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Meet Violent Proud Boy Garrett Martin Sipe


Garrett Martin Sipe (DOB 9/29/1985), a resident of Willamina, Oregon, is a violent member of the Proud Boys. The Proud Boys are an ultra-nationalist, neo-fascist group founded by Canadian bigot Gavin McInnes in 2016. They are recognized as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center and considered a white nationalist extremist group by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. For more information on the Proud Boys, we recommend Rose City Antifa’s excellent article from 2018. Garrett Sipe was a member of the PNW Patriot Coalition, a brief collection of far-right groups that communicated online to plan violence throughout Oregon. Garrett Sipe is tied to Portland, Oregon resident Scott Duncan, who allegedly murdered Portland anarchist and antifascist activist Sean Kealiher.

Garrett Martin Sipe works for Square Deal Construction Company, based out of Newberg, Oregon. He also runs a website that sells gear for riding snowmobiles, called North West Snow Gear. Action items can be found at the end of the article.

Timeline of Activity

August 22, 2020

On August 22, 2020, various far-right groups and hardcore neo-Nazis came together in downtown Portland, Oregon for a “No to Marxism” rally hosted by California alt-right activist Amber Gwen Cummings. The far-right came prepared for violence: many were armed with bear spray, metal batons, axe handles, paintball guns, and firearms. After months of extreme police violence against Black Lives Matter protesters, the Portland Police backed off and allowed the far-right crowd to lead a multi-hour armed assault against antifascists in broad daylight. During this rally, several firearms were brandished by alt-right figures and at least one explosive was deployed by members of their group.

A large contingent of Proud Boys were present on August 22, 2020, including Garrett Martin Sipe who wore a black shirt with the yellow laurel wreath adopted by the Proud Boys, and a “Proud Boy” hat. As the far-right crowd began to flee, Garrett Sipe participated in the gang beating of an antifascist protester, kicking them in the head while another fascist punched them repeatedly on the ground.

Garrett Sipe stands next to Springfield, OR racist Tim Edward Davis, neo-Nazi Corey Eugene Wyatt, and far-right organizer Sorbeah “Ara” Almosa during a violent August 22, 2020 rally. The yellow laurel wreath logo of the Proud Boys is visible on Sipe’s shirt.

Garrett Sipe stands with other violent fascists in PDX on August 22 2020Garrett Sipe speaks with ultra-violent Proud Boy Travis Taylor during a violent far-right rally on August 22, 2020. Patriot Coalition member Jason Michael Gould and domestic abuser Qunicy Franklin stand nearby. 

Garrett Sipe kicks an antifascist protester in the head while another far-right rallygoer punches them on the ground. Self-declared white nationalist Allen Weseley Pucket rushes in to get a piece of the violence. 

Garrett Sipe can be seen kicking an injured antifascist protester in the head during the far-right’s August 22, 2020 rally. Another man punches the protester repeatedly. Video of the gang beating can be found here.

September 7, 2020

On September 7, 2020 (Labor Day) two far-right events combined at the Oregon State capitol building in Salem, Oregon. In Oregon City, a pro-Trump “cruise rally” gathered in the Clackamas Community College parking lot before bringing traffic to a halt on Interstate 5. Many of the “cruise rally” participants joined with an “American Lives Matter” rally at the Oregon State capital. The rally at the capitol was organized by Salem, Oregon resident and state employee Janira Brannigan. During the rally, Proud Boys and other far-right goons chased down, pepper sprayed, and beat on lone antifascist protesters. Garrett Sipe was part of the Proud Boy contingent and carried a can of bear mace on his hip.

Garrett Sipe stands with other members of the Proud Boys hate group on September 7 2020, at the Oregon state capitalGarrett Sipe (shorts, with flag) stands near fellow Proud Boy John Jerome Kuenzi, violent neo-Nazi Jeremy Wayne Roberts, and others at an “American Lives Matter” rally in Salem, OR. 

Garrett Sipe stands in the middle of the roadway, facing antifascist protesters in Salem, OR. A can of bear mace is visible on his right hip. 

Garrett Sipe, Paul Davies, and other Proud Boys hate group members unfurl an oversized American flag on the steps of the capitol building in Salem, OR. 

Garrett Sipe brandishes a large flag pole in Salem, OR during an “American Lives Matter” rally. 

Garrett Sipe and Christopher Gene McCauley approach a small group of antifascist protesters in Salem, OR. Chris McCauley later bragged about hitting a Black Lives Matter supporter in the head with a metal baton.

September 26, 2020

On September 26, 2020 the Proud Boys held a hate rally on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. Proud Boy chairman Henry “Enrique” Tarrio filed a permit request with the city of Portland, claiming that the rally would have 10,000 participants and another 10,000 “spectators.” However, only a few hundred actually showed, many of whom flew from across the country to get beat up by “ANTIFA.” Although Henry Tarrio and Joe Biggs were quick to declare victory, many of their own rallygoers were unhappy with the lack of violence against antifascists. Some fascists settled for attacking local journalists, like Samson Steele, who was filmed kicking a student journalist in the head.

Garrett Martin Sipe at the Proud Boys 9/26/2020 hate rally in Portland, OR. Sipe is still coated in white paint from when he was run out of Portland by a large antifascist bloc on August 22, 2020. 

Garrett Sipe (unmasked) embraces another far-right protester at the Proud Boys 9/26/2020 hate rally.

January 1, 2021

The far-right started the new year with a “mass civil disobedience” anti-lockdown rally and march in Salem, Oregon. The event was organized by Oregon Women for Trump in opposition to Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s COVID-19 safety measures including mask mandates, and school and business restrictions. Dozens of Proud Boys took part in the rally, including Garrett Sipe, who carried bear mace and a club. After marching to Mahonia Hall (the governor’s mansion), the far-right roamed the streets looking for antifascist protesters to attack. A photographer was chased down and kicked in the head, and a photojournalist from the Oregonian was shoved to the pavement. A small group of antifascists had gathered outside of Epilogue Kitchen, a black owned restaurant that has been the target of fascist vandalism. There, the Proud Boys descended on the antifascists who were defending the local business, and attempted to shove their way past a police line which separated the two groups. In response, police deployed colorful smoke and forced the far-right crowd back to the capitol building.

Garrett Martin Sipe flashes the “OK” hand sign, which is commonly used by white supremacists like the Proud Boys.

Garrett Sipe, fellow Proud Boy Shane Purvis, and domestic abuser Barry Lloyd James Johnson stand outside Mahonia Hall on January 1, 2021.

Garrett Sipe and Proud Boy David Julian at the January 1, 2021 anti-lockdown protest in Salem, OR.

The Proud Boys arrive at the January 1,2021 anti-lockdown protest in Salem, OR. Former PNW Patriot Coalition leader Christopher James Tough (AKA Chris HimWho) leads the group with a megaphone. Garrett Sipe can be seen in the background.

Garrett Sipe carried bear mace, and later a wooden club, at the January 1, 2021 anti-lockdown protest in Salem, OR.

Patriot Coalition Chats

Garrett Sipe was a member of the PNW Patriot Coalition, a short-lived collective consisting of far-right individuals, explicit neo-Nazis, and militia groups united around enacting violence against antifascists. The group organized publicly on Facebook and privately on the chat platform GroupMe. We leaked months of messages from the private PNW Patriot Coalition chats in September 2020.

In the GroupMe chats, Garrett Sipe used the username “GSipe.” After the far-right got ran out of Portland on August 22, 2020, members of the Patriot Coalition discussed weapons and gear for the next fascist incursion to Portland. Garrett Sipe suggested using slingshots: “We [the Proud Boys] were talking about using wrist rockets on the ride home Saturday [August 22].” Though Garrett Sipe was not very active in the chats, he regularly boosted far-right events that the Proud Boys were attending. After extreme wind patterns caused devastating wildfires across Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, misinformation peddlers on the far-right pushed a completely false claim that antifascists were setting fires in rural communities. This led to far-right vigilantes patrolling small towns and setting up armed checkpoints. Members of the PNW Patriot Coalition organized patrols and reported random vehicles they believed to be responsible for lighting fires. Garrett Sipe told the chat that a vehicle “with blm all over” was driving around and starting fires, and provided a description, putting the driver in serious danger. Patriot Coalition member Erik Neal (Erik) asks where to buy a collapsible baton. Garrett Sipe (GSipe) sends him a link to purchase one.

Garrett Sipe admits that he is a member of the Proud Boys in the Patriot Coalition chats.

Garrett Sipe shares the flier for the September 26, 2020 Proud Boys hate rally in Portland, OR. The flier he shared was first posted in the COPS NW Facebook group, per the screenshot. 

Connection to Scott Duncan, Alleged Murderer of a Portland Antifascist

Anarchist Sean Kealiher AKA Armeanio was murdered just past midnight on October 12, 2019, by a group of men driving a silver SUV. These men intentionally struck Armeanio head on with the vehicle. As Armeanio struggled with the last few moments of his life, his killers fled, leaving the SUV abandoned less than a block away from the scene of the crime. After more than a year of inaction from the Portland Police Bureau and other investigative authorities, Armeanio’s mother publicly released two names of the men responsible for the murder of her son: Scott Wayne Duncan and Christopher Edward Knipe.

Scott Duncan and Christopher Knipe, alleged murderers of Sean Kealiher AKA Armeanio.

The silver SUV abandoned near the scene of the murder was registered to Christopher Knipe’s uncle, Douglas. Scott Duncan was allegedly driving the vehicle at the time of the murder. He has an extensive criminal history, including a 2018 arrest for driving under the influence of intoxicants, recklessly endangering another person, fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer, strangulation, and most recently, a 2019 charge for assault in the fourth degree.

Scott Duncan and Proud Boy Garrett Martin Sipe are longtime friends. They both grew up in the small town of Craig, Alaska and graduated from Craig High School. They remained friends after high school, and a few years after graduation they both moved to Oregon where they lived together in at least two different houses in Portland, Oregon. Additionally, Garrett Sipe and Scott Duncan are connected and interact with each other through social media, including Facebook, where Sipe frequently boosts far-right material.Proud Boy Garrett Sipe “likes” a post made by his friend Scott Duncan.Proud Boy Garrett Sipe “likes” a post made by his friend Scott Duncan, alleged murderer of Armeanio.

Proud Boy Garrett Sipe “likes” a post made by his friend Scott Duncan.

Proud Boy Garrett Sipe “likes” a post made by his friend Scott Duncan.

Garrett Sipe uses his personal Facebook account to boost far-right events, memes, and conspiracy theories. Garrett Sipe and Scott Duncan are also connected on Facebook.


Membership in the Proud Boys has seen a surge since Donald Trump called on the group to “stand by” during a publicly televised presidential debate. Hundreds from around the country have violated public health and safety recommendations during the COVID-19 global pandemic and traveled across states to Washington D.C. where they took to the streets looking to assault antifascists, Black Lives Matter supporters, and people of color. As the Proud Boys prepare to rally around Donald Trump once again this Wednesday, January 6, 2021 in D.C., antifascists everywhere prepare to stand up and push back against this hate group.

Action Items

Contact Square Deal Construction Company and demand that they fire violent hate group member Garrett Sipe!

Phone: *67 (971) 832-0191; email: office@squaredeal.construction

Forward tips or information on racist and fascist activity to: eugeneantifa [at] protonmail [dot] com

Avenge Armeanio

Tim Davis: Springfield White Supremacist & Member of The American Patriot Society (TAPS)


Tim Edward Davis (DOB 10/27/1961) grew up in Carrollton, Georgia, but moved to Oregon after time in the US Army. He currently lives on E Street in Springfield, Oregon, near Springfield High Hchool. After a number of failed business ventures, Tim declared bankruptcy in 2005. In 2009, he started a clothing company called “Close Combat Athletic Wear Inc.,” but it was dissolved in 2010. In 2014, Tim started “Rain or Shine Specialty Contractors,” a company that offers roofing and tree cutting services. The company is still active today.

Social Media Activity

Tim Edward Davis is quite active on social media, especially on Facebook, which has become a haven for far-right organizing. On Facebook, Tim goes by “Ed Davis” and “Ed Walking,” and is well connected to other regional far-right activists. He also has an account on Parler, where he goes by “deovindice1969.” The username comes from the motto of the Confederacy: Deo vindice (With God as our defender).Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Walking shares a YouTube video from the Proud Boys hate group. Tim Davis AKA Ed Davis shares a racist song from the Swedish white nationalist singer “SAGA,” which was originally performed by the Nazi hate rock band “RAHOWA (Racial Holy War).” Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Walking shares an article from a far-right misinfo website that claims a city-sponsored shelter for houseless folks is actually “Antifa HQ.” He calls for the camp to be leveled. Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Walking gets in on the antifa forest fire conspiracy theory, sharing a post from the failed QAnon political candidate Jo Rae Perkins. Tim also accuses the livestreaming collective Boop Troop Eugene LLC of being part of antifa lighting fires.

On Facebook, Tim Davis frequently shares posts pushing the South African white genocide myth. The white genocide myth is central to the contemporary American white supremacist movement, and myths of a threat to the prosperity of the “white race” have long been integral to fascist movements throughout history. In 1934, Friedrich Burgdörfer published a pamphlet called “Why are the White nations dying? The Future of the White and the Colored Nations in the Light of Biological Statistics,” which would go on to influence Adolf Hitler. Burgdörfer later joined the Nazi party as part of the Institute for Study of the Jewish Question. Over the last few decades the white genocide myth has inspired neo-Nazi terrorist attacks, including the mosque attack in Christchurch, New Zealand and the mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas.

Around the same time the alt-right movement was gaining traction, a new version of the white genocide myth was being spread by figures like Simon Roche, leader of the white supremacist militia the Suidlanders. In 2019, we exposed Francois Kemp as a member of the Base with connections the Suidlanders. Starting in 2017, Simon Roche began to appear in videos with US alt-right figures to push the South African white genocide myth; that white South Africans are being attacked, tortured, and murdered en masse for their farmland, with the support of the South African government. This claim has been debunked by international watchdogs, and, in fact, the murder rate of white South Africans is lower than that of other racial groups. Still, there is a network of misinformation sites dedicated to pushing dubious stories about farm murders in South Africa.

Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Davis posts false information about violence against whites in South Africa and claims that the “white man and his family” are under attack. One commenter calls for white people to rise up, which Tim Davis “likes.”  Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Davis shares a YouTube video that promotes the South African white genocide myth and calls for white people to commit more racist violence.

One of these sites is South Africa Today (dot net), which is run by a Thailand based father-son duo; Carel and Johan Frylinck. Tim Davis shared an article from South Africa Today in 2019 with the caption “dont [sic] dare open your eyes to reality white man.” South Africa Today mirrors articles from other fearmongering, apartheid-apologist websites like AfriForum, a massive white nationalist lobbying group. Tim Davis shared a Facebook post from the chairman of AfriForum’s Vaalharts branch, Hilgard Futcher, and called for all non-white South Africans to be starved. Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Davis shares an article promoting the South African genocide myth from the racist fearmongering site “South Africa Today.” Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Davis shares a Facebook post from AfriForum member Hilgard Futcher and calls for Black South Africans to be starved.

Other social media posts from Tim Davis contain heavy themes of extreme Islamophobia and anti-Black racism. In one rant, Tim says “[Muslims] are taking up power… preparing for the day they will rise allied with many blacks in America.” In another typo-laden post, Tim Davis calls Syrian refugees “inbred sun-human [sic] mohams,” along with an article from the now defunct Islamophobic misinformation site “Voice of Europe.” In a more recent post, Tim Davis, responding to an article about an assault on a police officer, says: “black…always black!!!…Look at the math./..do the fucking math!!! It will show you reality!” The math Tim is referring to is the racial composition of crime in the United States, which is used by white supremacists to “prove” that race (or culture) is connected to criminality.Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Davis comments on his own Islamophobic Facebook post, writing that Muslims are taking up power in the US and preparing to rise up with Black people. Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Davis calls Muslims “maggots” and speaks of burning the Qur’an in a 2018 Facebook rant.  Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Davis calls Muslims “inbred” and sub-human. The article shared here is from a white supremacist website that is now offline due to the work of anti-racist activists.Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Walking shares an article from a far-right, pro-cop blog and makes the racist claim that criminals are always Black people. Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Davis uses an article from a misinfo site to air out his hatred of Black people. He fantasizes about his desires to join a racist revolution. Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Walking writes that “the blacks have taken over Portland…” in response to Black Lives Matter protests against police violence. Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Davis, living in a country built off (and still reliant upon) the forced labor of Black people thinks that Black people have not contributed anything throughout history and neither have Muslims.

Many of the Facebook posts by Tim Davis include calls for a white revolution. One posts reads: “When will we rise? The black across this world will ally with the moslem [sic]… wake up white man.” In a different post, Tim angers over the “MOSLEM MAGGOTS” in the US government, telling his followers “WAKE UP!!! THEN LET US RISE TO VICTORY!!!!!” Tim Davis believes that World War III is imminent, if not already here. At the August 8 “Open Up Oregon” rally, he opens by saying “We are faced today with what I believe is the start of World War III on slowburn… a war to bring in a new world order.” He goes on to call for the removal of all politicians in Oregon and a return to “constitutional law.” After Donald Trump lost reelection, Tim Davis made multiple posts calling for politicians to be hanged, government abolished, and the construction of a new nation with Trump as leader.Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Davis calls for a white supremacist revolution and shares a Facebook group promoting the South African white genocide conspiracy theory. Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Davis calls for Oregonians to rise up against OR governor Kate Brown. One of his Facebook followers leaves an anti-Semitic comment on the post. Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Davis writes that “MOSLEM MAGGOTS” are taking power, so people need to wake up and “RISE TO VICTORY.” Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Davis goes on an Islamophobic Facebook rant, pushing the racist claim that former president Barack Obama is Muslim and that the Muslim brotherhood has taken over the US government. On August 8 2020, Tim Davis quoted part of this rant when he spoke at the August 8 TAPS rally. Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Walking calls for politicians to be hung in order to restore “OUR FALLEN REPUBLIC.”


Early Activity

Tim Edward Davis’ first appearance at a far-right rally in Oregon was August 17, 2019. He had traveled from Springfield to Portland, OR, for the Proud Boys’ “End Domestic Terrorism” rally. The rally was called for by Joe Biggs and was met with a large antifascist counter-demonstration. Ahead of the rally, Tim Davis posted to Facebook that he had spoken to the Proud Boys over the phone, whom he described as “great group and Patriots,” and was prepared to “take back our Nation.”Tim Edward Davis greets members of the Proud Boys after they were escorted across the Morrison bridge in Portland, OR on August 17, 2019. Tim Edward Davis AKA Ed Davis posts to Facebook that he spoke to the Proud Boys over the phone ahead of their 8/17/2019 rally.

After the murder of George Floyd and countless other lynchings at the hands of the state, protests and insurrections have swept across the United States. In the Eugene-Springfield area, this has also spurred the growth of a loose network of far-right counter protesters, made up of individuals intent on attacking Black Lives Matter protesters. Tim Davis quickly became a recurring face at counter-protests in the Eugene-Springfield area, often on the front lines threatening Black Lives Matter supporters. The first major far-right protest, billed as an “All Lives Matter” rally, occurred on July 10th at the Springfield library. The “All Lives Matter” crowd bore shields with screws protruding from the plywood, carried clubs, bear mace, and bug killer. They listened to speeches from Oakridge, Oregon conspiracy theorist Marcus Edwards and neo-Nazi Corey Eugene Wyatt.Tim Davis rallies with other local racists at an 7/10 “All Lives Matter” rally at the Springfield library. Casey Lasley, owner of a white power roofing company, was also present at the rally. (Photo from the Register Guard)

Tim Davis traveled to Salem, OR, for a “Rise up Oregon” rally at the state capitol on July 18th. The rally mixed anti-lockdown messaging with opposition to Oregon Governor Kate Brown. Speakers included Marcus Edwards and Joshua Rudishauser, who would later create “The American Patriot Society” (TAPS).Tim Davis claps for a speaker at a 7/18 anti-mask, anti-lockdown protest in Salem, OR. (Photo from The Statesman Journal).

On July 25th, many of the same “All Lives Matter” participants returned to the streets to attack a BIPOC Black Lives Matter rally at the federal courthouse in Eugene, Oregon. One of the far-right rallygoers, Robert Welch, fired his handgun in the air, and others used shields and clubs against the Black Lives Matter crowd.Tim Davis stands beside the “All Lives Matter” shield wall on 7/25 in Eugene, OR. Patriot Coalition member James Howard Soderberg stands behind him. (Photo from NBC 16).Tim Davis follows Black Lives Matter protesters on 7/25 in Eugene, OR. (Photo from NBC 16).

On July 29, a Black Lives Matter march in the Thurston neighborhood in East Springfield, Oregon was attacked by the Springfield Police and a far-right mob, which included Tim Davis and neo-Nazi Corey Wyatt. The protest was called after social media posts circulated showing a plastic skeleton hanging from a noose from a tree in a Thurston yard. Springfield Police arrested Geena Jolee Shipman for assaulting a Black Lives Matter protester, but many other assaults were ignored. Tim Davis accosted local journalists, accusing them of belonging to antifa and threatening them. Tim Davis is held back on 7/29 at a counter-protest to a Black Lives Matter march in the Thurston neighborhood of Springfield, OR.

The American Patriot Society

The American Patriot Society (TAPS) is a far-right anti-mask group that was created in July 2020 after a series of anti-lockdown rallies in Oregon. Though mainly focused on opposition to masks and public health measures, the group has mixed aspects of QAnon and anti-communism into their organizing. Tim Edward Davis holds a leadership role within TAPS and has access to the TAPS Facebook page. TAPS effectively acted as a way to unite and organize the regular violent far-right counter-protesters from the Eugene-Springfield area.Flier for the American Patriot Society (TAPS) promoting their set of August 2019 rallies at the Oregon state capitol building in Salem, OR.

TAPS was originally created by Salem resident and business owner Joshua Michael Rudishauser, who went by Joshua Michael or Jay Michael, likely to conceal his history of domestic violence. Joshua is the owner of JM Technologies LLC which is registered as a technology consulting company. He is a frequent guest on KSLM, a local conservative radio show, appearing periodically on Stacey Ann’s “Good Morning Salem.” In one appearance, Joshua tells Stacey that “we really literally are facing a communist Marxist revolution.” On another airing, he endorses Laura Loomer’s congressional campaign in Florida (it failed, miserably). Joshua Rudishauser spoke at the November 7th “Stop the Steal” rally in Salem, Oregon, reassuring the crowd that Trump would be president in 2021.Joshua Michael Rudishauser AKA Joshua Michael, the creator of TAPS, is interviewed at anti-lockdown rallies in Salem, OR. Joshua Michael Rudishauser is a frequent guest on right wing radio in Salem, OR. In one airing, Joshua compared the getting kicked out of Costco for not having a mask to the persecution of Jews in the lead up to the Holocaust. Joshua Michael Rudishauser sees no difference between genocide and community health safety measures.

In August 2020, TAPS hosted two weekend rallies; on August 8 and August 15, at the state capitol building in Salem, Oregon. The August 8th rally featured a few hours of speakers, including QAnon politician Jo Rae Perkins, Marcus Edwards, Tim Edward Davis, and Glamour Salon owner Lindsey Graham. Tim Davis used his speech to spread fear about a “new world order,” sell lies about COVID-19, and explain how he owned the libs by not buying toilet paper. Tim Davis shares how he owned the libs by not wiping, at the 8/8 TAPS rally in Salem, OR. (Source). 

The second rally, held on August 15th, featured a similar slate of speakers, but coincided with a Black Lives Matter rally that was also at the capitol. It didn’t take long for TAPS members to attack the group. One altercation started when Geena Shipman pushed a deaf Black man down the stairs. Neo-Nazi Corey Wyatt front-kicked him as he tried to walk back up the stairs. A second fight started later in the rally, when Tim Davis pushed a Black Lives Matter protester. The assaults are under investigation by the Oregon State Police, and described in detail here by student journalists from Salem, Oregon (note: Tim Davis is misidentified as “Tim Smith”). TAPS ended the day by marching to a Starbucks, which they had planned to boldly enter without masks, only to find it closed.

TAPS supporters attack Black Lives Matter protesters on 8/15 at the capitol building in Salem, OR. Tim Davis stands next to neo-Nazi Corey Wyatt, self-proclaimed Proud Boy Brandon Campos (Brandon Martin Jaramillo), and Brandon Lee Keeth. (Photo from The Statesman Journal). 

Brandon Campos (Brandon Martin Jaramillo), Isabel McDaniel, and Brandon Lee Keeth stand on the capitol steps at the 8/15 TAPS rally in Salem, OR. (Photo from The Statesman Journal).

Portland Rallies

On August 22th, a broad mix of fascist groups and assorted neo-Nazis invaded downtown Portland, Oregon to attack antifascists. The rally was organized by California based alt-right activist Amber Cummings, but regional far-right activists from the PNW Patriot Coalition were also plotting violence in private chatrooms and discussing their plans to bring weapons to assault antifascists and Black Lives Matter protesters. Chat logs reveal that Tim Davis was involved with this planning through a separate far-right faction called “We the People,” which included neo-Nazi Corey “Agnarr” Wyatt.Tim Davis and other far-right protesters stand off against antifascists in downtown Portland on 8/22. We previously wrote about Patriot Coalition member and Operation Werewolf Nazi Richard Bowman II. (Photo from PNWResistance). Tim Davis at the 8/22 Portland rally, seen here next to Jeremy Roberts, Saundra Alma, and John Kramer. (Photo from PNWResistance).

Tim Davis attended the September 26th Proud Boys rally at Delta Park in Portland, Oregon. Many of the rally attendees came heavily armed in hope of conflict with antifascists, but instead settled for assaulting photographers and journalists. Despite his anti-police views, Tim Davis was photographed speaking with the Portland Police (who have aided, emboldened, and colluded the far-right at every turn) during the rally. He was also seen with Proud Boy Travis Wayne Nugent, exposed by our friends at Rose City Antifa in 2018.Tim Davis speaks to the Portland Police at the 9/26 Proud Boys rally at Delta Park. Proud Boy Travis Nugent lurks nearby.  Tim Davis chats with Proud Boy Travis Nugent at the 9/26 Proud Boys rally in Portland, OR.

Stop The Steal Rally

Following the defeat of Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election, many on the far-right have shifted energy towards contesting the election results, both by pushing baseless claims of voting fraud and hosting “Stop the Steal” rallies. On November 7th, Proud Boys, neo-Nazis, and failed Republican candidates joined forces in Salem, Oregon, for a “Stop the Steal” rally on the state capitol grounds. Fueled by alcohol mixed with fascist politics, the crowd beat and pepper-sprayed lone counter-protesters, journalists, and legal observers.Tim Davis with Geena Shipman and her boyfriend Rob Davis at the 11/7 “Stop the Steal” rally in Salem OR. Rob Davis has no relation to Tim Davis. Jeremy Roberts, Magen Stevens, and Threeper Joshua Dornon pose at the violent far-right “Stop the Steal” rally in Salem, OR.  After attacking lone antifascists, journalists, and legal observers, far-right protesters pose for their photo to be taken on 11/7 in Salem, OR. Domestic abuser Barry Lloyd James Johnson and his partner Sarah Johnson stand next to Geena Shipman and Magen Stevens. (Photo from Daniel V Media).

A car of Black Lives Matter protesters drove past the “Stop the Steal” rally, but it was surrounded by far-right protesters, who damaged the car as it drove away. Emily Paige Morehead (AKA “Percy,” AKA “Conservative Lady Talk“) was one of the far-right protesters that first blocked the vehicle. She is connected to Haley Adam’s “Portland’s Liberation” crew and frequently attends rallies in the Salem area. Emily’s boyfriend, Brandon Martin Jaramillo (AKA “B Emiliano Campos,” AKA “Brandon Guevara Campos,” AKA “based beaner“), punches the hood of the vehicle before it speeds away. On social media, Brandon claims to be a first degree Proud Boy.Brandon Campos (Brandon Martin Jaramillo) and Emily Morehead block a vehicle of Black Lives Matter protesters in Salem, OR on 11/7. They struck the vehicle as it sped away from the far-right mob. (From Daniel V Media). Brandon Campos (Brandon Martin Jaramilo) claims to be a first degree Proud Boy. On Facebook, Brandon praises fascist dictator Augusto Pinochet, uses anticom imagery, and uses anti-Semitic language. Emily Paige Morehead AKA Conservative Lady Talk poses with white supremacist organizer Haley Adams and Cider Riot defendant Mack Lewis.


Over the past many months, Tim Edward Davis has built connections with far-right individuals and groups throughout Oregon and has established himself as an organizer with the American Patriot Society (TAPS). He frequently participates in far-right rallies around the state which often end in violence. Social media accounts belonging to Tim Edward Davis reveal his extreme anti-Muslim vitriol, hatred of Black people, and desire to participate in a white revolution. Due to previously documented acts of assault and aggression towards anti-racist demonstrators and his active role in counter-protest organizing, we believe Tim Davis is an active danger to the community.

Community Warning

On Saturday, November 14th at 11:00 AM,  Proud Boys and their fascist friends plan on returning to the Oregon state capitol for a second “Stop the Steal” rally. Make no mistake: this rally is just a cover for more far-right mob violence, as we saw on November 7th.

Call To Action

On October 26, 2020, Herman Graham III was the victim of a race-based murder in Salem, Oregon. On the evening of Saturday, November 14th at 6:30 PM, community members will gather at the steps of the Marion County courthouse, located at 100 High Street NE in Salem, Oregon for a vigil in his honor. Local activists encourage people to come attend, support, and defend the vigil.


Email: eugeneantifa [at] protonmail [dot] com