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multi-colored banner reads "Hate Trans People? Kill Yourself!"

Proud Boys & Nazis Target Drag Story Time Event


On October 23, 2022, Proud Boys and neo-Nazis gathered in Eugene to attack a drag story time event that was intended for children and included a child performer. They were met by a strong community oriented counter mobilization and forced out of the area. The McKenzie River Proud Boys chapter was in attendance at the rally, and in this article we will expose several more of their members.

The McKenzie River Proud Boys

We previously wrote about the Eugene area chapter of the Proud Boys, AKA the McKenzie River chapter (or MR chapter), in July 2021. Despite being a hub for far-right organizing and a hot spot for vigilante attacks against Black Lives Matter protesters, a Proud Boy chapter did not form in the Eugene-Springfield area until early 2021. Although some Eugene area Proud Boys appeared in Proud Boy uniforms as early as January 2021, the real debut of the McKenzie River chapter came in July 2021 at an unpermitted Fourth of July parade in the small town of Creswell, Oregon. In August 2021, the chapter traveled to Portland and participated in multiple brutal assaults against antifascist protesters who showed up to counter their hate rally in the Parkrose neighborhood. The McKenzie River Proud Boys chapter is led by Jeffrey Keith Mustin, a failed business owner who we exposed in this article. Most members live in the Eugene-Springfield area, but the chapter includes members from Florence, Creswell, and Elmira. We will introduce several previously unidentified Proud Boys from the McKenzie River chapter in this article.Logo for the McKenzie River Proud BoysThe logo for the Eugene-Springfield area chapter of the Proud Boys, the McKenzie River Proud Boys.

Across the country, we have witnessed a major resurgence of hatred and violence against the queer community and especially against trans folks. After dozens of members of the Proud Boys hate group were arrested for their roles in the deadly January 6th riots at the US Capitol, Proud Boy chapters pivoted towards more local targets like school boards, city council meetings, pride celebrations, and drag story time events. Community members have come out to stand against the Proud Boys on each occasion, sending the message that their hate will not be tolerated, whether in Eugene, Newberg, Sandy, or anywhere. While many liberals believe that the Proud Boys ended with the arrest of their national leaders, events like the hate rally in Eugene serve as a reminder that the Proud Boys are still the same violent hate group that they were before 2021 and they must be opposed whenever and wherever they show.

Proud Boys target drag story time event: 10/23/22

On October 23, 2022, Proud Boys and their neo-Nazi friends gathered in Eugene to attack a drag story time event that was intended for children. In the days leading up to the event, major far-right disinformation actors (and local neo-Nazis like Len Austin Bosket) attacked the performers, their families, the venue, and the broader queer community, spreading lies and encouraging real-world violence. The main call-to-action on the far-right was primarily promoted by out-of-town fascist Audra Price, who also worked to set up rides to bring in other out-of-town fascists in order bolster the numbers at the hate rally. In the lead up to the story time event, Springfield resident Richard Dwayne Elce harassed the venue and threatened employees. A screenshot from a Facebook post by Audra Price offering rides to the anti drag hate rally in Eugene. Audra Price of COPS NW shares the flyer for the hate rally in Eugene and offers rides for other out-of-town fascists who want to join.

On the morning of October 23, people from the queer community and accomplices gathered outside Old Nick’s Pub, creating a show of support and safety for the drag story time participants. The hate rally set up shop across the street, occupying a section of the park and the sidewalk. Shortly after 9am, members of the Proud Boys arrived together in a vehicle caravan, driving past the rally before parking on Washington Street between 1st and Cheshire Avenue. Most of the vehicles had their license plates covered or completely removed. None of the Proud Boys were in colors and many concealed their weapons and gear beneath large jackets or hoodies. We assume this was done to give the impression that they were local residents who had gathered organically, not members of a violent and organized hate group. Pairs of Proud Boys roamed through the park perimeter, while some stayed behind to protect their vehicles. At around 10am, approximately nine neo-Nazis from the Rose City Nationalists arrived at once, comfortably settling in among the Proud Boys and other homophobes. Later, as the far-right began to lose numbers, the community mobilization started to push them out from in front of the venue and North on Washington Street. Proud Boys threw smoke bombs and small explosive devices, indiscriminately emptied bear spray, and fired paintballs while they retreated.Nazi in a skull mask gives a Sieg Heil to a photographer A currently unidentified (not for long! 😉 ) Nazi from the Rose City Nationalists gives a Sieg Heil to a journalist in Eugene on 10/23/22. Jeffrey Keith Mustin, in a blue shirt with a black vest, sprays a cloud of bear spray in the direction of a crowd. McKenzie River Proud Boy leader Jeffrey Keith Mustin sprays a crowd of antifascists with mace in Eugene, OR on 10/23/22.


Jonathan Andrew Donovan

Three pics of Jonathan Donovan. He has very short, almost bald hair, small ears, and a brown goatee. Jonathan Andrew Donovan (DOB 5/13/1989) is an incredibly violent member of the McKenzie River Proud Boys with a history of extreme domestic violence. Though originally from California, Jonathan Andrew Donovan currently lives off of 17th Street in Springfield. In 2015, he was arrested for threatening to shoot his then-girlfriend with a .40 caliber handgun and charged with unlawful use of a firearm, coercion, menacing, witness tampering, and harassment. His pre-trial release was revoked for violating the no-contact agreement with his victim by texting her 260 times in one week. He was convicted on all counts and received a 20 month sentence and was forced to turn in his firearms. In December of 2021, police responded to a dispute in the apartment complex where Jonathan Donovan lives and a neighbor informed police that he was bragging about his firearms. Police searched his apartment and found an AR, a shotgun, and a 9mm handgun, along with body armor in his possession. He was arrested and given probation for three years. Original domestic violence charges against Jon Donovan Jonathan Donovan was arrested in 2015 on four counts that all constituted domestic violence. Pretrial release is revoked for Jon Donovan Jonathan Donovan had his pre-trial release revoked after he texted his ex-girlfriend some 260 times in less than a week. Police report explaining how police found guns and armor at the residence of Jon DonovanIn December 2021, Jonathan Donovan figured it wise to brag about how he was both a felon AND man with guns! When police arrived, he told them that he was indeed a felon with guns, and gave a precise list of his arsenal.

As a member of the Proud Boys, Jonathan Andrew Donovan has participated in numerous gang assaults. In June 2021, Jonathan Donovan, along with other members of the McKenzie River chapter, attacked protesters in Oregon City who had gathered to stand against a Proud Boy event. On August 22, 2021, he joined other Proud Boys in assaulting antifascist protesters in Portland. Jonathan Donovan can be seen firing a paintball gun on protesters and unarmed medics. On October 23, 2022, Jonathan Donovan again attacked people with a paintball gun, shooting indiscriminately at the crowd that had gathered to defend Old Nick’s from a fascist attack. Proud Boys in Oregon City march towards the camera. One PB shield is visible. Jon Donovan holds a paintball gun. Jonathan Donovan prepares to shoot antifascist protesters with a paintball gun. Eugene Proud Boy Allen Swindler can be seen front and center. Photo from Daniel V Media. Stills of Jonathan Donovan in a yellow longsleeve and black vest, aiming a paintball gun at protesters in Portland. Jonathan Donovan reloads a paintball gun as Proud Boys attack antifascists in Portland, OR on 8/22/21. Jonathan Donovan is seen in the foreground shooting his paintball gun at a fleeing medic in Portland. A video posted to Twitter shows Jonathan Donovan firing paintballs at a medic during the 8/22/21 Proud Boy hate rally in Portland, OR.

Jonathan Donovan wears an oversized realtree jacket, a dark grey gator, grey camo pants, and a light grey hat with sunglasses. Jonathan Andrew Donovan, like other Proud Boys, was not in colors in Eugene on 10/23/22. Instead, he wore a dazzling display of RealTree and camo. Stills from a video show Jon Donovan hunched slightly over and firing paintballs at antifascists in EugeneJonathan Andrew Donovan attacked the crowd in Eugene on 10/23/22 with paintballs, as can be seen in this videoJonathan Donovan and Jeffrey Mustin stand slightly apart in a city street. Jonathan is firing a patinball gun while walking backwards. Jonathan Andrew Donovan and MR Proud Boy leader Jeffrey Mustin attacked the crowd in Eugene with paintballs and mace, respectively. Erik Neal can be seen in the Rogue brewing hoodie.

Jonathan Andrew Donovan lives in apartment #4 at 158 17th Street in Springfield, Oregon. He drives a red 2006 Dodge Ram 1500, Oregon license plate 759 LYA. The vehicle has a Proud Boy wreath sticker and blue line sticker on the passenger side. Jonathan is engaged to Angel Rose Smith (aka Angel Rose), DOB 2/18/1996. Jonathan Donovan owns a red 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 with OR plates 759LYA. It is typically found parked outside his apartment.

Joseph Matthew Lester

Four images of Joey Lester. Without a hat, he looks like a thumb with facial features or possibly a naked molerat, we couldn't decide. Joseph Matthew Lester (DOB 2/25/1974) AKA Joey Lester is a Proud Boy from the greater Portland area and a member of the PDX Proud Boys chapter. He has been a mainstay at far-right events along the I-5 corridor in Oregon. On January 6, 2021, while other members of the Proud Boys were forcing their way into the US Capitol, Joseph Matthew Lester was attacking a small group of antifascist protesters in Salem, Oregon, alongside neo-Nazi murderer Kyle Brewster. On October 23, 2022, Joey Lester traveled to Eugene with other Proud Boys from the PDX chapter including Matteo Dagradi, Travis Taylor, and Carl “Flipp” Todd. A Black and white photo of proud boys on a street corner in Sandy Oregon. Joey Lester is show in color. He is dressed in a brown jacket. Joseph Lester and other Proud Boys flash white power hand signs while protesting a pride event in Sandy, OR. Photo from the wonderful Daniel V Media. Joey Lester is seen rushing towards an antifascist. To his left is nazi murderer Kyle Brewster. Joseph Lester attacks antifascists alongside Nazi murderer Kyle Brewster in Salem, OR on 1/6/21. Photo from our besties at Rose City Antifa. After Brewster attacked the antifascists, Lester greeted him with open arms. Joey Lester and two other proud boys stand on a roof. A badly made banner says "free our political prisoners."Joseph Lester stands with Carl “Flipp” Todd and Miles Douglas Furrow on an abandoned KMart roof in Portland on 8/22/21. Miles Furrow would go on to commit a brutal assault against an unarmed man in a truck. Joseph Matthew Lester stands with other Proud Boys in Eugene OR on 10/23/22.

Joseph Matthew Lester works as a driver for Pacific Machinery & Tool Steel Company. Please contact them at *67 503-226-7656 and ask that they fire white supremacist hate group member Joseph “Joe” Lester. Joseph Matthew Lester lives in apartment 5 at 2103 SW 257th Avenue in Troutdale, Oregon. He owns a blue 2016 Kia Optima, Oregon plate 807 JPF, and a 2015 Jeep Compass, Oregon plate 548 KYN. The Jeep has a “Let’s Go Brandon” sticker on the back windshield. A blue KIA and white Jeep owned by Joey LesterJoey Lester owns the two vehicles shown above.

Jackie Stewart Vicari

Four photos of Jackie Vicari. He has a round face and bad facial hair, a goatee and mustache combo.Jackie Stewart Vicari (DOB 1/23/1975) AKA Jack Vicari is a member of the McKenzie River Proud Boys from Eugene, Oregon. Jack has a history of domestic violence, like many other members of the Proud Boys. In 2016, he was arrested for assaulting and strangling his wife in front of their children and charged with assault IV and strangulation. On October 23, 2022, Jackie “Jack” Vicari took part in the homophobic protest at Old Nick’s. He sexually harassed a journalist on video while holding his can of mace. Legal document that shows that Jack Vicari has a history of domestic violenceJackie “Jack” Stewart Vicari rallied in Eugene to “Save the Children” but has no problem strangling his wife in front of their children. Photo showing a group of Proud Boys, including Jack Vicari with his back turned, in Eugene ORJackie Vicari holds a radio as the Proud Boys are chased out of Eugene on 10/23/2022. Extremely violent Proud Boy Travis Taylor stands to his right. A cloud of yellow smoke engulfs a city block. Jack Vicari and other Proud Boys can be seen standing around in it. Jackie Vicari stands in a cloud of yellow smoke that was kindly returned to the Proud Boys who threw it at a crowd in Eugene on 10/23/2022. Neo-Nazi David Willis can be seen to his right. Wanna-be mass shooter Zachary Caster is to his left.

Jackie “Jack” Stewart Vicari lives alone in Eugene, Oregon. He is active in the speed racing community and competes at the Cottage Grove Speedway. He has distinct tattoos on his arms and knuckles. Jack Vicari stands in a Proud Boy hat with a comically large check for a raceJackie Vicari wears a Proud Boy hat at a racing event.

Richard Jim Wynn

Three photos of Richard Wynn, an old looking white dude with hardly visible eyebrows and sunken cheeks. Richard Jim Wynn (DOB 9/26/1973) AKA Ricky Wynn, Ricky Doll, is a member of the McKenzie River Proud Boys from Springfield, Oregon. He was in attendance on October 23, 2022, when Proud Boys and other neo-Nazis staged to attack Old Nick’s. Richard is married to Erin Wynn and he runs a property rental business in the Eugene area. According to public records, Richard Wynn owns three properties in Lane county: 952 M Street in Springfield, where he lives, 3750 Gem Avenue in Springfield, and 921 25th Street in Springfield, Oregon. Richard Wynn stands with other Proud Boys. He wears a black snapback style hat and dark grey clothes.Richard Jim Wynn AKA Ricky Wynn/Ricky Doll stands with other members of the Proud Boys hate group in Eugene on 10/23/2022. COPS NW member Shelby Walman is also visible.

Eric Nathan Rogers

Three images of Eric Rogers. He wears a hat and glasses in two.

Eric Nathan Rogers (DOB 10/15/1981) is a member of the McKenzie River Proud Boys and lives in Springfield, Oregon. When he is not paling around with neo-Nazis and white supremacists, he is churning out low effort lip-sync videos on TikTok– a lot of them. Eric Rogers was driving a truck with Jeffrey Mustin in the back during the unpermitted Fourth of July parade in Creswell, Oregon. On October 23, 2022, Eric participated in the homophobic protest against Old Nick’s and threatened counter-protesters. Eric Rogers flashes the OK sign out of a vehicle in Creswell OR. He has an arm tat partially visible. He wears a Proud Boys hat. Eric Nathan Rogers flashes the Proud Boys “OK” hand sign out of his pickup truck during a PB parade in Creswell, OR. Three tiktok screenshots of Eric Rogers show his upper body and tattoos. Eric Rogers, who is in his 40s, has several hundred videos on his TikTok account. He has distinct tattoos, as shown here. We do not recommend that you watch these videos. Eric Rogers stands with a large protest sign in Eugene. Eric Nathan Rogers stands next to Eugene Proud Boy Erik Neal in Eugene on 10/23/2022.

Scott Marshall Gourley

4 photos show Scott Gourley. He is a white man with curly grey and brown hair often cut short, a grey mustache that goes down the sides of his mouth, and thin grey eyebrows.

Scott Marshall Gourley (DOB 3/4/1963) is a Springfield resident and a regular at far-right events in the area. In the last year, Scott has grown closer with the McKenzie River Proud Boys, appearing at a number of Proud Boy events and meetups. On October 23, 2022, Scott Gourley took part in the anti-drag story time hate rally in Eugene, Oregon. He wore a camouflage ski mask and a plate carrier. Scott drives a Black 2000 Isuzu Trooper with the Oregon license plate 998 FYY. There is a Checkered Past MMA sticker in the back right window. Two photos showing Scott Gourley in a camo plate carrier. Scott Gourley in Salem, OR on 5/1/21 (left) and in Eugene on 10/23/22. He wears the same grey hard knuckle gloves and camo carrier at both events. photo of a black vehicle with oregon plate 998 fyy and a checkered past sticker on the back window. Photo is taken from behind the vehicle. Scott Gourley drives a Black 2000 Isuzu Trooper with the Oregon license plate 998 FYY, pictured here near the hate rally in Eugene on 10/23/22.

Vince James Burroughs

Five photos of Vince Burroughs are arranged horizantally. He is a white man with dark eyebrows and stubble.

Vince “Vincent” James Burroughs (DOB 11-15-1972) is a member of the McKenzie River Proud Boys from Fall Creek, Oregon. Vince enjoyed a few minutes of fame in 2014 when he claimed that he was seduced by an IRS agent. During the George Floyd uprising, Vince stood out as one of the more violent of the far-right antagonists in the Eugene area. Vince joined up with the Proud Boys and flew across the country to Washington DC to take part in a Proud Boy incursion on December 12, 2020, with Eugene Proud Boys Chris Tough, Austin Walker, and Avani Lange. Four people were stabbed as the gang roamed the streets, vandalizing a historically Black church. Vince Burroughs was also present on October 23, 2022, when Proud Boys and other neo-Nazis threatened to attack a drag story time event in Eugene, Oregon. Vince James Burroughs’ last known address is in Fall Creek, Oregon.Vince Burroughs wears a backwards hat like the cool kids do as he tries to attack BLM supporters in EugeneVince James Burroughs joined other far-right agitators in attacking a Black Lives Matter protest on July 25, 2020. He has a distinct tattoo on the back of his neck. Vince Burroughs in Eugene. He wears a Square Deal Construction materials hat, a yellow don't tread on me gator, black sunglasses, and a hoodie with the text "world wide angler fall creek oregon" on the back around a fish.Vince Burroughs in Eugene, OR on 10/23/2022. He wears hoodie advertising where he lives. Thanks Vince! Way to make it easy for us!

Brent Michael Goodrich

Four pics of Brent goodrich, a white man with a chubby nose, a short beard, and greying facial hair. Brent Michael Goodrich (DOB 7/1/1982) is an affiliate of the McKenzie River Proud Boys from Oklahoma, now living in Springfield, Oregon. He was featured in a 2019 news story about exorcisms, in which Brent explained that he had been plagued by demons and “they’re constantly, constantly making noise.” Brent Goodrich allegedly assaulted a Black Lives Matter protester during a Black Unity event in the Thurston neighborhood on July 29, 2020. Posts from a since deleted Facebook account used by Brent include death threats and racist memes. On October 23, 2022, Brent Goodrich joined other members of the Proud Boys in harassing and attacking the drag story time event at Old Nick’s. Two FB posts from Brent Goorich. One asks if you need tags to kill Antifa, the other is a picture of his gun and a threat to shoot anyone who covers their face. Brent Goodrich posts about his desire to kill Antifa on a now deleted Facebook account. He reminds those who go out to “loot and attack people” that, should they encounter him, they could score a crappy cheap S&W pistol. Eric Rogers holds a signBrent Goodrich and other members of the McKenzie River Proud Boys like Erik Neal and Bryan Costa harass a drag story time event in Eugene on 10/23/22. Christian extremist David Scott Marston can be seen with the megaphone.

Kyle Dwight Halsey

Three Face photos of Kyle Halsey. He is a bald man with a thin beard. He has a neck tattoo on the right side of his neck.

Kyle Dwight Halsey (DOB 9/28/1985) AKA JuneBug is a member of the Proud Boys hate group from Harrisburg, Oregon. Kyle Halsey previously owned and ran Halshaw Pro Contracting LLC . In May 2021, Kyle Halsey and other members of the then-burgeoning McKenzie River Proud Boys chapter gathered in Salem, Oregon for a “pro 2A” Proud Boy rally. Kyle Halsey was present on October 23, 2022 in Eugene when the McKenzie River Proud Boys threatened the drag story time event at Old Nick’s. Kyle has a rose tattoo on his left hand and a tattoo on the right side of his neck. Three shots of Kyle Halsey in Salem on may day 2021. He wears a PNW proud boy shirt, proud boy hat, and shiny pit viper style sunglasses. Kyle Halsey in Salem for the Proud Boys 5/1/21 rally. The PNW Proud Boy shirt was used by members of the McKenzie River chapter before they received shirts with their chapter name on them. Kyle Halsey in Eugene, he wears a black hat turned backwards, a grey flannel unbuttoned and showing a black plate carrier. He carries a radio and wears a set of gloves. Kyle Halsey in Eugene, OR on 10/23/22. Proud Boys used cheap radios to communicate during the rally, and Jeffrey Mustin dropped his while running away from antifascists. Oops!

Eddie Oliver Orton

Three face pics of Eddie Orton. He has a large head with an undefined chin, small mouth, and dark hair and eyebrows.

Eddie Oliver Orton (DOB 3/17/1972) is a member of the McKenzie River Proud Boys who currently lives in Springfield, Oregon. Eddie is essentially the waterboy for the McKenzie River chapter, but we didn’t want him to feel too left out so we decided to give him a mention here. In behind the scenes footage of the Proud Boys August 22, 2021 rally in Portland (Thanks Randy Ireland, please take more videos!), Eddie Orton can be seen standing by his pickup truck and handing out bottled water to Randy Ireland. On October 23, 2022, Eddie was spotted doing “security” for vehicles belonging to members of the Proud Boys. Eddie lives at 626 52nd Street in Springfield, Oregon.

Screenshot of Eddie Orton leaning on a white pickup truck, holding a beer in his right hand, in Portland OR on august 22nd, 2021. Eddie Oliver Orton plays waterboy for Proud Boys in Portland, OR on 8/22/21. This is a still from a video taken by New York Proud Boy Randy Ireland. The full set of videos from his gopro can be accessed through this article from our good friends at Rose City Antifa. Blurry photo of Eddie Orton standing near a truck on a street in Eugene. Eddie Oliver Orton leans on another person’s pickup truck while the other Proud Boys are having a hate rally down the street.


multi-colored banner reads "Hate Trans People? Kill Yourself!"This is the only policy proposal that Eugene Antifa will endorse.

The October 23, 2022 hate rally in Eugene was dressed up as a organic collection of angry locals, when it was actually an extremely organized effort by the Proud Boys and other fascists from all reaches of Oregon to attack the LGBTQ+ community. Despite the ongoing legal troubles that the leaders of the Proud Boys are wrapped up in, in Oregon and especially in the Eugene-Springfield area the Proud Boys continue to pose a dire threat to marginalized groups and the broader community. This threat must not go unanswered, and the antifascist mobilization on October 23, 2022 is a great blueprint for confronting future fascist incursions. A diverse group of militant antifascists and community members opposed to hate were able to come together on short notice, defend the event space, resist attempts at pacification by “peace police” and eventually force the Proud Boys to flee Eugene for a second straight time.

We want to extend our love and thanks to all those who came out to defend the drag story time event and everyone who fights to make the world an unsafe space for fascists. You inspire us everyday!

If you have any tips about Proud Boys in the Eugene-Springfield area, attendees of the 10/23 hate rally, or general tips about fascist activity, send us an email at: eugeneantifa [at] protonmail [dot] com.

Email: eugeneantifa [at] protonmail [dot] com

Jeffrey Keith Mustin and the McKenzie River Proud Boys

By Eugene Antifa and Willamette Valley Hate Watch


Over the past year, the Proud Boys, an ultra-nationalist fascist street gang, have grown to be a household name, in large part due to their well documented involvement in the January 6th riot at the US Capitol. Law enforcement finally began to take action against some prominent members of the Proud Boys, despite spending the last four years enabling Proud Boy street violence up and down the West Coast. In February, Canada added the Proud Boys to a list of “terrorist entities”. Numerous articles have come detailing the legal and financial problems plaguing high-ranking members of the Proud Boys, but little attention has been given to their continued violence and growth here in Oregon. In the last few months, Proud Boys, in conjunction with pro-police groups, have been hosting weekly flag wave events in Oregon City and other surrounding cities, drumming up support from suburban conservatives, with a promise to return to Portland. Although much of the Proud Boy violence has been centered around Salem and Portland, in the last few weeks a new chapter of the Proud Boys has emerged in the Eugene-Springfield area, called the “McKenzie River Proud Boys.”

In spite of legal blow-back for the January 6th riot, Proud Boys in Oregon have grown increasingly active and violent. The Proud Boys are gaining new members, many of whom are well-seasoned street fighters that have participated in pro-police, anti-Black protests over the last 18 months. Shirts for the Portland chapter of the Proud Boys feature a Thor’s Hammer in the design, a well known Norse symbol used by neo-Nazis and white supremacists. While dozens of Proud Boys were fighting police to gain access to the US Capitol on January 6th, in Salem, Oregon, they were attacking antifascists alongside notorious neo-Nazi murderer Kyle Brewster. The Proud Boys in Oregon are operating as a rouge white power street gang, seeking out confrontations with anybody opposed to their ultra-nationalist, anti-Black, homophobic ideology.

Members of the Proud Boys face off with antifascists alongside nazi murderer Kyle BrewsterNotorious neo-Nazi murderer Kyle Brewster (with American flag around neck) faces off against anti-fascist activists on January 6, 2021 in Salem, Oregon. Brewster also attended a major Proud Boy rally in Portland on September 26, 2020. Left: A Proud Boy wears a Thor's hammer Proud Boy shirt. Right: A Proud Boy gives a Sieg Heil in Oregon City, OR. Left: “Aaron” wears a Proud Boy shirt with “PB” integrated into a Thor’s Hammer. Image from June 18 in Oregon City, OR. Right: A Proud Boy gives a Sieg Heil on May 21 in Oregon City, OR.

Meet the McKenzie River Proud Boys

The “McKenzie River Proud Boys” are a new chapter of the street gang operating in the Eugene and Springfield area. Although there have been numerous Proud Boys from the area over the last four years, the formation of a chapter in Eugene suggests that the Proud Boys are hoping to become more active and recruit from the preexisting far-right protest scene. In the lead up to the Fourth of July, many Proud Boy chapters across the so-called United States dropped poorly painted, hardly legible banners on major highways with messages like “Free our Boys” (referring to the handful of Proud Boys facing charges from the January 6th Capitol siege). According to Facebook posts, the “McKenzie River Proud Boys” chapter was responsible for some of the banners. On the 4th of July, Jeffrey Keith Mustin and other members of the “McKenzie River Proud Boys” took part in an unpermitted parade through the streets of Creswell, OR. Cory Fredrickson, a fascist from Stayton, OR who attempted to run over protesters in Salem, posts about Proud Boy banners over I5. Saundra Rene Alma AKA “Alma Renee” claims that the banners were put up by “the MR (McKenzie River) chapter out of Eugene.” Logo for the McKenzie River Proud BoysThe logo for the “McKenzie River Proud Boys” chapter, as worn by Jeffrey Mustin in the Creswell, OR 4th of July parade.

Jeffrey Keith Mustin

Two face photos of Jeffery Keith Mustin. One is a mugshot, the other is from social media. The McKenzie River Proud Boys AKA the “MR” chapter appear to be led by Jeffrey Keith Mustin (DOB 1/6/1983) of Eugene, OR. He previously lived in Oklahoma, but moved to Oregon and currently lives just off of River Road in North Eugene. In 2015, Jeffrey Mustin was charged with two counts of Telephonic Harassment, a class B misdemeanor, for sending harassing text messages to his ex-wife. He was convicted and spent ten days in a Lane county jail. Jeffrey and his wife, Shawnna Kateri Mustin, owned a plumbing company called “Alpha Plumbing & Rooter Service LLC.,” but the company appears to be inactive. Before joining the Proud Boys, Jeffrey Mustin attacked counter-protesters at a handful of far-right rallies in Portland and Salem.Jeffrey Keith Mustin wears a shirt for his wife’s plumbing company, “Alpha Plumbing & Rooter Service” (right). Legal documents relating to Mustin's Telephonic Harassment Legal documents from Jeffrey Mustin’s 2015 arrest for telephonic harassment.

Travis Michael EricksonTwo face pictures of Travis Erickson

Travis Michael Erickson (DOB 03/11/1988) is another highly active member of the McKenzie River Proud Boys. He has attended rallies with Jeffrey Mustin in Portland and Salem. According to DPSST data, Travis Erickson worked as a security guard until 2019. On social media, Travis Erickson spreads general misinformation about COVID-19. Travis also has a secondary Facebook account under the alias “Harry Scrotes,” where he does not hide his affiliation with the Proud Boys.Two full body pictures of Travis EricksonProud Boy Travis Michael Erickson. Travis Erickson wears opaque shades, a "fuck antifa" hat, and a yellow bandana in a screenshot from his Facebook profile.Travis Erickson AKA “Harry Scrotes” flashes a white power sign in his Facebook profile picture. Travis Erickson defends the Proud Boys on his personal Facebook account. Ironically, the man wearing the “I hate the left n racism” armor in the meme literally has “white power” tattooed on his arm (John Turano AKA Based Spartan). Travis Erickson shares an article about arson and spreads the conspiracy theory that antifa was behind the massive fires of 2020Travis Erickson promotes the conspiracy theory that the major wildfires in Oregon in 2020 were started by arsonists or “antifa,” and calls for the media to be “defunded.”

Timeline of Activity

August 22, 2020: Portland Rally

On August 22, 2020, Proud Boys, members of the “Patriot Coalition,” and explicit neo-Nazis convoyed to Portland, Oregon to attack antifascists and supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement. Travis Erickson and Jeffrey Mustin both attended the rally with homemade shields and weapons. Mustin carried a green wooden shield with nails protruding from it, a pink metal baseball bat and a handgun with multiple clips of ammunition. Erickson had a large round “Captain America” themed shield and a wooden club. Far-right protesters gather outside the Justice Center in Portland oregon on August 22Fascists gather in downtown Portland on August 22. Jeffrey Mustin stands near Matthew and Jonathanpeter Klein, two brothers and members of the Proud Boys who were arrested by the FBI for their role in January 6 2021 US Capitol riot. Jeffrey Mustin carries a baseball bat, shield, and handgun on 8/22/2020Jeffrey Mustin carries a pink Easton brand metal baseball bat, wooden shield with the nails sticking out, and a handgun with multiple clips of ammunition on August 22 in Portland, OR. Travis Erickson carries a wooden shield and club on 8/22/2020Travis Erickson carries a “Captain America” themed shield, hard-knuckle gloves, and a wooden club on August 22 in Portland, OR.

Jeffrey Mustin was captured on video assaulting several people during the rally. He can be seen repeatedly striking a counter-protester with his shield as they film him.  As the far-right crowd attempted to advance into the park where antifascists were gathered, Jeffrey Mustin can be seen swinging his baseball bat at someone’s head. After the bloc forced the far-right crowd to flee, Travis Erickson, Jeffrey Mustin, Corey Wyatt, and others retreated into a parking garage, pursued by a small group of antifascists. Video taken from inside the parking garage shows Jeffrey Mustin and others retrieving firearms from vehicles and facing the antifascist group, ready to fire.
Jeffrey Mustin hits a counter demonstrator with a baseball batJeffrey Mustin attacks a counter-protester with his metal baseball bat on August 22 in Portland, OR.

Jeffrey Mustin pulls out a handgun on antifascist protesters in a parking garage near the Justice Center in Portland, OR. Mustin was charged with unlawfully concealing a handgun in a later arrest at a Salem far-right rally.

November 7, 2020: Salem “Stop the Steal” Rally

On November 7, 2020, the far-right gathered at the Oregon State Capitol as part of a national attempt to contest the results of the presidential election, or “Stop the Steal.” November 7 was the first in a series of rallies at the capitol that would grow increasingly more violent and destructive. Members of the Proud Boys threatened journalists and accused them of being “antifa.” Travis Taylor viciously pepper sprayed a younger woman, and members of the National Lawyers Guild were also reportedly pepper-sprayed.

Jeffrey Keith Mustin wore a bright green ski mask, grey hoodie, and carried a club during the “Stop the Steal” rally. Police arrested Mustin after he participated in a mob attack on an older man holding a sign in opposition to the anti-democracy rally. Rally-goers stole his sign and Jeffrey Mustin can be seen in videos cowardly punching the man in the face before slinking back into the crowd. The Salem Statesman Journal writes that he was arrested after State Troopers “spotted Jeffery [sic] Mustin punch a man twice in the face during a shoving match.” Mustin was charged with assault in the fourth degree and unlawful possession of a firearm for concealing a handgun without a valid concealed carry permit. He has a hearing scheduled for July 20, 2021 (Case #20CR65847). Jeffrey Mustin, Tino Pineda, and Daniel Tooze surround a man at the Stop the Steal rallyJeffrey Mustin approaches a counter-demonstrator during a “Stop the Steal” rally at the state capitol on election day. He stands near failed politician and Proud Boy leader Daniel Tooze and Justin “Tino” Pineda.

three pics of Jeffrey Mustin on 11/7 in Salem Oregon. Two show him wearing a green ski mask, the third is a mugshot from his arrest. Jeffrey Mustin was arrested in Salem for assault during the “Stop the Steal” rally on November 7. Mustin wore a green ski mask and flashed the “OK” sign alongside other Proud Boys. Jeffrey Mustin punches a counterprotester in the face on 11/7Jeffrey Mustin was captured on video punching a counter-protester in the face during a “Stop the Steal” rally in Salem, OR. He was arrested and charged with assault in the fourth degree.

legal documents stemming from Jeffrey Mustin's arrest in SalemJeffrey Mustin’s release agreement from his arrest on November 7, 2020. He was charged with assault in the fourth degree and unlawful possession of a firearm.

January 1, 2021: Salem “Mass Civil Disobedience” Rally

On January 1 2021, Jeffrey Mustin returned to Salem for an anti-lockdown rally and march that had to be broken up by police. A far-right mob moved through the streets of Salem, chasing down and assaulting anyone they thought might be an antifascist. Dozens of Proud Boys, many armed with clubs and mace, joined the crowd at the Oregon State capitol. Among them was Mustin, wearing a Proud Boy hoodie, mask, and hat. This event marked the first time Jeffrey Mustin showed up in full Proud Boy gear. Jeffrey Mustin and other fascists rally at the Oregon State Capitol on 1/1/2021Jeffrey Mustin marches with the Proud Boys for a “Mass Civil Disobedience” rally at the Oregon State Capitol on New Years day. Patriot Coalition member and Proud Boy Christopher James Tough is also present.

January 9, 2021: Eugene “Stand Against Socialism” Rally

On January 9 2021, members of the Proud Boys gathered in Eugene for a “Stand Against Socialism” rally. The rally was organized by Geena Shipman, Rob Davis, and Brandon Lee Kitcher, an Oregon National Guardsman who used the pseudonym “Brandon Magaguy” on social media. After Kitcher was exposed, the Oregon National Guard took his side, believing his story that his social media accounts had been “hacked,” but the FBI reportedly placed him under federal investigation. A sizeable contingent of Proud Boys filed in to the rally, headed by Jeffrey Keith Mustin and John Jerome Kuenzi. Travis Erickson also entered with the Proud Boys, carrying a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag and a wooden club. Proud Boys at a 1/9/2021 rally in Eugene. The Proud Boy contingent arrives to a “Stand Against Socialism” rally on January 9, 2021. They are lead by Jeffrey Mustin. Jeffrey Mustin pictured at the 1/9/2021 Stand Against Socialism rally.Jeffrey Mustin at the “Stand Against Socialism” rally in Eugene. Travis Erickson pictured at the 1/9/2021 Stand Against Socialism rally.Travis Erickson at the “Stand Against Socialism” rally in Eugene.

May 1, 2021: Proud Boy rally in Salem

On May Day, the Proud Boys, militia groups, and far-right sympathizers took over Riverfront Park in Salem, Oregon. The event was organized by Magen Marie Stevens and featured a long list of low-tier right wing speakers, including failed QAnon politician Joe Rae Perkins, and disgraced former state representative Mike Nearman. For several hours, heavily armed Proud Boys worked “security” for this unpermitted rally, turning away members of the press and threatening passersby. Proud Boys from Eugene, including Jeffrey Mustin and Travis Erickson, removed fellow racist Jake Beaird AKA Behind Enemy Lines, after he allegedly doxxed Eugene Proud Boy Bryan Costa’s girlfriend.Jeffrey Mustin confronts Jake Beaird on May DayJeffrey Mustin confronts Jake Beaird at a Proud Boy rally in Salem. The Proud Boys had beef with Beaird after he allegedly doxxed one of their girlfriends.

Travis Erickson stands near a Proud Boy shield on 5/1 in Salem. Travis Erickson stands with a wooden shield painted with the Proud Boy logo. The shields have holes cut in them for spraying bear spray.

June 18, 2021: Oregon City “Flag Wave”

On June 18, 2021, antifascists rallied in Clackamette park in Oregon City to oppose a rally hosted by the Proud Boys. In the weeks leading up to the counter-protest, Proud Boys had shown up en masse to host heavily armed “voter registration” events at the Oregon City park. These rallies included explicit white nationalists and neo-Nazis. In response, an antifascist collective called “Fascist Free 503” called for a counter-protest on June 18 in Clackamette Park. A Proud Boy gives a Sieg Heil during a PB rally in Oregon City on May 21A Nazi Proud Boy gives a Sieg Heil to a reporter during a Proud Boys “flag wave” event in Oregon City on May 21, 2021.

The antifascist group started to gather in Clackamette Park a few hours before the Proud Boys rally was set to begin. The Proud Boy contingent arrived just before 4pm, carrying heavy wooden shields with holes for bear spray, wooden clubs, baseball bats, axe handles, multiple paintball guns, firearms, and a fire extinguisher filled with an unknown liquid. The Proud Boys, about two-dozen strong, rushed the park and unloaded copious amounts of bear spray at the antifascists. Several femmes were targeted and attacked during their advance, including two members of the press. Nazi Proud Boy Gordon Cronk Jr. sucker punched one person in the back of the head, while Newberg Proud Boy Tommy Roy Campbell assaulted multiple people with a metal baton. Backpacks, phones, and other personal items were stolen from the park by the Proud Boys. Jeffrey Keith Mustin and Travis Erickson were both at the Oregon City rally. Mustin was armed with the same “Easton” brand pink baseball bat he used to assault protesters in Portland on August 22, 2020. Travis Erickson in Proud Boy gear in Oregon City on June 18, 2021Proud Boy Travis Erickson marches in Proud Boy gear in June 18 in Oregon City. He carries a wooden shield and club. Jeffery Mustin in Oregon City with his pink baseball batJeffrey Mustin wears Proud Boy gear and carries a metal baseball bat in Oregon City on June 18. The patch on his backpack is for the Washington based, fascist friendly defense company “Bullet Proof-It.”

July 4, 2021: Creswell Parade

After the Creswell Chamber of Commerce announced that they would postpone the annual 4th of July parade due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, far-right organizers from other parts of Oregon began promoting an unpermitted parade of their own. Proud Boys and other far-right organizers used the cancellation as a way to promote their brand, actively recruit new members, and further normalize fascist politics through blind American patriotism. The flyer promoted on social media described the event as “An Opportunity to Meet Many of Oregon’s Finest Patriot Groups.” Organizers included Janira Brannigan AKA Yaneeda Brannigan and Proud Boy and Patriot Coalition member Christopher James Tough AKA Chris HimWho. The Proud Boys ran “security” for the parade and displayed a large “PB” flag from the back of a pickup truck. Jeffrey Keith Mustin waved to the crowd from another truck, wearing a shirt with the logo for the Eugene chapter of the Proud Boys, the “McKenzie River Proud Boys.” After the parade, the Proud Boys hosted a private “Meet the Proud Boys” event.Proud Boys vehicles in the 4th of July paradeProud Boys take part in an unpermitted 4th of July parade in Creswell, Oregon. Jeffrey Mustin rides in the back the second truck.

Proud Boy David Alex Julian displays a PB flag in Creswell on 7/4Gresham OR Proud Boy David Alex Julian flashes the “OK” hand sign and displays a Proud Boys flag during the 4th of July parade in Creswell.

Jeffrey Mustin and David Julian wave to spectators during the unpermitted 4th of July parade in Creswell, OR. The parade featured at least three vehicles owned by Proud Boys. The black pickup truck in front is owned by Oregon City Proud Boy Daniel Tooze. Jeffrey Keith Mustin wears a McKenzie River Proud Boy shirtJeffrey Keith Mustin wears a shirt advertising the “McKenzie River Proud Boys” chapter, established 2021. A Proud Boy tattoo is visible on his upper left arm.

Other Proud Boys in the Eugene area:

Austin Matthew Michael WalkerAustin Walker and Avani Lange

Austin Walker (DOB 10/14/1994) is a Proud Boy from Eugene, Oregon who has taken part in multiple anti-Black Lives Matter actions in Eugene and Springfield. His girlfriend, Avani Lange AKA Betty Patreeit, is also active in the regional far-right scene. Austin Walker participated in the racist “All Lives Matter” rallies in Springfield during the high point of Black Lives Matter protests. On July 29, 2020, Austin Walker attacked Black Lives Matter protesters in the Thurston neighborhood of Springfield, Oregon, alongside white supremacists like Corey Wyatt and Tim Davis. By November 2020, he was rallying with the Proud Boys. In December, Austin Walker and Avani Lange traveled to Washington DC for a second “Million MAGA March.” Proud Boys vandalized historically Black churches and stabbed at least four people as they roamed through the streets looking for people to attack. Austin Walker at an "All Lives matter" rally in Springfield, OR.Austin Walker at an “All Lives Matter” rally in July 2020. Austin walker with two guns at an 11/7/20 "Stop the Steal" rally in Salem, ORAustin Walker rallies with the Proud Boys in Salem, OR for a “Stop the Steal” event.
Austin Walker, Christopher Tough, and Avani Lange in DC for a Proud Boys rally
Austin Walker, Christopher James Tough, Vincent James Burroughs (between Austin and Chris), and Avani Lange pose in Washington DC on December 12, 2020. Proud Boys would go on to attack dozens of people, stabbing at least four and vandalizing Black Churches as they roamed the streets unabated.

Trenton Leonard Wolfskill

Trenton Wolfskill

Trenton Leonard Wolfskill (DOB 1/9/1983) is a Proud Boy from Eugene, Oregon who has been a part of multiple violent far-right protests in Oregon. He participated in the August 22, 2020 far-right assault on Portland with other fascists from the Eugene area. On September 7, 2020, Trenton Wolfskill was arrested by Oregon State Police for assaulting a counter-demonstrator during a Labor Day Proud Boy rally. He returned to Salem on November 14, 2020, for a “Defeat the Steal” rally, dressed in Proud Boy colors and carrying a wooden axe handle as a weapon. He has a long history of felonies, including robbery and possession of a controlled substance.

Trenton Leonard Wolfskill and Lillian Marie CreechTrenton Leonard Wolfskill and his fiancee Lillian Marie Creech. Trenton Wolfskill with a wooden axe handle in Salem for a "defeat the steal" rally. 11/14/2020Trenton Wolfskill in Salem, OR for a “Defeat the Steal” rally. He is wearing hard-knuckle gloves and carrying an axe handle as he poses with other members of the Proud Boys.

Jacob Wade MourerJacob Wade Mourer

Jacob Wade Mourer (DOB 9/20/1978) is a member of the Proud Boys who lives in the small town of Elmira, Oregon, located just West of Eugene. He is a regular at far-right protests and shows up heavily armed. Jacob Mourer participated in the “Stop the Steal” and “Defeat the Steal” rallies in Salem, on November 7th and 14th, respectively. He also rallied with the Proud Boys in Eugene on January 9, 2021. Jacob Mourer at an anti-BLM gathering in Creswell, OR on 11/1/2020Jacob Wade Mourer, Kyle Ritter, Christopher James Tough, and Jeremy Wayne Roberts counter-protest a Black Lives Matter rally in Creswell, OR on November 1, 2020. Jake Mourer with a firearm during a "Defeat the Steal" rallyJacob Wade Mourer carries a firearm at the “Defeat the Steal” rally in Salem, Oregon. Jacob Mourer at the 1/9 "Stand Against Socialism" rallyJacob Wade Mourer with other members of the Proud Boys hate group during the “Stand Against Socialism” rally in Eugene.

Bryan Costa

Proud Boy Bryan CostaBryan Costa (DOB 9/29/1972), formerly known as Bryan Douglas Parks, is a member of the Proud Boys from Eugene, OR. Bryan was initially exposed by another person on the far-right after he allegedly confronted racist streamer Jake “Behind Enemy Lines” Beaird for “doxxing” his girlfriend. In response, a group of Proud Boys escorted Jake out of their Salem rally on May 1, 2021. Bryan Costa ran for a seat on the 4J School Board in Eugene, but only managed to net six percent of the vote. Proud Boy leader Henry “Enrique” Tarrio told reporters that one of his goals was to get the Proud Boys involved more in local political races.

August 22, 2021: A Fascist Reunion in Portland

The far-right plans to return to Portland on August 22, 2021, to terrorize residents and brutalize anyone brave enough to stand against them. The event is draped in fascist rhetoric about cleaning the streets and taking the country back. It is being promoted by COPS NW organizer Audra Price, who claims that “Leaders from various patriot groups, from all over, are coming together on Aug 22nd.” Last year, we saw neo-Nazis and Proud Boys from all across the country converge in downtown Portland and attack antifascists with improvised explosives, paintball guns, clubs, and baseball bats. Portland Police stayed back, even after a far-right protester fired a live round in the air. We are not aware of any counter-protests planned, but we will update this article if any are announced. [EDIT: The PNW Youth Liberation Front has called for a counter to the August 22, 2021 Far Right event. Their announcement reads: Calling all antifascists! Counter-Demonstration Food, Zines, and Community Defense Salmon Springs Fountain August 22nd, 1 PM Fight back! All out to defend Portland!]1: COPS NW associate John Dorrance comments that it is time to “make Portland streets clean again.” 2: Eric Oelkers, an open neo-Nazi who vandalized a Black owned restaurant in Salem, comments “Take back the Streets take back the Nation.” 3: David Willis, a hardcore neo-Nazi who claimed to have been a part of the Nazi gang “East Side White Pride” says (of A22) “the cleansing will be completed.” 
Audra Price advertises her August 22, 2021 “United We Win” rally planned in downtown Portland. David Willis refers to the event as a “cleansing.” Matthew Wall, an extremely violent far-right extremist from McMinnville, OR, writes that “Bullets are better than paint balls.”

Conclusion: No Safe Space for Proud Boys!

Despite the few token men of color within their membership, the Proud Boys were designed and continue to operate as an ultra nationalist, white supremacist street gang. As a group, Proud Boys target anti-racists, anti-fascists, feminists, and other proponents of diversity and equity. The prevailing narrative pushed by mainstream media is that the Proud Boys are in a state of decline, triggered by the arrests of key members in connection with the January 6 capitol riot. However, in Oregon they are more active than ever before: Near-weekly rallies events are being held in small, ultra-white conservative towns, and once-unaffiliated violent racists are now joining forces with the Proud Boys. If their organizing is unopposed, they will continue to grow. We must confront far-right organizing in our city, and make it known, loud and clear: The Proud Boys are not welcome in Eugene!

If you have any information about Proud Boys or other fascists organizing in the Eugene area, please send us an email at eugeneantifa [at] protonmail [dot] com

a beige flyer with one corner split between red and black in a right triangle. Within the corner, the three iron front arrows are facing down and to the left. Flyer Text: “Calling All Antifascists!” On august 22nd Fascists are once again attempting to rally

Email: eugeneantifa [at] protonmail [dot] com