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Kerrick Martin: Fascist Filmmaker, Wannabe Cop


Internal Neo-Nazi Chat Leaks

Several months ago, the Discord chat logs of the hate group Identity Evropa were published by Unicorn Riot, sparking antifascist groups around the country to #IdentifyEvropa. Shortly after, the group was rebranded as American Identity Movement (abbreviated “AmIM” to avoid confusion with AIM, the American Indian Movement). Despite the name change, this is still the same violent neo-Nazi group that planned the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017. In 2018, a dues-paying member of the group painted Swastikas on an Indiana Synagogue and attempted to set fire to it. Today, we identify another member of AmIM/Identity Evropa: Meet Kerrick Andrew Martin.

Immediately after Identity Evropa’s Discord server chats were leaked by Unicorn Riot, several members contemplated legal action against the media outlet


Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement’s Lead Propagandist

Kerrick Andrew Martin (DOB 1-12-1995) is a dues-paying member of American Identity Movement (formerly Identity Evropa) and serves as the group’s lead video editor and producer. Kerrick records and edits videos of banner drops and actions which are then uploaded to video sharing sites like YouTube and Bitchute to recruit new members. YouTube recently deplatfromed AmIM and several other large white supremacist accounts, a long overdue move for a site overrun with white supremacist content. In addition to AmIM, Kerrick produces videos for American Renaissance (AmRen), a white supremacist group founded by Identity Evropa ally Jared Taylor. Kerrick Martin contributed hundreds of messages to the Identity Evropa Discord server as “FACINEMA”. On Slack, Kerrick used the alias “Bryan F.A.(Cinema),” and was “aimless-nation-wa” after the group switched all messaging to the chat program Mattermost.

Kerrick Martin AKA FACINEMA introduces himself as “Kerrick M.” after joining Identity Evropa.

Kerrick Martin’s Discord profile reflects his two locations: California, where he was going to school, and Washington, where he now lives with his parents

Server Admin aka “Sigruna14” notes that Kerrick Martin AKA “FACINEMA” is in charge of the IE Media server.

Kerrick Martin AKA FACINEMA promotes the South African “white genocide” myth pushed by neo-Nazis.

Kerrick Martin uses the anti-Semitic “echoes”  in the Identity Evropa Fitness Discord server.

Kerrick Martin used the alias Bryan F.A. (Cinema) on the Identity Evropa Slack chat platform

Kerrick Martin (Bryan FA on Slack) struggles to book a room ahead of Identity Evropa’s 2019 national conference, “Leading Our People Forward.”

After Identity Evropa’s Discord server was deplatformed, the group began communicating on a platform called Mattermost designed and maintained by Dustin Phipps.

Kerrick Martin changed his username on Mattermost to “aimless-nation-wa.” You can read through the Mattermost leaks here.



Kerrick Martin began learning video production skills at Sonoma Valley High School in California. He learned through the school’s media arts program and when he graduated in 2013, he netted several media-related scholarships. For the next three years, Kerrick worked towards a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Santa Rosa Junior College. After that, he spent time studying accounting and finance at Sonoma State University in California and lived in Sonoma and Rohnert Park, California.

Kerrick Martin stars in a short film from Sonoma Valley High School.

Kerrick Martin AKA “FACINEMA” from a selfie he posted of himself in the Identity Evropa Discord server.



In addition to his white supremacist cinematography, Kerrick Martin runs a video production outfit called Blue Rig Media Flashpoint Films (BluR Media Co), which is now based out of Vancouver, Washington. Blue Rig Media has done multiple videos for Clark County businesses like the Grant House Eatery, Three Brothers Winery, and the Heisen House. These videos are part of his “Best of Clark County” series, an effort to build his resume which he mentions on Discord. The shooting and editing techniques showcased by Kerrick through “Blue Rig Media” are identical to the techniques deployed in more recent American Identity Movement videos.

Kerrick’s YouTube channel for his media company, Blue Rig Media. He has done several videos showcasing Clark County businesses.

Kerrick Martin AKA FACINEMA writes that he goes around to wineries and companies and produces high quality showcase videos for free. He has already created videos for several companies in Clark County through his media venture “Blue Rig Media.”


Fascist Ideology

The chat leaks also reflect, by Kerrick’s admission, that his parents began “redpilling” him from a young age. It is unclear how and when Kerrick developed his full-fledged neo-Nazi views, but he adopted the pseudonym “FACINEMA” in August 2017. Two months later he was welcomed to the Identity Evropa Discord server. Kerrick has both a YouTube and Twitter account which use variants of the alias, both of which emerged around the same time. His fashy YouTube channel contains a single video of Bishop Richard Williamson, an anti-Semite who has been excommunicated by the Catholic church on two separate occasions. He was recently fined in Germany for holocaust denial remarks given in a 2008 television interview. Kerrick is viciously anti-Semitic himself and his Twitter is laced with vile anti-Semitic memes. A playlist from Kerrick’s channel titled “Demo Reel” contains videos from the 2018 American Renaissance conference, an annual suit-and-tie white supremacist meet-up that occurs in Tennessee. This year, the AmRen conference was met with a large anti-fascist counter protest.

Before Kerrick Martin joined Identity Evropa, he considered joining the neo-Nazi group Traditionalist Worker Party

Kerrick has a YouTube channel named “FASCINIMA.” It contains one video. View an archived version of the channel here.

Kerrick Martin has a video of Holocaust-denying Bishop Richard Williamson. Here is an archived version of that video.

Kerrick Martin filmed Simon Roche, leader of the Suidlanders, and racist who spreads a false notion that there is a “white genocide” going on in South Africa

Kerrick Martin AKA FASCINIMA also produced videos for American Renaisance, a white supremacist “think tank” that hosts annual conferences.

Kerrick Martin posts racist and anti-Semitic content on Twitter as “@FASCINIMATIK.” View an archived version here.

In one tweet, Kerrick Martin ‘replies’ to our comrades at Colorado Springs Antifa and says that he joined Identity Evropa after being attacked at a Kate Steinle rally. He claims that he was passively taking video at the rally when a “member” of antifa shoved him, causing him to spontaneously join a white supremacist group and edit videos for them. We are not aware of any medical cases wherein a “shoved” individual magically adopts neo-Nazism, but you never know these days. The larger issue with this antifa boogeyman story is that it is entirely fabricated. The death of Kate Steinle was exploited by white supremacist groups, including Identity Evropa and local Daily Stormer book clubs. After a jury deemed that the shooting was accidental in December 2017, several far-right groups rallied in Kate’s name, including Joey Griftin’ Gibson. The Discord Leaks show that Kerrick Martin joined Identity Evropa in October of 2017, more than two months before any Kate Steinle rallies actually occurred.

In this Tweet, Kerrick Martin AKA “FACINEMA” lies and claims he suddenly joined Identity Evropa because a fictional antifascist pushed him.


White Supremacist “Activism”

Apart from video production, Kerrick has taken part in many Identity Evropa actions, including the 2019 Identity Evropa annual “Leading Our People Forward” conference held in Kentucky and the national action “Defend the Rockies” held in Colorado in November 2018. Racist chuds from around the country emptied their wallets for plane tickets to go stand in a snowstorm in Colorado to hold an anti-immigrant banner. After this event, Kerrick collected video clips from other members, which he compiled into a propaganda video for the group’s now defunct YouTube channel. Kerrick aided in earlier actions as well, like an October 2018 banner drop in Redding, California, with members of the NorCal chapter like Joshua “Bogl” Lourenco. In April 2018, Kerrick and another Identity Evropa member plastered stickers and posters around Sonoma State University, where Kerrick was attending college.

Kerrick Martin holds an Identity Evropa flag and an oversized American flag.

Kerrick Martin bought a plane ticket so he could stand in the snow with racist chuds.

Kerrick Martin announces to the participants of the Identity Evropa Discord server that he has pre-paid for a reservation to the 2019 annual Leading Our People Forward conference and will be using the alias “Ben Dover”

Kerrick Martin helped with a Redding, California banner drop with the NorCal Nazis.

Kerrick Martin helped another Identity Evropa member cover the Sonoma State University campus with racist propaganda.

After the Discord server was leaked and the doxxes poured in, Patrick Casey changed the group’s name to American Identity Movement (AmIM) and adopted a Patriot Front aesthetic. Kerrick Martin remained a member of the rebranded group and continued his duties as chief videographer. AmIM hosted a week of action in Washington DC in April 2019. During this hate-cation, a dozen members of the group disrupted an author’s talk at the bookstore Politics & Prose. The white supremacist crew chanted and marched around the bookstore for several minutes while Kerrick Martin recorded footage, which was later uploaded to several video sharing platforms.

Racist incel Patrick Casey leads his white supremacist squad around a Washington DC bookstore. The group managed to briefly disrupt the book talk before retreating.

Kerrick Martin recorded as his Fashy friends disrupted a book talk in a Washington DC bookstore.

(Left) Kerrick Martin with IE flag, (Center) Kerrick Martin in bookstore, (Right) Kerrick Martin marching with flags.

Kerrick Martin is listed in the credits for AmIM/IE’s propaganda web-series titled “Identify With Me” under the pseudonym “Bryan Kerick Masterson.” Kerrick used a similar alias on Slack, “Bryan F.A.(Cinema).” The video features Samuel James Fredeen, Virginia coordinator and Justin Wayne Peek, Georgia coordinator and director of activism for AmIM.


Bad Driver

In late September, Kerrick Andrew Martin traveled from California to Idaho to meet up with some Identity Evropa members and offer to share his film-making skills. On September 23rd, 2018, Kerrick was driving his ’16 Nissan Altima through Nampa, Idaho, when he failed to properly yield at an intersection and hit another vehicle. He suffered light injuries and received help from an Idaho member of Identity Evropa who used the alias “BigBadSaxon” on Discord. The next day, Patrick Casey commended “BigBadSaxon” for aiding “[Identity Evropa’s] trusty video editor.” Kerrick’s vehicle was seriously damaged in the crash.

Kerrick Martin AKA FACINEMA traveled to Idaho in late September and met with Identity Evropa members there.

Patrick Casey AKA Reinhard Wolff thanks an Idaho IE member for helping Kerrick Martin after he got in a car crash.

Public records show that Kerrick Martin was responsible for the Idaho car crash for failing to yield.

The other individual involved in the car crash says that Kerrick sped out of the intersection.



Like Patrick Casey, Kerrick Martin is not married. Kerrick tells us in the Discord server that he has a girlfriend who is also receptive of his fascist ideology. He describes her habit of sending him racist memes, the challenges of being able to visit her, and his hopes of marrying and having children with his white and blue eyed girlfriend. Despite our efforts, we have been unable to independently confirm that Kerrick actually has or had a girlfriend.

In late November 2018, Kerrick Martin moved from California to La Center, Washington. He lives with his parents near Vancouver in a suburb called La Center. Records show that his parents, Michael and Glenda Martin, purchased their half-million dollar Washington estate in late 2017. Kerrick’s Discord messages indicate that his parents are supportive and may share his neo-Nazi views; that they actually began “redpilling” him at a young age. In one Discord message, Kerrick says that his family loves listening to the weekly “Fash the Nation” episode. Fash the Nation is a white supremacist podcast linked to the fascist “The Right Stuff” podcast network.

Kerrick Martin AKA FACINEMA writes that he is trying to bring his family into IE and says that they are fashy like him. His parents listen to “Fash the Nation,” a weekly white supremacist podcast.

Kerrick Martin lives with his parents in a gated, half a million dollar house in the middle of wooded farmlands in La Center, Washington


Aspiring Cop

Kerrick Martin hopes to start a new career in Washington, which he teases in the Discord chats. He writes that for his new job, he needs to stay in shape and be able to run 1.5 miles in under 14 minutes. This is the common metric used by Sheriff’s departments to gauge potential deputies. Kerrick Martin is part of the Franklin County civil service roster, meaning he is eligible to become a Franklin county Sheriff. We encourage our readers to contact the Franklin County Civil Service commission and demand that they revoke Kerrick Martin’s eligibility due to his well-documented involvement in a white supremacist hate group.

Please contact  the Franklin County (WA) Human Resources department and request that they investigate and disqualify Deputy Sheriff applicant Kerrick Andrew Martin due to his involvement with Identity Evropa/AmIM, which violates Rule 6, Section 1 of the Franklin County Civil Service Commission’s “Rules and Regulations,” which holds that an applicant must “be of good moral character.”

Email: (*Do not use a personal email)
Phone: *67 (509) 546-5813

Kerrick Martin AKA FACINEMA hints that he is trying to become a cop.

Public records indicate that Kerrick Martin is trying to become a cop in Franklin County, Washington.

Kerrick Andrew Martin
DOB 1/12/1995


Clear Photos






NorCal Nazis: Joshua and Holly Lourenco are “The Bogls”

It has been several months since thousands of internal messages of the hate group Identity Evropa were published by Unicorn Riot. Following the release of the group’s chats, antifascist groups began to #IdentifyEvropa, which caused Patrick Casey to rebrand Identity Evropa as American Identity Movement. Despite the shifty aesthetics, American Identity Movement (Abbreviated AmIM to avoid confusion with AIM, the American Indian Movement) is still the same violent neo-Nazi group that planned the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017. In 2018, a dues-paying member of the group painted Swastikas on an Indiana Synagogue and attempted to set fire to it. Today, we bring you two more members of Identity Evropa/AmIM: Meet Joshua and Holly Lourenco.

Joshua Joseph Lourenco – DOB 5/7/1988

Joshua Lourenco used several names within the Identity Evropa and American Identity Movement chats. When he first joined Identity Evropa at the start of 2018, he went by “Sherman Hardcastle” on Discord. This account was scarcely used, as Josh preferred to post as “Bogl-CA,” which logged more than 700 messages on Discord. You can check out the messages for yourself here. After the Discord chat logs were released by Unicorn Riot, Identity Evropa rebranded and started using a new communication platform called Mattermost. We recently wrote about Utah Identity Evropa member Dustin Phipps, who helps maintain the group’s Mattermost chats. In response to the leaks, many members changed their usernames, but Josh still used the alias “Bogl.”

Joshua Lourenco used the name “Bogl” on Mattermost and on Discord, along with the name “Sherman Hardcastle.”

In this Mattermost screenshot, Joshua interacts with other American Identity Movement members like David Zsutty of California AKA tylerhess. We have a full article about David Zsutty which you can find here.

Joshua Lourenco serves as the coordinator for the Northern California and Oregon chapters of Identity Evropa. Prior to being doxxed, Spencer Strudevant was acting as the Oregon coordinator. Josh was recognized by Patrick Casey for his “outstanding work in NorCal,” and was named Nazi of the month for December 2018. Some of Josh’s “outstanding work” includes:

Patrick Casey AKA “Reinhard Wolff” recognizes Joshua as “member of the month” for December 2018. Some examples of his work follow:

Putting up racist propaganda and Identity Evropa stickers at Merced College in California: December 2018, January 2019, February 2019. Josh would also frequently target CSU Stanislaus, the college that previous Identity Evropa leader Nathan Damigo (Link: attended. Josh acknowledges this in the Discord chats, calling the campus “Nathan’s old stomping grounds.”

Hosting a Nazi get-together at the Lourenco residence in Atwater, California in December 2018.

Posing for a photo with other Identity Evropa members outside of UC Berkley in California in December 2018.

Joshua has been a white supremacist for over a decade and appears to have been radicalized in part by neo-Nazi writer Greg Robert Johnson. Many members of Identity Evropa cite Greg Johnson as a gateway to white supremacy, and the writing which he circulates through his publishing house, Counter-currents. Greg’s own material isn’t the only writing made available by Counter-currents: In 2017, James Mason’s Siege was being sold by the site. Siege is a neo-Nazi tale which is the inspiration for the Atomwaffen Division, an underground Nazi terror group which is responsible for several murders. Earlier this year, we published an article warning Denver residents of James Mason and his Atomwaffen fanboys.

Before Greg Johnson moved to Seattle, he spent several years living and working in California. The Pacific School of Religion brought him on as an assistant professor in 2002 and he lived around the San Francisco area for a handful of years after that. While Joshua was still a teenager, he says that he met and discussed white supremacist politics with Greg Johnson. He says that he knew Greg “very well” and even had meetings at his house with his other friends. Unlike most members of Identity Evropa, Joshua’s white supremacist views are not new; they are more than a decade old.

“Sherman Hardcastle” was one of Joshua’s aliases on Discord. In this message, he discusses his early interactions with Greg Johnson.

Josh expresses that he is looking to move away from California because “agriculture is dying” and he is afraid of people of color. On Discord, he is open about his racist and anti-Semitic views. Josh believes that college is “anti white propaganda,” and won’t be pushing his children to pursue higher education. He is against “mixing all the races,” and wants to move to a less diverse town. In one message, Josh writes that he would “rather be killed for wrong think,” referring to Eugene neo-Nazi Evan James McCarty’s decision to undergo race and gender education courses and disavow white supremacy. Our comrades at Rose City Antifa wrote a detailed piece on Evan a year ago, who used the pseudonym “Bryon de la Vandal,” on Nazi forums. In another message, Josh struggles to see any problem with distributing white supremacist propaganda at high schools. Identity Evropa propaganda has appeared at high schools and even middle schools in the past.

Josh Lourenco is not happy about Eugene neo-Nazi Evan McCarty’s recent actions, prefers death over renouncing his own fascist views.

Josh has written several anti-Semitic messages in the Discord chat.

In this series of messages, Joshua Lourenco expresses his vile racist fears.

Joshua Lourenco is a white nationalist and is against “mixing.”

Joshua thinks that his children shouldn’t go to college because it is “anti white.”

Joshua expresses his racist views as “Bogl” on the Discord server.

If Holly wasn’t a white supremacist as well, Josh would have a difficult time.

“Bogl” uploaded a photo of him and Holly to the Discord server, which he said was taken by his daughter.

Many of Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement’s recent actions have been turned to propaganda videos and uploaded to YouTube. Despite many claims that they will crack down on white supremacist and neo-Nazi content, the site continues to platform AmIM and countless other fascist groups. Joshua Lourenco was one of the AmIM members in a more recent video showing a racist banner drop in San Luis Obispo. The video shows several members unfurling a banner which reads “Close the Borders” atop a hill overlooking the Cal Poly campus. The campus was also targeted with recruitment flyers which were placed inside of buildings. Josh also stars in AmIM’s YouTube propaganda series “Identify with Me.” In the first episode of the series, he can be seen carrying a banner with other Nazi chuds at UC Berkley.

Joshua Lourenco carries a banner at UC Berkley with other American Identity Movement members.

Joshua struggles to unfurl a banner on a hill that overlooks the Cal Poly campus in San Luis Obispo, California.

Joshua (right) has a hard time getting his racist banner out of a tote bag.

Additional Photos of Joshua Joseph Lourenco AKA Bogl AKA Sherman Hardcastle:


Holly Diane Lourenco – DOB 12/28/1987

Holly Diane Lourenco used the name “Mrs. Bogl” on the leaked Identity Evropa Discord server. She was scarcely active, only sending 24 messages in the Discord chat after joining the group in late 2018. Following a series of chat leaks, “Mrs. Bogl” changed her name to “Mrs. White” and remains active on the group’s current chat platform, Mattermost.

Holly Lourenco switched her username to “mrs_white-ca” on Mattermost. The Lourencos are not the only white supremacist couple to be outed by antifascists- “mrsgloopgod-ky” was doxxed by an anonymous group of antifascists earlier this year, you can read about the “gloopgod” couple here.

Joshua and Holly have been together for over ten years and have two young children. In 2008, Holly won “Miss Merced County” while attending UC Merced, where she was majoring in US History and serving as public information officer for the Republican club. UC Merced was targeted with Identity Evropa flyers and recruitment materials multiple times by her husband. In 2012, the couple supported Ron Paul’s presidential campaign. Ron Paul has deep-seated connections to the far-right and close ties to the anti-Semitic John Birch Society. Over the next 5 years, she moved further right, eventually embracing white nationalism and joining Identity Evropa with her husband.

Holly won “Miss Merced County” in 2008 while a student at UC Merced.

Holly was not as active on the Identity Evropa Discord server, only contributing two dozen messages. In one message, she said that she “[wishes] Jared Taylor would come to our NorCal friendsgiving,” which the Lourenco couple hosted at their house. Jared Taylor is the founder of American Renaissance, a neo-Nazi organization which publishes articles and hosts an annual white supremacist conference. Holly has been a part of several Identity Evropa actions. She helped create the Christmas-themed banner which members of the NorCal chapter displayed at UC Berkley, and painted Identity Evropa themed rocks with Jean Palmer AKA celticflame. She attended “Defend the Rockies” with her husband, and celebrated Valentine’s day by passing out Identity Evropa propaganda. Holly appears to be close with Jean “celticflame,” Palmer, who even wished Holly an early happy birthday, a full two days in advance.

Holly Lourenco wanted long-time white supremacist figure Jared Taylor to come to the NorCal Nazi dinner.

Holly Lourenco shares the UC Berkley banner progress.

Holly is honored to be part of Identity Evropa. DTR stands for “Defend the Rockies,” a national action held by the group in late 2018.

Jean Palmer wishes Holly Lourenco a happy birthday. Holly was born on December 28th, 1987. (The date of this message is recorded in UTC, in PDT it would have still been 12/26).

Holly Lourenco shows off her racist handicrafts.

Holly Lourenco is employed by Image Masters, a business marketing company based in Merced, California. Holly is part of the sales team (Marketing Director) and has worked for the company for more than 10 years. She has her own page on the Image Masters website, which advertises customizable items. When she isn’t on the clock, she spends her time promoting white supremacy and marketing Identity Evropa/AmIM. You can contact Image Masters CEO Tim O’Neill by phone at *67 (209) 723 1691 X302, or by email at tim(at)imagemasters(dot)com, and demand that the company stop employing a dues-paying member of a white supremacist hate group.

Holly’s ImageMasters site page, imagemasters(dot)com/holly. You can view an archived version of this page here.

Holly Lourenco traveled with ImageMasters to an industry trade show in Monterey.

Holly Lourenco recently celebrated her 10th year with ImageMasters. Holly used the name “Holly Lou” on Facebook.

Holly and Joshua created and distributed Identity Evropa Valentine’s day flyers. Josh uploaded this photo of Holly posing with the material.

Additional Photos of Holly Diane Lourenco AKA Mrs. Bogl:


Holly and Joshua Lourenco’s last known address is 2469 Central Avenue, Atwater, California. On Discord, Joshua has expressed a desire to relocate to Treasure Valley, Idaho.
Contact Eugene Antifa with any additional tips about the Lourencos or other fascists in your area:

Occupy Houston Organizer Dustin Phipps Exposed As American Identity Movement CTO “Gimlet”

Dustin Phipps: Former Leftist turn white supremacist

Dustin Phipps isn’t the first Leftist to flip from one side of the ideological spectrum to the other and he certainly isn’t the first former Leftist to find their way into the membership of American Identity Movement (an American neo-Nazi and white supremacist organization recently referred to as “Identity Evropa”). Readers in the Houston, Texas area will recognize Dustin Phipps, most notably, as a former lead organizer of Occupy Houston during the later part of 2011 and the early part of 2012. After spending the bulk of his thirty and a half years in Texas volunteering with various social justice causes, Dustin now resides in Lehi, Utah (just south of Salt Lake City). He is a dues paying member and Utah Chapter Leader of a white supremacist organization, and serves as the group’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Dustin Blake Phipps uses the alias “Gimlet.” He is a patron donor to the organization and is responsible for building and maintaining the group’s current communication platform on Mattermost which they call “Columbia.”

Dustin Blake Phipps aka “Gimlet” participates in an Identity Evropa banner drop in Salt Lake City, Utah, February 2019

Dustin Phipps Left: 2019, Right: 2016

We can trace Dustin’s membership in Identity Evropa to as early as January 2018 where he had already established a position of authority within the white supremacist group. Dustin, as “Gimlet,” administered an official Identity Evropa Discord Server called the “IE dev team” whose purpose was to serve as a communication platform for software developers within the organization. This team would focus on developing, building, and maintaining communication platforms for the wider group. The number of dues paying members on these Discord communication platforms peaked at just around 800 prior to the Discord chat leaks published by Unicorn Riot.

After Identity Evropa was deplatformed from Discord, the group temporarily communicated by another platform called “Slack.” Again, the group’s Slack chats were leaked and they were subsequently banned from that platform as well. Identity Evropa struggled with maintaining a consistent communication platform for their group. Some regional chapters utilized “Telegram,” and they attempted to build at least one other communication platform referred to as “Mercury.” Even before James Ambrose (the main developer of Mercury) was exposed, the endeavor failed to get off the ground and the project was never made available to the greater membership.

Currently, Dustin Phipps as the CTO provides the ability for the greater white supremacist organization of American Identity Movement to communicate, network, and organize with each other on Mattermost. Established at the beginning of March 2019, this platform has hosted, at it’s peak, just over 400 registered, dues paying members. As pressure on this group ceases to let up from antifascists, we can note a consistent decline in membership with current numbers at just over 250.

Dustin Phipps aka “Gimlet” administered the official Identity Evropa Discord server called “IE dev team”

Dustin Phipps aka “Gimlet” holds a staff position as Chief Technology Officer within the white supremacist organization.

For over a year and a half, Dustin Phipps aka “Gimlet,” has directed the core of the group’s technology needs.

Aside from Phipps’ technological contributions to American Identity Movement, he has littered multiple university campuses and public venues with white supremacist propaganda. Phipps has traveled to numerous states to participate in national actions and conferences. Some of the activity we have tracked Phipps participating in include: flyering Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, leaving Identity Evropa business cards inside books at The City LIbrary in Salt Lake City, Utah as well as flyering the University of Utah and the downtown Salt Lake City, Utah area. Phipps’ first national action was at “Defend the Rockies” which took place in Colorado in November 2018. This was followed by an anti-immigration action in Chicago in January of 2019 just outside of Rahm Emanuel’s office. In February of 2019, Phipps co-hosted a “Defend Utah” action which followed with his attendance at the third annual Identity Evropa  “Leading Our People Forward” national conference in March of 2019 in the state of Kentucky.

Dustin Phipps aka “Gimlet” attends the national Identity Evropa action “Defend the Rockies” co-coordinated by former Colorado Chapter Leader Cory Reeves.

Dustin Phipps aka “Gimlet” is seen here, to the right of Patrick Casey, in a light blue knit cap attending an anti-immigration demonstration in Colorado

Listen to Dustin Phipps aka “Jim” aka “Gimlet” describe his experience with Identity Evropa at “Defend the Rockies” here and here.

Another anti-immigration demonstration Dustin Phipps attended with Identity Evropa took place in Chicago, Illinois in January of 2019.

Dustin Phipps aka “Gimlet” attending an anti-immigration demonstration with Identity Evropa, January 2019

Dustin Phipps aka “Gimlet” rallies with Identity Evropa led by Patrick Casey

Dustin Phipps attempts to conceal his identity while simultaneously professing to be a white identitarian.

March of 2019 would bring a new decline in the organizing efforts of Identity Evropa. As the group was preparing to travel to Kentucky for their annual conference, “Leading Our People Forward,” their members’ chat messages in Discord and Slack were being prepped for publication. A handful of cherry picked individuals by Patrick Casey made up an elite internal group of the organization calling itself Leadership and the Advisory Council. It was simple to join: One mostly just needed to donate a lot of money to the organization. This small fraction of the entire group had planned a rebrand of the organization. In order to try to gain public favor, their strategy turned to appealing to American patriotism. Similar to Patriot Front’s aesthetic but with a strict “no overt Nazi symbolism or rhetoric” in public forums, Identity Evropa became American Identity Movement. This rebranding decision was made by the elite internal group with virtually no knowledge to the majority of their membership. Dustin Phipps attended this conference and the action that followed it in Tennessee.

Dustin Phipps aka “Gimlet” attends a Tennessee action with the newly rebranded American Identity Movement, March 2019

Dustin Phipps marches with American Identity Movement members in Tennessee, March 2019

Once, Dustin Phipps led marches with people of color for economic justice. Now Dustin participates in demonstrations to preserve the white race.

Dustin Phipps once advocated for immigration rights, admired the political work of trans people, and worked alongside of Brown and Black economic and social justice activists. He advocated for humanitarian relief for Haitians and Hondurans. Dustin grew up in a multicultural neighborhood in Katy, Texas, organized with social justice activists while in college in Houston, Texas, and traveled to other non-white majority countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Thailand. In addition to English, Dustin speaks some Spanish and French. But a closer look at Dustin’s years as an economic and social justice activist uncovers some doubts at his commitment to Leftist ideals. For example, he did not support all of the Occupy Wall Street demands. As an Occupy Houston lead organizer, he did not agree that higher education should be free for everyone nor would he declare that everyone deserved a guaranteed income. As a cis-White male, Dustin seemed to frequently talk over women and people of color rather than help amplify their voices. Listen to Dustin, in his own words, what his thoughts were at this time. Dustin seemed to be one for embellishment, visions of grandeur with often changing goals. He claimed to be a medical student, or pre-med, when he merely attained a Bachelor’s Degree in General Biology. Phipps claimed to be a military veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom having served in the Navy. Yet, we are unable to independently confirm that Phipps served in the Navy at all aside from a notation on his resume stating he spent some time employed by the US Navy as a Communications Electrician.

What is not an uncommon phenomena among budding white nationalists is a trend of become radicalized with the 2016 election of Donald Trump. This is the time frame we have tracked Dustin Phipps’ transition from more Leftist views to more Far Right views. While once a trans accepting person, Phipps now joins his fellow American Identity Movement members is directing hatred towards transpeople. While once advocating for immigration rights and humanitarian relief in what some call “third world countries,” now Phipps participates in public anti-immigration demonstrations. While once organizing with Brown and Black people for economic and social justice, now Phipps has bought into the “white genocide” lie.

Dustin Phipps aka “Gimlet” dehumanizes a prominent antifascist transwoman.

Dustin Phipps expresses his support for Manning.

Dustin Phipps considers Manning a military hero

Prior to becoming a white nationalist, it appears that Dustin Phipps continued to support Manning while she was transitioning to a woman.

Prior to becoming a white nationalist, Dustin Phipps volunteered in his community for humanitarian relief efforts

Prior to becoming a white nationalist, Dustin Phipps advocated for immigration rights

Dustin Phipps is a member of one of the main organizations that planned the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. At this white supremacist rally, one antifascist woman was killed by a neo-Nazi and numerous other antifascists were injured. Even given the facts of the situation, Dustin Phipps is resolved in his support for Alex Fields, the neo-Nazi terrorist who drove his car into a crowd of antifascists murdering one. Recently, Fields was sentenced to life in prison for his crimes.

Dustin Phipps aka “Gimlet” comments on Alex Field’s murder conviction.

What caused Dustin Phipps to embrace white nationalism is a question only he can answer.

A statement by Dustin Phipps aka “Gimlet” which can be interpreted as a possible autobiographical statement.



Full name: Dustin Blake Phipps

Birthdate: 11/27/1983

Mobile telephone: 281 543 2095


Last known address:

4200 North Seasons View Drive Apartment 03121
Lehi, Utah 84043-6273



Previous employer:

Owlet Baby Care, Inc.

Lehi, Utah

Position: Senior DevOps Engineer


Dustin Phipps aka “Gimlet”
a white nationalist



David Zsutty: Neo-Nazi in Law School

On March 6th, 2019, the independent media outlet Unicorn Riot published the internal chat logs of the neo-Nazi group Identity Evropa. Hundreds of thousands of messages were leaked from the group’s member-only Discord server, which revealed extreme racism, white supremacism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, and misogyny. Since the breach, antifascist groups have sifted through the messages and tied real people to the usernames, exposing dozens of members across the United States. Identity Evropa helped plan the massive Nazi rally in Charlottesville in 2017 and the organization is currently being sued due to the ramifications of that event. Today, we are identifying the Identity Evropa member “Tyler Hess” as Chapman University student David Michael Zsutty (DOB 3/21/1987) from Oceanside, California.

David Michael Zsutty used the pseudonym “TylerHess” on the Identity Evropa server.

Zsutty is explicitly racist and anti-Semitic in many of his messages. In one message, he defends the Charlottesville attacker James Alex Fields, a Nazi who rammed his car into a crowd of people who were counter protesting the 2017 Unite the Right rally and who was recently sentenced to life in prison as a result of his terror attack. Zsutty thinks that “Fields is completely innocent, perhaps guilty of negligence at the very most.” More than a dozen people suffered serious injuries and Heather Heyer was killed in the attack. In another message, Zsutty shares his anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, saying that he “suspect[s] that Jews are intermarrying with whites who share similar traits, such as narcissism, schizophrenia, socio/psychopathy, a certain low cunning born from a lack of morals, etc.” Zsutty also disparages his nonwhite classmates in the chat, writing that they “lack the analytical skill of our people.” In another message, he says that he wanted to be “study buddies” with a conservative woman in his class, but then he learned that she had a “mulatto” son.

David Zsutty refuses to be study buddies with a classmate at Chapman University who has a “mulatto” son

David Zsutty shares how he feels about his non-white classmates.

David Zsutty thinks that the Charlottesville vehicular attacker, James Alex Fields, is innocent. Fields injured dozens and killed Heather Heyer when he rammed his vehicle into a crowd of people protesting a massive Nazi convergence in 2017.

David Zsutty slips some anti-Semitic conspiracy theories into the Identity Evropa chats.

Zsutty also discusses his family in the Discord chats. He paints a biographical picture of his parents, who had him when they were in their “mid thirties.” His mother’s side is “Mayflower and Revolution,” while his father’s side is part Prussian and German. Zsutty’s family fits this profile perfectly, as his father, Michael Zsutty (DOB 5/26/1951), is a full 36 years older than David.

David mentions that his parents were in their mid-thirties when they had him, which we confirmed.

David’s father, Michael Zsutty, was born in 1951 and lives in Oceanside, California.

Michael Zsutty lives in Oceanside, California. David mentions him several times on Discord. One message suggests that his dad may share his white nationalist views, and that the lack of a Google doodle caused him to start agreeing with David. Michael Zsutty is at the very least a far-right MAGA fan, as evidenced by his Facebook. He is active in Oceanside and has harassed houseless people in the area. David applauds his dad’s anti-houseless actions, noting that he went from donating money to “helping a anti hobo crusade in our hometown.” Michael is part of the Facebook group “Take Back Oceanside,” which is full of rich white people panicking about poor and houseless folks.

David writes that his dad is involved in anti-homeless activities in his hometown of Oceanside, California. He is part of a group called “Take back Oceanside.”

David suggests that his dad, Michael Zsutty, shares some of his white supremacist views.

Michael Zsutty plugs his anti-homeless group, “Take back Oceanside.” Kudos to the people who have “tried to intimidate” this disgusting group!

Michael is upset that someone is taking shelter from the elements in a tent. How dare houseless folks take shelter!

Michael made a Facebook post about a vehicle he finds “suspicious.”

Another shared interest between Michael and David is running. Michael is part of a running club in Oceanside, which hosts weekend runs. David is also an avid runner, and often brags about it on the Discord server. On November 22nd, 2018, (Thanksgiving) he tells his fellow white nationalists that he “ran a 10K this morning while nearing the end of a 30 hour fast.” David did this run with his father, in Oceanside, California. The 10k was part of the 13th Annual O’side Turkey Trot, and David’s results are available online.

David talks about running on the Discord server.

On Thanksgiving morning 2018, David and Michael Zsutty ran in the 13th Annual Oceanside Turkey Trot. David notes this on Discord.

David competes in the 13th Annual Oceanside Turkey Trot.

David Zsutty was active offline as well, flyering and participating in actions. Near the end of 2018, David helped other Identity Evropa members drop an anti-immigrant banner in Wickenburg, Arizona. He has been active in spreading Identity Evropa posters and stickers around his state, mainly targeting universities in Southern California. David is cautious about where he posts Identity Evropa propaganda and stickers, making sure to steer clear of his own college campus. He makes sure to dress “normie” on illegal flyering outings, wearing a hat and different attire. He even offers advice to other Identity Evropa members who fear they may be doxxed, such as a user named “Wotan Klan” from Georgia, who is concerned about footage of him at the deadly Unite the Right rally from 2017.

David Zsutty helps with a racist banner drop in Wickenburg, Arizona.

David Zsutty provides flyering advice for fellow white supremacists.

David Zsutty is photographed during a flyering action in Pacific Palisades with other California Identity Evropa members.

David Zsutty gives advice to a Georgia Identity Evropa member who attended the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally.

David is a chair of the Federalist Society at Chapman University. The Federalist Society has been around for several decades and is focused on reviving conservative and libertarian ideas within the American legal system. Their influence has peaked during the Trump era, and they were central in the rise of Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. The Society has received substantial donations from the Koch brothers and the Mercer family.

David Zsutty is chair of the Federalist Society at his university.

In the Discord chats, Zsutty recommends the Federalist Society to another Identity Evropa member with the screen name “Logan.” Earlier this year, HuffPost revealed that “Logan” is actually Logan K. Piercy, a Marine who attended the Unite the Right rally. He asks members of the group for political news sources, writing that “I can’t say my main news source is Fash the Nation.” Fash the Nation is a Nazi podcast which is part of The Right Stuff, a podcast network created by YouTube white supremacist Mike Peinovich. To this, David recommends the Cato Institute and the Federalist Society.

David Zsutty recommends the Federalist Society to Logan K. Piercy, who gets his news from “Fash the Nation.”

David Michael Zsutty joined Identity Evropa in June of 2018. Right off the bat, he asks about pursuing a libel or defamation lawsuit against the ADL or SPLC, liberal groups which monitor far right activity. Both of these groups consider Identity Evropa (now American Identity Movement) a hate group. Zsutty brings up the idea of legal action because he is a law student at Chapman University, which is in Orange, California. In another message, he exclaims that he would love to see a Supreme Court case on doxxing. Frivolous filings about doxxing have made their way to the courts, such as when the Weed Nazi Bethany Sherman tried to attack Eugene Antifa via the courts with a laughable defamation suit.

David Zsutty suggests legal action against liberal watchdog groups the ADL and SPLC. Both of these groups have justly labeled Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement as a hate group.

David Zsutty AKA “TylerHess” wants to see the courts institute penalties for doxxing.

Many of the white supremacists who have been exposed in the ongoing #IdentifyEvropa project are active or former members of the military. David Zsutty joins this list, as he was part of the US Air Force for several years. He trained in Texas and was part of the Air Force for six years, working as an Airborne Cryptologic Language Analyst. In 2015 he became a Staff Sergeant. He eludes to his involvement in the military at times on Discord. In one message, he says that he “actually lost a ton of weight after I got out due to no more stress or circadian rhythm disruption.”

Michael Zsutty posts a picture of his son David Zsutty. David spent six years in the Air Force, where he was a Staff Sergeant. Now, with taxpayer support, he is attending law school to take his hate to the courtroom.

A photo of David Zsutty from his time in the US Air Force.

David Zsutty talks about the Air Force in the Identity Evropa Discord chats.

David Zsutty lost weight after getting out of the Air Force and getting back into running.

After the internal messages of Identity Evropa were leaked and dozens of their members were doxxed, Patrick Casey renamed the group “American Identity Movement.” David remained a member, using the same name “TylerHess” on the group’s internal Mattermost server.

David Zsutty AKA “TylerHess” is SoCal chapter leader on the American Identity Movement’s Mattermost server.

David Zsutty AKA “TylerHess” supports the ultra-violent Nazi group RAM, which traveled to assault anti-racist counter protesters at events in 2017.

David Michael Zsutty is a white supremacist who is part of the neo-Nazi group American Identity Movement (formerly Identity Evropa). He uses the alias “TylerHess” to mask his identity and freely espouse his bigoted views within the group’s leaked chats. He defaced college campuses in California with white nationalist stickers and fliers. He is currently a law student at Chapman University, a private institution that claims to be inclusive and empowering. If the University values these ideals, they should kick out David Zsutty for his participation in a hate group that violently opposes inclusivity. American Identity Movement/Identity Evropa was central in coordinating the violent Nazi “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville. Please contact the University and demand that they give David Michael Zsutty the boot!

Contact the Dean of Students here: or *67 (714) 997-6721

Proud Boys & Nazis Come to Eugene: Analyzing the “America First” Rally

Eugene, Oregon May 5, 2019 Harlow Road Overpass

On May 5, 2019, a group called “Oregon Women for Trump” held an “America First” rally and flag wave on the Harlow Road overpass in Eugene, Oregon. Community members quickly organized a successful counter protest, showing that our city will not be silent in the face of hate. The rally planned on bringing alt-right grifter Joey Gibson and violent alt-right brawler turned congressional candidate, Joey Nations, to speak. Neither of them showed up. Instead, more than a dozen Proud Boys and several neo-Nazis arrived. In this article, we will highlight some of the rally attendees and provide more background on the rally hosts.


Gordon Wesley Cronk Jr.

One of the many Proud Boys in attendance was Gordon Cronk Jr. This bonehead-esque Proud Boy did not come in the staple Yellow and Black Fred Perry but had a “Proud Boy” tattoo on his forearm. Getting a “Proud Boy” tattoo is the third stage undergone by members of the group. To advance above the third degree, Proud Boys must get into a fight with anti-fascists. Gordon has already tried his hand at violence at previous far-right rallies. He was part of the October 13, 2018 “Flash Mob” protest by Joey Gibson where violent Proud Boy Kim Costello struck several protesters with a baton. Gordon Cronk Jr. was in Pioneer Square on January 19, 2019 with fellow Proud Boy Cole Scott, and then joined Joey Gibson’s demasking brigade despite having a mask on.

Gordon Cronk Jr. is restrained after a brief scuffle erupted at the May 5th “America First” overpass rally in Eugene. Cronk was involved and may have assaulted someone in the chaos. He briefly drops his mask in this photo.


Gordon Cronk Jr. at the May 5th Eugene “America First” rally. Cronk had a Go-Pro affixed to his chest and wore an airsoft mask to conceal his identity. He did not dress in Proud Boy colors but lingered around others who were in uniform.


On January 19th, Joey Gibson and his goons morphed into an anti-abortion march and harassed pro-choice protesters, threatening to “demask” any “ANTIFA.” Cole Scott and Gordon Cronk Jr. joined Gibson as he terrorized the streets of Portland and turned a blind eye to masked Nazis marching with him.

Gordon Cronk is on Facebook as “John Smith,” and his profile contains Nazi imagery and memes. His cover photo features the Black Sun, a fascist symbol that dates back to Nazi Germany. One of his former profile pictures is a meme of the Christchurch mosque shooter, widely admired by the alt-right after he murdered fifty people in New Zealand. Other alt-right memes run amok on his profile, from clowns to crusades and the classic Pepe dog whistle.


Gordon Cronk, “John Smith” on Facebook, posted a Black Sun cover photo. The Black Sun or Sonnenrad is a popular Nazi symbol which was used by Hitler’s SS.


Gordon Cronk poses for a picture with fellow Proud Boy Jason James. Both flash the “white power” hand sign.

Gordon has a history of MMA, though short-lived and fruitless. However, he has a much more expansive history of petty crime and violence. In 2008, Gordon was charged with assault and harassment. In 2010, he was arrested on first degree burglary and robbery charges, and unlawful use of a weapon, all of which are felonies under Oregon law. In 2013, he found himself charged for interfering with an officer and was sentenced to 30 days in jail. Gordon Wesley Cronk Jr. is married to Rachel Cronk, who is supportive of his white nationalist views, and they currently live in Hillsboro, Oregon.


Gordon’s wife, Rachel Cronk, is supportive of his Proud Boy activities. She flashes the Proud Boy “white power” hand sign in her Facebook profile picture. She lives with Gordon in Hillsboro.


Gordon Cronk Jr. has a long criminal history, like many of Patriot Prayer’s remaining followers. In 2008, he was charged with assault. In 2010, he burglarized a home. Then, in 2013, he was charged again. He continues a career of violence with the Proud Boys.


Noah Bucchi

Oregon State University student Noah Bucchi markets himself as a documentary film maker, without bias or motive, and has gained sympathy from local news from these claims. His actions, participation, and affiliations, however, show a clear alignment with the alt right faction of the Pacific Northwest. Bucchi was part of the far-right entourage which attacked Cider Riot, a Portland bar, on May 1, 2019. Before that, he harassed participants in the Womxn’s March in Portland. Bucchi has joined the gaggle of grifters desperate for YouTube views, like alt-right mythomaniac Andy Ngo and convicted child molester Matthew “Deme” Cooper. Apparently the far-right riot outside Cider Riot did not satisfy his taste for violence and views, as he made the drive to Eugene to join the “America First” rally with his brother Jack Bucchi.


Noah Bucchi records as his Nazi pals attack an antifascist event at a Portland bar on May 1st, 2019. The attack was organized by David Willis, a violent white nationalist who also attended the Eugene rally.


Noah Bucchi and his friends from Lake Oswego teamed up to harass folks at the Portland Womxn’s March.


Noah Bucchi films at the May 5th “America First” rally in Eugene.

Despite his claims of impartiality, Noah Bucchi shares the same ideas as the fascists he rubs shoulders with. Bucchi is an Infowars fanboy and conspiracy theory peddler, as evidenced by his Twitter account. In one Tweet, he drops the “Globalist” dogwhistle, a term with a history of anti-Semitic connotations. On Instagram, Bucchi posted a photo with Milo Yiannopolous, the neo-Nazi propogandist who became a household name after bringing his hate to college campuses around the country. Noah is the son of Kenneth Bucchi, an attempted author who enjoyed air time on some national television networks until it was revealed that he lied about working for the CIA. Noah has produced several videos, though they are far from documentaries. One video, Bioshock and the Great Prophet: Alex Jones, uploaded to his Vimeo, is a compilation of Alex Jones speeches that he made to “get the blood pumping.”


Noah promotes his father’s book on his Twitter account. Kenneth Bucchi claims to be a “veteran of the CIA drug wars,” a claim that had to be publicly refuted by the CIA.


Noah Bucchi shares an Alex Jones compilation to his Twitter account. To get the blood pumping, of course.


Noah Bucchi shares another video from his Vimeo and threatens to “run down” Globalists, something he is fixated on. Globalism is often fodder for alt-right conspiracy theories.


Noah Bucchi poses for a photo with Candace Owens, a talking head for Turning Point USA and a defender of Hitler. Once again, Noah states that he is taking on the “Globalists.”


Andrew Allwander

Eugene resident and neo-Nazi Andrew Allwander fit in at the “America First” rally, wearing a “Not Today Antifa” shirt, sold by Infowars. Allwander was recording the rally and has uploaded more than a dozen videos from it to his YouTube channel “MaharlikaAWA.” This was the same channel which Allwander uploaded videos displaying his collection of Nazi memorabilia. Andrew Allwander practices martial arts and has offered to train other alt-right rally goers in fighting techniques to attack antifascists. He has traveled to Portland a number of times for Joey Gibson’s rallies, brushing shoulders with the Proud Boys and other ultra-violent racist groups. Allwander has also traveled to Salem to attend rallies promoted by Joey Nations. Allwander brought a flag to the Eugene rally, which he hung on the overpass fence. The flag was a pine tree flag, with the slogan “An Appeal to Heaven” printed on it. This flag has been used by the alt-right before and made an appearance in Charlottesville.


Andrew Allwander, a Eugene area Nazi, attends the “America First” rally in Eugene. Behind him, his “Pine Tree” (Appeal to Heaven) flag is visible.


In Discord chats made public by Unicorn Riot, white nationalists discuss using the “Appeal to Heaven” flag at rallies. Multiple Charlottesville attendees made use of the flag, like this neo-Nazi who made an “Appeal to Heaven” shield. Allwander likely brought the flag to the Eugene rally to act as a dogwhistle.

Andrew Allwander was at Gibson’s June 30, 2018 rally, which was one of the most violent alt-right rallies on the West coast, when busloads of Proud Boys converged in downtown Portland to attack anti-racists with the help of the state. Allwander journeyed from Eugene to Portland to attend another Gibson rally on August 4, 2018, as did Chris Kilgore, another Eugene Nazi. When Turning Point USA brought their far-right circus act to the University of Oregon campus in Eugene, Andrew Allwander and Proud Boy James Johnson flocked to the event. After the “America First” rally, Allwander posted an interview with Noah Bucchi.


Andrew Allwander defends Keith Campbell (left) at Joey Gibson’s violent rally on June 30th, 2018.


Andrew Allwander interviews Noah Bucchi at the “America First” rally on May 5th, 2019.


Proud Boy James Johnson attends a Turning Point USA event with Allwander. James Johnson is a close associate of Joey Gibson.

Read our full article on Allwander here.


Cole Robert Scott

Cole Robert Scott is a Patriot Prayer regular turned Proud Boy with a history of employment within the Republican party. Until late 2017, Scott was a committee member for the California Republican party. While in college, he was a part of the group Young Americans for Liberty. His ascent from run of the mill republican to hate group member was a fast one, fueled by Joey Gibson’s fascist friendly rallies. Cole began attending Patriot Prayer rallies near the end of 2018, when Gibson’s events became more explicitly about attacking leftists.


Cole Scott’s LinkedIn page shows his ties to the Republican party, which go back to 2015.


Cole Scott was a Committee Member of the California Republican Party until late 2017, when he moved to Kansas City. Cole began attending Patriot Prayer rallies in the end of 2018.

On November 17, 2018, Cole Scott went to Haley Adam’s misogynistic “HimToo” rally in downtown Portland and was spotted tearing down anti-fascist posters with Portland resident Damir Cordalija. After that, Cole joined Gibson’s violent mob as they terrorized pro-choice protesters on January 19, 2019 in downtown Portland. This was after the group rallied outside of an IWW office in Portland and vowed to demask any antifascists they encountered. When Patriot Prayer surrounded a small group of protesters downtown, Cole reached into his pocket, seemingly reaching for a gun, before threatening a union worker. At the Eugene rally, Cole was dressed in the familiar yellow and black Proud Boy Fred Perry. He spent the rally yelling obscenities at antifascists and threatening violence, all while safely tucked behind a line of riot police.


Cole Scott and Damir Cordalija are caught tearing down posters at Haley Adam’s misogynistic “HimToo” rally on November 17th, 2018.


Cole Scott teams up with Joey Gibson’s goon squad to “de-mask” protesters in downtown Portland on January 19th. He later reached into the right inner pocket, likely for a gun, and threatened antifascists.


Cole Scott wore a Proud Boy polo to the Eugene rally, where he yelled obscenities behind lines of riot police.


Rally Hosts

Michelle Yates

The Eugene rally was created by several women who run the Facebook page “Oregon Women for Trump.” One is Michelle Yates, who lives in Springfield and is a far-right Christian who holds vile anti-abortion views. Michelle is a frequent Patriot Prayer attendee. On Twitter, Michelle retweeted a post pushing the conspiracy theory suggesting that Voodoo Donuts, a popular donut destination, is running a child sex trafficking ring. The conspiracy theory was dubbed “DonutGate,” similar to the 2017 “PizzaGate” hoax which lead to a shooting in Washington DC. She also is a follower of the “Q Anon” conspiracy, a bizarre, never-ending conspiracy prominent in many far-right circles.


Michelle Yates posts a picture from her May 5th, 2019 “America First” rally in Eugene. Yates holds far-right views, like many of the rally attendees.


Michelle Yates shares a YouTube video promoting a wholly unsubstantiated and far-right conspiracy theory about the popular donut shop, Voodoo Donuts.


Michelle Yates ‘likes’ a video on Twitter about QAnon, a far-right “deep state” conspiracy theory followed religiously by its believers. The Twitter user she ‘likes’ is none other than Sheila Zilinsky, an alt-right conspiracy theory peddler who has who has stated that Jerry Brown should be “hanging from a rope.”


Michelle Yates, pictured on right, is an anti-abortion activist. In this photo, she wears a shirt which mocks Black Lives Matter.


Michelle Yates defends a racist comment made by Roseanne Barr and agrees with her. Michelle believes that racism should be dismissed, and people should stop getting “BUTT HURT,” because, of course, she is “NOT a PC person.” Thanks Michelle!


Janira Sanchez-Brannigan

Another rally host is a Salem real estate agent named Janira Brannigan. Janira is staunchly anti-choice and anti-immigrant and testified in front of the Oregon Legislature against a house bill which would allow undocumented Oregonians to receive drivers’ licenses. She calls undocumented immigrants “criminals,” despite the fact that undocumented residents are not in criminal violation. During her testimony, she cites a statistic about homicides which is likely pulled directly from OFIR, Oregon’s anti-immigrant hate group with numerous ties to white nationalists. Janira is one of Joey Nation’s few supporters and assists with his campaign. Nations was a Patriot Prayer regular who rallied and fought alongside neo-Nazis at a number of Portland rallies. He is running for office in Oregon congressional district five.


Janira Brannigan waves a bible during the “America First” rally in Eugene. Janira is a staunch supporter of Joey Nations, a Salem based violent fixture at Joey Gibson rallies.


Janira is a Salem area realtor who has a profile open to reviews on Zillow.


Janira Brannigan testifies against a measure that would allow undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses.


Janira supports and campaigns for Joey Nations. Before deciding to run for office, Nations attended Joey Gibson’s August 6th event on the Portland waterfront and was caught on video striking a counter protester who was already on the ground.


Carol Pressnall Leek

One of the main organizers behind “Oregon Women for Trump” and the Eugene “America First” rally is Carol Pressnall Leek. Carol kicked off the wave of far-right rallies that have plagued the Pacific Northwest with her 2017 “March 4 Trump” in Lake Oswego. Carol originally planned to host the rally with former Lake Oswego business owner Kevin Kerwin, but she distanced herself from him after his racist Facebook posts were publicized. She said his comments were “disgusting,” and that “[the] event is certainly not about hate for anyone or anything.” Carol’s claims proved untrue as the rally unfolded. She recruited the “Three-Percenters” as security for the event, a racist militia with ties to domestic terrorism and the deadly Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally. They spent the rally protecting KKK Imperial Wizard Steven Shane Howard as his band of Nazis harassed counter protesters.


Carol Leek is the founder of “Oregon Women for Trump.”


A Nazi gives a Sieg Hiel at Carol Leek’s March 4 Trump in Lake Oswego. Carol claimed that the event was not about hate.


KKK Imperial Wizard Steven Shane Howard is pictured at Carol Leek’s March 4 Trump in Lake Oswego, Remember, this event was not about hate.

After the March 4, 2017 Trump rally, Joey Gibson kicked off his career of hate rallies. Carol Leek was present at many of his events, including his August 6, 2017 rally on the Portland Waterfront. After the event, she posted a photo of Kristopher and Audra Foster to Facebook. Our friends at Rose City Antifa recently published a thorough dossier on Kristopher Foster, a neo-Nazi radicalized by Joey Gibson’s events. In addition to Kristopher, Carol is a close associate of Joey Nations. She was at his rally in Salem on July 15, 2017 brandishing a shield. Like her fellow organizers, Carol Leek is a “Q Anon” follower and conspiracy theorist. Carol Leek is a coach for life coaches and lives in the Keizer area. You can leave a review for her here.


Carol Leek uploaded a photo of Kristopher and Audra Foster after she rallied with Patriot Prayer on August 6th, 2017.


Carol Leek shows off her MAGA shield at Joey Nation’s rally in Salem in July 2017. Kristopher Foster can be seen (white shirt) in the photo as well.


Carol Leek is part of a QAnon group on Facebook. “Red Pill-ing” is a term used by fascists to describe instilling fascist beliefs in a person.


Our dedication to confronting white nationalism

Carol Leek has promised to hold more “America First” rallies across Lane County. As with the May 5, 2019 rally, they will surely feature more fascists and neo-Nazis. Eugene Antifa is dedicated to confronting white nationalism in whatever form it manifests, and we will continue to do so. We would like to thank all the members of our community who, on very short notice, came together to defend their community against racist and fascist intrusion. An anonymous and autonomous call for a counter “flag wave” was made, and anti-racists in Eugene and Springfield answered the call.

There has been much handwringing about what the “correct” way to confront fascism is. We want to remind groups and individuals that critique (shared internally) should always be welcomed but discouraging people from confronting hate is not. When fascists are unimpeded and granted a platform, they become more bold and violent. We refuse to allow fascists the freedom to organize and network, because in doing so, we allow fascist ideas to gain a foothold in our communities. There is an element of risk involved in confronting violent fascists and the state, but that risk should not deter resistance. Drumming up the risk only isolates and harms the people who choose to confront it and limits our potential as a community. We are most powerful when we stand together and respect a diversity of tactics.

Eugene Antifa follows the St. Paul principles:

1. Our solidarity will be based on respect for a diversity of tactics and the
plans of other groups.
2. The actions and tactics used will be organized to maintain a separation of
time or space.
3. Any debates or criticisms will stay internal to the movement, avoiding any
public or media denunciations of fellow activists and events.
4. We oppose any state repression of dissent, including surveillance,
infiltration, disruption and violence. We agree not to assist law enforcement
actions against activists and others.


Email us at if you would like to join our efforts, if your group would like to collaborate, or if you have tips on racist and fascist activity. (///)

“Ryan”and James Mason: An Atomwaffen Affair

Well well, what do we have here??

“Ryan” and James Mason, neo-Nazi organizers in Denver, Colorado

It appears fascists from the neo-Nazi killing death cult Atomwaffen Division have been gathering in the heart of Denver, Colorado’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, courtesy of host James Nolan Mason, infamous white supremacist and ideological leader for this particular group of losers.

Despite being a small, decentralized groups of incels and edgelords, the men connected to Atomwaffen Division are responsible for several murders. And, here they are, making pilgrimages to Capitol Hill’s El Tovar apartment complex across from the State Capital, to hang out and plan with James Mason in his Grant Street, government subsidized apartment.

Atomwaffen Division headquarters in Denver, Colorado

Mason’s apartment is a rendezvous point for local and national Atomwaffen Division Nazis and fascists to come visit while discussing with Mason apocalyptic visions of death, destruction, white power lone wolf attacks and basically, all things nihilist while planning how they can destroy civilization in the world.

James Mason meets with neo-Nazis “Ryan” and “Sean” at his apartment complex

According to ramblings found online posted by Atomwaffen Division detailing their terrorist ambitions, they claim they are, in part, inspired by Mason’s book SEIGE. One member even bragged about having maps of the country’s power grids. The idea to sabotage the nation’s power structures is apparently part of their plans towards a self proclaimed revolution. Yes, nihilism runs rampant with these edgelords.

“Ryan” posts a group photo of Atomwaffen Division on his Gab account

But just who is James Mason, the fascist behind these killers? Who is the man driving this death cult?

James Nolan Mason was born in Ohio in 1952, and since age 14, has been fully immersed in Nazism. Guess if you’re going to be a loser, why do a half-assed job when you could commit to being a loser for your entire life!

At age 14, Mason began correspondence with, and joined as a youth member, George Lincoln Rockwell’s American Nazi Party. At age 18, boom, he’s a man, and these bozos swear him in as a full fledged member of the renamed National Socialist White People’s Party.

James Mason, neo-Nazi

After several years flirting about with several neo-Nazi affiliated groups, Mason began hanging out with Joseph Tommasi of the National Socialist Liberation Front. Tommasi had an ideology of armed guerilla struggle that Mason continues to espouse to this day. They believed white power lone wolves as the saviors of the white race through autonomous violent actions of destruction, mayhem and murder.

Time has not tempered this ideology.

A still frame from Der Spiegel shows Sean Fernandez of Texas, James Mason, “Ryan,” and John Denton of Texas posing with an Atomwaffen Division flag in Mason’s Denver, Colorado apartment livingroom

Mason continued to dabble with various Nazi groups throughout the late 60’s into the 70’s, and in the early 80’s, he began writing essays for his newsletter Siege. During the 70’s, nazis of all stripes jumped on the bandwagon of the esoteric Hindu-Aryan ideas of Savitri Devi. Mason was no different. Following all the rage, he hooked up with Anton LaVey of the Satanic Church and befriended figures in the Satanic circles, including American Front leader Boyd Rice and Michael Moynihan.

Eventually, Mason began corresponding with cult figure Charles Manson, whose followers were responsible for a string of horrific murders in California. In hopes of furthering Manson’s vision of Helter-skelter, an apocalyptic war rising from racial tensions, James Mason kept up a lengthy correspondence with him.

James Mason and killer Samuel Woodward pose for a photograph in Denver, Colorado

Mason soon became one of Manson’s biggest fan boys, even naming his organization The Universal Order at Manson’s suggestion. Soon, Mason was touring the Nazi circuit, doing interviews while attempting to maintain a high profile. Fortunately, his brand of hate and destruction wasn’t embraced by his fellow Nazis and after being relegated to the sidelines, Mason moved to Las Animas, Colorado, where it appears his fondness for underage girls led to an investigation by the local cops. That didn’t go anywhere, because like the pigs they are, the cops also got involved with hanging out and partying with Mason and the underage girls. This lead to the cops being investigated, but no surprise that no charges came of this because, well, cops crossing the line with Nazis and underage girls seem to be an acceptable practice within police departments.

James Mason and John Cameron Denton of Texas pose in Mason’s Denver, Colorado apartment

Mason soon left town under a cloud of suspicion, fading further into obscurity while living off the residuals from his books which are readily available on

James Mason has been a nobody for the last 30 years and forgotten to the annals of time until a few Atomwaffen Division members sought him out to republish his trashy literature. Since then, a series of murders in rapid succession committed by members of the so called Atomwaffen Division rocked the country, putting the spotlight back on this long forgotten racist and his ideology.

John Cameron Denton of Texas, James Mason, and “Ryan” pose in Colorado with a book authored by Mason

Members of the Atomwaffen Division have posted pictures online of themselves in James Mason’s Capitol Hill apartment. We wonder how the residents and neighbors in the government subsidized El Tovar housing complex feel knowing this dangerous man and his murderous followers gather regularly to plan the demise of folks just like them?

A still frame from Der Spiegel shows James Mason posing with two Atomwaffen Division members

Perhaps the closest Atomwaffen Division member to James Mason is “Ryan” who also lives nearest to Mason in Colorado. “Ryan” has been archiving James Mason’s photographs and other Nazi paraphernalia for a couple years now. He regularly visits Mason and serves as his secretary to the outside world of the Internet. “Ryan” assists Mason in uploading audio recordings and written pieces to Atomwaffen Division and Siege Culture websites.

A still frame from Frontline shows Atomwaffen Division members Wade Mendisabal, Grayson Denton, and “Ryan” (unmasked) at a heavy metal concert in Texas

Wade Mendisabal, formerly of Seattle, Washington and “Ryan” pose in standard Atomwaffen Division costumes

Apartment #10 has become quite the Mecca for neo-Nazis. Atomwaffen Division members have traveled across the country to meet and be photographed with the otherwise lonely James Mason. Some of these members include the murderer Samuel Woodward from California and the Denton brothers, Grayson and John, from Texas.

Time to remove the hive.

The Weed Nazis Rent House To White Power Couple: Meet The Kilgores

Christopher and Stephany Kilgore

At the end of last year, we informed the Eugene, Oregon community of a neo-Nazi couple, Matthew Combs and Bethany Sherman, living near the heart of downtown Eugene at 1177 West 11th Avenue. Since Combs and Sherman fled Eugene to southern Oregon, we have observed a steady coming and going of neo-Nazis and white nationalist sympathizers occupying the house owned by Bethany Sherman on West 11th Avenue. Early this past summer, we reported on Matthew Brien Stafford, an “esoteric Hitlerist” from the Seattle, Washington area, who took up a brief residence at the house before leaving town in his white van. Shortly after his departure in late summer, a new couple moved in, fresh from Alabama. We recently learned of their detailed white supremacist views and were not surprised that Combs and Sherman, yet again, made their house available to violent white supremacists. Christopher Alan Kilgore (birthdate: 12/30/84) wasted no time in immersing himself in the violent, fascist rallies hosted by Vancouver, Washington resident Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer. On social media, Christopher details his plans and motivations to travel from Sacramento to Seattle, to Colorado and even Washington D.C. to attend similar fascist magnet rallies. His wife, Stephany Michelle Kilgore, (birthdate: 5/18/87) publicly expresses her similar white nationalist views that she shares with her husband and has taken on the “trad waifu” role of stay-at-home-mom, pregnant with their third child, and discouraged from seeking employment from her husband who likely survives off a military veteran’s pension.

Christopher Alan Kilgore has two Facebook accounts through which he connects with other fascists and shares fascist memes and imagery. One account is held under his name, and is connected to a number of Pacific Northwest Proud Boys and white nationalists associated with American Guard, a group which Patriot Prayer henchman Tiny Toese shared his support for. American Guard was founded in 2016 by hardcore racist skinhead Brien James, who is Facebook friends with Kilgore. Christopher’s profile contains far-right conspiracy theories and white nationalist memes. In addition to this account, he maintains a secondary profile under the name ‘Thorium Vain.’ This account features even more openly racist, anti-Semitic, and xenophobic content. He frequently shares his admiration of Augusto Pinochet, the former Chilean dictator responsible for political executions. His ‘Likes’ include White Dragon Dojang, the brand belonging to Andrew Allwander,

Sharing anti-communist memes that praise former dictator Augusto Pinochet

RWDS is an acronym for “Right Wing Death Squad” which are groups that advocate for killing Jews and Blacks.

This racist statement by Kilgore references Zyklon B, a pesticide used by Nazi Germany during the Holocaust to murder approximately one million people in gas chambers installed in extermination camps.

Christopher Kilgore aka “Thorium Vain” expresses his Islamophobia

Christopher Kilgore aka “Thorium Vain” advocates for the death of communists and admits premeditation for physical violence that might result in his jail time.

Alongside his Facebook accounts, Kilgore possesses an account on the alternative platform MeWe favored by the far right. His account is conveniently named Chris Kilgore, and is closely connected to other white nationalists, including many American Guard members. On MeWe, he promotes his fundraiser pages. In a Facebook post, Chris promises a full transition to Gab, once it is back online. Gab is a website long used by white supremacists, which was recently taken down after user Robert Bowers murdered congregants of a synagogue in Pittsburgh.

On September 2, 2018, Chris Kilgore uploaded photos to ‘Thorium Vain’ that show a minivan with ‘Nazi’ spray painted on it. The photos were also circulated on his partner Stef Kilgore’s account. In a comment, Stef suggests that they were targeted because the previous residents of the house were “doxxed.” Stef and Chris Kilgore are living at 1177 West 11th Avenue, a house previously occupied by Bethany Sherman and Matthew Combs, who fled Eugene after their white nationalist beliefs and connections were made public. Matthew Combs was closely tied to the violent neo-Nazi group American Front. The property has become a hub for white nationalists.

The Kilgore van with Alabama and veteran license plates parked in front of Bethany Sherman’s house on West 11th Avenue in Eugene, Oregon.

On Facebook, Chris and Stephany shared photos of their van with four flat tires and the word “NAZI”

Christopher Kilgore expresses his nationalist views via his wardrobe

Stephany suggests that it could be known they live in Bethany Sherman’s house. Christopher aka “Thorium Vain” confesses that he posts anti-communists flyers around Eugene.

Christopher aka “Thorium Vain” suggests that he cannot be evicted because his landlords share his white supremacist ideology. He also suggests that his income is related to his military veteran status. He also confesses to having anger issues

Chris’s partner, Stephany Michelle Kilgore (nee Hummel) shares his white nationalist, and racist  views.

An example of Stephany Kilgore’s insensitivity to racial slurs against Blacks.

Stephany Kilgore pictured at Lane County Fairgrounds

In one Facebook post, Stephany Kilgore claims that Google is overacting to Patrick Little, the neo-Nazi who has been traveling across the country filming himself conducting anti-Semitic stunts.

Patrick Little, a former Sergeant in the Marines, is a failed candidate for the United States Senate in 2018 (he received over 60k votes). Since losing the primary, Patrick Little has been traveling the country on what he calls his “Naming the Jew” tour. He was seen on street corners across the country with handmade signs, some of which denied the Holocaust while others exclaimed “Expel The Jews.” In the Bay Area, he attempted to fly a blimp exclaiming “Jews Rape Kids.” Patrick Little is also a prolific poster on Gab. Recently, Microsoft threatened to de-host Gab after Little suggested Jews should be raised as livestock. Currently, he is attempting to coordinate “It’s OK To Be White” protests across the country.

Some neo-Nazis wear ties. Patrick Little spreading his message of hatred for Jews.

Patrick Little is a Holocaust denier.

On August 5, 2018, Christopher Kilgore created a page on Facebook titled ‘Veterans against Domestic Terrorism.’ The page is linked to a GoFundMe, where he boasts the large membership (Two people) and incentivizes donors by promising videos of himself pepper sprayed. Kilgore intends to gather funds to enable him and Alan Swinney to travel across the country to attend far right events and attack antifascists.

Swinney promotes Islamophobia on MeWe

The pair attended Joey Gibson’s August 4th ‘Freedom Rally’ with violence in mind. Armed with flag poles and outfitted in a hodge-podge of protective gear, they joined forces with the racist bumble-bee Proud Boys to attack community members. Kilgore and Swinney were both part of a brawl with antifascists, in which Kilgore claims to have broken an antifascist’s fingers. He is seen on video (in orange) swinging his wooden flag pole.

Alan James Swinney (birthdate: 5/18/70) is a white nationalist who, until last year, lived in Midland, Texas. In fall of 2017, Swinney purchased several acres of land near Romeo, Colorado. He has invited other ‘patriots’ to join him on this land, which he wants to turn into a self-sustainable community ‘free of liberals.’ He brags that he has more than four thousand rounds of ammunition stocked. Swinney is currently living off the money earned from his Bitcoin mining adventures and what he saved from his time working in the oil and gas industry. He relies heavily on donations, the majority of which are routed through his PayPal account. With this money, he travels across the country, bouncing between far-right rallies. He lives out of his white Toyota pickup, sleeping in campgrounds and in his truck between rallies. He has a Planet Fitness membership, which he calls his “office” and is where he works out in order to train to assault antifascists. The gym, which his membership allows him to access locations nation-wide) also serves as his opportunity to shower since he lives out of his truck. Please call the headquarters and demand that they revoke his membership: (603) 750-0001.

Swinney shares a photo of his truck, which he sleeps in while traveling from rally to rally.

Swinney is a Proud Boy, and frequently rallies alongside Pacific Northwest Proud Boys like Ethan Nordean. Alan also promotes xenophobic and white nationalist content on social media. On his MeWe account, he shares memes about ‘white genocide,’ a white supremacist conspiracy theory, and rails on diversity and multiculturalism. The content he shares is often Islamophobic, and he echoes the Proud Boy notion of a ‘Western Culture’ under siege by non-whites.

Alan Swinney on the right, showing off his “Proud Boy” tattoo.

Swinney posing with Proud Boy Ethan Nordean, who he traveled with to Rhode Island.

Unsurprisingly, like most members of the Proud Boys, Alan Swinney has a history of misogynistic violence. On October 31, 2012, he was arrested and charged with a Felony for strangling a family member or spouse. The case was eventually dismissed.

Alan Swinney uses his practice of strangling family members to choke an antifascist at a rally.

As antifascists, it is our duty to make it clear that racism and fascism is not welcomed in our town. If white supremacists think they can move into our town and go unnoticed, they have a lot to learn about the Pacific Northwest antifascist network. We will be monitoring you, and we will not let up pressure until you are chased out of our community. If Pay Pal funded fascists have taken up the hobby of traveling from state to state to attend fascist rallies, know that our network stretches nation-wide and you will be tracked. There is no where you can hide.

Chris Kilgore plans on attending Haley Adam’s misogynistic ‘HimToo’ rally in Portland on November 17th. We’ll be there to show him how antifascists #PushBackPDX. Join us!

James Daniel Valentine: Patriot Front’s Goodest Boy

Meet James Daniel Valentine: Patriot Front’s “Goodest_Boy”

Patriot Front is a Texas-based American fascist, neo-Nazi group that was formed shortly after the Unite the Right rally in August 2017. The group, led by Thomas Rousseau, split from Vanguard America shortly after James Fields drove his car through protesters killing Heather Heyer. Thanks to the work of anti-fascists, we have a large collection of private messages from this group. These messages have been made available to the public thanks to Unicorn Riot. One of the most active networks within Patriot Front is located in Northwest Washington.

In July of 2018, Eugene Antifa reported on Patriot Front member Jake Prior. In that article, we also spoke of Patriot Front member “Goodest_Boy ” whom we had pictures of but didn’t have a name.

Thanks to the work of Chuck Tanner we now know his name is James Daniel Valentine.

James Daniel Valentine is a 27 year old American fascist who lives in his mother’s house with his wife Christine in Lakebay, Washington. Valentine organizes locally and nationally with other fascists and is active around the Washington area putting up fascist propaganda and attempting to sabotage anti-racist activists’ efforts. By reading his messages in a neo-Nazi Discord server, we have learned about his racist and misogynist views. What is, perhaps, even more troubling is his expressed desire to join the National Guard. We are increasingly seeing a trend of neo-Nazis involved with the military, and Valentine is another name to add to this list.

On the evening of December 6th, 2017, James Valentine and Jake Prior were stopped and ID’d by Olympic College security for putting Patriot Front flyers up on campus.

James Valentine appears to be the second Patriot Front member to join the Patriot Front chat on Discord. Possibly the first propaganda mission Valentine completed was with “Norman” the first weekend in October 2017. They flyered Gig Harbor and Olympic College for the first time. “Norman” gives Valentine much of the credit for that mission.

Valentine put up flyers in Port Orchard, Washington on multiple occasions.

We know that Valentine and Prior aka “The_Human_Shoah” also put up flyers at Olympic College on December 6, 2017. Valentine also confirms this in the chat.

(Note: Valentine misspells college more than once in the chat.)

In December of 2017, members of the Washington network of Patriot Front, including Valentine, met up with members of Patriot Front from Utah and the PDX Daily Stormers to flyer Portland State University. Reed College and Portland Community College in Oregon were also hit with fascist propaganda.

The Washington Front members flyered Tacoma, Washington in February of 2018.

Washington Front member held a banner at Gas Works Park in Seattle, Washington in March 2018 (Valentine pictured in the center).

It appears that James Valentine and Jake Prior continue to flyer neighborhoods in Washington as there have been multiple reports.

Anti-ICE and pro-immigration activists have reported harassment by Patriot Front members and an antifascist message on a billboard sponsored by Tacoma Against Nazis was vandalized by Patriot Front members.

In addition to posting pictures of their prolific propaganda campaigns in the Discord server “Front and Center,” Valentine chats about Patriot Front optics, his wife (who he claims to have “fashed,”) and discusses his racist and anti-Semitic beliefs.

One of the key components of Patriot Front is their concern for optics. They attempt to present themselves as nationalists while hiding their neo-Nazi leanings. Valentine discussed this with another group member.

Valentine lives with his wife Christine Pritchett Valentine. Valentine discussed his wife in the chat and claims to have turned her into a fascist. Christine created fascist themed memes for Valentine to share in the Discord server and purchased materials for Valentine to use in his flyering campaigns.

When Vanguard American split, many of its members began to organize with Thomas Rousseau as Patriot Front. Several remaining Vanguard America members opted to organize with Atomwaffen Division. While support for Atomwaffen Divison among Patriot Front members is not unanimous, many members openly embrace Atomwaffen Division’s philosophy based upon the neo-Nazi contemporary classic book Siege. James Valentine is one member who openly shares his agreement with the sentiment of this book.

Siege is a primer for Atomwaffen Division members; it is especially important to monitor individuals who become infatuated with this text. Many Patriot Front members are simply fascists who are eager to organize with other fascists and are not necessarily committed to any one group. Many Patriot Front members have left the group and have gone on to organize with other groups. Jake Prior found Patriot Front tactics weak and went on to organize with a Hammerskins support group, Crew 38, instead. It is quite possible that when Washington’s Patriot Front network dissolves, James Valentine will go on to organize with a different neo-Nazi group. It is for this reason and more that we must continue to monitor exposed fascists.

Please report any additional information you may have on other Patriot Front members, or on any racist or fascist activity to: Twitter: @WAnaziwatch or to Twitter: @_eugeneantifa


Black Metal’s Fascist Creep: Gena Marie Stroud

The many faces of Gena Marie Stroud

Having come to Nazism via the Black Metal scene, Gena Marie Stroud has been known to make flagrantly racist remarks and white supremacist diatribes. She was in a long term relationship with neo-Nazi Paul Aaron Masiko Bonnen, as well as, maintaining ties with other neo-Nazis from the now defunct Volksfront. This includes a long term friendship with Eugene area local neo-Nazi and American Front associate Kevin Ross.

Online, as well as in public, Gena Stroud has been known to use profane, vulgar, and abusive language including death threats, threats to commit bodily harm, and threats to commit personal property destruction. She has also been known to engage in extreme verbal aggression, physical aggression, and object aggression- most especially in relation to those she is romantically engaged with. Perhaps what Gena has become most infamous for, locally, is her obsessive and long term stalking of numerous individuals. Stroud’s stalking behavior has led her to send thousands of unwelcomed, off-hinged, and graphically threatening Facebook messages, text messages, phone calls and voice messages along with egregious comments and posts on social media. Stroud often attempts to steal clothing and impersonate individuals she is stalking and harassing and has even attempted to romantically pursue individuals close to her victims in order to gain closer access. This behavior has caused the disruption of her victims’ lives; some have even had to move and seek restraining orders against her for the safety of themselves and their families.

After an extensive manhunt and ultimate apprehension by the SWAT team, Gena Stroud was most recently arrested for harassment in July 2018 in Eugene, Oregon. Stroud had a total of 6 warrants out on her at the time of her arrest.  Stroud is known to have stalked at least 6 women and 3 men. One individual Stroud has stalked for going on 12 years. In a 2015 plea-deal involving the Lane County District Attorney’s Office, a five year ban from the Internet was imposed on Gena Stroud (which she violated). Stroud was also given time on violating a stalking order (a total of 45 days) and five years probation. According to jail records, Stroud has been arrested six times in 2015 alone: all for violating a stalking order. She is currently in custody with an upcoming Lane County court pre-trial conference hearing on August 20, 2018 at 2:30pm and a six person jury trial on August 30th, 2018 at 9:30am.

Gena Marie Stroud, with an ivy tattoo on her arm, wears a Hammer of Thor necklace

The “Mjölnir” pendant around Stroud’s neck in the photo above is also known as “Thor’s Hammer,” has been a prominent feature in Viking lore, and has become the symbol of the Asatru faith found in early tribal Scandinavian tribes that constitutes the bulk of Teutonic-Norse Mythology. While not necessarily being a symbol of hate, it has however, been long since appropriated by neo-Nazis in an interpretation that is popularly known as “Folkish/Volkish” Astatru which is where it gains its popularity as a symbol in modern times.

Gena Stroud aka “Genevieve Romito” describing herself in racist terms

Take note of the racist and homophobic memes found on Gena Stroud’s Facebook account depicted here:

Gena Stroud aka “Genevieve Romito” posts white supremacist and homophobic memes on Facebook

Gena Stroud aka “Genevieve Romito” laments on the challenges of being an oppressed white, straight woman

Gena Marie Stroud has had a pattern of engaging in friendships and romantic relationships with very dangerous men, the details of which we will explore below.

Left: American Front associate Kevin Ross, friend to Gena Stroud, pictured here at the Laskey owned business Wolfclan Armory (currently located in Cottage Grove); Right: Kevin Ross’ white power tattoo located on his inner right arm

Facebook comments in particular have been found online between Gena Marie Stroud, Reed Zander (her current boyfriend), and Kevin Ross that can be seen below. Note the sexist/misogynistic comment at the very top coming from Ross, followed by his tacit admission to being a neo-Nazi found at the very bottom. “14/88” is stereotypical Nazi fascist numerological code. “14” stands for the “14 words”, or: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” “88” represents the letter “H” twice in the English alphabet, where: “88”= ”HH,” or “Heil Hitler.”

Gena Stroud aka “Genevieve Romito,” Kevin Ross, and Reed Zander, all of the Eugene area, banter on Facebook in acknowledgement of Ross’ open neo-Nazi positioning

In 2010, Gena Stroud was documented with her boyfriend Paul Bonnen at a Volksfront gathering via a leaked, four page photo series released by Rose City Antifa. Paul Aaron Masiko Bonnen is a neo-Nazi known to have been part of the now defunct National Socialist Black Metal (NSBM) band Immortal Pride and went by the name “Draugr.” Bonnen is a convicted sex offender and at one time lived in Albany, Oregon. He played alongside Justin Endicott (aka “Volkstahl”) and members of Panzergod, a Portland based black metal band, in the “no politics” black metal Echoes of Emptiness.  Bonnen shares with Greg Lehr, drummer for Immortal Pride, a pronounced love of posing in front of Nazi flags and then posting the pictures of himself on the Internet.

Paul Bonnen, Greg Lehr, and Justin Endicott of Immortal Pride

There was more than a certain irony that neo-Nazi propagandist Paul Bonnen at one point called for people to respect “diversity.” Immortal Pride members did not have a track record of preaching respect or diversity, to say the least.

Greg Lehr sang “From the shade of tolerance / comes the racial death” in the song Aryan Winds performed by his solo project SchwarzSonneZorn. When he posted these lyrics online, his fellow band member in Immortal Pride, Justin Endicott, commented: “Your best creation to date brother!” (Lehr afterward tried to distance himself from Immortal Pride).

Immortal Pride lyrics such as the song Vinland Elite were clear calls for genocide: “We must decimate the scum / with superior fire power [… ] Your tribe will be forgotten / your filthy lies erased”

It is therefore rather odd that Paul Bonnen afterward claimed that “respect [for] each others opinions [sic] and individuality” was “the Immortal Pride way.”

It is ludicrous to claim that the members of Immortal Pride “are not bigots or hate mongers.” Immortal Pride’s old webpage used a picture of burning bodies at Auschwitz as decoration, while Bonnen enjoyed displaying photographs of himself making stiff-arm Nazi salutes (also referred to as the “Roman Salute”). The group played neo-Nazi gatherings and is affiliated with Volksfront International and Blood & Honour American Division. This would appear to be rather extreme hate-mongering. In fact, Bonnen has been known to have attended at least one Volksfront event with Gena Stroud.

In the first picture below, both Bonnen and Stroud can be seen posing for a group photo with prominent Volksfront members. They are side by side in the center row and far right of the picture with Bonnen’s arm around her. In the second picture, you can see both mingling in group of attendees with the Volksfront banners appearing prominently nearby.

Gena Marie Stroud and Paul Bonnen attending a Volksfront party with founding members Richard and Crystal Arden, and other key Pacific Northwest members of the neo-Nazi gang

Here is a photograph of Stroud and Bonnen posing in front of a black flag with a prominent red “Sonnenrad” displayed on it. The “Sonnenrad,” also referred to as the “Schwarze Sonne” or “Black Sun” has been known to be used in many currents of occult Germanic neopagan esotericism, most especially in currents that are tied to neo-Nazi ideology (Folkish/Volkish Asatru), which is where this symbol finds its popularity in modern times beginning in the post-World War 2 era due to its existence being discovered in Heinrich Himmler’s Wewelsburg Castle.

Gena Stroud and Paul Bonnen posing in front of a “Black Sun” flag

Gena Stroud aka “Genevieve Romito” with a Sonnenrad flag in her apartment

In the following photo, Bonnen is second from the left next to violent neo-Nazi, American Front member, and Greystorm Productions manager Jeff Thomas (aka “Jay Grey”) with a shaved head, and wearing a “Sonnenrad” t-shirt at a neo-Nazi Volksfront get together.

Gena Stroud’s boyfriend, Paul Bonnen pictured second from left, attends a Volksfront party. Pictured here left to right: Jay Thomas, Paul Bonnen, Leah Cheshire, Justin Martin, Nicholas Chesire, and Alaina Joy

Bonnen poses for a photo in his room with a black flag with red “Sonnenrad” on it. There is also what appears to be a green, white, and red flag displaying the “Algiz” or “Elhaz” rune on it; this rune has been adopted in Nazi occultism through the Germanic mysticism of the early 20th century via Karl Maria Wiligut as symbolizing “life” and called the “life rune” (In German: “Lebensrune“). This term occurs as early as the 1920s in the literature of Germanic mysticism and it came to be widely used within the Nazi Party and Nazi Germany.

Paul Bonnen pictured with two flags that have become commonly associated with neo-Nazism

Bonnen is again at the far left posing with his band mates with their arms folded. Note the “Bound For Glory” t-shirt. Bound for Glory started off in 1989 as a Nazi-Skinhead (“Bonehead”) Oi/ Rock Against Communism style band from Minnesota. In 1993, they crossed-over to being a Neo-Nazi Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal band, which unfortunately is still active today.

Paul Bonnen, Justin Endicott, Kyle McCoy, and Greg Lehr of Immortal Pride

Just prior to her current boyfriend, Gena Stroud was in a relationship with a co-defendant in the 1994 Dari-Mart killing, a hot-tempered and violent alcoholic Dan Paul Rabago aka “Dan the Impailer.” After cooperating with cops by informing on his co-defendants, Robaga was issued a much lighter sentence and at the age of 16 years old, was given 12 years in prison. He is currently on post prison supervision for the remainder of his life. It is worth researching the details regarding this particular case in order to get a better understanding of not only who Rabago was, but who he is today. Rabago lives in the Eugene area and plays in the death metal band Omnihility.

Dan Rabago and Gena Stroud photographed in Eugene, Oregon during the time they were dating

Another dangerous individual Gena Stroud dated was Jesse Steven Richard Markin who has a lengthy criminal record including three charges of rape and sodomy. He was convicted of one felony count.  In June 2017 while in the State of Washington, Markin was arrested for failing to register as a sex offender.

Gena Stroud and her ex-boyfriend Jesse Markin

An example of charges Jesse Markin has been arrested for

Reed Zander is Gena Stroud’s current boyfriend and has been her on and off again boyfriend for the last 2 -3 years. Zander likes to fancy himself as a punk-rocker. However, Zander has conveniently forgotten one of the major aspects about being a part of the punk rock scene: the hard-line stance against racism, fascism, and most especially Nazi fascism.

Gena Stroud and her current boyfriend, Eugene resident, Reed Zander

In closing, it needs to be emphasized,  given the severity of Gena Marie Stroud’s personality disorder issues, her sympathies and ties to neo-Nazism, her grossly unethical, abusive, and violent behavioral issues towards others- that all persons (especially those who know her personally) cease attempting to prove any moral, material, physical, or financial support. Be on the lookout for this dangerous individual living in our community!

Last words from a racist, homophobic, and dangerous Gena Stroud. She is a fascist creep.



Gena Marie Stroud

aka “Genevieve Romito,” “Tempest Arcana,” “Evi Romero”

Birthday: 12/05/1989

Vehicle: charcoal grey Honda Accord Oregon plate #630 KNM

Last known address: 2525 Emerald St. Eugene, OR 97403

Note:  In the past, she has also been known to live with her mother, at times, in Portland, OR

Current location: Lane County Jail

Gena Stroud













                                                                                                                                                                     Paul Aaron Masiko Bonnen aka “Draugr”

Birthday: 04/25/1989

Possible location: Corvallis, Oregon

Paul Bonnen












Dan Paul Rabago aka “Dan the Impailer”

Birthday: 9/25/1977

Location: Eugene, Oregon

Dan Rabago













                                                                                                                                                                    Jesse Steven Richard Markin aka “Kira Darkin”

Birthday: 03/29/1986

Possible location: Washington, Oregon, or San Bernardino, California


Jesse Markin














Reed Zander

Birthday: 2/8/1977

Residence: 2525 Emerald Street, Eugene, Oregon 97403

Reed Zander















                                                                                                                                                                   Kevin Ross

Birthday: 9/1/1982

Residence: 2221 E Irwin Way Eugene, OR 97402

Kevin Ross














Jeff Thomas

Birthday: 2/13/69

Residence: 1724 SE Tenino Street Apt. # 812, Portland, OR 97202

Jeff Thomas














To report racist or fascist activity, email us at:


Giovanina McCollough and Daniel Hoff: A Cop and Her Boyfriend Exposed as UTR2 Organizers

Giovanina J. McCollough, left and her boyfriend Daniel P. Hoff, right.

A log of Facebook messages among organizers of the fascist gathering called “Unite the Right 2” was recently released by Unicorn Riot.  In those messages, one can see the overtly racist and nationalist nature of this event, designed as a sequel to the Unite the Right held in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12, 2017. The first Unite the Right event saw a “who’s who” of fascist and racist groups gather including True Cascadia, Vanguard America, Identity Europa, Traditionalist Workers Party, the Rise Above Movement, Atomwaffen Division, the National Socialist Movement, the League of the South, as well as individuals such as Jason Kessler, former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, and Richard Spencer. After Vanguard America member Alex Fields murdered Heather Heyer at the event by plowing his car into a crowd of anti-racist protesters and after numerous participating neo-Nazis were publicly exposed, many of the fascist groups who participated in the event rapidly fractured within the coming year. None of this, however, deterred Jason Kessler from attempting to organize a second run.

Daniel P. Hoff, aka “Danny Wolf,” is an ex-Marine (sniper) and was one of about twenty individuals included in a Facebook Messenger group planning chat for Unite the Right 2. Currently residing in Oceanside, California, Hoff was born in Edmond, Oklahoma and has lived in a variety of locations in the mid-west and the south. Up until he received an inheritance last summer, Hoff was working as a home contractor in McMinnville, Tennessee. Now, Hoff spends most of his time in the Oceanside area, close to his ex-partner (a stripper) and their shared elementary school aged daughter. Hoff manages two online Alt-Right publications: The Sentinal and The Columbian Post both of which he seems to have abandoned in the past few months.

Daniel P. Hoff, a key figure in the early planning of UTR2, recruits attendees and individuals to provide security for the event

Daniel P. Hoff aka “Danny Wolf,” announces that he is a U.S. Marine veteran.

Daniel P. Hoff, aka “Danny Wolf,” announces that he is an “Alt-Libertarian,” and replies that he won’t treat open neo-Nazis any less than anyone else due to their beliefs.

Daniel P. Hoff, aka “Danny Wolf,” announces that he has the white supremacist gang “The Proud Boys” and the neo-Nazi gang “American Guard” onboard for Unite the Right 2.

Daniel P. Hoff, aka “Danny Wolf,” tells the group that he has an “AltLite” friend at VICE in Los Angeles, CA.

In the planning group chat, Hoff explains that he is a fairly public individual and is prepared to be exposed for his white supremacist organizing. In the chat, he infers that he will be bringing his girlfriend to Unite the Right 2 and that he will consult her in regards to arranging buses to transport attendees in. Thanks to antifascist infiltrators, we were able to observe Giovanina J. McCollough’s interaction with well known fascist and racist individuals on Hoff’s Facebook page. Not only is McCollough well aware of Hoff’s public white supremacist ideology, but she has also positioned herself as an early assistant to the Unite the Right 2 organizers.

Daniel P. Hoff, aka “Danny Wolf”

Daniel P. Hoff, aka “Danny Wolf,” informs us that his girlfriend is a cop.

Daniel P. Hoff, aka “Danny Wolf,” suggests that he will be bringing his girlfriend Giovanina J. McCollough to Unite the Right 2.

Daniel P. Hoff, aka “Danny Wolf,” says he will ask his girlfriend, Giovanina J. McCollough about buses for Unite the Right 2.

Giovanina J. McCollough, left, and Daniel P. Hoff, right

Giovanina J. McCollough aka “Nina Rossi,” aka “Nina McCollough,” is a patrol officer with the Headland, Alabama Police Department and currently resides in Daleville, Alabama. Both McCollough and Hoff share a history of failed marriages and despite maintaining permanent residences in different states, also maintain a romantic relationship with each other.

Giovanina J. McCollough in her Headland, Alabama Police Department uniform

Giovanina J. McCollough, girlfriend to Unite the Right 2 organizer Daniel P. Hoff, is a patrol officer for the Headland, Alabama Police Department

Antifascists have exposed numerous racist and fascist individuals working in police departments and the military. We ask the community to contact the Headland, Alabama Police Department, inform them of McCollough’s white supremacist ties, and put pressure on them to remove McCollough from her position. The Department can be contacted by phone at: (334) 693-2222; by fax: (334) 693-5577; and in person at: 9 Park Street, Headland, Alabama, 36345.

Daniel P. Hoff caught our attention while reviewing the leaked Facebook Messenger planning chat, not only because his girlfriend is a cop, but also because he claimed to know Tusitala Toese and had invited him to speak at Unite the Right 2. Toese is a bigoted, violent, and nationalist Alt-Right figure living in Vancouver, Washington. He is a “Proud Boy,” and is a staple at Joey Gibson’s Patriot Prayer rallies. Like Hoff, Toese shares a hatred for Communists and Antifa, of which they categorize the entire population of the Left.

Tusitala Toese aka “Tiny” at the Patriot Prayer rally in Portland, Oregon on August 4, 2018. (Photo credit: Jake Westly Anderson)

Daniel P. Hoff, aka “Danny Wolf,” shows his support for Chilean dictator Pinochet

During the Unite the Right 2 planning, Jason Kessler urged his organizing team to secure some token people of color to speak at the rally in order to balance out more overt white supremacist figures. Some members of the organizing team were strongly against inviting any non-White individuals to speak; others did not trust Toese. The general consensus was that Toese was a lost and misguided person and they wanted to take advantage of that and mold him further into an Alt-Right talking head.

Jason Kessler admits most non-White would not want to speak at a white supremacist rally.

Jason Kessler realizes hosting a former Ku Klux Klan leader may not appeal to the general public and seeks to normalize his rally by considering inviting a non-White speaker.

Despite doubts from open neo-Nazis such as Fred Arena, aka “McCormick H. Foley,” Jason Kessler explains that inviting a non-White speaker will provide “political cover” for well known white supremacist speakers.

Daniel P. Hoff states he has known Tusitala Toese, aka “Tiny,” for awhile.

Even though some of the Unite the Right 2 organizers express distrust of Tusitala Toese, aka “Tiny,” Jason Kessler urges Daniel P. Hoff to have Toese contact him.

Tusitala Toese, aka “Tiny,” is a 22 year old Vancouver, Washington resident and staple in Joey Gibson’s Patriot Prayer rallies. He is known for his large body and taken advantage of for his small brain.

The original Unite the Right 2 planning group began to fracture due to disagreements between those who were not afraid to admit and display their neo-Nazi beliefs and those who attempted to cloak their white supremacist ideology as a “White Civil Rights” effort. Immediately after Unicorn Riot released their leaked chats,  this organizing group shattered leaving everyone to suspect the other of having been the rat.

As the events of August 12, 2018 show, the Unite the Right 2 rally in Washington D.C., while originally expecting at least 200 attendees, could hardly cobble together a couple dozen. The community came out to oppose white supremacy by the thousands, and most of the white supremacists who did come out were too afraid, or embarrassed, to show their identity.

For anti-racists and anti-fascists, our take home message is clear: Disrupting white supremacist organizing works!



Giovanina J. McCollough
















Birthday: 3-06-1990

Aliases: Nina Rossi, Jen Rossi, Nina McCollough

Location: Daleville, Alabama

Employer: Headland, Alabama Police Department


Daniel P. Hoff














Birthday: 12/04/1986

Aliases: Danny Wolf, Dan Wolf, Dan P. Hoff, Dan Litwartz

Location: Oceanside, California


Tusitala Toese


Birthday: 5/25/1996

Aliases: Tiny, John Toese

Location: Vancouver, Washington

Employer: WalMart


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