long term, intensive investigation into an international neo-Nazi terrorist network calling itself the Feuerkrieg Division (FKD), we have compiled a detailed report which provides an overview of the network’s ideology, history, structure, membership, activity, and legal entanglements. This lengthy report features numerous profiles of former and current members. Area antifascist crews, researchers, and respected journalists are encouraged to reach out to us at eugeneantifa [at] protonmail [dot] com for additional information.


History of FKD

Feuerkrieg Division (FKD) is an international neo-Nazi terrorist organization which has modeled itself after the US based neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen Division. The group’s membership spans at least 15 countries and its members range from age 14 to 40. To date, many of its members have been arrested, yet the remaining 30 or so continue to organize with the ultimate aim of exterminating non-Whites and executing terrorist acts in order to spark a system collapse and race war.

The Feuerkrieg Division found its start on October 20, 2018 as an online accelerationist, Siege-type neo-Nazi group. FKD was created by a fascist from Estonia going by “Commander” and a fascist from the Netherlands, “Wolfram.” To our knowledge, the two never met in real life. For reasons unknown to us, by June 2019, “Wolfram” had dropped from the group he helped to co-create. It is unclear if he left the group or was pushed out. Following Commander’s controversial exit, a member using the alias “Azazel” quickly took lead of the remaining members. “Azazel” shared his leadership role with a high school student from Spokane, WA who operated as “Berserker” (AKA Genosside; AKA AnCap Nick), despite currently being under investigation for his targeting of a Spokane church with FKD propaganda.

On January 15th, 2020, a message was posted on the official Feuerkrieg Division Telegram channel which announced a pause in “recruiting operations for an undefined amount of time.” The message came after a string of arrests and paranoia within the group. Another announcement went out over the FKD Telegram channel on February 8, 2020, claiming that FKD was officially dissolving. However, antifascist infiltration efforts reveal that this was misinformation. Inside official chats hosted on the secure messaging program Riot, members were busy brainstorming a catchy new name for their neo-Nazi terror group. Members intentionally put out messages on Telegram as an attempt to distance the group from its ongoing legal entanglements. Although a new name for the same group has not yet been decided on, a new structure has been discussed. The “new” Feuerkrieg Division would be tiered, consisting of a more mainstream public facing group that could appeal to centrists and conservatives, and an internal “strike team” made up of long term members who are willing to carry out acts of violence. This internal group would attempt to “Siege-pill” and recruit new members from the mainstream right pool.



Wolfram: Netherlands

“Wolfram” was interviewed by “Gadsden” on January 6, 2019. Listen here

“Wolfram” is a neo-fascist accelerationist living in the Netherlands. He connected with “Commander” on a Dutch nationalist Discord server where they networked with other neo-Nazis and recruited for what would eventually be referred to as the Feuerkrieg Division. “Wolfram” sought to create a world wide national socialist organization whose members would move beyond the online world and “do stuff.” Wolfram had difficulty “finding enough Siege pilled people in the Netherlands,” and this may explain his mysterious departure from the group. It is unknown to us if he continues to organize with neo-Nazis, or if he should be considered a potential lone wolf risk.

“Gadsden” reminds FKD members that he interviewed “Wolfram”

Most of what we know about “Wolfram” comes from a rambling interview from early 2019. The interview is conducted by “Gadsden,” a neo-Nazi podcaster who has featured numerous high profile fascists on his show called “The Green Pill Perspective.” He is 22 years old who lives on the east coast of the United States. While he was in the official Feuerkrieg Division chats for a short while, he contended that he was merely a supporter eager to do podcasts for the group and rejected that he was ever an official member. “Gadsden” never made any additional podcasts for FKD and after he received numerous complaints about his taste in anime, “Gadsden” left the groups chats.


Commander: Estonia

“Commander,” co-founder of FKD resides in Estonia

The co-founder of Feuerkrieg Division most currently uses the alias “Commander” on social media, but has also used the names “Noz,” “British Fascist,” and “Kriegsherr.” His current location seems to be Kuressaare, a town on the Estonian island of Saaremaa. Based on his chat history, our research leads us to believe that he is between the age of 14 and 19. [Update: Mikk Salu has confirmed “Commander” to be a 13 year old Estonian resident.] Commander considers himself a British Nationalist and to be of German and Estonian ethnicity. In the official FKD chats, “Commander” hints that he might be responsible for the vandalism of a Jewish cemetery in Tallinn.

“Commander” shares a photo of his gear, including a new automatic rifle that he claims to have acquired from a cousin who lives in the USA

“Commander” seeks organizational advice from The Base leader Rinaldo Nazzaro aka “Roman”

Members of Feuerkrieg Division discuss forming alliances with Atomwaffen Division and The Base

“Commander” threatens to kill his sister and his sister’s boyfriend

In early January 2020, members of Feuerkrieg Division were informed by current leaders “Azazel” and “Berserker” that law enforcement had questioned “Commander,” seized some of his neo-Nazi related material and his electronic devices, and had instructed him to remove himself from the neo-Nazi group. In exchange, “Commander” would not have to serve any jail time.


Taylor Ashley Parker-Dipeppe: Florida

Note: Just hours after the original publication of this report, “Azazel” was identified as Taylor Ashley Parker-Dipeppe in legal documents stemming from the coordinated arrests of several high profile neo-Nazis.

Update: Just hours after the original publication of this report, “Azazel” is identified as Taylor Ashley Parker-Dipeppe


Taylor Ashley Parker-Dipeppe aka “Azazel,” FKD’s new co-leader is based in Florida, USA

The new co-leader of Feuerkrieg Division “Azazel” claims to be a student studying computer programming in Florida. “Azazel” has also used the alias “Goose,” and seems to be responsible for the racist flyering which occurred at the University of North Florida in early November of 2019. As the new co-leader of FKD, “Azazel” is swaying the group to appeal to more centrists, Christians, members of the military and law enforcement as potential recruits.


Berserker: Spokane, Washington

“Berserker” aka “Genosside” aka “Ancap Nick” is the new co-leader of FKD. He resides in Spokane, Washington USA

“Berserker” is a is a half Indian neo-Nazi who goes to Meade High School in Spokane, Washington.
While he goes by several aliases, we will simply opt to call him “Nick.” Nick joined Feuerkrieg Division in September of 2019. In October 2019, Nick put up several racist, Feuerkrieg Division flyers in the neighborhood which is home to a Baptist church with a  predominantly Black congregation. This event garnered high media and law enforcement attention. Due to the subsequent attention this event attracted, Nick soon found himself in trouble with his parents and the school administration at the high school he attends. This response did not deter Nick and on Halloween he posted flyers in Spokane bearing the white supremacist slogan “It’s Okay to Be White.” In the following month, it became clear that law enforcement was investigating Nick’s flyering. Nick received a 10 day suspension from his high school, his father insisted that Nick throw away his “third reich flag and copy of Mein Kampf,” and finally, Nick took a several week long break from the group. Nick rejoined Feuerkrieg Division in late December of 2019, just days before it was reported that “Commander” had been confronted by law enforcement. In early January 2020, Nick, as “Berserker,” had positioned himself as the new co-leader of the international neo-Nazi terror organization.

“Berserker” is called into the Vice Principal’s office at Meade High School in Spokane, Washington

“Berserker” informs “Commander” that he is being investigated by law enforcement


Feldmeijer: Netherlands

“Feldmeijer” of the Netherlands takes leadership of FKD in late February 2020

[UPDATE] Within two days of the publication of this report, Taylor Ashley Parker-Dipeppe aka “Azazel” is arrested and Nick aka “Berserker” abandons Feuerkrieg Division. The neo-Nazi group is only temporarily left leaderless before another member from the Netherlands positions himself as the new leader. “Feldmeijer,” who has also used the alias “zegiklekkerniet,” is from England but is living in the Netherlands as a student. He claims to be proficient in computer skills and has been working on a website, file sharing server, and new chat platform for the group.



Feuerkrieg Division began in a fairly typical manner for a fascist group. For most of its existence, “Commander” was the sole leader of the group and every decision needed his approval. While he, and even the membership, might say that it was a leaderless group, this is clearly untrue. “Commander” held every password to every account and had ultimate decision over all optics and organizational movements. His removal from the group was a powerful blow and it is unlikely that the group can recover. As the new leaders “Azazel” and “Berserker” volley to steer the group in a meaningful direction, the group is becoming more frayed and unstable. Many members have already jumped ship and linked up with other adjacent neo-Nazi groups. In fact, most members of the group were already cross-involved with other neo-Nazi formations without the leadership’s knowledge.

Like most neo-Nazi groups, FKD is divided among geographical lines to form autonomous and localized cells capable of meeting up in person and carrying out actions on behalf of the group.
Most cells only have one or two members, and the distance is significant between each. This prevents the group from pulling off any mass mobilization or activity but lends itself to the increased possibility of lone wolf attacks.



Since its inception, close to 80 members have worked their way through the revolving door that is the Feuerkrieg Division. At the time of this publication, the group has around 30 active members. Half of the membership resides in the US, primarily the Northeast region of the country. Germany, the UK, and the Netherlands have the most members outside of the United States.

Feuerkrieg Division members are overwhelmingly young, with most members in their teens or early twenties. Many are still in high school. This falls in line with a larger pattern of youth indoctrination and recruitment efforts by accelerationist neo-Nazi groups. The online and seemingly low risk nature of FKD and similar groups attracts a young and violent base eager to network with and urge on other neo-Nazis. Many early members of Feuerkrieg Division joined the group from recruitment efforts via online gaming chat platforms such as Steam and Discord. Feuerkrieg Division adjacent Telegram channels, created or already frequented by existing members of FKD, are a more frequent forum for funneling potential recruits.

Most members of Feuerkrieg Division have not met in person or trained with other members. Ultimately, no physical commitment is needed to join this group, but there remains a sense of belonging and participation when other members do act. Members encourage each other in the neo-fascist lifestyle and offer tips for carrying out attacks; the ease of regular engagement with other neo-Nazis online is a cesspool breeding the next mass shooter.

Unlike Alt-Right groups, which clamber for mainstream support and sway, accelerationist neo-Nazi cells have no desire to play a game of optics, aside from maintaining an aesthetic of pure violence and hatred.


Red states indicate areas of Feuerkrieg Division membership in the U.S.A.


Membership for Feuerkrieg Division has included individuals in the USA, Canada, Australia, and in numerous countries depicted in red in the above map.



The Feuerkrieg Division has not yet been publicly linked to many terrorist attacks and crimes. However, there are several crimes that have been reported on by the media which were carried out by FKD members. There are several international FKD members going through the criminal justice system who have not yet been publicly linked to FKD. Our research has revealed evidence, however,  that links individual members to specific crimes. We anticipate our report will bring a new awareness to communities and help prevent any future actions by members of FKD.

A Feuerkrieg Division member in the Netherlands using the alias “Luftwaffe_Wilhelm” flyers as part of his recruitment requirements

Flyering with group-specific propaganda is a standard introduction and often a requirement for new recruits. Most of Feuerkrieg Division propaganda can be viewed on a now stale FKD Telegram channel. Some members have tagged locations with FKD inspired graffiti, swastikas, or similar racist symbology. Arguably the most concerning activity members participate in includes constructing homemade firearms and explosives, testing out and setting homemade bombs, and plotting to burn and attack synagogues. In some cases, threats to courts and law enforcement has backfired on members. Threats to murder non-Whites are prolific within the group’s communications and members even brag about committing assaults against non-White individuals.

A Feuerkrieg Division member in the USA puts up propaganda as a requirement for new recruits

Our research has revealed there have been very few “in real life” meet-ups among Feuerkrieg Division members and most of the members have never met another member of the same group they belong to. There are a few exceptions. Perhaps the very first known meet up of Feuerkrieg Division was in early January, 2019 in Estonia as reported by journalist and filmaker Jake Hanrahan. The cell in the United Kingdom, which is presently comprised of 4 members, has met to produce propaganda for the group. A cell in the USA, comprised of members located along the Northeastern coast, has met at least twice: once in Boston and another time in central New Jersey. On at least one of those occasions, members were briefly detained by law enforcement in what may have been a targeted stop. The Northeastern coast cell in the USA is the largest and most active in the United States and should continue to be tracked closely.

Two members of the FKD cell in the United Kingdom, “DeGrelle” and “Freikorp,” meet up for a photo shoot


“EksD” and another member of Feuerkrieg Division meet up in Estonia to test homemade explosives. They are pictured here with an Atomwaffen Division flag.


“Commander” continues to be triggered whenever FKD is referenced as a Baltics cell of Atomwaffen Division.


EksD: Lithuania

“EksD” is a long term member of Feuerkrieg Division. He is 20 years old and recently moved out of his parents’ home. He lives in Lithuania and briefly attended a military academy. “EksD” produced a bulk of the Feuerkrieg Division propaganda and created a “shitposting” FKD chat on the secure messaging platform Wire for the group. His introduction on the neo-fascist website chat forum “Fascist Forge” tells us he became “redpilled” in early 2018 when “Atomwaffen became famous.” This is a reference to the numerous murders Atomwaffen Division members committed which were highly covered in the media. “EksD” seems to have made contact with various neo-Nazi organizations including Skydas and Atomwaffen Division; he may have been involved with them prior to FKD. “EksD” sports a Liber333 patch from Martinet Press (a neo-Nazi linked publishing house heavily into the occult of the Order of Nine Angles) and owns an Atomwaffen Division flag. This suggests that he has had contact with the US based neo-Nazi terror organization.

“EksD” has several homemade firearms and explosives projects, including a homemade shotgun, ammunition, and firearm pieces. “EksD” pursued purchasing blank guns from other members in the group and having them shipped to him in Lithuania. Perhaps the most extreme action “EksD” was involved in was the attack on a Technopolis building in Lithuania. Local media reported a large swastika was spray painted on the side of the building and a bomb was placed at the entrance. Fortunately, the bomb did not detonate. About a week after this action, “EksD” rejoined the group’s Wire chat. Feuerkrieg Division moved communications from Wire to Riot in late November 2019 and “EksD” did not join the official Riot chat. In mid January 2020, chatter within the group suggested “EksD” had been arrested.

“EksD” brandishes one of his homemade firearms

After taking a short leave from the FKD chat to carry out a bombing, “EksD” returns

An Atomwaffen Division flag can be seen in the background of this photo “EksD” posts in the group chat


Dylan Daube: New York

Dylan Daube is a 17 year old (DOB 10/18/2002) student at Miller Place High School and a member of the Feuerkrieg Division. Dylan lives with his mother and step-father in the very White, upper class hamlet in Suffolk County, New York called Miller Place. His parents divorced several years ago, and his father visits on weekends. Dylan’s mother is licensed in New York state as a licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW). His step-father is a retired cop who worked in the New York Police Department (NYPD). Dylan is the eldest of three brothers and is in his Junior year of high school at Miller Place High School.

Dylan Daube of Miller Place, New York; AKA “Dylan” AKA “a_lost_rhodesian.”

Dylan Daube AKA “a_lost_rhodesian” brags to “Commander” that his town is 95 percent White and that he can own a firearm. Other members, like arrested Croatian FKD member “buntovnik” joke about illegal firearms. US Census data shows that Miller Place is 94.2% White.

Through his Miller Place High School Spanish class (and his parents funding), Dylan went on a summer trip to Spain and France in the summer of 2019. Dylan tells other FKD members about this in the chat. Dylan was active in the FKD chat during this trip.

A small sample of the vile views espoused by Dylan Daube on FKD’s Wire group chat (“Dylan” in both pictures).

Within the Feuerkrieg Division chats, housed first on Wire and then on Riot, Dylan chats with other ultra-violent neo-Nazis. He used the display name “Dylan” on Wire and “a_lost_rhodesian” on Riot. The Riot username bears a resemblance to “The Last Rhodesian,” the manifesto of racist mass murderer Dylann Roof. Rhodesia was a white supremacist regime that was defeated in 1979 (in what is now Zimbabwae) but is still fetishized by Nazis to this day. Dylan Daube writes to other members about his desire to murder Black people and other members encourage him to commit acts of terror. Daube produced a number of propaganda photos for the group, brandishing a firearm in some, which was likely acquired from his ex-NYPD cop step-father. In other photos, Daube holds a small noose in his left hand while raising his right arm in Nazi salute. Daube talks about his land owned by his family, and members inquire about using this land for weapons training, channeling their Base counterparts. Daube asks other members about explosives, hoping to harvest powder from bullets to make and detonate a bomb in the forest.

Dylan Daube gives a Nazi salute in front of his “Rhodesia” flag. Rhodesia worship is common of neo-Nazis and white supremacists, like church shooter Dylann Roof (right).


Members of Feuerkrieg Division encourage Dylan to kill non-White people at the airport. Dylan’s full name is visible in this screenshot. Dylan was at the airport over the summer for a school trip to Spain and France.


Dylan receives advice on opening a bullet to make explosives. Other members offer tips.


Feuerkrieg Division member “Diabeetus Jim” inquires about using some of Dylan Daube’s family’s land for weapons training, to which Dylan is supportive.


Dylan Daube produced a number of photos for Feuerkrieg Division propaganda purposes. In the top right image, Dylan can be seen aiming a single-shot shotgun. All photos have had their brightness increased for visual clarity.


Dylan Daube is obsessed with Italian fascist thinker Julius Evola. Evola was an occultist who yearned for a “really absolute Fascism, made of pure force,” and railed against “modernity.” The writings of Julius Evola continue to have influence over the modern fascist movement, from Alexander Dugin to Steve BannonAtomwaffen Division member and murderer Samuel Woodward also appears to have been radicalized in part by an Evolian IFunny network. On Instagram, Dylan Daube frequently uses the phrase “revolt against the modern world,” the title of Julius Evola’s 1934 book. Despite his cult-like worship of Evola, Dylan admits on his Telegram channel that he has only read some random pages from Evola’s Revolt Against the Modern World. Dylan’s girlfriend, Emily Hoth, (also a student at Miller Place High School) seems to share some of Dylan’s fascist politics and attachment to Julius Evola. In photos posted to Instagram, Emily can also be seen wearing Dylan’s Atomwaffen Division-esque ski mask.

Pictures from Dylan Daube’s personal Instagram show his affinity for Evola (or the aesthetic of Evola, rather). This photo has been edited to make the writing more visible.


Emily Hoth displays a sign that reads “Revolt Against the Modern World,” a nod to fascist thinker Julius Evola. Dylan Daube comments his approval on the post.


Emily Hoth uploaded this photo to Instagram where she wears the same mask that her partner Dylan Daube wore for his Feuerkrieg Division photoshoot.


Dylan Daube AKA “Totaler Kulturkrieg” admits that he has not read Evola’s book in his Telegram channel.


Although Feuerkrieg Division mainly used secure messaging tools to communicate, membership frequently spilled over into other platforms like the gaming app Discord, a long time favorite of neo-Nazis and the Nazi-infested app Telegram. Dylan Daube took the lead in setting up a Discord channel for members of Feuerkrieg Division in July 2019, which he named “????inest of ????in” (Finest of Kin). The server was advertised on popular neo-Nazi forums like 4Chan, as Feuerkrieg Division members hoped to “funnel” alt-right wanderers into their accelerationist terror cell. The server did not surpass two dozen members and did not grow in a stable fashion. Following the posted links, non-accelerationist fascists wandered into the server and were interrogated about Siege and related literature.


Dylan talks to other members of Feuerkrieg Division about creating a Discord that can act as a “funnel” to draw in Nazis to FKD. Other members question the safety of organizing on Discord.


Members of Dylan’s “Finest of Kin” Discord server share their feelings about O9A, the Order of Nine Angles. O9A is an anti-Semitic satanist strand that has been embraced by the neo-Nazi terror group Atomwaffen Division.


Dylan Daube AKA “Dylan” ushers members of the Feuerkrieg Division Wire chat into his Discord server, “Finest of Kin.”


Dylan Daube interacts with other neo-Nazis on the “Finest of Kin” Discord server, who encourage the murder of federal law enforcement. Dylan’s step-father is a former cop who worked for the NYPD.

Dylan was more successful with his neo-Nazi and Feuerkrieg Division aligned Telegram channel. The channel, currently called “The Wheat Field,” is reaching upwards of 200 neo-Nazi members. Members discuss accelerationism, weapons, and the “boogaloo,” a term used by neo-Nazis to refer to an armed insurrection against the United States government. Members share files from the defunct international fascist website “IronMarch” and translated documents from Hitler’s Schutzstaffel. Dylan used the username “Totaler Kulturkrieg” on Telegram, German for “Total Culture War.” He also created Instagram accounts to advertise the Telegram channel, like “total_culture_war” and “despair_code.” Many participants in Dylan’s Telegram channel fantasized about the possibility of violence in the lead up to the January 20, 2020 rally against proposed gun bills in Richmond, Virginia. Members of the Base were arrested ahead of this rally for planning to commit an attack with a machine gun.

Dylan’s Telegram channel grew by absorbing another large Nazi telegram chat. Dylan is “Totaler KulturKrieg” on Telegram.

Dylan Daube and other Telegram members fantasize about a mass firefight at the Richmond, VA rally that would leave “30-50 dead cops.”

Dylan does not want his Telegram channel to turn into another Feuerkrieg Division channel. He was still an admin on the Feuerkrieg Division Telegram account, though he left the Riot chat.

Dylan used Instagram to advertise his Telegram channel. Note the Evola-like quote in the bio of “total_culture_war.”


Lugar: New York

“Lugar”  aka “siegheil_88” is a Feuerkrieg Division member residing in New York, USA

“Lugar” aka “siegheil_88” is a long time Feuerkrieg Division member. He lives in the Bronx and is in his 40’s, making him one of the oldest members of the group. “Lugar” is a steadfast neo-Nazi and has met up at least twice with other Feuerkrieg Division members in his area. He regularly encourages “activism” and meet-ups. In the online chats, “Lugar” discusses possible terror attacks and his desire to rid the world of “degenerates.”


In the FKD chats, Jarrett Smith aka “Anti-Kosmik” gives “Lugar” advice on possible terror attack plans


Prometheus_88: New Jersey

“Prometheus_88” is a Feuerkrieg Division member living in New Jersey, USA

“Prometheus_88” is a newer member of Feuerkrieg Division and is ethnically Polish. He joined the group at the end of December 2019 and lives in central New Jersey with his parents. “Prometheus_88” has numerous high powered firearms, a silencer, and lower receivers. He posted explosives recipes and “do it yourself automatic shotgun” conversion directions in the chats. “Prometheus_88” is connected in real life to other area neo-Nazis and has attended at least one official FKD meet up. Our research indicates that “Prometheus_88” may have also been, or may still be, a member of the neo-Nazi terror organization ” the Base”.

“Prometheus_88” poses with his gear in front of a Confederate flag

“Prometheus_88” shows off his collection of firearms


Arrested Members

Several high profile arrests of Feuerkrieg Division members have taken place in the United States. Our research confirms that Conor Climo and Jarrett Smith were members of the Feuerkrieg Division and active in the official group chats at the time of their arrests.

[Note: Just hours after the original publication of this report, “Azazel” was identified as Taylor Ashley Parker-Dipeppe in legal documents stemming from the coordinated arrests of several high profile neo-Nazis. Parker-Dipeppe was arrested in this round up and is currently being held.]


Conor Climo: Nevada

Conor Climo aka “Ben Dover” was a Feuerkrieg Division member at the time of his arrest

Conor Climo is a 24 year old neo-Nazi who was living in Las Vegas, Nevada at the time of his arrest. He briefly served in the US Army Reserve as a Combat Engineer and was employed as a security guard when he was arrested in early August 2019 on charges stemming from threats of domestic terrorism. Climo used the alias “Ben Dover” in the Feuerkrieg Division chats and was removed from chats on August 9, 2019, after his arrest. He was branded a traitor by the group because he told law enforcement he was not a member of Feuerkrieg Division. On February 10, 2020, Climo plead guilty to “one count of possession of an unregistered firearm — specifically, the component parts of a destructive device.” Prior to his arrest, Climo was planning to join the National Guard and move to Croatia. Climo was coordinating with other local neo-Nazis in order to attack a synagogue in his area. It is uncertain whether his accomplices have been identified or if these plans have been aborted.

Climo aka “Ben” has a contact who was planning to attack a synagogue

Climo aka “Ben” discusses his plans to coordinate an attack on a synagogue in the FKD chats

Members react to the arrest of FKD member Conor Climo. He is immediately removed from the group chat and branded a traitor.


Jarrett Smith: Kansas

Jarrett Smith aka “Anti-Kosmik” was a member of Feuerkrieg Division at the time of his arrest

Jarrett Smith aka “Anti-Kosmik” is a 24 year old resident of Newbury, Kansas. He was a member of the US Army and Feuerkrieg Division at the time of his arrest in September 2019. In February of 2020, he plead guilty to “two counts of distributing information related to explosives, destructive devices and weapons of mass destruction.” Smith’s discussions in the group’s chat reveal he was connected with Misanthropic Division (MD) and encouraged the Feuerkrieg Division to partner with them. He told the group he was connected to former Azov Batallion members and planned to organize a local MD group in the Kansas City area. The chats also reveal that Jarrett Smith was plotting to blow up Martinet Press, an Order of Nine Angles based publishing house linked to neo-Nazi activity. Martinet Press is owned and operated by Jillian Hoy and Joshua Sutter and is located in South Carolina. Hoy and Sutter’s faction of the Order of Nine Angles is widely known as the Temple of Blood (ToB). Both Hoy and Sutter have close contacts with Atomwaffen Division; Sutter is a confirmed member of Atomwaffen Division.

Jarrett Smith aka “Anti-Kosmik” announces he will be starting a chapter of Misanthropic Division in Kansas

Smith aka “Anti-Kosmik” admits he put Atomwaffen Division members Andrew Oneschuk and Jeremy Himmelman in touch with someone who could assist them in traveling to the Ukraine in order to fight with Right Sector

Smith aka “Anti-Kosmik” describes the subtle differences between the Order of Nine Angles (O9A) and Temple of Blood (ToB). He admits he has run recon on the property.

Smith aka “Anti-Kosmik” describes the trailer that Martinet Press operates out of in South Carolina

Smith aka “Anti-Kosmik” explains that Temple of Blood took over Atomwaffen Division

Smith aka “Anti-Kosmik” specifies Hoy and Sutter live in the trailer where Martinet Press operates out of

Jarrett Smith aka “Anti-Kosmik” was removed from the FKD chat group two days after his arrest


Group Connections

Feuerkrieg Division members have had close connections with and been inspired by multiple neo-Nazi organizations around the world including the Atomwaffen Division, the Base,
Skydas, Sinine Aratus, Iron Youth, the Order, Blood and Honour, the Creativity Movement, and the European Liberation Movement. Many members of Feuerkrieg Division were also cross involved in Atomwaffen Division and the Base often unbeknownst to the leader “Commander.” Some claimed membership in all three groups: the Base, AWD, and FKD.


Noah Lycul: Croatia

Noah Lycul aka “Buntovnik” is a FKD member living in Croatia

Noah Lycul is a 17 year old neo-Nazi living in Croatia. Under the alias “buntovnik” he was active in the Feuerkrieg Division and is well connected with other area neo-Nazis including members of the “European Liberation Movement” (translated into English), an organization that boasts of members in Germany and Italy. Lycul’s aggressive enthusiasm for action led him to commit numerous hate crimes including physically assaulting immigrants, spray painting swastikas on a cemetery, and planning to burn down a synagogue. On January 10, 2020, Lycul alerted the group chat that law enforcement had arrived at his home. He left the group chat and never returned.

Noah Lycul aka “buntovnik” encouraged us to identify him.

Noah Lycul aka “buntovnik” alerts the FKD chat that law enforcement is at his home

Noah Lycul aka “buntovnik” admits he spray painted swastikas on a cemetery in Croatia

Noah Lycul aka “buntovnik” discusses his plans to storm in and set fire to a synagogue


Relationship with the Base

“Commander” was in communication with Rinaldo Nazzaro (aka “Norman Spear,” aka “Roman Wolf”), the leader of another international neo-Nazi terror network called the Base. We have identified several members of FKD as current or former members of the Base. Because “Commander” was hostile to any FKD member who was cross-patched into other groups, many members kept their alliances secret from him. “Prometheus_88” and “ryanrrrr,” both current FKD members from New Jersey, were also members of the Base. Their regional comrade “det.som.engang.var.2” from New Hampshire, also a current FKD member, claims to have close ties to the Base. “Greg,” a former member of FKD from the Midwestern United States held membership in the Base, but left FKD in October of 2019. A member using the alias “sk14,” who resides in Finland, is a former FKD member and also held membership in the Base. Lastly, “Napola88,” who resides in Germany, is a current FKD and Base member.

“ryanrrr,” of New Jersey, asks for contact info for Francois Kemp aka “cempa” – a Base member living in South Africa. We exposed him last year.

“greg,” a neo-Nazi living in the Midwest of the USA mentions his networking with Nation of Islam

“sk14,” a 22 year old living in Finland, expresses his desire for direct action

“sk14,” a 22 year old living in Finland, views white supremacist and terrorist Timothy McVeigh as a model example

“Napola88” states his location in the FKD chat group


Relationship with Atomwaffen Division

Hardly anything can trigger Feuerkrieg Division members more than referring to the group as a spin off of the Atomwaffen Division. It is clear, however, that FKD was inspired by the US based group (as was the UK based Sonnenkrieg Division). Were it not for Atomwaffen Division, these two groups, and many others, might not exist in the form they became. One former FKD member living in the southern part of the USA (using the aliases “Erik” and “Iron”) claims to be a former Atomwaffen Division member. Two members, “Kasserine” (located in the Great Lakes region of the USA) and Wolfskampf (located in Germany) left Feuerkrieg Division under hostile circumstances to organize exclusively with Atomwaffen Division. A fourth member “dekkit” (aka “Drekkit,” aka “Mames Jason”) lives in Germany and has been tracked through his memberships with the Base, Feuerkrieg Division, and Atomwaffen Division. “Commander” never tolerated FKD members who were involved with Atomwaffen Division. Often, he was the last in the group to know and immediately kicked those members out.

“iron_2” aka “Erik” lives in the southern part of the USA and claims to be a former member of Atomwaffen Division

“Kasserine,” a FKD and AWD member located in the Great Lakes region of the USA. tries to persuade “Commander” to merge the two groups

“Wolfskampf,” a former FKD member and current AWD member, lives in Germany; he suggests targeting power plants

i m a g i n e


Merger Controversy

On August 1, 2019, a prominent Atomwaffen Division member using the pseudonym “Landser” initiated talks with “Commander” about Atomwaffen Division absorbing FKD’s American members. We now know that “Landser” was 18 year old Richard Tobin of Brooklawn, New Jersey. A “total merger,” Richard Tobin proposed. “Commander” shared screenshots of his conversation with Richard Tobin aka “Landser” in the Feuerkrieg Division group chat. Richard Tobin, supposedly on behalf of the Atomwaffen Division nucleus, proposed that AWD would: 1) Absorb FKD’s American members, while “Commander” would retain control over FKD’s European members. 2) Refer European applicants to AWD to FKD. 3) Send Atomwaffen Division patches and flags to FKD’s American members. “Commander” vehemently declined this offer.

Richard Tobin aka “Landser,” a spokesperson for Atomwaffen Divsion tries to negotiate a AWD-FKD merger


Antifascist Animosity

Needless to say, members of this neo-Nazi group also target antifascists like their friends in the Base. In the FKD chat, a German member of the group, who uses the alias “Heydrich” and “Reinhard,” shared a spreadsheet which he introduced as a hit list. This spreadsheet included the names, addresses, and other identifying information for individuals suspected as antifascists across many different countries. Antifascists are increasingly becoming a target for neo-Nazis as we have witnessed recently with the murder plot by Base members. Our research leads us to believe that there is an open investigation on “Heydrich”/”Reinhard.”

A German member of Feuerkrieg Division using the aliases “Heydrich” and “Reinhard” poses with his firearm

“Heydrich” aka “Reinhard” shares a hit list of antifascist names to the FKD chat


Ties to Law Enforcement

“DV” is a 16 year old Feuerkrieg Division member residing in England. Last September, he was arrested and is currently going through the court system. He is charged with terror offenses. We learn in the group’s chats that his 62 year old father, who was originally arrested with him, redpilled him. We also learn that “DV” has a source in the local police who might help him acquire firearms.

While law enforcement has, without a doubt, played a heavy hand in disrupting this network and others, we cannot rely on law enforcement alone to eradicate white supremacy or put an end to neo-Nazi activity and organizing. As the adage goes: Cops and Klan go hand in hand.

“DV” a 16 year old FKD member in England tells the group he has a source in the local police


A New Wave of Terror

Paramilitary neo-Nazi accelerationist groups are not new. Many groups idolize and praise those that came before. One of the most mentioned groups is Robert Jay Matthews’ Order. The Order arose in the post-Vietnam white power movement, an era marked by militarization and the onset of “leaderless resistance.” Similar to modern neo-Nazi groups’ relationship with James Mason’s Siege, The Order organized and followed The Turner Diaries, a fictional piece which advocates for a race war, overthrow of government, and eradication of non-whites in the USA. The Order organized paramilitary training camps, planned and carried out a murder of a radio talk show host who was Jewish, and funded their visions of a neo-Nazi insurrection with armored car robberies. Members of The Order pursued a Whites only enclave in the state of Washington; this effort is commonly referred to as the Northwest Territorial Imperative. Unlike The Order, the new wave of terror networks are dispersed geographically and are largely dependent on Internet organizing. These modern Siege centered neo-Nazi accelerationist cells, such as Feuerkrieg Division, require less commitment and buy-in from members. However, we have seen that these groups are more than capable of violence and murder. One might argue that today’s accelerationist cells are even more leaderless and act as a node for lone wolves which result in sporadic, random attacks. The new, internet dependent organizing chatroom tools serve as a pressure cooker for potential terrorists.

Members of Feuerkrieg Division liken their group to Robert Jay Matthews’ The Order.

In a Feuerkrieg Division aligned Telegram channel created by Dylan Daube, Dylan AKA “Totaler Kulturkrieg” says that only The Order is above FKD.

Follow the hashtag #FuKD as we continue to watch the implosion of this international neo-Nazi terror network. Endless gratitude to the numerous antifascists, anons, researchers, and journalists who aided in this effort.

Throughout this article, we frequently employ the term “terrorism” and “terrorist.” We would like to note that “terrorism” is defined by the state, and the language of terrorism has long been used to repress anarchists and others who actively question and threaten to upset capitalism and the settler-colonial State.

Oregon Congressional Candidate Paul “PJ” Romero Jr. Exposed!

Paul Joseph “PJ” Romero Jr. is a Roseburg, Oregon based congressional candidate who ran for Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District in the U.S House in 2016 and is currently running for a seat in the U.S Senate. Despite his outward appearance of being a run-of-the-mill Donald Trump supporter, his social media reveals him to be an extreme homophobe and Far-Right sympathizer. He also seems to have ties to groups such as Oregon Women for Trump and Patriot Prayer, two conservative groups that have attracted a slew of neo-Nazis and Far-Right extremists.

Paul “PJ” Romero Jr. of Roseburg, Oregon

Examples of Bigotry

A glance at Paul Romero Jr.’s social media accounts reflect an individual whose manner of thinking is steeped in false news propaganda outlets and conspiracy theories. Paul expresses sympathy for the Far-Right on multiple occasions and has publicly stated his opposition to antifascists, socialists, and communists.

Paul Romero Jr. mocks the murder of Heather Heyer by neo-Nazi Alex Fields

Paul Romero Jr. denies non-white people are oppressed

Romero Jr. seems to have an extreme hatred of the LGBTQ+ community. He frequently posts about “Homosexual indoctrination in schools” and rails against the “legalization of sodomy.” He has also repeated the disproved claim that LGBTQ+ is synonymous with pedophilia.

Paul Romero Jr. is intolerant of transgender curricula being taught in schools.

Paul Romero Jr. circulates propaganda which falsely claims the LGBTQ+ community is inclusive to pedophiles

Along with his long winded diatribes condemning the LGBTQ+ community, Romero Jr.’s Facebook page is littered with Alex Jones style conspiracy theories billed as fact. As a result of this, Romero Jr. makes many unfortunate assertions. He claims that climate change is a hoax funded by George Soros, that marijuana legalization is secretly a plot to strip people of their second amendment rights, that vaccines cause autism, and that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and other members of the Democratic party are secretly Russian agents. If all of this isn’t disturbing enough, he seems to buy into the QAnon and Pizzagate conspiracy theories.

One of Romero Jr.’s most retweeted accounts on Twitter is a “QAnon” account. “QAnon” is a conspiracy theory that alleges a deep state is out to get US president Donald Trump. It asserts that members of the Democratic party, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, are engaged in a secret child pedophile ring and that Trump is secretly working with FBI director Robert Mueller to uncover it. The theory itself is centered around a mystical figure called “Q” who posts anonymously on 4-chan and claims to have access to classified documents.

Paul Romero Jr. circulates false propaganda regarding state marijuana laws and gun rights.

Paul Romero Jr.’s social media displays an overwhelming amount of “QAnon” conspiracy theory references

Paul Romero Jr. also seems to have connections to Oregon Women 4 Trump and unsavory characters like Ku Klux Klan associate Joey Nations. “Oregon Women 4 Trump” is an organization that has close ties to the violent, self-described “western-chauvinist” group the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer, a group led by Joey Gibson. Oregon Women 4 Trump was responsible for holding a rally in Eugene in the spring of 2019 where avowed white nationalists mingled with conservatives. In attendance were Proud Boys Cole Robert Scott and Gordon Wesley Cronk, as well as Eugene area white nationalist Andrew Allwander. From his plethora of Facebook posts, Romero Jr. reveals that he has spoken at events hosted by Oregon Women for Trump.

Paul Romero Jr. frequents Oregon Republican Women For Trump events.

While homophobia is not uncommon among social conservatives, what makes Paul Romero Jr. more of a threat to the LGBTQ+ community is the fact that he is running for Oregon Senate. If Romero Jr. is elected, his political position will give him more of an opportunity to spread his anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric among Oregon conservatives. This language has real life consequences as hateful language and discriminatory policies lead to violence against LGBTQ+ people. Romero Jr.’s sympathy for the Far-Right is extremely concerning, especially in the wake of the Trump administration.

Given Paul Romero Jr.’s bigoted views, his neglect to recognize the necessity of equitable opportunities and support systems, and his reliance on conspiracy theories and false news propaganda outlets as his primary source of information for making political decisions, we must warn against this candidate.

Paul “P.J.” Romero Jr., left, and his Ukrainian wife, Oksana Davyda, right.


Last known residence:

1601 Gem Dr Roseberg, Oregon 97471

Birthdate: 7/12/1966

Phone: (458) 256-9437

For more information on Paul Romero Jr., or to submit additional information and tips about his homophobic and Far-Right networking and activity, email Central Oregon Antifascist at: Centraloregonantifascist@protonmail.com 



University of Washington Neo-Nazi Profile: Maxwell Lucas Myers

Near the end of 2017, antifascist groups in the Pacific Northwest gained access to a reigonal neo-Nazi Discord server named “Cascadian Coffee Company” (CCC). Within these leaked chats, fascists from various groups and cities in the Northwest discussed and planned actions. Several different fascist and neo-Nazi groups were represented in the server including Atomwaffen Division, American Front, Identity Evropa (now called the American Identity Movement), Traditionalist Workers Party, PDX Stormers, Northwest Front, and the now-defunct True Cascadia.

Maxwell Lucas Myers (Age 20, born 4-18-1999) joined the Cascadian Coffee Company Discord server in April 2017 using the username “Siegurd”. At the time of joining the server, Max was still a student at Union High School in Vancouver, Washington. He tells other members of the chat the he is from the book club, which refers to the Daily Stormer Book Club. The Daily Stormer is a violent neo-Nazi site that has served as a central hub for white supremacists for many years. In 2016, the website’s founder Andrew Anglin published an article calling for the creation of “real-life troll army” Stormer Book Clubs in cities across the country. Participants in these “book clubs” are encouraged to partake in activism including posting racist fliers advertising the website. In addition to activism, Stormers are encouraged to actually hold book club sessions and discuss white supremacist texts.

Maxwell Myers AKA Siegurd joins the “Cascadian Coffee Company” (CCC) Discord server and tells members that he is from the Daily Stormer Book Club.

Maxwell Myers shares his mug with his Nazi pals on the CCC Discord server.

Many of Maxwell’s Discord messages on the CCC server are rank with anti-Semetism and explicit racism. You can view his messages here (CW/TW),

One particularly active contingent of the Stormer Book Club network emerged in the Portland, Oregon area called the “PDX Stormers”. Local antifascist groups like Rose City Antifa have outed a number of PDX Stormers and many have been staples at Patriot Prayer rallies. Maxwell Myers was part of this group and participated in several actions with them. On March 12th 2017, Maxwell took part in a book club meeting at the downtown Portland brewery Lucky Lab. Numerous other CCC members were present at the meeting, including former Corvallis, Oregon resident David Woods, Vancouver, Washington roommates Matthew Blais, Bogdan Gerasimyuk, Springfield, Oregon neo-Nazi Jimmy Marr,  and former Eugene, Oregon resident, #weednazi boyfriend Matt Combs. Staff members forced the group to leave the restaurant after a worker overheard their racist conversation. The group became confrontational, particularly David “Fashy Chad” Woods, who recently fled Corvallis, Oregon after assaulting antifascists with Jimmy Marr. Maxwell Myers can be seen in the low quality video of the confrontation obtained by Willamette Week.

We have enhanced this screencapture from the low quality footage of the 3-12-2017 Lucky Lab incident in Portland Oregon involving numerous fascists from the CCC server. Maxwell Myers was part of the fascist contingent that was 86’d from the brewery, and he can be seen standing to the right of Jimmy Marr (seated).

In the CCC Discord server, Maxwell expressed interest in going to notorious Nazi Jimmy Marr’s Springfield, Oregon house on April 22nd 2017 for a “casual Hitler’s bday get together” with other members of the CCC Discord server. James “Jimmy” Marr discussed stowing weapons in his yard in the lead up to the Hitler meet-up. His Springfield house sits next to a busy park and an elementary school. Maxwell Myers showed interest in participating in the front lawn hate rally, but had scheduling conflicts with high school prom.

A handful of Nazis gather on Jimmy Marr’s front lawn in Springfield, OR to celebrate the birth of Hitler on 4-22-2017. The rally included numerous fascists affiliated with American Front, like Matthew Combs and Nathan Valdez. Maxwell Myers expressed interest in the rally but had high school prom on the same day.

Maxwell Myers AKA Siegurd replies to Matthew Combs AKA Blackhat16 when invited to Jimmy Marr’s Hitler party. He says that he is not able to attend due to high school prom.

Maxwell Myers, using the alias “Siegurd,” considers attending a pro-Hitler rally in Springfield, Oregon

Jimmy Marr discusses stowing weapons behind his walled porch (pictured left) in advance of the 4-22-2017 Nazi gathering.

After graduating from Union High School in 2017, Maxwell Myers started school at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. He cracks jokes with other CCC participants, including Kaleb James Cole, leader of the Atomwaffen cell in Washington, about an engineering building on campus named “Sieg Hall.”  Kaleb recently made headlines when he was arrested in Texas along with Aiden Bruce-Umbaugh with several thousand rounds of ammunition and tactical gear. In October 2019, Kaleb Cole had his firearms seized though an Extreme Risk Protection order filed in Washington. In the CCC chats, Kaleb regularly interacted with Maxwell Myers and even talked about recruiting him for Atomwaffen. The Atomwaffen Division is an ultra-violent neo-Nazi group that stresses accelerationism and has been connected to multiple murders and terrorist plots. In 2015, the group began gaining significant membership from recruitment on the since-leaked Iron March forums.  The Atomwaffen Division has become based around Siege, a book of compiled essays written by James Nolan Mason. The group reproduces, publishes and sells the book to other neo-Nazis and uses the profits to fund their organization.

Maxwell Myers graduated from Union High School in Vancouver WA. He was class of 2017 and now attends the University of Washington.

After Maxwell Myers AKA Siegurd tells the CCC Discord chat that he is attending UW in fall, Atomwaffen Washington cell leader Kaleb James Cole suggests recruiting him for Atomwaffen.

Maxwell Myers notes that Atomwaffen made a joke about “Sieg Hall” in their YouTube description. The Nazi terror group targeted the UW campus in January 2017 and again in February 2017.

Maxwell Myers is very anti-Semitic in the CCC Discord chat.

Maxwell Myers aka “Siegurd,” confirms his Twitter account in the Cascadian Coffee Company Discord server

On February 10th 2018, former house flipper turned far-right grifter Joey Gibson hosted a “Patriot Prayer” rally at the University of Washington. Gibson was invited by the University of Washington College Republicans, who recently lost official recognition from the national College Republican group, citing “hurtful and inappropriate conduct.” On January 20th 2016, the UWCR hosted former Breitbart editor and disgraced neo-Nazi Milo Yiannopolous. During his speaking event, a far-right Milo supporter shot an antifascist.

Maxwell Myers and members of the PDX Stormer Book Club attended the February 10th Seattle rally along with an assortment of other white supremacists and fascists. Identity Evropa members including James Allsup were present, as was Patriot Prayer supporter and accused rapist Kyle Jacob Broussard. Max and the PDX Stormers were dressed in the Stormer Bookclub “uniform,” which consists of a black baseball cap, American flag bandana, and red New Balance shoes. Max was joined by Vancouver, Washington Nazi Alexander Becker and sex offender Jarl Rockhill. The PDX Stormer cadre milled around the far-right rally before walking towards an on campus parking garage with numerous members of the Cascade Legion.

Maxwell Myers stands with his fellow Stormers Jarl Rockhill (rightmost) and Alexander Becker (second rightmost) at Joey Gibson’s February 10th 2018 rally on the University of Washington. Max is dressed according to the classic “Stormer” dress code.

Maxwell Myers stands behind the saftey of riot police at Joey Gibson’s February 10th 2018 rally. He is joined by Jarl Rockhill, Alexander Becker, and a third member of the Stormer Book Club.

Maxwell Myers tries to conceal his identity with an American flag bandana.

In October 2018, Maxwell Myers became a dues-paying member of Identity Evropa, since rebranded as American Identity Movement (abbreviated as ‘AmIM’ to avoid confusion with the American Indian Movement). Identity Evropa/AmIM is a neo-Nazi group led by Patrick Casey  and played a central role in organizing the deadly 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA. In 2018, a dues-paying member of the group vandalized and attempted to torch an Indiana Synagogue. Earlier this year, Unicorn Riot published thousands of messages from the group’s private Discord server. Since the leaks, dozens of Identity Evropa/AmIM chuds have been identified by antifascists.

Maxwell Myers uses the alias “Max Hetling” as a dues paying member of Identity Evropa.

Maxwell used the display name “Max Hetling” on the members-only Discord server called the “Nice Respectable People Group.” Maxwell’s username may be a reference to Konrad Meyer-Hetling, a figure in Hitler’s SS who helped formulate the Nazis plan for ethnic cleansing in Europe. Maxwell joined the server two weeks after leader Patrick Casey traveled to Seattle, Washington. Many of Maxwell’s messages are explicitly racist and Islamophobic. In one message, Max argues that imprisoned neo-Nazi terrorist James Alex Fields should have only been charged with manslaughter for his vehicular attack that left Heather Heyer dead. Max frequently interacts with Jacob Labudda, an Identity Evropa member from Cheney, Washington who sent more messages in the IE/AmIM chat than any other user. After the Identity Evropa rebrand that followed the Discord chat leak and subsequent doxxes, the group started using a messaging platform called “Mattermost.”  Maxwell maintained membership, using the display name “Siegurd” for some time.

Maxwell Myers joined Identity Evropa in October 2018 and used the alias “Max Hetling.”

Maxwell Myers AKA “Max Hetling” has that fellow Nazi bud James Alex Fields, who drove his car into anti-racists during the 2017 Unite the Right rally, can win his appeal.

After the Discord server was leaked Identity Evropa changed to AmIM and started using Mattermost for communication. Maxwell Myers was still a member, using his old alias “Siegurd.”

In addition to being a member of two neo-Nazi groups, Maxwell maintained several hate-filled accounts on video sharing platforms. On his YouTube channel, Max features a video titled “Jared Taylor’s Warning to White America,” which he uploaded in November 2018. Jared Taylor is a prominent white supremacist figure and founder of American Renaissance. Taylor is a strong supporter of Identity Evropa and even attended their 2018 “Leading Our People Forward” (LOPF) conference. Maxwell also has a Vimeo channel that contains clips from the Christchurch Mosque attack in which a Far-Right extremist took part in a terrorist act shooting leaving 49 people dead. The horrific attack was widely celebrated by the Far-Right, especially on the Daily Stormer. (Please report his Vimeo account here.) Maxwell is fairly active on Twitter as “@Siegurd_Vandal;”  he follows a plethora of alt-right Twitter accounts including the University of Washington College Republicans. Maxwell is also active on Reddit, where he uses the username “Makratus.” He has logged many bigoted posts and comments on the website. For the last year or so, Max has also been a frequent contributor to the “r/steroids” subreddit. He uses steroids to pursue his “strongman” ambition, which is unsurprising considering his fascist worldview.

Maxwell Myers has a YouTube channel that features a short clip from long-time white supremacist figure Jared Taylor. Some of his family members “subscribe” to this channel.

Maxwell Myers has a Vimeo channel that features clips from the Christchurch massacre (we have blurred the thumbnail of the video). The attack was livestreamed by the fascist attacker. Please report his account here

Maxwell Myers uses his alt-right Twitter account semi-regularly, @Siegurd_Vandal. Feel free to report his account here

On Twitter, Maxwell AKA “Siegurd_Vandal” follows the account for the University of Washington College Republicans. He also follows Counter-Currents, a white supremacist publishing house that has promoted James Mason’s “Siege” among other titles. The editor-in-chief of Counter-Currents is Greg Johnson, who was revealed to reside in Seattle as of last year.

Maxwell Myers follows Matthew Lee Combs. Combs fled Eugene, Oregon and now lives in Southern Oregon.

Maxwell Myers AKA “Makratus” is a big phrenology fan. Maybe he can land a position at Quillette.

Maxwell Myers AKA “Makratus” outlines his steroid dosage plan. Max fancies himself a “strongman.” His YouTube channel also features a playlist titled “Strongman.”

In an older and disturbing Reddit post, Maxwell Myers AKA “Makratus” poses a murder hypothetical.

Maxwell Myers AKA “Makratus” has logged many racist posts on his Reddit account.

Maxwell Myers was a teenager in high school when he began to network with some of the most dangerous, violent, and extreme neo-Nazis in the Pacific Northwest. Maxwell cultivated his neo-Nazi ideology and networking online and soon moved to in-real-life action with other local neo-Nazis. But where did this all really begin? Was Maxwell influenced in his high school? Was white supremacy modeled in his family? Did he have a lack of healthy childhood and young adult socialization? These are questions we may not be able to answer, but we can take precautions against the very real danger Maxwell Myers poses to our communities.

Maxwell Lucas Myers is currently a student at the University of Washington. Current intel leads us to believe he is still a member of the American Identity Movement. His online presence suggests that he is a dangerous and potentially violent person. If you have any additional information about Maxwell Myers or his activity, please contact your local antifascist group or email us at: EugeneAntifa(at)Protonmail(dot)com.



Maxwell Lucas Myers

Maxwell Lucas Myers

Maxwell Myers graduated from Union High School in Vancouver WA. He was class of 2017 and now attends the University of Washington.

Maxwell Myers stands with his fellow Stormers Jarl Rockhill (rightmost) and Alexander Becker (second rightmost) at Joey Gibson’s February 10th 2018 rally on the University of Washington. Max is dressed according to the classic “Stormer” dress code.


Personal Information

Name: Maxwell Lucas Myers

Birthdate: 4-18-1999

Location: University of Washington at Seattle

Hometown: Vancouver, Washington

Affiliations: American Identity Movement, Identity Evropa, Daily Stormers, Oregon Aryans


Call To Action

Contact the University of Washington and let them know that Maxwell Myers violates the student code of conduct because he is a neo-Nazi. Call *67 206-685-6194 or email: cssc@uw.edu

For information about UW’s student code of conduct, see: https://www.washington.edu/cssc/for-students/student-code-of-conduct/

Report Maxwell’s Vimeo account here: https://vimeo.com/user96453434

Report Maxwell’s Twitter account here: https://twitter.com/Siegurd_Vandal



From Eugene to Camarillo: Benjamin Spooner is a Neo-Nazi

Unicorn Riot published Identity Evropa’s private Discord server in March 2019. The server contained thousands of messages from dues-paying members of the group, many explicitly anti-Semitic and racist. Shortly thereafter, executive incel Patrick Casey abandoned the “Identity Evropa” brand and renamed his group to “American Identity Movement. This aesthetic maneuver was a transparent attempt to distance the group from its role in the 2017 Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia and the optical flop when his “identitarian” group’s neo-Nazi views got exposed by Unicorn Riot. After the rally, a neo-Nazi drove his car into an anti-racist crowd, killing Heather Heyer and injuring dozens more. Since Unite the Right, members of Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement have been implicated in a July 2018 vandalism and attempted arson attack on a synagogue in Indiana.


Benjamin Scott Spooner is a neo-Nazi and lived in the Cottage Grove and Eugene, Oregon area soon after getting out of the Army in 2012. He worked for several different companies, including Emerald Pool and Patio and the Centene Corporation in Eugene. Centene is a massive healthcare company which provides services for government sponsored health programs. In Eugene, the company is responsible for the Oregon Health Plan through Trillium, a “coordinated care organization.” Benjamin was a data analyst for Centene/Trillium from 2015 to 2016, meaning he had access to sensitive health records for thousands of low-income and at-risk Oregonians.

Benjamin Spooner’s work history in the Eugene area. Trillium Community Health Plan is a daughter organization of the Centene Corporation Spooner was fired from his position at Trillium in 2016.

While working for Trillium, Benjamin went back to school through an online UC Berkeley program. He earned a master’s degree in information and data science in 2016 and left Eugene shortly after to return home to Ventura County, California. In 2017, Benjamin married Danielle Lynn Spooner (nee Malliris) who he had met in Eugene. This was Benjamin’s second marriage; he underwent a divorce with his previous partner in Lane County, mid-2013.

Danielle Lynn Spooner grew up in Springfield, Oregon graduating from Thurston High School in 2008 and eventually found work as a data analyst in Eugene. Together, in 2016, the Spooners fled Oregon and moved to Camarillo, California where they currently reside. In January 2019, Danielle gave birth and Benjamin posted photos of the newborn to the Identity Evropa Discord server with the caption “Chalk up another point for team white.” He will likely raise his children to share his white supremacist views, and he threatened to leave “[his] kids nothing unless they produce white grandkids.”

Benjamin and Danielle Spooner (formerly of the Eugene-Springfield, Oregon area) now live in Camarillo, California.

Benjamin Spooner AKA “Perihelion-CA” posts a sonogram of his daughter in the neo-Nazi Discord server

Danielle Spooner gave birth on January 5th, 2019. Benjamin posted the news to the Identity Evropa Discord server.

Benjamin Spooner shares his racist plans for his children.


Benjamin Scott Spooner was one of the most active members on the Identity Evropa Discord server. Over a two year span, Benjamin managed to contribute 3,245 messages as “Perihelion,” making him the 16th most active member of the server. A large number of his messages are explicitly anti-Semitic and racist.

Benjamin Spooner posted more than 3000 messages as “Perihelion” on the Identity Evropa Discord server. Many of the frequent posting Nazis have been identified and you can read more about them on IdentifyEvropa.org

Another Identity Evropa/AmIM Nazi has to tell Benjamin Spooner to be less anti-Semitic on the server.

Benjamín Spooner AKA Perihelion fears that anti-fascists would map IP addresses to identify members of Identity Evropa. Sarah Dye AKA Volkmom responds to him. Volkmom was named in the court documents of Nolan and Kiyomi Brewer, two Identity Evropa members who painted swastikas on an Indiana synagogue.

Benjamin Spooner AKA Perihelion is against non-white immigration and advocates for an end to immigration to the so-called United States.

Benjamin Spooner AKA Perihelion employs the anti-Semitic “echoes” in a Discord message.

Benjamin Spooner AKA Perihelion is a big Pewdiepie fan. The ultra-popular YouTuber has amplified anti-Semitic YouTubers and used racist slurs in his videos, which are viewed by a young audience.

Benjamin Spooner AKA Perihelion subscribes to typical Nazi conspiracy theories.

Benjamin Spooner AKA Perihelion wants Eugene, Oregon to be “bullycided.” He posts this in response to an Identity Evropa member bragging about placing “It’s Okay to be White” posters at the University of Oregon campus in Eugene.

Benjamin Spooner left the Eugene area by the time we successfully identified him as a neo-Nazi and member of Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement, but he continued to monitor news and events in Eugene. Some of these events were posted in the Identity Evropa Discord server, and later on the Mattermost platform. Spooner reacted bitterly at the mention of Eugene when short term Identity Evropa member “Tyler Baker” posted photos of his flyering done on the University of Oregon campus. Later, when we exposed Matthew Combs and Bethany Sherman as neo-Nazis running a Cannabis testing lab called O. G. Analytical in Eugene, Benjamin Spooner reacted in Combs’ and Sherman’s favor.

Benjamin Spooner AKA “Perihelion – CA” applauds neo-Nazi Bethany Sherman

A Discord user in another server using the handle “Weed Tech CEO” appears to be Bethany Sherman. The user mentions shutting down our original blog in retaliation for exposing Combs and Sherman. In addition, the user offers to share a list of “Antifa” members.

Members in the Identity Evropa server discuss the article exposing Combs and Sherman. One member, “Deleted User,” encourages bosses to fire employees who do not also hold neo-Nazi ideology.

An Identity Evropa member, whose Discord account was suspended, suggests recruiting Bethany Sherman

Identity Evropa member Joe Dunsmore aka “Joe-MN” suggests that members in Oregon reach out to Combs and Sherman


After graduating high school, Benjamin went to the East coast and earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Comparative Politics from West Point Academy. He then served in the Army for five years, and after his officer training in Kentucky, was deployed to Iraq in 2008, first as a platoon leader in Eastern Iraq and eventually as an intelligence officer with a high security clearance. He soon developed into a full-fledged neo-Nazi. During his period of radicalization, Benjamin Spooner was going back to school. He spent a year at Oregon State University studying computer science, and in 2015 he began working towards a master’s degree in information and data science through an online University of Berkeley program.

The Spooner family poses with Benjamin Spooner. Ben is wearing a West Point uniform in this picture.

Ben Spooner managed a security clearance program when he served as an Army intelligence officer from 2011 to 2012.

Benjamin Spooner AKA Perihelion tells Identity Evropa members that he is a veteran.


Benjamin Spooner’s UC Berkley “iSchool” profile. View an archived version here.

Benjamin Spooner, as “Perihelion – CA,”  tells us he has a degree from Berkeley

Benjamin Spooner AKA “Perihelion” was a part of the first Identity Evropa Discord server which was shut down following the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in late 2017. He was automatically verified to the second Discord server after its creation in September 2017. The new server came on the heels of the fallout from “Unite the Right” and was created with optics in mind. On October 1st, 2017, less than a month into the fresh server, Benjamin uploaded photos of Identity Evropa stickers and posters he had plastered around the California State University Channel Islands campus. The University took notice and released a statement decrying the hate recruitment material. Campus police opened a vandalism investigation into the stickers but did not have enough evidence to charge anyone. Benjamin Spooner celebrated the media coverage the incident received but, as far as we know, did not target any more college campuses.

Benjamin Spooner has been an Identity Evropa / American Identity Movement dues paying member for over two years. He participated in multiple neo-Nazi communication platforms as “Perihelion”

Benjamin Spooner AKA Perihelion proudly displays his racist vandalism on Discord. He targeted the CSUCI campus in October 2017, just months after Identity Evropa marched alongside convicted killer James Alex Fields in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Benjamin Spooner AKA Perihelion made local news after posting racist stickers and posters at California State University Channel Islands.

Benjamin Spooner AKA Perihelion is concerned after the University opened an investigation into the hate fliers he posted

Benjamin Spooner tried his hand at running a small business while living in Eugene. Near the end of 2015, Benjamin registered “Data Spoon LLC,” a data analysis company. The website claims a specialty in “machine learning, data mining, and business intelligence consulting.” In early 2017, Ben dissolved Data Spoon LLC.

Benjamin Spooner created “Data Spoon LLC” before leaving Eugene. He dissolved the business in 2017.

Ben’s description of “Data Spoon LLC.” View an archived version of the site here.

Benjamin Spooner is originally from Camarillo, California, a small inland town situated just north of Los Angeles. Ben was born in September 1985, the second-oldest of many siblings. He is the older brother to adopted orphans from Africa. His parents are Catholic Republicans, but Ben lambasts them on Discord for being unable to “begin to process race-realism.” He does not mask his political views and activity from his family, instead he tries to “redpill” them. “Red-pilling” is a term hijacked from the Matrix movies and is used by the alt-right to describe spreading neo-Nazi ideology. Ben boasts that he has “redpilled” one of his three brothers, likely Paul Daniel Spooner.

Benjamin Spooner AKA “Perihelion – CA” admits that his family is aware of his neo-Nazi ideology

Benjamin Spooner AKA “Perihelion – CA” describes his experience of trying to red pill his family

Benjamin Spooner AKA “Perihelion – CA” mentions red pilling and recruiting one of his brothers for Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement. Spooner disparages his Asian friends and co-workers.

Benjamin Spooner AKA “Perihelion – CA” complains about not being able to fully red pill his parents.

Benjamin Spooner AKA “Perihelion – CA” is  Islamophobic

In addition to being a racist, Benjamin Spooner also exhibits misogynistic traits

A portion of the Spooner family lives in British Columbia, near Vancouver, in Canada. Benjamin mentions his Canadian cousins on Discord, calling them “super white” and “woke,” meaning they share his “race realist” views. Many of his family members work for “Spooner Electric Ltd,” a small electrical company which operates in the Chase, British Columbia area. Benjamin tells other Identity Evropa members that his “cousin hires elitricians (sic.) at $40/hr (canadian) and pays for their trade education.”

Benjamin Spooner AKA Perihelion has family in inland BC, which he mentions on Discord. He also claims that many of them are “woke,” meaning they may share his racist worldview.

Benjamin Spooner AKA Perihelion explains that his cousin has an electrical business in Canada. Spooner Electric Ltd is located in Chase, British Columbia. Several of his family members work for the company.


In March 2018, Danielle and Benjamin purchased a 540,000 dollar house in Camarillo, California. Around that same time, Ben started working as a build engineer for Green Hills Software, a company based in Santa Barbara, California. He talks about his work on Discord as “Perihelion.” In one message, Spooner writes that he “submitted a 500k infrastructure build out plan for the company [he works] for.” In another, he goes into detail explaining how to get away with discriminatory hiring practices. He says that instead of using IQ tests, use college credentialism and coding tests. The very specific strategy that Ben outlines suggests that he may have instituted or is still instituting discriminatory hiring practices at his workplace.

Ben and Danielle reside in this half-million dollar condo in Camarillo, California.

Ben and Danielle are both listed on the “deed of trust” for their Camarillo property.

Ben’s three most recent jobs according to his LinkedIn account.

Benjamin Spooner as “Perihelion – CA” often makes racist and derogatory remarks about his non-White co-workers in the neo-Nazi Discord server

Ben submitted a 500k infrastructure plan for the company he works for. His LinkedIn account says that he is assistant vice president of data science at a “finance” company.

Benjamin Spooner uses ableist language to describe the people he works with at his programming job.

Benjamin Spooner AKA Perihelion gives Identity Evropa members very specific techniques to get away with hiring discrimination, particularly in programming fields. Ben has held powerful positions at many companies and organizations.

Benjamin Spooner is a dangerous neo-Nazi and a member of Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement. His military experience, skill set, wealth, and employment status enhance his ability to influence, recruit, fund, and organize white supremacist endeavors. Like so many other members of this white supremacist group, Benjamin can initially appear as a regular guy at first glace, with white supremacist rhetoric easing into conversation in a gaslighting, redpilling manner. For those who know him, and for those who read his messages from the Identity Evropa leaks, there is no mistaking that Benjamin Spooner is a racist and may be abusing his employment positions to sabotage non-Whites.


A sample of Benjamin Spooner’s racist remarks in the Identity Evropa neo-Nazi Discord server


Please reach out to us with any additional information regarding Benjamin Spooner.



Benjamin Scott Spooner

Read his Discord messages here: https://discordleaks.unicornriot.ninja/discord/user/6860

DOB 9/10/1985 (Age 34)

5’7 150 lbs

Lives at 1538 Tierra Buena Court, Camarillo, California

Last known employers:

Assistant Vice President of Data Science at Finance Company

April 2019 – Present

Build Engineer

Green Hills Software

March 2018 – Present



Benjamin Spooner

Benjamin Spooner


Danielle Lynn Spooner

DOB 11/18/1989 (Age 29)

previously Danielle Malliris

Also lives at 1538 Tierra Buena Court, Camarillo California


Danielle Spooner

Danielle Spooner




Kerrick Martin: Fascist Filmmaker, Wannabe Cop


Internal Neo-Nazi Chat Leaks

Several months ago, the Discord chat logs of the hate group Identity Evropa were published by Unicorn Riot, sparking antifascist groups around the country to #IdentifyEvropa. Shortly after, the group was rebranded as American Identity Movement (abbreviated “AmIM” to avoid confusion with AIM, the American Indian Movement). Despite the name change, this is still the same violent neo-Nazi group that planned the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017. In 2018, a dues-paying member of the group painted Swastikas on an Indiana Synagogue and attempted to set fire to it. Today, we identify another member of AmIM/Identity Evropa: Meet Kerrick Andrew Martin.

Immediately after Identity Evropa’s Discord server chats were leaked by Unicorn Riot, several members contemplated legal action against the media outlet


Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement’s Lead Propagandist

Kerrick Andrew Martin (DOB 1-12-1995) is a dues-paying member of American Identity Movement (formerly Identity Evropa) and serves as the group’s lead video editor and producer. Kerrick records and edits videos of banner drops and actions which are then uploaded to video sharing sites like YouTube and Bitchute to recruit new members. YouTube recently deplatfromed AmIM and several other large white supremacist accounts, a long overdue move for a site overrun with white supremacist content. In addition to AmIM, Kerrick produces videos for American Renaissance (AmRen), a white supremacist group founded by Identity Evropa ally Jared Taylor. Kerrick Martin contributed hundreds of messages to the Identity Evropa Discord server as “FACINEMA”. On Slack, Kerrick used the alias “Bryan F.A.(Cinema),” and was “aimless-nation-wa” after the group switched all messaging to the chat program Mattermost.

Kerrick Martin AKA FACINEMA introduces himself as “Kerrick M.” after joining Identity Evropa.

Kerrick Martin’s Discord profile reflects his two locations: California, where he was going to school, and Washington, where he now lives with his parents

Server Admin aka “Sigruna14” notes that Kerrick Martin AKA “FACINEMA” is in charge of the IE Media server.

Kerrick Martin AKA FACINEMA promotes the South African “white genocide” myth pushed by neo-Nazis.

Kerrick Martin uses the anti-Semitic “echoes”  in the Identity Evropa Fitness Discord server.

Kerrick Martin used the alias Bryan F.A. (Cinema) on the Identity Evropa Slack chat platform

Kerrick Martin (Bryan FA on Slack) struggles to book a room ahead of Identity Evropa’s 2019 national conference, “Leading Our People Forward.”

After Identity Evropa’s Discord server was deplatformed, the group began communicating on a platform called Mattermost designed and maintained by Dustin Phipps.

Kerrick Martin changed his username on Mattermost to “aimless-nation-wa.” You can read through the Mattermost leaks here.



Kerrick Martin began learning video production skills at Sonoma Valley High School in California. He learned through the school’s media arts program and when he graduated in 2013, he netted several media-related scholarships. For the next three years, Kerrick worked towards a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Santa Rosa Junior College. After that, he spent time studying accounting and finance at Sonoma State University in California and lived in Sonoma and Rohnert Park, California.

Kerrick Martin stars in a short film from Sonoma Valley High School.

Kerrick Martin AKA “FACINEMA” from a selfie he posted of himself in the Identity Evropa Discord server.



In addition to his white supremacist cinematography, Kerrick Martin runs a video production outfit called Blue Rig Media Flashpoint Films (BluR Media Co), which is now based out of Vancouver, Washington. Blue Rig Media has done multiple videos for Clark County businesses like the Grant House Eatery, Three Brothers Winery, and the Heisen House. These videos are part of his “Best of Clark County” series, an effort to build his resume which he mentions on Discord. The shooting and editing techniques showcased by Kerrick through “Blue Rig Media” are identical to the techniques deployed in more recent American Identity Movement videos.

Kerrick’s YouTube channel for his media company, Blue Rig Media. He has done several videos showcasing Clark County businesses.

Kerrick Martin AKA FACINEMA writes that he goes around to wineries and companies and produces high quality showcase videos for free. He has already created videos for several companies in Clark County through his media venture “Blue Rig Media.”


Fascist Ideology

The chat leaks also reflect, by Kerrick’s admission, that his parents began “redpilling” him from a young age. It is unclear how and when Kerrick developed his full-fledged neo-Nazi views, but he adopted the pseudonym “FACINEMA” in August 2017. Two months later he was welcomed to the Identity Evropa Discord server. Kerrick has both a YouTube and Twitter account which use variants of the alias, both of which emerged around the same time. His fashy YouTube channel contains a single video of Bishop Richard Williamson, an anti-Semite who has been excommunicated by the Catholic church on two separate occasions. He was recently fined in Germany for holocaust denial remarks given in a 2008 television interview. Kerrick is viciously anti-Semitic himself and his Twitter is laced with vile anti-Semitic memes. A playlist from Kerrick’s channel titled “Demo Reel” contains videos from the 2018 American Renaissance conference, an annual suit-and-tie white supremacist meet-up that occurs in Tennessee. This year, the AmRen conference was met with a large anti-fascist counter protest.

Before Kerrick Martin joined Identity Evropa, he considered joining the neo-Nazi group Traditionalist Worker Party

Kerrick has a YouTube channel named “FASCINIMA.” It contains one video. View an archived version of the channel here.

Kerrick Martin has a video of Holocaust-denying Bishop Richard Williamson. Here is an archived version of that video.

Kerrick Martin filmed Simon Roche, leader of the Suidlanders, and racist who spreads a false notion that there is a “white genocide” going on in South Africa

Kerrick Martin AKA FASCINIMA also produced videos for American Renaisance, a white supremacist “think tank” that hosts annual conferences.

Kerrick Martin posts racist and anti-Semitic content on Twitter as “@FASCINIMATIK.” View an archived version here.

In one tweet, Kerrick Martin ‘replies’ to our comrades at Colorado Springs Antifa and says that he joined Identity Evropa after being attacked at a Kate Steinle rally. He claims that he was passively taking video at the rally when a “member” of antifa shoved him, causing him to spontaneously join a white supremacist group and edit videos for them. We are not aware of any medical cases wherein a “shoved” individual magically adopts neo-Nazism, but you never know these days. The larger issue with this antifa boogeyman story is that it is entirely fabricated. The death of Kate Steinle was exploited by white supremacist groups, including Identity Evropa and local Daily Stormer book clubs. After a jury deemed that the shooting was accidental in December 2017, several far-right groups rallied in Kate’s name, including Joey Griftin’ Gibson. The Discord Leaks show that Kerrick Martin joined Identity Evropa in October of 2017, more than two months before any Kate Steinle rallies actually occurred.

In this Tweet, Kerrick Martin AKA “FACINEMA” lies and claims he suddenly joined Identity Evropa because a fictional antifascist pushed him.


White Supremacist “Activism”

Apart from video production, Kerrick has taken part in many Identity Evropa actions, including the 2019 Identity Evropa annual “Leading Our People Forward” conference held in Kentucky and the national action “Defend the Rockies” held in Colorado in November 2018. Racist chuds from around the country emptied their wallets for plane tickets to go stand in a snowstorm in Colorado to hold an anti-immigrant banner. After this event, Kerrick collected video clips from other members, which he compiled into a propaganda video for the group’s now defunct YouTube channel. Kerrick aided in earlier actions as well, like an October 2018 banner drop in Redding, California, with members of the NorCal chapter like Joshua “Bogl” Lourenco. In April 2018, Kerrick and another Identity Evropa member plastered stickers and posters around Sonoma State University, where Kerrick was attending college.

Kerrick Martin holds an Identity Evropa flag and an oversized American flag.

Kerrick Martin bought a plane ticket so he could stand in the snow with racist chuds.

Kerrick Martin announces to the participants of the Identity Evropa Discord server that he has pre-paid for a reservation to the 2019 annual Leading Our People Forward conference and will be using the alias “Ben Dover”

Kerrick Martin helped with a Redding, California banner drop with the NorCal Nazis.

Kerrick Martin helped another Identity Evropa member cover the Sonoma State University campus with racist propaganda.

After the Discord server was leaked and the doxxes poured in, Patrick Casey changed the group’s name to American Identity Movement (AmIM) and adopted a Patriot Front aesthetic. Kerrick Martin remained a member of the rebranded group and continued his duties as chief videographer. AmIM hosted a week of action in Washington DC in April 2019. During this hate-cation, a dozen members of the group disrupted an author’s talk at the bookstore Politics & Prose. The white supremacist crew chanted and marched around the bookstore for several minutes while Kerrick Martin recorded footage, which was later uploaded to several video sharing platforms.

Racist incel Patrick Casey leads his white supremacist squad around a Washington DC bookstore. The group managed to briefly disrupt the book talk before retreating.

Kerrick Martin recorded as his Fashy friends disrupted a book talk in a Washington DC bookstore.

(Left) Kerrick Martin with IE flag, (Center) Kerrick Martin in bookstore, (Right) Kerrick Martin marching with flags.

Kerrick Martin is listed in the credits for AmIM/IE’s propaganda web-series titled “Identify With Me” under the pseudonym “Bryan Kerick Masterson.” Kerrick used a similar alias on Slack, “Bryan F.A.(Cinema).” The video features Samuel James Fredeen, Virginia coordinator and Justin Wayne Peek, Georgia coordinator and director of activism for AmIM.


Bad Driver

In late September, Kerrick Andrew Martin traveled from California to Idaho to meet up with some Identity Evropa members and offer to share his film-making skills. On September 23rd, 2018, Kerrick was driving his ’16 Nissan Altima through Nampa, Idaho, when he failed to properly yield at an intersection and hit another vehicle. He suffered light injuries and received help from an Idaho member of Identity Evropa who used the alias “BigBadSaxon” on Discord. The next day, Patrick Casey commended “BigBadSaxon” for aiding “[Identity Evropa’s] trusty video editor.” Kerrick’s vehicle was seriously damaged in the crash.

Kerrick Martin AKA FACINEMA traveled to Idaho in late September and met with Identity Evropa members there.

Patrick Casey AKA Reinhard Wolff thanks an Idaho IE member for helping Kerrick Martin after he got in a car crash.

Public records show that Kerrick Martin was responsible for the Idaho car crash for failing to yield.

The other individual involved in the car crash says that Kerrick sped out of the intersection.



Like Patrick Casey, Kerrick Martin is not married. Kerrick tells us in the Discord server that he has a girlfriend who is also receptive of his fascist ideology. He describes her habit of sending him racist memes, the challenges of being able to visit her, and his hopes of marrying and having children with his white and blue eyed girlfriend. Despite our efforts, we have been unable to independently confirm that Kerrick actually has or had a girlfriend.

In late November 2018, Kerrick Martin moved from California to La Center, Washington. He lives with his parents near Vancouver in a suburb called La Center. Records show that his parents, Michael and Glenda Martin, purchased their half-million dollar Washington estate in late 2017. Kerrick’s Discord messages indicate that his parents are supportive and may share his neo-Nazi views; that they actually began “redpilling” him at a young age. In one Discord message, Kerrick says that his family loves listening to the weekly “Fash the Nation” episode. Fash the Nation is a white supremacist podcast linked to the fascist “The Right Stuff” podcast network.

Kerrick Martin AKA FACINEMA writes that he is trying to bring his family into IE and says that they are fashy like him. His parents listen to “Fash the Nation,” a weekly white supremacist podcast.

Kerrick Martin lives with his parents in a gated, half a million dollar house in the middle of wooded farmlands in La Center, Washington


Aspiring Cop

Kerrick Martin hopes to start a new career in Washington, which he teases in the Discord chats. He writes that for his new job, he needs to stay in shape and be able to run 1.5 miles in under 14 minutes. This is the common metric used by Sheriff’s departments to gauge potential deputies. Kerrick Martin is part of the Franklin County civil service roster, meaning he is eligible to become a Franklin county Sheriff. We encourage our readers to contact the Franklin County Civil Service commission and demand that they revoke Kerrick Martin’s eligibility due to his well-documented involvement in a white supremacist hate group.

Please contact  the Franklin County (WA) Human Resources department and request that they investigate and disqualify Deputy Sheriff applicant Kerrick Andrew Martin due to his involvement with Identity Evropa/AmIM, which violates Rule 6, Section 1 of the Franklin County Civil Service Commission’s “Rules and Regulations,” which holds that an applicant must “be of good moral character.”

Email: hr@co.franklin.wa.us (*Do not use a personal email)
Phone: *67 (509) 546-5813

Kerrick Martin AKA FACINEMA hints that he is trying to become a cop.

Public records indicate that Kerrick Martin is trying to become a cop in Franklin County, Washington.

Kerrick Andrew Martin
DOB 1/12/1995


Clear Photos






NorCal Nazis: Joshua and Holly Lourenco are “The Bogls”

It has been several months since thousands of internal messages of the hate group Identity Evropa were published by Unicorn Riot. Following the release of the group’s chats, antifascist groups began to #IdentifyEvropa, which caused Patrick Casey to rebrand Identity Evropa as American Identity Movement. Despite the shifty aesthetics, American Identity Movement (Abbreviated AmIM to avoid confusion with AIM, the American Indian Movement) is still the same violent neo-Nazi group that planned the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017. In 2018, a dues-paying member of the group painted Swastikas on an Indiana Synagogue and attempted to set fire to it. Today, we bring you two more members of Identity Evropa/AmIM: Meet Joshua and Holly Lourenco.

Joshua Joseph Lourenco – DOB 5/7/1988

Joshua Lourenco used several names within the Identity Evropa and American Identity Movement chats. When he first joined Identity Evropa at the start of 2018, he went by “Sherman Hardcastle” on Discord. This account was scarcely used, as Josh preferred to post as “Bogl-CA,” which logged more than 700 messages on Discord. You can check out the messages for yourself here. After the Discord chat logs were released by Unicorn Riot, Identity Evropa rebranded and started using a new communication platform called Mattermost. We recently wrote about Utah Identity Evropa member Dustin Phipps, who helps maintain the group’s Mattermost chats. In response to the leaks, many members changed their usernames, but Josh still used the alias “Bogl.”

Joshua Lourenco used the name “Bogl” on Mattermost and on Discord, along with the name “Sherman Hardcastle.”

In this Mattermost screenshot, Joshua interacts with other American Identity Movement members like David Zsutty of California AKA tylerhess. We have a full article about David Zsutty which you can find here.

Joshua Lourenco serves as the coordinator for the Northern California and Oregon chapters of Identity Evropa. Prior to being doxxed, Spencer Strudevant was acting as the Oregon coordinator. Josh was recognized by Patrick Casey for his “outstanding work in NorCal,” and was named Nazi of the month for December 2018. Some of Josh’s “outstanding work” includes:

Patrick Casey AKA “Reinhard Wolff” recognizes Joshua as “member of the month” for December 2018. Some examples of his work follow:

Putting up racist propaganda and Identity Evropa stickers at Merced College in California: December 2018, January 2019, February 2019. Josh would also frequently target CSU Stanislaus, the college that previous Identity Evropa leader Nathan Damigo (Link: https://itsgoingdown.org/nathan-damigo-exposed-identity-evropa-leader-operating-csu-stanislaus/) attended. Josh acknowledges this in the Discord chats, calling the campus “Nathan’s old stomping grounds.”

Hosting a Nazi get-together at the Lourenco residence in Atwater, California in December 2018.

Posing for a photo with other Identity Evropa members outside of UC Berkley in California in December 2018.

Joshua has been a white supremacist for over a decade and appears to have been radicalized in part by neo-Nazi writer Greg Robert Johnson. Many members of Identity Evropa cite Greg Johnson as a gateway to white supremacy, and the writing which he circulates through his publishing house, Counter-currents. Greg’s own material isn’t the only writing made available by Counter-currents: In 2017, James Mason’s Siege was being sold by the site. Siege is a neo-Nazi tale which is the inspiration for the Atomwaffen Division, an underground Nazi terror group which is responsible for several murders. Earlier this year, we published an article warning Denver residents of James Mason and his Atomwaffen fanboys.

Before Greg Johnson moved to Seattle, he spent several years living and working in California. The Pacific School of Religion brought him on as an assistant professor in 2002 and he lived around the San Francisco area for a handful of years after that. While Joshua was still a teenager, he says that he met and discussed white supremacist politics with Greg Johnson. He says that he knew Greg “very well” and even had meetings at his house with his other friends. Unlike most members of Identity Evropa, Joshua’s white supremacist views are not new; they are more than a decade old.

“Sherman Hardcastle” was one of Joshua’s aliases on Discord. In this message, he discusses his early interactions with Greg Johnson.

Josh expresses that he is looking to move away from California because “agriculture is dying” and he is afraid of people of color. On Discord, he is open about his racist and anti-Semitic views. Josh believes that college is “anti white propaganda,” and won’t be pushing his children to pursue higher education. He is against “mixing all the races,” and wants to move to a less diverse town. In one message, Josh writes that he would “rather be killed for wrong think,” referring to Eugene neo-Nazi Evan James McCarty’s decision to undergo race and gender education courses and disavow white supremacy. Our comrades at Rose City Antifa wrote a detailed piece on Evan a year ago, who used the pseudonym “Bryon de la Vandal,” on Nazi forums. In another message, Josh struggles to see any problem with distributing white supremacist propaganda at high schools. Identity Evropa propaganda has appeared at high schools and even middle schools in the past.

Josh Lourenco is not happy about Eugene neo-Nazi Evan McCarty’s recent actions, prefers death over renouncing his own fascist views.

Josh has written several anti-Semitic messages in the Discord chat.

In this series of messages, Joshua Lourenco expresses his vile racist fears.

Joshua Lourenco is a white nationalist and is against “mixing.”

Joshua thinks that his children shouldn’t go to college because it is “anti white.”

Joshua expresses his racist views as “Bogl” on the Discord server.

If Holly wasn’t a white supremacist as well, Josh would have a difficult time.

“Bogl” uploaded a photo of him and Holly to the Discord server, which he said was taken by his daughter.

Many of Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement’s recent actions have been turned to propaganda videos and uploaded to YouTube. Despite many claims that they will crack down on white supremacist and neo-Nazi content, the site continues to platform AmIM and countless other fascist groups. Joshua Lourenco was one of the AmIM members in a more recent video showing a racist banner drop in San Luis Obispo. The video shows several members unfurling a banner which reads “Close the Borders” atop a hill overlooking the Cal Poly campus. The campus was also targeted with recruitment flyers which were placed inside of buildings. Josh also stars in AmIM’s YouTube propaganda series “Identify with Me.” In the first episode of the series, he can be seen carrying a banner with other Nazi chuds at UC Berkley.

Joshua Lourenco carries a banner at UC Berkley with other American Identity Movement members.

Joshua struggles to unfurl a banner on a hill that overlooks the Cal Poly campus in San Luis Obispo, California.

Joshua (right) has a hard time getting his racist banner out of a tote bag.

Additional Photos of Joshua Joseph Lourenco AKA Bogl AKA Sherman Hardcastle:


Holly Diane Lourenco – DOB 12/28/1987

Holly Diane Lourenco used the name “Mrs. Bogl” on the leaked Identity Evropa Discord server. She was scarcely active, only sending 24 messages in the Discord chat after joining the group in late 2018. Following a series of chat leaks, “Mrs. Bogl” changed her name to “Mrs. White” and remains active on the group’s current chat platform, Mattermost.

Holly Lourenco switched her username to “mrs_white-ca” on Mattermost. The Lourencos are not the only white supremacist couple to be outed by antifascists- “mrsgloopgod-ky” was doxxed by an anonymous group of antifascists earlier this year, you can read about the “gloopgod” couple here.

Joshua and Holly have been together for over ten years and have two young children. In 2008, Holly won “Miss Merced County” while attending UC Merced, where she was majoring in US History and serving as public information officer for the Republican club. UC Merced was targeted with Identity Evropa flyers and recruitment materials multiple times by her husband. In 2012, the couple supported Ron Paul’s presidential campaign. Ron Paul has deep-seated connections to the far-right and close ties to the anti-Semitic John Birch Society. Over the next 5 years, she moved further right, eventually embracing white nationalism and joining Identity Evropa with her husband.

Holly won “Miss Merced County” in 2008 while a student at UC Merced.

Holly was not as active on the Identity Evropa Discord server, only contributing two dozen messages. In one message, she said that she “[wishes] Jared Taylor would come to our NorCal friendsgiving,” which the Lourenco couple hosted at their house. Jared Taylor is the founder of American Renaissance, a neo-Nazi organization which publishes articles and hosts an annual white supremacist conference. Holly has been a part of several Identity Evropa actions. She helped create the Christmas-themed banner which members of the NorCal chapter displayed at UC Berkley, and painted Identity Evropa themed rocks with Jean Palmer AKA celticflame. She attended “Defend the Rockies” with her husband, and celebrated Valentine’s day by passing out Identity Evropa propaganda. Holly appears to be close with Jean “celticflame,” Palmer, who even wished Holly an early happy birthday, a full two days in advance.

Holly Lourenco wanted long-time white supremacist figure Jared Taylor to come to the NorCal Nazi dinner.

Holly Lourenco shares the UC Berkley banner progress.

Holly is honored to be part of Identity Evropa. DTR stands for “Defend the Rockies,” a national action held by the group in late 2018.

Jean Palmer wishes Holly Lourenco a happy birthday. Holly was born on December 28th, 1987. (The date of this message is recorded in UTC, in PDT it would have still been 12/26).

Holly Lourenco shows off her racist handicrafts.

Holly Lourenco is employed by Image Masters, a business marketing company based in Merced, California. Holly is part of the sales team (Marketing Director) and has worked for the company for more than 10 years. She has her own page on the Image Masters website, which advertises customizable items. When she isn’t on the clock, she spends her time promoting white supremacy and marketing Identity Evropa/AmIM. You can contact Image Masters CEO Tim O’Neill by phone at *67 (209) 723 1691 X302, or by email at tim(at)imagemasters(dot)com, and demand that the company stop employing a dues-paying member of a white supremacist hate group.

Holly’s ImageMasters site page, imagemasters(dot)com/holly. You can view an archived version of this page here.

Holly Lourenco traveled with ImageMasters to an industry trade show in Monterey.

Holly Lourenco recently celebrated her 10th year with ImageMasters. Holly used the name “Holly Lou” on Facebook.

Holly and Joshua created and distributed Identity Evropa Valentine’s day flyers. Josh uploaded this photo of Holly posing with the material.

Additional Photos of Holly Diane Lourenco AKA Mrs. Bogl:


Holly and Joshua Lourenco’s last known address is 2469 Central Avenue, Atwater, California. On Discord, Joshua has expressed a desire to relocate to Treasure Valley, Idaho.
Contact Eugene Antifa with any additional tips about the Lourencos or other fascists in your area:

Occupy Houston Organizer Dustin Phipps Exposed As American Identity Movement CTO “Gimlet”

Dustin Phipps: Former Leftist turn white supremacist

Dustin Phipps isn’t the first Leftist to flip from one side of the ideological spectrum to the other and he certainly isn’t the first former Leftist to find their way into the membership of American Identity Movement (an American neo-Nazi and white supremacist organization recently referred to as “Identity Evropa”). Readers in the Houston, Texas area will recognize Dustin Phipps, most notably, as a former lead organizer of Occupy Houston during the later part of 2011 and the early part of 2012. After spending the bulk of his thirty and a half years in Texas volunteering with various social justice causes, Dustin now resides in Lehi, Utah (just south of Salt Lake City). He is a dues paying member and Utah Chapter Leader of a white supremacist organization, and serves as the group’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Dustin Blake Phipps uses the alias “Gimlet.” He is a patron donor to the organization and is responsible for building and maintaining the group’s current communication platform on Mattermost which they call “Columbia.”

Dustin Blake Phipps aka “Gimlet” participates in an Identity Evropa banner drop in Salt Lake City, Utah, February 2019

Dustin Phipps Left: 2019, Right: 2016

We can trace Dustin’s membership in Identity Evropa to as early as January 2018 where he had already established a position of authority within the white supremacist group. Dustin, as “Gimlet,” administered an official Identity Evropa Discord Server called the “IE dev team” whose purpose was to serve as a communication platform for software developers within the organization. This team would focus on developing, building, and maintaining communication platforms for the wider group. The number of dues paying members on these Discord communication platforms peaked at just around 800 prior to the Discord chat leaks published by Unicorn Riot.

After Identity Evropa was deplatformed from Discord, the group temporarily communicated by another platform called “Slack.” Again, the group’s Slack chats were leaked and they were subsequently banned from that platform as well. Identity Evropa struggled with maintaining a consistent communication platform for their group. Some regional chapters utilized “Telegram,” and they attempted to build at least one other communication platform referred to as “Mercury.” Even before James Ambrose (the main developer of Mercury) was exposed, the endeavor failed to get off the ground and the project was never made available to the greater membership.

Currently, Dustin Phipps as the CTO provides the ability for the greater white supremacist organization of American Identity Movement to communicate, network, and organize with each other on Mattermost. Established at the beginning of March 2019, this platform has hosted, at it’s peak, just over 400 registered, dues paying members. As pressure on this group ceases to let up from antifascists, we can note a consistent decline in membership with current numbers at just over 250.

Dustin Phipps aka “Gimlet” administered the official Identity Evropa Discord server called “IE dev team”

Dustin Phipps aka “Gimlet” holds a staff position as Chief Technology Officer within the white supremacist organization.

For over a year and a half, Dustin Phipps aka “Gimlet,” has directed the core of the group’s technology needs.

Aside from Phipps’ technological contributions to American Identity Movement, he has littered multiple university campuses and public venues with white supremacist propaganda. Phipps has traveled to numerous states to participate in national actions and conferences. Some of the activity we have tracked Phipps participating in include: flyering Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, leaving Identity Evropa business cards inside books at The City LIbrary in Salt Lake City, Utah as well as flyering the University of Utah and the downtown Salt Lake City, Utah area. Phipps’ first national action was at “Defend the Rockies” which took place in Colorado in November 2018. This was followed by an anti-immigration action in Chicago in January of 2019 just outside of Rahm Emanuel’s office. In February of 2019, Phipps co-hosted a “Defend Utah” action which followed with his attendance at the third annual Identity Evropa  “Leading Our People Forward” national conference in March of 2019 in the state of Kentucky.

Dustin Phipps aka “Gimlet” attends the national Identity Evropa action “Defend the Rockies” co-coordinated by former Colorado Chapter Leader Cory Reeves.

Dustin Phipps aka “Gimlet” is seen here, to the right of Patrick Casey, in a light blue knit cap attending an anti-immigration demonstration in Colorado

Listen to Dustin Phipps aka “Jim” aka “Gimlet” describe his experience with Identity Evropa at “Defend the Rockies” here and here.

Another anti-immigration demonstration Dustin Phipps attended with Identity Evropa took place in Chicago, Illinois in January of 2019.

Dustin Phipps aka “Gimlet” attending an anti-immigration demonstration with Identity Evropa, January 2019

Dustin Phipps aka “Gimlet” rallies with Identity Evropa led by Patrick Casey

Dustin Phipps attempts to conceal his identity while simultaneously professing to be a white identitarian.

March of 2019 would bring a new decline in the organizing efforts of Identity Evropa. As the group was preparing to travel to Kentucky for their annual conference, “Leading Our People Forward,” their members’ chat messages in Discord and Slack were being prepped for publication. A handful of cherry picked individuals by Patrick Casey made up an elite internal group of the organization calling itself Leadership and the Advisory Council. It was simple to join: One mostly just needed to donate a lot of money to the organization. This small fraction of the entire group had planned a rebrand of the organization. In order to try to gain public favor, their strategy turned to appealing to American patriotism. Similar to Patriot Front’s aesthetic but with a strict “no overt Nazi symbolism or rhetoric” in public forums, Identity Evropa became American Identity Movement. This rebranding decision was made by the elite internal group with virtually no knowledge to the majority of their membership. Dustin Phipps attended this conference and the action that followed it in Tennessee.

Dustin Phipps aka “Gimlet” attends a Tennessee action with the newly rebranded American Identity Movement, March 2019

Dustin Phipps marches with American Identity Movement members in Tennessee, March 2019

Once, Dustin Phipps led marches with people of color for economic justice. Now Dustin participates in demonstrations to preserve the white race.

Dustin Phipps once advocated for immigration rights, admired the political work of trans people, and worked alongside of Brown and Black economic and social justice activists. He advocated for humanitarian relief for Haitians and Hondurans. Dustin grew up in a multicultural neighborhood in Katy, Texas, organized with social justice activists while in college in Houston, Texas, and traveled to other non-white majority countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Thailand. In addition to English, Dustin speaks some Spanish and French. But a closer look at Dustin’s years as an economic and social justice activist uncovers some doubts at his commitment to Leftist ideals. For example, he did not support all of the Occupy Wall Street demands. As an Occupy Houston lead organizer, he did not agree that higher education should be free for everyone nor would he declare that everyone deserved a guaranteed income. As a cis-White male, Dustin seemed to frequently talk over women and people of color rather than help amplify their voices. Listen to Dustin, in his own words, what his thoughts were at this time. Dustin seemed to be one for embellishment, visions of grandeur with often changing goals. He claimed to be a medical student, or pre-med, when he merely attained a Bachelor’s Degree in General Biology. Phipps claimed to be a military veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom having served in the Navy. Yet, we are unable to independently confirm that Phipps served in the Navy at all aside from a notation on his resume stating he spent some time employed by the US Navy as a Communications Electrician.

What is not an uncommon phenomena among budding white nationalists is a trend of become radicalized with the 2016 election of Donald Trump. This is the time frame we have tracked Dustin Phipps’ transition from more Leftist views to more Far Right views. While once a trans accepting person, Phipps now joins his fellow American Identity Movement members is directing hatred towards transpeople. While once advocating for immigration rights and humanitarian relief in what some call “third world countries,” now Phipps participates in public anti-immigration demonstrations. While once organizing with Brown and Black people for economic and social justice, now Phipps has bought into the “white genocide” lie.

Dustin Phipps aka “Gimlet” dehumanizes a prominent antifascist transwoman.

Dustin Phipps expresses his support for Manning.

Dustin Phipps considers Manning a military hero

Prior to becoming a white nationalist, it appears that Dustin Phipps continued to support Manning while she was transitioning to a woman.

Prior to becoming a white nationalist, Dustin Phipps volunteered in his community for humanitarian relief efforts

Prior to becoming a white nationalist, Dustin Phipps advocated for immigration rights

Dustin Phipps is a member of one of the main organizations that planned the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. At this white supremacist rally, one antifascist woman was killed by a neo-Nazi and numerous other antifascists were injured. Even given the facts of the situation, Dustin Phipps is resolved in his support for Alex Fields, the neo-Nazi terrorist who drove his car into a crowd of antifascists murdering one. Recently, Fields was sentenced to life in prison for his crimes.

Dustin Phipps aka “Gimlet” comments on Alex Field’s murder conviction.

What caused Dustin Phipps to embrace white nationalism is a question only he can answer.

A statement by Dustin Phipps aka “Gimlet” which can be interpreted as a possible autobiographical statement.



Full name: Dustin Blake Phipps

Birthdate: 11/27/1983

Mobile telephone: 281 543 2095

Email: dbphipps@comcast.net

Last known address:

4200 North Seasons View Drive Apartment 03121
Lehi, Utah 84043-6273






Previous employer:

Owlet Baby Care, Inc.

Lehi, Utah

Position: Senior DevOps Engineer


Dustin Phipps aka “Gimlet”
a white nationalist



David Zsutty: Neo-Nazi in Law School

On March 6th, 2019, the independent media outlet Unicorn Riot published the internal chat logs of the neo-Nazi group Identity Evropa. Hundreds of thousands of messages were leaked from the group’s member-only Discord server, which revealed extreme racism, white supremacism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, and misogyny. Since the breach, antifascist groups have sifted through the messages and tied real people to the usernames, exposing dozens of members across the United States. Identity Evropa helped plan the massive Nazi rally in Charlottesville in 2017 and the organization is currently being sued due to the ramifications of that event. Today, we are identifying the Identity Evropa member “Tyler Hess” as Chapman University student David Michael Zsutty (DOB 3/21/1987) from Oceanside, California.

David Michael Zsutty used the pseudonym “TylerHess” on the Identity Evropa server.

Zsutty is explicitly racist and anti-Semitic in many of his messages. In one message, he defends the Charlottesville attacker James Alex Fields, a Nazi who rammed his car into a crowd of people who were counter protesting the 2017 Unite the Right rally and who was recently sentenced to life in prison as a result of his terror attack. Zsutty thinks that “Fields is completely innocent, perhaps guilty of negligence at the very most.” More than a dozen people suffered serious injuries and Heather Heyer was killed in the attack. In another message, Zsutty shares his anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, saying that he “suspect[s] that Jews are intermarrying with whites who share similar traits, such as narcissism, schizophrenia, socio/psychopathy, a certain low cunning born from a lack of morals, etc.” Zsutty also disparages his nonwhite classmates in the chat, writing that they “lack the analytical skill of our people.” In another message, he says that he wanted to be “study buddies” with a conservative woman in his class, but then he learned that she had a “mulatto” son.

David Zsutty refuses to be study buddies with a classmate at Chapman University who has a “mulatto” son

David Zsutty shares how he feels about his non-white classmates.

David Zsutty thinks that the Charlottesville vehicular attacker, James Alex Fields, is innocent. Fields injured dozens and killed Heather Heyer when he rammed his vehicle into a crowd of people protesting a massive Nazi convergence in 2017.

David Zsutty slips some anti-Semitic conspiracy theories into the Identity Evropa chats.

Zsutty also discusses his family in the Discord chats. He paints a biographical picture of his parents, who had him when they were in their “mid thirties.” His mother’s side is “Mayflower and Revolution,” while his father’s side is part Prussian and German. Zsutty’s family fits this profile perfectly, as his father, Michael Zsutty (DOB 5/26/1951), is a full 36 years older than David.

David mentions that his parents were in their mid-thirties when they had him, which we confirmed.

David’s father, Michael Zsutty, was born in 1951 and lives in Oceanside, California.

Michael Zsutty lives in Oceanside, California. David mentions him several times on Discord. One message suggests that his dad may share his white nationalist views, and that the lack of a Google doodle caused him to start agreeing with David. Michael Zsutty is at the very least a far-right MAGA fan, as evidenced by his Facebook. He is active in Oceanside and has harassed houseless people in the area. David applauds his dad’s anti-houseless actions, noting that he went from donating money to “helping a anti hobo crusade in our hometown.” Michael is part of the Facebook group “Take Back Oceanside,” which is full of rich white people panicking about poor and houseless folks.

David writes that his dad is involved in anti-homeless activities in his hometown of Oceanside, California. He is part of a group called “Take back Oceanside.”

David suggests that his dad, Michael Zsutty, shares some of his white supremacist views.

Michael Zsutty plugs his anti-homeless group, “Take back Oceanside.” Kudos to the people who have “tried to intimidate” this disgusting group!

Michael is upset that someone is taking shelter from the elements in a tent. How dare houseless folks take shelter!

Michael made a Facebook post about a vehicle he finds “suspicious.”

Another shared interest between Michael and David is running. Michael is part of a running club in Oceanside, which hosts weekend runs. David is also an avid runner, and often brags about it on the Discord server. On November 22nd, 2018, (Thanksgiving) he tells his fellow white nationalists that he “ran a 10K this morning while nearing the end of a 30 hour fast.” David did this run with his father, in Oceanside, California. The 10k was part of the 13th Annual O’side Turkey Trot, and David’s results are available online.

David talks about running on the Discord server.

On Thanksgiving morning 2018, David and Michael Zsutty ran in the 13th Annual Oceanside Turkey Trot. David notes this on Discord.

David competes in the 13th Annual Oceanside Turkey Trot.

David Zsutty was active offline as well, flyering and participating in actions. Near the end of 2018, David helped other Identity Evropa members drop an anti-immigrant banner in Wickenburg, Arizona. He has been active in spreading Identity Evropa posters and stickers around his state, mainly targeting universities in Southern California. David is cautious about where he posts Identity Evropa propaganda and stickers, making sure to steer clear of his own college campus. He makes sure to dress “normie” on illegal flyering outings, wearing a hat and different attire. He even offers advice to other Identity Evropa members who fear they may be doxxed, such as a user named “Wotan Klan” from Georgia, who is concerned about footage of him at the deadly Unite the Right rally from 2017.

David Zsutty helps with a racist banner drop in Wickenburg, Arizona.

David Zsutty provides flyering advice for fellow white supremacists.

David Zsutty is photographed during a flyering action in Pacific Palisades with other California Identity Evropa members.

David Zsutty gives advice to a Georgia Identity Evropa member who attended the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally.

David is a chair of the Federalist Society at Chapman University. The Federalist Society has been around for several decades and is focused on reviving conservative and libertarian ideas within the American legal system. Their influence has peaked during the Trump era, and they were central in the rise of Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. The Society has received substantial donations from the Koch brothers and the Mercer family.

David Zsutty is chair of the Federalist Society at his university.

In the Discord chats, Zsutty recommends the Federalist Society to another Identity Evropa member with the screen name “Logan.” Earlier this year, HuffPost revealed that “Logan” is actually Logan K. Piercy, a Marine who attended the Unite the Right rally. He asks members of the group for political news sources, writing that “I can’t say my main news source is Fash the Nation.” Fash the Nation is a Nazi podcast which is part of The Right Stuff, a podcast network created by YouTube white supremacist Mike Peinovich. To this, David recommends the Cato Institute and the Federalist Society.

David Zsutty recommends the Federalist Society to Logan K. Piercy, who gets his news from “Fash the Nation.”

David Michael Zsutty joined Identity Evropa in June of 2018. Right off the bat, he asks about pursuing a libel or defamation lawsuit against the ADL or SPLC, liberal groups which monitor far right activity. Both of these groups consider Identity Evropa (now American Identity Movement) a hate group. Zsutty brings up the idea of legal action because he is a law student at Chapman University, which is in Orange, California. In another message, he exclaims that he would love to see a Supreme Court case on doxxing. Frivolous filings about doxxing have made their way to the courts, such as when the Weed Nazi Bethany Sherman tried to attack Eugene Antifa via the courts with a laughable defamation suit.

David Zsutty suggests legal action against liberal watchdog groups the ADL and SPLC. Both of these groups have justly labeled Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement as a hate group.

David Zsutty AKA “TylerHess” wants to see the courts institute penalties for doxxing.

Many of the white supremacists who have been exposed in the ongoing #IdentifyEvropa project are active or former members of the military. David Zsutty joins this list, as he was part of the US Air Force for several years. He trained in Texas and was part of the Air Force for six years, working as an Airborne Cryptologic Language Analyst. In 2015 he became a Staff Sergeant. He eludes to his involvement in the military at times on Discord. In one message, he says that he “actually lost a ton of weight after I got out due to no more stress or circadian rhythm disruption.”

Michael Zsutty posts a picture of his son David Zsutty. David spent six years in the Air Force, where he was a Staff Sergeant. Now, with taxpayer support, he is attending law school to take his hate to the courtroom.

A photo of David Zsutty from his time in the US Air Force.

David Zsutty talks about the Air Force in the Identity Evropa Discord chats.

David Zsutty lost weight after getting out of the Air Force and getting back into running.

After the internal messages of Identity Evropa were leaked and dozens of their members were doxxed, Patrick Casey renamed the group “American Identity Movement.” David remained a member, using the same name “TylerHess” on the group’s internal Mattermost server.

David Zsutty AKA “TylerHess” is SoCal chapter leader on the American Identity Movement’s Mattermost server.

David Zsutty AKA “TylerHess” supports the ultra-violent Nazi group RAM, which traveled to assault anti-racist counter protesters at events in 2017.

David Michael Zsutty is a white supremacist who is part of the neo-Nazi group American Identity Movement (formerly Identity Evropa). He uses the alias “TylerHess” to mask his identity and freely espouse his bigoted views within the group’s leaked chats. He defaced college campuses in California with white nationalist stickers and fliers. He is currently a law student at Chapman University, a private institution that claims to be inclusive and empowering. If the University values these ideals, they should kick out David Zsutty for his participation in a hate group that violently opposes inclusivity. American Identity Movement/Identity Evropa was central in coordinating the violent Nazi “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville. Please contact the University and demand that they give David Michael Zsutty the boot!

Contact the Dean of Students here:
jprice@chapman.edu or *67 (714) 997-6721